IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2017-04-09

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jelknerAnother morning begins with just me and the Bots.10:09
jelknerGood morning, Bots! ;-)10:09
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jelknergood morning ubuntourist10:18
jelkneri'm assuming mjsir911 is on his way here already.10:18
jelknersince he doesn't use his phone for making calls, we'll need to watch here and email.10:19
jelkneri'll do that.10:19
ubuntouristjelkner, mjsir911 tried connecting to IRC via his handheld device sometime last week, with limited success.10:23
ubuntouristBTW, I was telling you about the Dell. In spite of telling me it would not ship until the 18th...10:24
ubuntouristI ordered Thursday at 5:00 PM.  At 11:00 the next morning, the front desk of my apt reported packages waiting.10:24
ubuntouristMore bits arriving today. It feels like a DIY machine. ;-)10:25
ubuntourist(Headphones and Chromecast TV broadcast dongle arrived Thursday. Silly port to USB / Ethernet / HDMI, and auto / plane charger arrive today.)10:26
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GermanHello, jelkner 11:29
jelknerGerman, hola!12:08
jelknersorry it took me so long to answer back12:08
Germanno problem, jelkner 12:08
jelknerdid you see the updates to the document louie and celina made?12:09
GermanI'm working on that! jelkner 12:09
jelknerlet me know if you need me for anything, but you probably won't12:09
jelknerlouie said he is available to talk by phone if you need him12:10
GermanOk, jelkner 12:10
jelknerplease try to get her website live today.12:11
jelknerlet me know when it is ready12:11
GermanOK, jelkner ;-)12:11
jelknerwe have mjsir911 here with us today12:11
jelknerat Gallaudet University, with ubuntourist as well12:12
jelknerif you finish the content update (the top priority), and have time, perhaps we can work with mjsir911 on testing hooks12:12
jelkneri don't know if bitbucket has those12:13
jelknerthe goal should be for me (and louie) to be able to make minor updates without bothering you.12:13
jelknerwe want to get that work flow into operation soon12:13
jelknerboth for Celina's website, AEA, and others12:14
jelknerof course, once we learn how to do this, we can replicate it without too much trouble12:14
jelknerfirst things, first, however.  Celina needs a live website!12:15
ubuntouristjelkner, declares that they stop serving at 2:00 today until dinner.12:41
ubuntouristjelkner, 9:00 to 2:00 is listed as "brunch"12:42
Germanjelkner, Can you hang out right now?12:52
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GermanHello, replaceafill 12:56
replaceafillhey German12:57
ubuntouristjelkner, when are you leaving?12:58
jelknerubuntourist, i have a 6:30 pm Our Revolution meeting13:04
jelknerthat is my only constraint13:05
jelknerthat's in Vienna, so I need by 5:30 pm at the latest13:05
ubuntouristjelkner, Young Mr. mjsir911 got an inquiry as to how long he's staying, and punted with "4:30" which seemed like a good guess.13:06
jelkneri'll give him a ride home at that time13:07
ubuntouristjelkner, mjsir911, given that the cafeteria closes at 2:00... Shall we wander up soon? mjsir911 said "We really should go soon."13:14
replaceafillGerman, ping13:20
GermanHello, replaceafill 13:21
replaceafillare you working on the webfaction app pointing to directly?13:23
replaceafilli see a lot of uncomitted files in "git status"13:24
Germanno at the moment, replaceafill 13:25
replaceafillcan i delete that webfaction app?13:25
Germanyes, replaceafill 13:25
replaceafillare you sure you won't lose anything?13:25
Germanno, I have a backup ;-)13:26
replaceafilli can just stop it, i just want to test all the domains again13:26
Germanand a repository, replaceafill 13:26
replaceafilli'll let you know once i figure this out13:26
replaceafillGerman, kk13:26
Germanok, replaceafill 13:26
* jelkner is dragged off to lunch by mjsir911 and ubuntourist13:28
Germanreplaceafill, I created the documentation for nova13:31
Germanhere's the link13:31
replaceafillGerman, great13:31
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replaceafillGerman, i ended up opening a ticket in webfaction support15:00
replaceafilli know it's a tiny thing, but couldn't figure it out15:00
Germanok, replaceafill 15:03
GermanWe have to wait then, replaceafill 15:04
replaceafillGerman, yeah, pretty much15:05
replaceafillbut you can access the app through direct port15:05
replaceafillhold on15:05
replaceafillGerman, i didn't compile the translations though15:05
GermanI'm working on the translations, replaceafill 15:06
replaceafilloh, i'm still ssh'ed into it15:06
replaceafillyou're not in the server, right?15:06
Germanyes, I am15:07
replaceafillare you going to compile them? or should i?15:07
replaceafillthe virtual env is under the "venv" directory in case you need to access it15:07
GermanI should do it ;-), replaceafill 15:07
Germanok, replaceafill 15:07
* replaceafill leaves the server15:08
Germanreplaceafill, Can you confirm if it is working?
replaceafilltranslations aren't15:11
GermanI'm working on that, replaceafill 15:12
Germanbtw, here's the repository, replaceafill 15:13
replaceafillGerman, you should use "Celina Benitez - Home", etc15:13
replaceafillas you did with the Nova website15:13
GermanOh ok, thanks replaceafill 15:13
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mr_germanreplaceafill, are you there?19:30
replaceafillhey mr_german19:32
mr_germanwhat happened with webfaction?, replaceafill 19:32
replaceafillmr_german, hm?19:34
replaceafillhaven't received a reply from them yet19:34
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Germanok, thanks replaceafill 19:39
replaceafillGerman, i'll let you know once they reply19:39
Germanok, replaceafill 19:39
replaceafillGerman, did you finish your part?19:40
Germannot yet, replaceafill 19:40
replaceafillGerman, kk19:40
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