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jelknerGood morning bots!08:55
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mr_germangood morning, jelkner 09:10
jelknergood morning, mr_german!09:12
jelknerwe can meet as soon as replaceafill makes his appearance09:13
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jelknerGood morning, replaceafill09:25
jelknerru ready?09:25
replaceafilljelkner, almost, i'm making coffee09:26
replaceafilli'll be ready in a couple of minutes09:26
jelknerahh, not ready without coffee.  i *totally* understand that!09:26
replaceafilljelkner, mr_german i'm ready09:28
jelknersweet, let's make this short and to the point09:29
jelknermr_german, ru ready?09:29
mr_germanjelkner, yes09:29
jelknerok, agenda:09:29
jelkner1. finances09:30
jelkner2. work plan09:30
jelknersound good?09:30
jelknerok, as we've been discussing, to really launch NOVA Web, we need a full time developer09:30
jelknermr_german, as we have agree, is that person09:30
jelknerso i just wanted to make it "official" since we did it so informally, that until such time as the well runs dry, mr_german should be clocking 40 hours per week09:31
jelkneri don't have time to check time logs, etc, so i will assume you are doing that, mr_german, yes?09:32
mr_germanjelkner, yes09:32
jelknernow, i am waiting for a bank loan to pay for this next period09:32
replaceafillmr_german, you're not recording 40h/week09:32
jelknerreplaceafill, you could check up on that09:33
replaceafilljelkner, to be honest i don't think 40 h/week is even possible09:33
mr_german40h per week no09:33
jelkneri'm confused09:33
mr_germanjust 40h 09:33
mr_germanper month09:33
replaceafilljelkner, a lot of factors, i don't consider we have 40 h/week load of work09:33
replaceafilljelkner, sure we have a few rushes here and there09:34
replaceafillbut once those pass, things get calmer09:34
replaceafilland since i consider mr_german tracks hours in an accurate way09:35
jelknerreplaceafill, we aren't doing the work we have09:35
replaceafilljelkner, that too09:35
jelknerlet me switch up, then09:35
replaceafillyou need discipline09:35
replaceafilljelkner sure09:35
replaceafilljelkner, i understand there are A LOT of things that need to be done09:35
jelknerlets start with what needs to be done:09:36
jelkner1. We need to serve the PWPC candidates with *fast* response times and helpful initiative09:36
jelkner2. We need to develop other innovative products we can market09:36
jelknerin the broad sense, that's where we are09:37
jelknerwe are de facto positioning ourselves as specialists in electoral candidates websites09:37
jelknerso we need to get *GOOD* at that if we are going to turn it into a produce we can sell09:37
jelknerbut i dont' think that will be enough09:38
jelknerwhich is why things like the evote app will be important09:38
jelknerperhaps other things you can come up with09:38
replaceafilli don't have any in mind at the moment09:38
jelknereven with evote, we are moving *very* slowly09:39
replaceafilli thought we decided mr_german was not going to be in charge of that09:39
replaceafillis he now?09:39
jelknergood point, that's why we are meeting09:39
replaceafillor is he going to be09:39
jelkneri should be more explicit in my thinking09:40
jelkner(explicit is better than implicit! ;-)09:40
jelknerthe way i am thinking, mr_german is going to be our first full time worker09:40
jelknerthat's why i was talking 40 hours09:40
jelknerso he would then be responsible for all major products09:41
jelknersince we are building our offering around him to start09:41
replaceafillmakes sense09:41
jelknerwe need something to sell09:41
jelknerwe need someone to do it09:41
jelknerhe is the only one among us currently available for full time09:41
jelknerso we build NOVA Web around mr_german in the first phase09:41
jelkneri've been saying that, but not being clear what it means09:42
replaceafillbut for the record i don't think 40h/week is feasible09:42
replaceafilleven at peak times09:42
jelknerit really means that what louisea will be tasked to sell is what mr_german can do09:42
replaceafilltracking time like mr_german is09:42
jelknerreplaceafill, can you be in charge of managing that part of it?09:43
replaceafill40h/week is easier to get if you start rounding numbers09:43
replaceafilljelkner, still09:43
replaceafillthat's my point09:43
jelkneri mean mr_german's hours09:43
jelknerthen we can stop talking about hours09:44
replaceafillbut what my point is, we won't get 40h/week09:44
replaceafillall the time09:44
jelknerand focus on tasks09:44
jelknermr_german, practically speaking, if you don't take charge of it, i don't think it will get done09:44
replaceafillmr_german, does need to work more hours, that's clear09:44
jelknerso evote would have to go to you09:44
jelkneryou will need the sys admins to set it up09:44
jelkneryou can count on mjsir911 to do whatever wizzardry needs doing09:45
jelknerbut *only* if you ask him to do, test it, give him feedback, etc09:45
jelknerthe rest of us are all part time09:45
jelknerwe have too many discontinuities in our daily lives to be effective at following through09:46
replaceafillmr_german, it's like what i told you about Natalia in our last meeting, she's support for you09:46
jelknerwe need one full time person09:46
jelknerand if you are willing, it makes the most sense for that person to be you09:46
replaceafillmr_german, you need to start seeing it like that09:46
jelknerand so is Rena, mjsir911, me, louisea, etc09:47
jelknerall of us at this stage09:47
jelknerit is my job to help you with that09:47
jelknersince as i promised replaceafill, i will be responsible for "managing" the "big picture"09:47
jelkneri'll keep track of broad goals, noting how we are doing with them, etc.09:48
jelknerwhat i can't do is manage the day to day details of getting things done09:48
jelkneri don't have time09:48
jelknerwe need someone who does have time09:48
jelknerand that someone is you, mr_german09:48
jelknerare you up for that?09:48
replaceafilli usually do what i can there09:48
replaceafillbut i also have a job09:49
jelknertotally, replaceafill, you and i are in the same boat09:49
jelknermr_german, how do you feel about this?09:49
mr_germanjelkner, nervous09:49
replaceafillmr_german, it's natural09:50
replaceafillit's a big/serious commitment09:50
replaceafillbut with a lot of possibilities09:50
replaceafill(to grow)09:50
jelknerit is, but at least you know we all love you, and won't bite too hard when things go wrong09:50
jelknerwhich they will, but not mostly09:51
jelknerso you are nervous, mr_german, which it completely natural, but are you willing?09:52
* jelkner would be concerned if mr_german wasn't nervous, since that indicates he is taking this seriously09:52
mr_germanjelkner, Yes I am!09:52
jelknerok, 8 minutes and i need to get back to work09:52
jelkneri won't talk specific hours, leaving that to replaceafill to decide09:53
jelknerbut let's talk tasks09:53
jelknerthere are mainly two big ones at present, which i've already laid out, but i will again in somewhat more specificity09:53
jelkner1. Take initiative with E. Guzman and L. Carter's websites, making sure they are doing everything we can do to help the candidates get out their message09:54
jelknerJune 7th is coming fast09:54
jelknerWhy does E. Guzman's website still have the old banner, for example?09:55
jelkner2. Whenever *everything* that can be done for PWPC is done, move ahead on making the AEA website and innovative website for engaging folks in common action09:56
jelknerthe AEA website can become a much more effective tool for our 1700+ members to communicate and organize09:56
jelknerand i am perfectly willing to pay for that09:56
jelknerso it provides a great opportunity to develop our product09:56
jelknerwe want evote09:56
replaceafilljelkner, are there any chnages in the pipeline for AEA?09:57
jelknerevote is the biggest09:57
jelkneronce we start engaging members (that will be the first way), i can imagine many other things that could come up09:57
jelknerbut i want them to come from the membership09:57
jelknerwe will be asked "can you do such and such?"09:58
jelknerand we will see if we can09:58
replaceafillhopefully :)09:58
jelkneroh, you can count on that09:58
jelkneri'm already being asked things09:58
jelknerbut i tend to say "yes, we would like our website to do that and more, but one step at a time"09:58
jelknersince we are stuck on the first *big* request, which is evote09:59
jelknerok, that's all i got09:59
jelknermr_german, keep in mind that for the Summer we will have Rena09:59
jelknerand you should be aware of Natalia's availability10:00
jelknerso if we get offers for new work, we can plan properly10:00
jelknerbut again, our first task is keeping you busy10:00
replaceafillsee that word mr_german? *plan*10:00
jelknerand then growing the business to the level where you can't handle it, so we can bring in others10:01
replaceafilljelkner, i think we need a system to track "things that need to be done"10:01
jelkneri agree10:01
replaceafillnot github repos10:01
jelknerso let's think about that10:02
replaceafilli was thinking even a spreadsheet could help10:02
replaceafillmoving things around10:02
jelknercan we talk about that next tuesday?10:02
jelknersince that kind of thing everyone should have input on10:02
jelknersince we will all need to use it10:02
jelkner!remind Discuss centralized ToDo process10:02
remindBotwill print Discuss centralized ToDo process at 2017-05-16 19:00:0010:02
jelknerbtw. mjsir911 is really having fun with the bots10:03
jelknerhe is working on a more flexible setup that allows customization of the bots10:03
jelknerhe will tell you about it later10:03
jelknerok, we finished10:03
replaceafillcool, thanks jelkner10:04
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel10:04
replaceafillthanks mr_german10:04
jelknerthank you two!10:04
jelknerlater gaters ;-)10:04
replaceafilllater guys10:04
* mr_german is leaving the office10:05
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