IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-06-02

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jelknermr_german, great to see you!11:53
mr_germanjelkner, hi!11:53
jelknerz0nny passed his Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 certifcation!11:54
jelknerSo he is ready to go.11:54
jelknerbtw. He could help you prepare for that when you are ready.11:54
jelkneri've asked him to work on the NVM Arlington website11:54
mr_germanhe'll work on that?11:55
jelknerhe is going to look at what you did, and try to recreate it using only html and css (no javascript)11:55
jelknerthen you can see what he does, and we can have a "conversation" from which we can all learn11:56
mr_germanjelkner, sure11:56
zOnnyI am working on it. :)11:58
mr_germanjelkner, btw. did you see the issue of the portfolio for nova?11:59
jelknerno, what's up?11:59
mr_germanI responded you yesterday11:59
mr_germanCan you check it please?11:59
mr_germanAlso, I added the "Graphic Design"12:00
jelknernow you need to work with ncerna to fill in the graphics design page12:01
mr_germanNatalia and I, are waiting for you to approve the "Graphic Design" section12:01
jelknerare you planning on making it a slide show also?12:01
jelknerwhat do you mean?12:02
jelknerit doesn't look ready for approval yet.12:02
mr_germanWhat I mean is12:02
jelknerdo you mean approving hours to work on it?12:02
jelknerif so, you have my approval12:02
mr_germanif you like the "Graphic Design" section12:02
jelknerlooks a bit static, with four big rectangles, don't you think?12:02
jelknerhold on a second...12:03
mr_germanthose are slideshows12:03
mr_germanHi, zOnny :D12:04
jelknerbut 4 of them?12:05
mr_germanthat's just an example12:05
jelknerFor a bit of inspiration, here is a website of a graphics designer we know:12:05
jelknerAdrienne Lewis is the designer12:06
jelknerI'm a fan of her work12:06
jelknershe did our logo for us12:06
mr_germanjelkner, I need to show this website to Natalia12:10
replaceafillmr_german, why does jelkner have to approve the Graphics Design section?12:10
replaceafillit's not even "started" yet12:11
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jelknerHello, aantonio!12:31
jelknerHow did it go yesterday?12:32
aantoniovery nice but I don't know if I fit there 12:35
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replaceafilljelkner, is there any reason why Lee Carter's website is not in the portfolio?12:56
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jelknerreplaceafill, there is certainly no good reason.  it should be14:16
replaceafillissue filed:
mr_germanjelkner, I was waiting for you to give me the description.14:22
jelknerAh, OK15:08
jelknertime to go.  i need to remember to do that15:08
* jelkner has too many things to do! :-(15:09
jelkneri'll be back on this channel sunday15:09
jelkneri have a workshop tomorrow15:09
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