IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2017-05-06

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jelknerGood afternoon, Big_Brother and remindBot!14:22
* jelkner clockin14:22
* jelkner working on AEA website14:22
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mr_germanHi jelkner 15:05
jelknerSoooo good to see you, mr_german!15:05
jelknerWe need to move quickly (but not make any terrible mistakes from moving too quickly ;-)15:05
mr_germanmr_german, I can fix the problem15:05
jelkneri'm about to send an email to the committee15:06
jelknerif you could get me a "dev site" i could like to, I could just send them the link.15:06
jelknerhow long would that take?15:06
mr_german20 mins15:06
mr_germanjelkner, I can see the problem15:07
mr_germanjelkner, with index.html15:07
jelknerdon't explain now, just fix15:08
jelknerexplain after15:08
mr_germanjelkner, you can't use "<a href="committees-apac.html">A-PAC page</a>." on flask templates15:08
mr_germanjelkner, ok15:08
* mr_german is working on AEA15:08
jelknerand then deploy to a dev site that i can share15:08
* jelkner clockout15:09
jelkner(until mr_german does his thing)15:09
jelknerhmmmm, ubuntourist just stepped in15:11
jelknerbut he didn't fix the home page15:11
jelknerhe did deploy to the main website15:11
jelknerthat's what replaceafill told us *not* to do.15:11
jelknerbut it's too late now, just fix the home page link15:12
jelknerupdate the main site15:12
jelknerand i'll ask my committee colleagues to look at it15:12
mr_germanjelkner, home page  *fixed*15:12
mr_germanjelkner, the link is working now15:13
jelknerOK, there are a few styling issues.15:15
jelknerNot today, because time is too short, but I want to development a shared understanding with you on how we are using semantic markup in HTML.15:16
jelkner(which elements are used for which things)15:16
jelknerFor now, please fix:15:16
jelkner1. indent the bulleted list on the home page15:17
jelkner2. make the indentation and font size of the first paragraph look better.  It is now smaller than the sections that follow, which doesn't look so good.15:18
mr_germanjelkner, check the home page15:23
mr_germanI'll create the dev site for you15:23
jelknercan you fix the a-pac page first?15:24
jelknerin fact, we can get the dev site next week15:24
jelknerand let you work with natalia on elizabeth's website15:24
jelknersince we have already deployed this live15:24
mr_germanjelkner, sure give me a sec!15:25
jelknerwe shouldn't, but we did :-(15:25
jelknernext time we'll do it right15:25
mr_germanjelkner, can you check "apac page"15:29
jelknerLet's see what the other committee member say.15:30
mr_germanjelkner, ok!15:30
jelknerHopefully, we are done.15:30
jelknerIf they want any changes, they will only be changes in text.15:30
mr_germanjelkner, ok!15:30
jelknerShould I just make the changes and push them in?15:30
mr_germanjelkner, I'll be here15:30
jelknerIt might not be until much later15:31
jelknerwe don't know what time people will read their emails.15:31
mr_germanyou have to ssh to the server 15:31
mr_germangit pull and then restart apache15:31
jelknerI will give them until tomorrow morning to respond15:31
jelknerahh, ok15:31
jelkneri can try that myself15:32
jelknerthanks, mr_german, now natalia is waiting to work on elizabeth's website15:32
jelknerthat's all for now15:32
mr_germanjelkner, Ok!15:32
mr_germanI'll answer the issues15:33
mr_germanand then if you can, close them ;-)15:33
* mr_german is away from keyboard15:36
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* mr_german clockin19:31
* mr_german is working on Elizabeth's site with natalia19:31
mr_germanHi jelkner !19:31
jelknermr_german, the good news is that i was able to make a small change to the aea website and restart the server.  it worked.19:53
jelkneri shouldn't be doing this directly to the main site, and won't in the future.19:53
mr_germanTrue, but I created a dev site for you19:54
jelkneri noticed that i had to reformat the page again (after I had done that previously) to meet your tio's guidelines19:54
mr_germandid you see my email?19:54
jelknerwhat editor are you using?19:54
jelknerlet's ask replaceafill why the formatting got changed.19:54
jelknerif brackets is formatting on its own, you will need his help stopping it from doing that.19:55
jelknerwhich email?19:55
mr_germandev site for AEA19:55
jelkner!remind Go over AEA sites and remove the ones we are not using from webfaction19:56
remindBotwill print Go over AEA sites and remove the ones we are not using from webfaction at 2017-05-09 19:00:0019:56
jelknerwe have too many websites on webfaction19:56
jelknerthe Django ones aren't used any more19:56
jelknerwe should see if they are archived on github, and remove them from webfaction19:56
jelkneri didn't know which was which when i first logged in19:57
mr_germanjelkner, I think this the branch
jelknera README file might help with this, but unless there is a good reason to keep the old sites there (i can't think of one), we need to clear up regularly19:58
jelknermr_german, we should setup a new website for natalia20:00
jelknerso she doesn't have to use wix20:00
mr_germanohh, jelkner good idea ;-)20:00
jelknerhow are things coming with elizabeth's website?20:01
mr_germanvery good20:01
mr_germanhere's the link to the dev site20:01
mr_germanI need to add the "buttons" for the translations20:01
jelkneryes, i was looking for them20:02
jelknerwhere did you get the banner image?20:02
jelkneryou should email elizabeth and ask her if she likes it20:02
jelknerwhat does "mm" mean?20:03
jelknersince i'm an old timer, i need to ask ;-)20:03
mr_germanI wanted to say "mmm ok!"20:03
mr_germanjelkner, one question20:04
mr_germando you like this new header?20:04
jelknerit is better than before, since there are no chopped of arms, or half head, etc.20:05
jelknerbut it is up to her20:05
jelknerask her what she thinks20:05
jelknerif you can add the button first, you can show her both things at once20:05
mr_germanI'm on it!20:05
jelknerI'll be traveling tomorrow, but i'll check in when i arrive in my hotel in the evening20:06
mr_germanOh, I need to tell you something20:07
mr_germanI won't be around this monday, because I'll get my new passport20:08
mr_germanand a new pc20:08
jelknerour meeting is tuesday20:08
jelknerwe don't have anything pressing for monday20:08
mr_germanoh ok ;-)20:09
jelknerwhere are you getting your pc?20:09
jelknerit's running free software, i hope! ;-)20:09
jelkneryou're uncle wouldn't like it otherwise20:09
mr_germanfor sure20:09
mr_germanOh I'll meet with him too20:10
jelknermuy bien20:10
mr_germanOk, I need to get back to work ;-)20:10
jelknerlater gater20:10
jelknerme too20:11
mr_germanjelkner, I just send an email to Elizabeth20:49
mr_germanjelkner, I'm out20:57
mr_germanhave a good night20:57
* mr_german clockout20:57
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