IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-04-12

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jelknerGood morning ubuntuourist and mjsir911!08:51
jelknermjsir911: do you know what it means when a logged user is gray?09:22
jelknerubuntourist appears that way in my window now09:22
jelkneris that some kind of "away status"?09:22
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mjsir911yea lemme check09:23
jelknerGood morning, replaceafill!09:23
replaceafillgood morning jelkner09:23
mjsir911yea he is away, type in /whois ubuntourist 09:23
jelknercool, mjsir911, most useful09:24
jelknerreplaceafill, i got an email from th1a this morning09:24
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replaceafilljelkner, oh, good news?09:25
jelknerhe is a labor writer and he is covering cooperatives09:25
jelknergood morning, mr_german!09:25
mr_germangood morning, replaceafill , jelkner , ubuntourist , mjsir911 09:26
jelkneri'm sure our paths will cross again ;-)09:26
replaceafillgood morning mr_german09:26
jelknermr_german, can you please paste the url of the git repo for Celina's website here?09:26
mr_germanhere's 09:27
jelknerif you have some time after the meeting, we should try to get the update work flow down so that i can help with updating content09:28
replaceafilldon't forget adding the README m09:28
replaceafillmr_german, 09:28
replaceafillso others can set that up09:28
mr_germanok, replaceafill 09:28
jelkneractually, replaceafill, why not make me do that?09:29
jelknerthat would be an easy way to start testing the workflow.09:29
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jelknergood morning, louisea!09:29
louiseagood morning09:29
mr_germangood morning, louisea 09:29
louiseahello everyone09:30
jelknerit's going to be your show, this morning, how do you want to proceed?09:30
louiseahow can I share that presentation?09:30
jelknera url pasted here would be the easiest09:30
louiseaI'll let people go through that themselves, and I'll just discuss some organizational things here on irc09:32
jelknerlouisea, you had suggested we should use Google Hangouts for you to explain this to us, do you still want to do that?09:32
louiseaI can type09:33
jelkneri was going to offer to take notes here09:33
louiseaso slide 2 explains what a 09:33
louiseaLLC is09:33
louiseaand what co-op members should know right now is that we are trying to figure out proper accounting09:34
jelknerwhat does "The corporate veil can be pierced if there has been misconduct such as intermingling of personal and corporate assets or undercapitalization at time of incorporation." mean?09:34
louiseaand that something that concerns us is the part that jelkner highlighted...09:34
louiseawhat I think this means is that if we do not properly show that the business is in fact separate from our personal finances, then we are personally liable 09:35
jelknerso good accounting is very important!09:36
louiseawe would need to talk to an accountant to figure out how that works09:36
louiseathe good news:09:36
jelknerand you are going to schedule an appointment with one, yes?09:36
louiseaand not that we should be lazy about our accounting, but in any case I think that if we practice good business with good clients we won't need to worry to much about lawsuits09:37
jelkneri fully concur09:37
louiseaso... moving on09:37
jelknerour past practice has been predicated on "choosing our customers well" ;-)09:37
jelknerthat's why a clear articulation of our mission is so important09:38
louiseaAnd I'll send these following points out in an email because people should consider them09:38
jelknerwe want to work with folks who share our believe in a just, human centered economy09:38
jelknernot dog eat dog09:39
louisea1. We need to decide how often we will distribute our earnings.09:39
ubuntouristTAXES! I hate TAXES (well not the taxes per se, but the labirynthian nightmare they've become).09:40
mjsir911welcome back09:40
louisea2. we need to decide what percentage of members votes are needed to admit new members09:41
louisea3. or what percentage is needed to decide we should take on a job09:41
louiseaI think these points will be more important down the road, but we should have them in the back of our mind now09:42
louiseabut right now we need to decide together what we are going to put in this document09:42
louiseawhich we can always change later09:42
louiseaI vote for 2/3 quorum on all decisions09:43
louiseafor now. Just to keep it simple09:43
ubuntouristI'm trying to catch up here, but as a related aside: Jen recently came across a copy of "LLC's for Dummies" and was planning to donate it to DC Books to Prisons. I said "Let me see if others want it first."09:43
louiseaYeah. That would be good to have09:44
louiseaany opinions on percentage of members votes for decisions? new members, take on a job?09:46
ubuntouristWhile I understand that a co-op is, in part about shared governance, shared resources,09:47
ubuntouristI was under the impression that we're trying to come up with some sort of blended model of09:47
ubuntourista "temp agency" and co-op at the same time. What I mean is that if an individual in the co-op finds09:48
ubuntourista paying gig... Never mind. The more I tried to flesh out the idea in my head, the less logical it sounded.09:50
jelknerwhat do folks think about 2/3 vote of membership to adopt decisions?09:50
louiseathat's cool. if the thought is struck by some logic. send it my way09:50
ubuntourist(I was thinking that somehow someone could do solo work under the NOVA Web umbrella, and just have NOVA Web deal with the B.S. parts. But we do want to prevent each other from digging a hole too deep for us to climb out of.)09:51
jelknerreplaceafill, mr_german, thoughts?09:51
ubuntouristjelkner, the target membership is ~15, right?09:52
replaceafill2/3 seems fine to me09:52
ubuntourist2/3 sounds reasonbable at that size or smaller.09:52
jelknerubuntourist: i think so09:52
louiseaCool. We'll go with 2/3 then.09:52
louiseaAgain... we can always change it as we develop09:52
ubuntourist(At HacDC, where we have 60 paying members, last night's meetiing was about trying to herd 2/3's for timely voting, and how we're going to change the rules, because it isn't working.)09:53
louiseaAnd that's easier to do right now while we are small09:53
jelknerlouisea, what else do you need from us so that we can get down to changing our LLC to have us all as co-owners?09:53
louiseajelkner: I will get back to you as soon as I meet with the accountant.09:53
louiseaWe're going to have to purchase shares in some way09:54
louiseawhich means some accounting work09:54
louiseaThat's all I have for now.09:54
jelkneri have a question for folks.09:54
jelknerwho wants to be involved in figuring out the accounting process?09:55
jelkneri'm asking because we don't want to leave anyone who is interested out, but we want it to be as agile as possible09:55
* replaceafill hides :)09:55
louiseaI'm in. and a project partner would be great.09:55
louiseamostly just boring research haha09:56
jelkneri'm actually delighted to let louisea handle this part for me09:56
jelkneryup, that's why we reached out to an W&M grad to do it! ;-)09:56
louiseaokay. well I plug along on that.09:56
louiseathe main priority for me now is getting together with the accountant09:57
jelknersince you know Lindsey, and our brother09:57
ubuntouristI find that a lot of the stuff I encounter is not written in English (or any other natural or artificial language). Not merely boring, but impenatrable.09:57
jelkneryou can schedule a meeting at kenny's office with them at your convenience09:57
jelknerand get back to us with the results09:57
louiseacool. I'll get on that09:58
louiseaOne last thing...09:58
ubuntourist*IF* schedule and transportation permit, I can sit through a boring, impenatrable meetiing.09:58
louiseathanks ubuntourist09:58
jelknercool, louisea and ubuntourist will attend that meeting09:58
louiseawhere are we at on trying to find a bigger ticket customer?09:59
jelknerubuntourist, mjsir911, and jelkner had a meeting with Dragana at Gallaudet yesterday09:59
jelknerGallaudet has been our "bigger customer" for awhile already10:00
ubuntouristlouisea, nudge me to give you my busy schedule. I may be able to bend it for a meeting, but wed, thur, weekends are best.10:00
* ubuntourist is now on a phone call10:00
louiseaubuntourist: thanks for letting me know. and will do10:00
jelknerit is really important that ubuntourist and mjsir911 deliver the goods on this current research project, since Dragana wants to establish and on-going parternship with us10:00
louiseajelkner: alright that sounds good.10:01
louiseashould I start searching around for some other interesting prospects?10:01
louiseacool. That's what I'll do this week.10:01
louiseafinalize partnership agreement10:01
louiseaset up meeting10:01
jelkneri'll work with mr_german, but having the national OR edorse our candidates10:01
louisealook into new customers10:02
jelkneris an important opportunity for us10:02
jelknerreplaceafill, where are you getting mr_german the paperwork to be a co-owner of a us business?10:02
replaceafillnot much to do this week jelkner, it's a vacation here10:03
jelknerok, we are at 30 minutes already10:03
jelknerand we like to keep meetings short10:03
replaceafillbut i asked him to have his passport ready10:03
jelknermr_german and jelkner are going to work on Celina and AEA update process today10:03
jelknerok, anything else?10:04
louiseanothing more from me10:04
replaceafilljelkner, just take into account that nova and celina's website are bilingual10:04
mr_germanwe're going to have a hangout right now? jelkner 10:05
jelkneryes, that's why we want to learn the process10:05
replaceafillso you'll need to consider updating the translations when some content changes10:05
jelknermr_german, yes, give me 15 minutes to use the banyo10:05
jelknerthen yes10:05
* replaceafill done10:05
mr_germanOk, jelkner 10:05
jelkneranyone else?10:05
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel10:06
louiseacool alright everyone. I'm out10:06
*** louisea has quit IRC10:06
replaceafillthanks everyboddy10:06
ubuntouristjelkner, too many things happening simultaneously this morning. Will read the log later. Don't forget to contact Seattle co-op dude about PyCon.11:10
ubuntouristmjsir911, looking at your code a bit. for degree in range(360): x=cos(degree), y=sin(degree) is more intuitive than quadratic equation for creating a circle.11:13
ubuntouristmjsir911, (Multiply the sin and cos to scale the circle.)11:14
ubuntouristAnd now I'm late.11:14

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