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jelknerGood morning Bots, replaceafill, and mjsir911!10:12
replaceafillgood morning jelkner10:12
jelknerJust for our records:
jelknerThis is the Ad webapp that Ken uses with
jelknerSo i wanted it in the logs so i don't loose it ;-)10:13
jelkneri've been trying to persuade him that we are not the best solution to his needs, but he isn't giving up easily10:14
jelknerjust sent another email to him and aelkner in response to an email he sent me10:15
jelkneri'll only forward that thread along if it goes somewhere10:15
jelknerin the mean time, i'm counting on you two to talk to louisea and ubuntourist tonight and help them plan for tomorrow10:16
jelknerreplaceafill, you in particular are key, since you have direct experience with being a foreign owner of a u.s. business10:16
jelknerand can represent "Team Guanaco"10:16
replaceafilljelkner, right, but that was handled by SIELibre's accountant10:17
replaceafilljelkner, other than sending the w7 form myself, i'm not that familiar with the process10:18
jelknerwell, replaceafill, i've never heard of a w7, so you are one up on me ;-)10:26
jelknerbut yes, we will be reaching out to an accountant10:27
jelknerhopefully osvaldo will then be able to follow up10:27
jelknerreplacefill, in another matter, do you have 10 minutes to "hangout"?10:27
jelkneri have a possible project for natalia i want to talk to you about10:27
replaceafilljelkner, sure, give me a couple of minutes to set up10:28
replaceafilljelkner, ready10:31
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jelknerThanks for cc'ing me on the note to Glenda, replaceafill11:37
jelknerI was a bit disappointed she didn't follow up with a brief conversation we had about the bidding on the Verso replacement11:38
jelknerDo you remember that?11:38
replaceafilljelkner, yes11:38
replaceafillmaybe they already have someone to do it11:38
jelknerI would very much have liked to bid on that11:38
jelknermaybe, but i would very much have liked to bid on that11:39
replaceafilltbh, knowing of all the... complexity of the task... i'd run away11:39
* replaceafill still remembers 2012's discussions on CanDo redesign11:40
replaceafilljelkner, i talked to Natalia, she should contact you soon11:41
jelknerwe are way ahead of you, replaceafill, and have emailed back and forth several times already ;-)11:52
jelknerbtw. if this looks promising, and we do decide to market graphics design as well as web development, i would like to talk to natalia about involving daniella11:53
jelknerthat would keep the el salvador / virginia partnership going!11:54
jelknerthat's going to be a very important part of our "story"11:55
jelknerwe are 21st century internationalists, not exploiters of guanaco labor! ;-)11:55
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replaceafilljelkner, good call12:09
replaceafilli read a bit of the document Kevin shared and it talks about having diverse skills and many people to rely on12:10
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remindBotDiscuss centralized ToDo process19:00
ubuntouristping mr_german louisea mrsir911 et al19:00
louiseaim here19:01
replaceafillwho wants to run the meeting? :)19:02
louiseawhat's the agenda for tonight?19:02
* mjsir911 nominates ubuntourist19:02
ubuntouristSo, with packing for a flight tomorrow on my mind, let me just say (A) business cards for Jeff, Marco, and myself arrived today. I cannot afford more cards at this time.19:02
louiseaI'll just give a quick update on what we're thinking for the meeting tomorrow. 19:02
ubuntourist(B) louisea and I have our marching orders for tomorrow morning.19:03
louiseaI'm planning on discussing proper accounting procedure for our different types of members and/or employees19:04
louiseaas well as accounting for income and share dividend disbursement19:04
ubuntourist(C) mrsir911, Dragana is asking how soon until she'll be able to use and demo your stuff to others. (We can talk about that in Portland. I just wanted you to be aware of it.)19:04
mjsir911uh oh19:06
replaceafilllouisea, do you need anything from the "members" in El Salvador at this point?19:06
louiseano, we'll be asking about the foreign tax ID and making sure and what is needed for foreign business owners19:07
louiseaI'll report back afterwards and give an update if we need anything new19:07
replaceafilllouisea, cool, thanks19:07
replaceafilland good luck :)19:07
replaceafillmjsir911, anything to report?19:08
replaceafill(it seems i'm running the meeting) :D19:08
mjsir911I've looked into git hooks and because python is what I'm most comfortable in, I've created python style checking that can be found on the novawebdev github org. I'll wait on your javascript standards and look into how to implement those when i get them.19:09
replaceafillmjsir911, ah cool, sorry that i haven't written anything yet19:09
replaceafilli'll make sure i have something by the end of the week19:09
replaceafillwhat's your traveling schedule mjsir911?19:10
replaceafillyou're going to pycon, correct?19:10
mjsir911Thanks, I'll start looking into web hooks aswell19:10
mjsir911yea I leave tommorow night and get back tuesday night late19:10
replaceafillgreat! enjoy19:10
replaceafillmr_german, anything to report?19:11
mr_germanI'm working on a guide for the Lee's site "how to update and deploy it"19:12
replaceafillcool, do you have everything you need to finish it?19:12
replaceafillor will you need anything from mjsir911 or Rena?19:13
mr_germanI have everything19:13
replaceafillwhen do you plan to finish it?19:13
replaceafillsomeone should "review" it19:13
mr_germantoday at night hopefully19:13
* replaceafill has been insisting lately on having a "review procedure"19:13
replaceafillcool, ping the list when you have a draft so we can assign someone to try it19:14
replaceafillmakes sense?19:14
replaceafillon my part, i have a quick question for mjsir91119:15
replaceafillis it possible to query the remind bot?19:15
mjsir911no it doesnt have much functionality atm, I'll  setup a quick git repo eventually to submit issues/requests19:15
replaceafillah ok19:15
replaceafillabout the ToDo procedure19:16
replaceafilli evaluated a couple of tools during the weekend19:16
replaceafilli'm starting to like JIRA since it's what we use at work19:16
replaceafillbut i know it doesn't fit us (yet)19:16
replaceafilland most of the tools feel like that19:17
replaceafillin the meantime mr_german and i just wrote a "tasks" document that he needs to go through19:17
mjsir911is this what you were talking about with trello?19:17
replaceafillmjsir911, yeah19:17
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mr_germanwelcome back, ubuntourist 19:18
mjsir911Do you know about github projects?19:18
replaceafillmjsir911, yes, but i don't think any of those fit us either19:18
replaceafilli mean19:18
replaceafillwe don't collaborate much on tasks yet19:18
replaceafillbut it was nice checking some of the open source tools19:19
replaceafillwe'll get there eventually19:19
replaceafillthat's it from me19:19
replaceafillanything else from anybody?19:19
replaceafillbots? :)19:19
louiseanone from me19:19
replaceafilli guess that's it then19:19
replaceafillthanks guys19:19
louiseacool thanks everyone see ya19:20
* replaceafill is not authorized to drop anything19:20
* replaceafill gravel (just for the record)19:21
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ubuntouristnot working for me tonight.19:21
ubuntourist(not even sure if my messages are getting out)19:21
replaceafillubuntourist, we got the A, B, C ones19:22
ubuntourist"Can you hear me now?"19:24
replaceafillremindBot, add a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see
ubuntouristThat was all I had. But I didn't get anything after that. I'll catch up in the logs.19:24
replaceafillubuntourist, yes19:24
replaceafillubuntourist, "The silence is deafening" :)19:25
replaceafilli hate when that happens19:25
replaceafilli've seen in some channels there's a ping bot19:25
replaceafillif it answers you is that you're on19:25
replaceafill!remindBot add a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see
replaceafillhow the hell do i use it...?19:27
mjsir911oh sorry19:28
mjsir911use ! + remind19:28
mjsir911no Bot19:28
replaceafill!remind Add a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see
remindBotwill print Add a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see at 2017-05-16 19:00:0019:28
remindBotAdd a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see
replaceafillah thanks mjsir91119:28
replaceafillthat changed, right?19:28
mjsir911always been like that19:29
replaceafilli found the wrong command :P19:29
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remindBotadd a bookmarkable latest.log.html to the /irclogs/ (see
mjsir911that seems to be broken anyways...19:38
mjsir911!remind are u broken?19:39
remindBotwill print are u broken? at 2017-05-16 19:00:0019:39
remindBotare u broken?19:39
mjsir911its immediately echoing it back, seems my timekeeping program wasnt perfect and it will echo back immediately tuesdays after 719:39
ubuntouristWell my connection tonight has been super-horrible.19:39
ubuntouristWhen do you get into Portland?19:40
mjsir911thursday morning19:40
ubuntouristI'm slated for 8:15-ish tomorrow night.19:40
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nathlee_jelkner are you here?21:42

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