IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2017-05-23

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jelknerGood morning, Bots!08:22
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louiseamsg NickServ identify <REDACTED>12:38
louiseasorry about that. I'm trying an irc app.12:40
louiseaany chance I can have that deleted  from the log?12:41
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jelknerlouisea, did you see what mjsir911 did with the log?18:57
louiseaI saw the email. not the log though.18:57
louiseabig thanks.18:57
jelknerit now reads: "msg NickServ identify <REDACTED>"18:58
jelknerwhich both preserves your transgression for posterity and removes the harm potentially caused by it ;-)18:58
replaceafilli'd still recommend louisea to change it18:59
jelknerof course18:59
louisealol. I wouldn't want people to completely forget.18:59
jelknerand since irc isn't very secure to begin with, pick a password that isn't used anywhere else18:59
remindBot1. Link from louisea to document summarizing what he found out from accountant19:00
remindBot2. Talk about priorities for coming week, including PWPC websites and evote for AEA19:00
jelknerwelcome everyone, and first time ncerna in particular19:00
jelknermjsir911 and ubuntourist are probably in transit on their way back from pycon19:00
jelknerso i think this is everyone19:00
jelknerremindBot just printed the agenda, which will be brief19:01
louiseaOkay. great. I'll send out the link probably tomorrow. I can't from my phone.19:01
jelknerlouisea is still working on a document summarizing his meeting with the accountant19:01
replaceafillcool, thanks louisea19:01
louiseabut I can give a brief update.19:02
jelknergo for it19:02
louiseathe meeting with the accountant was productive.19:02
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louiseawe got confirmation that we were on the right track with some of the forms19:03
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jelknerhi Rena_19:03
louiseaand he pointed us towards others that I'll need to do a bit more research on19:03
louiseabut we're deeper into the bureaucratic hole19:03
nrcernaHi erveryone, Thank you jerlkner19:03
louiseaand I'm organizing myself through it.19:04
louisealots of forms for reporting and filing.19:04
jelknerlouisea, will you be ready by next tuesday to lead a "next steps" discussion?19:04
jelknerwhat we need most is a list of "ToDos"19:05
louiseajelkner yes19:05
jelknerfor example, Team Guanaco, you all need to fill out this form and send me this other information, etc19:05
jelknergreat, let's make that the first item on next tuesday's meeting19:06
louiseayup. I'll have the forms figured out.  and what I don't have I'll have concrete questions to ask of the accountant.19:06
jelknerfor now, i'd like to talk about item 2, the plan for the week, and a bit of a more general discussion of focus19:06
louiseaso I can get those in order19:06
jelknerwe need a business plan19:07
jelkneri think we have the potential to make creating websites for progressive candidates running for office one of our key "products"19:07
jelknersince we are certainly gaining experience with that19:07
jelknerif we agree that is a good idea, we need to keep developing "value added" skills19:08
jelknerlike learning about how to evaluate electoral data19:08
jelknerand how to help our customers "message".19:08
Rena_I was out when I joined, I'm gonna leave and come back real quick on my desktop19:09
jelknerso we would be not only web developers, but a bit of political consultants as well19:09
jelknernot at first, perhaps, but if we are going to be successful19:09
jelknerncerna has an important role to play if we go that route19:10
jelknersince she can do graphics19:10
replaceafillmakes sense to me19:10
jelknerbtw, mr_german, you should add her to our website and think about how to feature some of her graphics work there.19:10
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mr_germanjelkner, that would be good19:11
Rena_alright I'm back19:11
louiseasounds good to me. that's where my energies are directed lately.19:11
jelknertake a look at this website:
nrcernasounds good to me19:11
replaceafilljelkner, nice19:12
jelknerand this:
jelknerthese were two of the coops that presented back in 2012 in Detriot when ubuntourist dragged me out there (with young louisea in tow)19:13
replaceafill"social change"19:13
jelknermr_german has been doing a good job delivering value to elizabeth guzman's website19:14
jelknerkeep on top of that, and remember that Rena_ is now off for the Summer19:14
Rena_hello c:19:14
jelknerWe need the three of you to get practice collaborating as our front end team19:14
jelkneryou need to be quick, efficient, and responsive19:15
replaceafill"team" is the key word here19:15
jelknerpolitical campaigns happen in real time19:15
jelkneryes indeed19:15
nrcernaok jelkner19:15
replaceafillsometimes it's hard to start collaborating with others19:15
replaceafillyou don't want to step on somebody else's toes19:16
replaceafillyou don't want your stuff to be touched19:16
replaceafillthat's natural in teams19:16
mr_germannrcerna, I need you to send me your bio ;-)19:16
nrcernaok mr_german i will do it!19:17
jelknerok, last few things and we can close the meeting19:18
jelkner1. keep very good track of your hours. we need the data badly.19:18
mr_germanjelkner, I'll start learning e-vote this week19:19
jelknermr_german, wait for mjsir911 to get back and set it up for you19:19
mr_germanjelkner, oh ok!19:19
jelknerthat's a back end team job19:19
jelkneryour job is to learn to use it and style it19:19
jelknernot deploy it19:20
jelknerright, replaceafill?19:20
replaceafilli agree19:20
jelknerRena_, work out with mr_german how you divide the PWPC work19:21
Rena_jelkner can I meet with you on the phone later to discuss general stuff I've been missing19:21
jelkneryes, i'll call you tomorrow19:21
jelkneri only had two items, and mr_german listed the 2nd - evote19:21
jelkneranyone else have anything?19:22
louiseaNothing from me19:22
replaceafillnothing urgent from me19:22
mr_germanthat's all from me!19:23
* jelkner (after appropriate wait time) drops the bag of gravel ;-)19:23
jelknersee ya all soon19:23
replaceafillthanks everybody19:23
louiseasee ya!19:23
jelknerthanks all19:23
replaceafillmr_german, nrcerna have a few minutes to chat19:23
replaceafillin hangout19:23
mr_germanSure!, replaceafill 19:23
replaceafillkk, calling19:24
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