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jelknerGood morning remindBot, good morning Big_Brother!08:35
jelkner!remind Agenda for next meeting: 1. PWPC websites top priority. Discuss a) skills needed b) collaboration c) workflow08:36
remindBotwill print Agenda for next meeting: 1. PWPC websites top priority. Discuss a) skills needed b) collaboration c) workflow at 2017-05-02 19:00:0008:36
jelknerLooking at slack alternatives, I found mattermost:
jelknerGood morning mjsir911!09:58
jelknerAs usual, it's you, me, and the Bots ;-)09:58
jelknerYou really need to work on your AI skills, so that you can get the Bots to talk back to me when you're not around.09:59
jelknerremindBot does that a little, but only to confirm that it has done what I asked it to do.10:00
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mr_germanHello, jelkner 13:17
jelknerHello, mr_german!13:18
jelknerdid you register this name?13:18
mr_germanyes! I did jelkner 13:18
jelknerhold on, i'm chatting with edzon13:21
mr_germanOk jelkner 13:23
jelknerOK, mr_german, i'm back13:26
jelknerwe need to plan together13:27
jelkneras we have been saying, you are the key to getting novawebdev going at this point13:27
jelknerwe are going to build the business around you first, then start to add customers until we have enough business to bring in the other people13:27
jelknerthe goal is to be able to provide them enough business so they can quit their other jobs and work full time with us13:28
jelknerthat is going to be tricky13:28
jelknerbut we need to jump on in and give it a go13:28
jelknerthe websites you are doing for PWPC are *very* important13:29
mr_germanYes, I understand that is a good oportunity for us!13:30
jelknerwhat is really good is that we are learning through this project just what we need to offer real website value to customers13:30
jelknerwe need a graphics designer13:30
jelkneri talked to daniela this morning13:31
jelkneri hope she comes through13:31
mr_germanyeah , because we need to change the header for Elizabeth's page13:31
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mr_germanHi, replaceafill 13:32
replaceafillhey mr_german13:32
replaceafillgosh... are you sticking with mr_german this time?13:32
replaceafilli mean, sticking with that nickname?13:32
mr_germanI changed13:33
mr_germanmy password13:33
mr_germannow I can use it again ;-)13:33
jelknermr_german is a fine name, as long as it is registered ;-)13:37
jelknergood afternoon, replaceafill13:37
replaceafillgood afternoon jelkner13:37
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jelkneri'll be working hard with mr_german to get the PWPC websites finished13:41
jelknerand then with louisea to look for new customers13:42
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mr_germanOk, I'm back13:44
jelkneri'm talking with victor, amanuel, and edzon about skillsusa13:45
mr_germanjelkner, can we have a meeting tomorrow?13:48
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jelknermr_german, elizabeth looked at the document and made the changes she wanted13:53
jelknerso she approves of everything that is there now13:54
jelkneri just emailed daniela13:54
jelknerwe really need a graphics designer13:54
jelkneri hope she can do that for us13:54
jelknerif not, we will need to find someone else13:54
jelkneroh, btw, let me introduce you to zOnny13:54
jelkneraka Edzon13:54
jelknerz0nny, say hi to mr_german13:55
mr_germanHello, zOnny 13:56
zOnnyhi 13:56
mr_germanjelkner, I have a question about the document13:57
jelknershoot, mr_german13:57
mr_germanWhat I have to do with those paragraphs13:57
jelknerz0nny, we need to get a picture of you and a bio for our website13:58
jelknermr_german maintains that13:58
mr_germanjelkner, Do I have to add them to "endorsement page"?13:58
jelkneradd "them"?13:58
jelkneri don't understand13:59
mr_germanthere are two paragraphs there13:59
jelknerElizabeth wrote those14:00
jelkneri didn't14:00
jelknerlet's figure out where they should go14:00
jelknergive me a minute14:00
mr_germanYeah, but I have to add them?14:00
mr_germanok, jelkner14:00
jelknerShe put them there because she wants them added.14:01
jelknerWe just need to figure out where.14:01
jelkneri'm looking14:01
mr_germanOk, jelkner 14:01
jelknermr_german, where is the development version of elizabeth's website?14:11
jelknerwe should get you, z0nny, and me working on it together14:11
jelknerif we focus our energy next week, we can finish14:11
mr_germanjelkner, here's :
jelknerthen we can talk about doing kenny's website (if he is interested)14:12
mr_germanjelkner, I've done every change that you said, except for "the header" and "endorsements page"14:16
jelknerthe banner is not your problem14:18
jelkneri'm working on that14:18
jelknerwe *really* need a graphics person14:18
jelknerweb design is an interdisciplinary field14:19
jelknerlots and lots of fun things to learn! ;-)14:20
jelknermr_german, there are others things that need doing14:23
jelknerthis is the chance for us to get the workflow down14:23
jelknernext week, you, z0nny, and me can work together on this14:24
jelknerone request in the document is: Section titles of "Our Plan" page would look better left justified instead of centered, with paragraphs indented a bit.14:24
jelknerthere is a problem with this whole process, however.14:24
jelknerwe said earlier that, "unless there is an issue filed, there is no work to be done."14:25
jelknerso i am violating that rule now14:25
* jelkner needs to file issues!14:25
* replaceafill was about to remind you that jelkner :)14:26
jelkneri'm getting a bit overwhelmed, replaceafill :-(14:27
jelkneri just got an email from Lee Carter's campaign manager14:27
jelknerLee needs his website working ASAP14:27
jelkneri think i should ask Rena_ if mr_german and me can take this over for now14:28
replaceafillwhat's holding it?14:28
jelknerRena_ has class14:28
jelknershe is a full time student14:28
jelknerthat's why we need to build this business around mr_german first14:28
replaceafillah ok14:28
replaceafillyeah, you should ask her14:28
jelknerwe need the full time professional working full time14:28
jelkneri will call her at 3:10 pm14:28
jelknerand then we can give out smaller, time limited tasks to others so when they have time14:29
jelknerthey can help14:29
jelkneruntil we have enough business for two full time professionals, etc.14:29
jelknermanaging this will be what makes us or breaks us14:30
jelknerin the mean time, mr_german, we need you working full time over the next period of time14:31
jelknerreplaceafill, let's do that14:31
jelknerwe have zoom, let me know when we need to recharge the batteries14:31
mr_germanOk, jelkner 14:32
replaceafilljelkner, will do14:32
jelknernow, i want to check out the git repo for elizabeth's website14:32
replaceafillmr_german, full time means working ~8h a day, pushing to get things done as soon as possible14:33
replaceafill(just for the record)14:33
mr_germanjelkner, I haven't updated the repository yet14:35
mr_germanjelkner, give me a sec14:35
mr_germanjelkner, Done!14:36
jelknerit is on our bitbucket account, right?14:37
mr_germanYes jelkner 14:37
mr_germanI have to go, but I'll back soon, jelkner 14:39
* mr_german needs to get his lunch14:39
* jelkner thinks to himself, mr_german must be eating *a lot*! ;-)16:18
jelknerreplaceafill, do you have a minute?16:18
replaceafilljelkner, yes16:19
replaceafilli'm helping Camila with her homework but i can chat16:19
jelknerno, help Camila first16:19
jelknerlet's chat a bit later16:19
replaceafill20-30 mins?16:19
replaceafilli'll ping you when i'm done16:20
jelkneri'll be here16:20
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jelknerHello, mr_german!16:28
jelknerlet's get down to business16:28
jelkneri have a git repository on my workstation called pwpc16:28
jelknerit is from that url16:29
jelkneri just did a git pull, and Rena_'s latest changes are in it.16:29
jelknerShe says it is ready for deployment.16:29
jelknerhow do we test that, and then if we can confirm that, do the deployment?16:30
jelknerI see the Makefile16:31
jelknerbut i'm not sure how to use it.16:31
mr_germanjelkner, give me a sec16:31
mr_germanjelkner, Did they change the ssh password?16:33
jelknerI don't think so.16:33
jelknermjsir911: we need you!16:33
mr_germanI can't access to the ssh16:35
mjsir911What's up?16:37
mjsir911whats the link?16:37
mr_germanI'm trying to ssh to the lee's webfactional mjsir911 16:38
mr_germanbut I can't16:39
mjsir911do you know the link?16:39
mr_germanI think everything is here16:39
mjsir911are you getting an error or just password incorrect?16:40
jelknerit should be, mjsir911 and mr_german16:40
jelknerplease add it if it isn't16:40
mr_germanI think the password is the wrong one mjsir911 16:40
mjsir911btw that document is readable by the outside world, can someone make that readable only to novawebdev ASAP16:40
replaceafilljelkner, mjsir911, mr_german oh my16:41
replaceafillwho's creating these files?!?!16:41
replaceafillthis file is public guys16:41
replaceafillwe should create this kind of files in a protected directory16:42
mjsir911or not make them publicly accessible at all16:42
replaceafilland we should review the rest16:43
replaceafill(files with credentials)16:43
replaceafilljelkner, i'm back btw16:43
jelknerit's not public anymore, but as we discussed at our meeting, we shouldn't be posting urls here16:43
jelknersince our logs are public16:44
mjsir911the password seems to have been changed16:44
jelknerthis is a learning process16:44
jelknerwe are aiming for maximum transparency in our process16:44
replaceafilljelkner, i don't mind putting links to private things16:44
mjsir911jelkner we shouldn't leave it up to obscurity to make sure people cant access our google docs, just dont make them public16:44
replaceafillmjsir911, +116:44
jelknerfair enough, replaceafill16:45
mjsir911btw the password seems to have just changed16:45
jelkneri didn't change it16:46
mjsir911Did the owner of the account change it?16:46
jelknerThe owner of the repo is the NOVA Web Development team16:47
jelknerubuntourist set this up, i believe16:48
mjsir911the owner of the webfactional16:48
mr_germanjelkner, Lee's site is using Django right?16:52
mr_germanjelkner, nvm, I just saw the repo16:53
jelknerok, yes16:53
jelknermr_german, amanuel just brought us pizza, so we are all eating17:00
mr_germanjelkner, np man , I'm working on Elizabeth's site right now17:01
mr_germanjelkner, bon appetite ;-)17:02
jelknercan you look at lee's first?17:02
jelknerthey have an event tomorrow17:02
jelknerand we need to get that deployed this evening17:02
mr_germanDid you get the new password? 17:02
replaceafillmr_german, what password do you need?17:10
mr_germanfor lee's webfactional ssh17:12
mr_germanjelkner, 17:12
replaceafillthat's not in the shared document?17:12
mr_germanthe current password just works for webfactional account17:13
mr_germanreplaceafill, but it doesn't work for ssh17:13
jelkneryou mean the web interface?17:15
mr_germanjelkner, the ssh17:15
jelknercan't you set the ssh password from there?17:15
replaceafillmr_german, you can change the ssh password from the webfaction web17:15
jelknerwhat do you mean "it just works for the webfactional account"?17:15
mr_germanjelkner, let me try17:15
jelknerWhat works?17:15
replaceafillbut that'll break Rena's access17:15
replaceafillif she's doing something there17:15
replaceafillso if you keep going, please notify her of the change17:16
mr_germanjelkner, I don't like to touch these kind of things17:16
jelknerRena_ emailed us and said she had pushed her final changes17:16
jelknerit's now up to us to deploy in the development instance17:16
jelknercall the campaign manager and let him look at it17:16
jelknerthen deploy to production17:16
jelkneri have the campaign manager's cell phone17:17
jelknerhe will answer17:17
jelknerthis is a campaign17:17
jelknerthey are always available17:17
replaceafilli thought it was the opposite ;)17:17
replaceafillmr_german, do you know how to change the ssh passwd from webfaction?17:17
replaceafilli can help if you don't17:18
mr_germanreplaceafill, yes!17:18
replaceafillchange it to match the document17:18
replaceafillmr_german, and this document should be improved17:18
replaceafillto use the same format you have for others, like aea17:18
replaceafill(but that's a future task)17:18
replaceafillmr_german, let us know when you can ssh into it17:19
replaceafilljelkner, you wanted to discuss something?17:19
replaceafilli need to go back to "work"...17:19
mr_germanjelkner, I changed it for the current password on the document17:19
* replaceafill is fighting limited disk space :(17:19
replaceafillmr_german, so you can ssh into it now?17:20
jelknerwe have sooo much disk space here17:20
mr_germanjelkner, yes , I can access to ssh ;-)17:20
jelknerto bad we can't share some with replaceafill17:20
* replaceafill wonders why mr_german keeps saying jelkner each time17:20
jelknerexcellent, mr_german17:20
replaceafillmr_german, so you can continue now?17:20
jelknerok, next step, deploy Rena_'s changes to a development instance17:21
mr_germanreplaceafill, yes!17:21
mr_germanthis is the development version :
mr_germanjelkner, 17:22
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* replaceafill goes to work, ping me if you need me17:25
jelknergot it, replaceafill17:26
jelknermjsir911 is looking into git LFS17:26
mr_germanjelkner, Ok, Lee's site ready with latest changes that rena made17:45
mr_germanjelkner, here's the link17:45
jelknerlet me call the campaign manger, and ask him to look it over17:50
mr_germanOk!, jelkner 17:50
replaceafilljelkner, mr_german some sections are broken17:51
jelknerit has one of the same problems as elizabeth's site - no home link17:51
jelknerwhich ones17:51
jelknerwe need to fix them17:51
replaceafillah never mind17:51
replaceafilljust refreshed17:51
jelkneryou're scaring me, replacefill17:51
replaceafillbrowser cache probably17:51
jelknerone little heart attack and its all over ;-)17:52
mr_germanreplaceafill, ctrl + shitf + r ;-)17:52
replaceafilljust did and everything looks normal17:52
mr_germanjelkner, If you want to go to the home page click the logo17:53
jelknercool, thanks!17:55
mr_germanjelkner, I can add the "home page" button if you want?17:56
jelknerreplaceafill, i've asked mjsir911 to look into git LFS17:56
replaceafilljelkner, cool17:57
jelknerspecifically, i asked him to create a branch of celina benitez's website17:57
jelknerwhich i had to make public to do that17:57
jelkner(not a proble)17:57
jelknerand to convert it17:57
jelknerhe can run what he is doing by mattva01 tonight17:57
jelknerand we can start using this next week17:58
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jelknerreplaceafill, still here?19:07
replaceafilljelkner, sort of :)19:07
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jelknermr_german, i just got off the phone with dylan19:17
jelknerthey need the banner image changed on lee's site before they can deploy it.19:18
mr_germanjelkner, you should talk with Daniela19:18
jelknerdylan is about to send us the new banner image.19:18
jelknershoot, i asked dylan to send to the mailing list, but he can't do that19:33
jelknersince he is not part of the group19:33
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jelknerreplaceafill, should we change the permissions on our mailing list to allow other folks to mail to it?21:00
mr_germanreplaceafill, Bye!21:07
mr_germanubuntourist, Bye!21:07
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