IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-06-23

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jelknerGood morning, aantonio!10:28
jelknerYou start your internship on Monday, yes?10:28
aantonioHello, Good morning10:29
aantonioyes sir10:29
jelknerI'll be in Vermont, but I look forward to hearing how it goes.10:29
jelknerWe haven't heard a peep out of mjsir911 since he started this week.10:29
jelknerPlease let me know how things go.10:30
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aantoniookay 11:23
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* jelkner leaving for about 45 minutes.12:56
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jelknerz0nny, here is the facebook url:
jelknermr_german, how are you?15:14
jelknerz0nny is here with me at school15:15
mr_germanI'm good and you jelkner ?15:15
jelknerhe is working on the neamembersforourrevolution website15:15
jelkneri'd like the two of you (along with me) to get this workflow down15:15
jelknerso we can all work together on small projects like this.15:16
jelkneryou'll just need to git pull the next time you work on it.15:16
jelknerand get push both updates the git repo and the website, since it is using github pages15:16
jelknernice and easy!15:16
jelknerand fast!15:16
zOnnyHello World! nice day to learn Grid layout :)15:17
mr_germanwhat happened with the header? zOnny 15:17
zOnnymr_german you donĀ“t like it15:20
mr_germanmaybe you should test, before you push it to the repository zOnny 15:21
zOnnyyou rigth mr_german15:22
mr_germanzOnny, are you working on the header?15:46
zOnnyno yet15:50
zOnnyIm working with the logo on the footer15:51
zOnnywould you want me fix something on header?15:53
zOnnymr_german are you there? o.O?15:58
mr_germansure zOnny 16:03
mr_german I'll fix it zOnny 16:03
mr_germanor do you want to fix it?16:04
zOnnyim fixing 16:19
zOnnyyou say  responsive?16:20
zOnnyor logo size?16:20
mr_german the header and navbar zOnny 16:23
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