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jelknerreplaceafill, u here?13:47
replaceafilljelkner, yes13:47
jelkneri just made another transfer13:47
jelknerso the cookie jar should be restocked with cookies ;-)13:48
jelknersince you are chairing next tuesday's meeting13:48
replaceafilljelkner, yes, i got their email, thanks a lot13:48
jelknercan we make discussion of CiviCRM the main topic?13:49
jelkneras you know, i have been agonizing over this for a long while13:49
jelknerand i keep coming back to it being the only real option13:49
jelkneryou said you didn't want to, mattva01 said he advised against it13:50
jelknerthat was the result of my last investigation13:50
jelkneryet there are no alternatives in free software space13:50
replaceafilli haven't touched php in a looong time13:50
jelknerme neither13:50
replaceafillso i can't offer services on it13:50
jelknerbut it's just a programming language13:50
replaceafilli shouldn't13:51
replaceafillbut i don't know it at a business level13:51
jelknerubuntourist is volunteering to take the lead13:51
replaceafilland i'll help for sure13:51
jelknerwith his commitment, i want to give it a go13:51
jelknersince it aligns so well with the business plan13:51
replaceafilldon't let me stop you :)13:51
replaceafilli know13:51
jelkneri'm thinking that we should try it with nea4or13:52
jelknerinstead of action network13:52
jelknersince action network is not free software13:52
jelkner!remind 1. Discuss plan for deploying and testing CiviCRM13:53
remindBotwill print 1. Discuss plan for deploying and testing CiviCRM at 2017-07-04 19:00:0013:53
jelkner2. Discuss plan for moving forward with online voting13:53
jelkner!remind 2. Discuss plan for moving forward with online voiting13:54
remindBotwill print 2. Discuss plan for moving forward with online voiting at 2017-07-04 19:00:0013:54
jelkneri really want to get voting working by september13:54
jelknerhaving mjsir911 set it up13:55
jelknerand mr_german and z0nny learn how to use it13:55
replaceafillmr_german wasn't able to set it up in the server13:55
jelknerwe want the same arrangement for CiviCRM testing13:55
jelknerbut mjsir911 can do that13:55
jelknerok, back to my studies13:56
jelknergood talking to you13:56
replaceafillu2, thank you jelkner13:57
jelknerthank you, replaceafill13:57
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jelknerGood afternoon, mr_german15:29
mr_germanhello jelkner good afternoon15:32
jelkneryou saw my email about the nea4or site, yes?15:33
mr_germanyes, I did jelkner 15:36
jelknerreplaceafill, depending how your discussion about CiviCRM goes, and how much progress we could make soon15:36
jelknerI would like to reach out to Elizabeth Guzman and Lee Carter to see if they could use it15:37
replaceafilljelkner, ok...15:37
replaceafilljust for the record, i don't feel comfortable providing services on things i don't understand15:37
replaceafill(that's why i failed at my current job)15:37
jelkneri understand, ubuntourist is willing to take responsibility15:38
replaceafillbut ok, i'll try to be supportive15:38
jelkneri hope it has restful api's15:38
replaceafillit does15:38
jelknerthen we could perhaps add custom things in python15:38
replaceafilli sent you an email about it some time ago15:39
jelkneri'll look back over for that15:39
mr_germanjelkner, so.. NEA is ready for the convention15:39
jelknerbut mainly, it will be ubuntourist and the young dudes that need to master it ;-)15:39
jelknermr_german, yes!15:40
jelkneri made up a bunch of book mark fliers to hand out15:40
jelknerso we can have our cake and eat it too ;-)15:41
jelknermr_german, check out the log for today15:41
jelknerwe have been discussing the two priorities for things to do next15:41
jelkner1. civicrm15:41
jelkner2. voting15:41
mr_germangive me a sec to check the logs15:42
mr_germanjelkner, oh15:44
jelknercan you be more specific? ;-)15:45
mr_germanjelkner, talking about voting system, I'm stuck with that.15:45
jelkneryes, i understand15:45
jelkneryou're responsibility is not to unstick yourself alone15:46
jelkneryour responsibility is to send an email to mjsir911, cc'ing replaceafill, ubuntourist, and me, asking for help15:46
jelknerand being specific about what is sticking15:46
replaceafilli've told mr_german that many times now...15:46
mr_germanyes, I know15:47
jelknerso, mr_german, can i expect to see that email soon?15:47
mr_germansure, jelkner 15:47
jelknerthank you very much!15:47
jelknersince nea4or website is now finished15:48
jelkneryou can move on to that15:48
mr_germanI just sent an email jelkner 16:22
jelknerGood evening, fellow websters.  Off to Boston *early* tomorrow morning!18:04
* jelkner signs out18:05
replaceafillhave good trip jelkner18:05
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