IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-07-07

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mjsir911it works!10:31
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jelknermjsir911, good to see the bots back11:23
jelknerthere is no need for me to call11:23
jelknersince i can reach you hear11:23
jelknerhere ;-)11:23
jelknerwhat did ubuntourist want, do you know?11:24
mjsir911Nope, and he stepped out for a moment11:24
jelknerok, when he returns, let me know what he wanted11:24
jelkneror perhaps you can drag him onto irc and he can tell me himself?11:24
jelkneryou never answered my questions11:25
jelkner1. did you get your schedule worked out?11:25
jelkner2. how is calculus going?11:25
jelknerACTION waits eagerly for mjsir911 to respond...11:25
mjsir911What schedule?11:27
mjsir911and yea he's on irc just stepped away from his laptop11:27
mjsir911Calculus is going well, although It's a lot and I'm busy 6 days out of 7 so squeezing in that is tight11:27
jelknermjsir911, i sent an email to you and your father (and your guidance counselor, etc)11:28
jelkneryou were supposed to call Ms. LaSalle11:28
jelknerand work out your Fall schedule of classes11:28
jelknerit is what you asked me to do11:28
jelknerunderstood on calc, i'm overextended too11:29
mjsir911how long ago was this?11:29
jelknerthe last week of school11:29
jelknerlet me forward it to you again11:29
mjsir911Oh I did call her and organize11:29
ubuntouristWas dispensing my "sage advice" to Kara and Iain. Back now.11:30
mjsir911We'll reconvene on the first weeks of august due to summer leaving my high school counselor unavailable11:30
jelknergreat, ubuntourist11:31
jelknerif you caught up on the emails, you know we have things under control11:31
jelkner(more or less ;-)11:31
jelkneri'll work with the other PRIMEs at ACC11:31
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jelknermr_german, good morning!11:31
jelknerplease update elizabeth's site as soon as you can11:32
jelknerand email keith back confirming you did11:32
mr_germanjelkner, Im on it :)11:32
jelknermjsir911, please check your email and confirm you got what i just forwarded11:33
mjsir911Yea I dealt with this a whileeee ago11:33
jelkneri was just asking how it turned out11:34
jelkneri figured once i got that communication established, i had done what you asked me to do11:35
jelknerso i didn't bother with it11:35
jelknerbut now i'm just asking how it went11:35
mjsir911Oh yea we can't do anything for the month but starting next month we'll start coordinating again11:37
jelknerso it's "in the works"11:37
jelknernow regarding calculus, please keep working on it when you can11:38
mr_germanmjsir911, where the bots are?11:38
mjsir911Big brother is all we need :P11:38
mr_germanhe's here :D11:38
jelknerso no more reminder?11:38
Big_BrotherAvailable commands: !help, !ping, !remind11:38
Big_BrotherAvailable commands: !help, !ping, !remind11:38
mr_german!ping mr_german 11:39
jelkner!ping mjsir91111:39
mjsir911ping is for debug11:39
mjsir911pls stop11:39
jelknerwhat does it do?11:40
jelknerso we shouldn't use11:40
jelknertake it out of the !help11:40
mjsir911!help ping11:40
jelknerotherwise it is going to cause confusion11:40
jelknerand you are going to get annoyed11:40
jelknerok, back to work for me11:40
ubuntouristI'll take a small !help ping of vegetables. ;-)11:41
mr_germanjelkner, brb11:54
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mr_germanjelkner, are you there12:30
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mjsir911hey zOnny!12:41
mjsir911are you ever planning on coming over to gallaudet?12:41
zOnnyhey @mjsir91112:44
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jelknerz0nny, did you get my email about monday morning?14:25
jelkneroops, z0nny, not email, text14:27
jelkneri am asking if i can meet you in front of your place on monday at 7:45 am14:29
jelknerand ride to ACC with you14:29
jelknerlet me know if that is ok14:29
zOnnyyes jelkner.14:38
jelknergreat.  what's the address?14:39
jelknerit's S. Greenbrier14:40
jelknerbut what number?14:40
zOnnyto be Honest I don't know if I will be ready at 7:45 am.14:41
zOnnysometimes papers on my job arrive late then I finish my job late :(14:42
jelknerok, i'll make it to acc on my own14:42
jelknerand you can get there when you can14:42
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mr_germanhey jelkner 14:43
mr_germandid you see my email?14:43
jelkneryes, mr_german, thanks!14:43
jelknerwe want to take care of these requests as quickly as possible14:44
jelknernice work!14:44
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jelknerubuntourist, did mjsir911 leave?16:22
ubuntouristjelkner, yeah.16:25
jelknerokie dokie16:25
jelkneri'll look for him on monday16:25
ubuntouristjelkner, I was meeting with Chiz when you messaged.16:25
jelknerdidn't mean to interrupt16:25
ubuntouristjelkner, she's out two days next week and wanted to make sure I wasn't.16:26
jelknerwhich days?16:26
ubuntouristjelkner, she's also moved Monday AM meeting to 9:30 because she wants me there and I growled at 9:00.16:26
jelknersounds good16:27
ubuntouristjelkner, Tues, Thurs, I think she said.16:27
jelkneri can come into gallaudet on wednesday if you will be there16:27
jelknerwe won't have primes16:27
jelknerbut it would be a good chance to catch up with you16:27
jelknerwill you be there?16:27
ubuntouristjelkner, You can come in even if I'm not. ;-P16:28
ubuntouristjelkner, I'll be trying to stagger in at 9:30, growling less.16:28
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jelkner9:30 on wednesday it is16:28
jelknermjsir911, you're home now, i guess?16:29
jelkneri was just reading over the logs for last tuesday's meeting16:29
mjsir911yea for a minute16:29
jelknerand wanted to check in with you on how helios has progressed since16:29
mjsir911I havent made any progress at all since I've had no time16:30
ubuntouristjelkner, Oh, wait. I'm not reading correctly. You said Wednesday.  In that case 10:00.  I thought you said Monday. 16:30
jelknerubuntourist and replaceafill were also discussing what kind of vm we need for CiviCRM16:30
mjsir911I was hoping zOnny would be over to gallaudet as that would give me a chance to work with him16:30
jelknermjsir911, there has been a change of plans16:30
jelknerthe only day i can go to gallaudet is wednesday16:31
jelknersince i'll have my 4 prime interns at ACC the other days16:31
mjsir911I thought It was closed16:31
ubuntouristMayhaps this Sunday with z0nny?16:31
jelknerit was supposed to be for construction16:31
jelknerbut that changed too16:31
ubuntourist(If jelkner doesn't need to be there)16:31
jelknerit is open16:31
jelkneri can't be there this sunday, but you're absolutely right16:32
jelkneryou all could meet16:32
jelknercheck with z0nny directly16:32
jelkneranyway, mjsir911, back to the civicrm deployment16:33
jelknerwe need to talk with you asap about how to do that16:33
mjsir911Am I supposed to know how to do that?16:33
ubuntouristmjsir911, Better if you can meet j0nny in arlington, since theoretically, you're at Gallaudet for me, but, circumstances dictate flexibility.16:33
jelknergood point, ubuntourist16:34
ubuntouristmjsir911, I think I can help with CiviCRM.16:34
jelknerit's less travel that way also16:34
ubuntouristmjsir911 (some).16:34
jelknermjsir911, if you're a complete glutton for punishment, you can meet us at acc some afternoon after you leave devis ;-)16:34
mjsir911That doesnt sound like a bad idea16:35
mjsir911is coders for nova being hosted at the ACC or patent office?16:35
jelknerpatent office16:35
jelkneruntil fall, anyway16:35
jelkneri'll be going to north carolina this week for the redhat academy meeting16:36
jelknerso i won't be able to attend this thursday16:36
ubuntouristjelkner, BTW, who did you have in mind for FOSSCON Philly?16:36
jelknerbut i plan on attending the following week16:36
jelknerubuntourist, mjsir911, jelkner, z0nny?16:36
jelknerthanks for reminding me again16:37
jelkneri was hoping we could present16:37
ubuntouristAh. Good, because I mentioned it to mjsir911 and he said "?" ;-)16:37
ubuntouristBTW, I'm making a mini-vacation of it: Train to Philly Thursday, stay at conference location (International House Philly) until Tuesday AM and train back to DC.16:38
ubuntouristOops. Train to Philly FRIDAY not Thursday.16:39
jelkneri can't, since school will have started for me16:39
jelkneri've registered already16:39
mjsir911what day?16:39
ubuntouristFriday train to Philly is late afternoon, as I recall. (4:00?) I haven't looked at the train back to DC yet.16:40
jelknerlooks like we missed the chance to submit a talk yet again.16:40
jelkneroh well16:40
jelknercharlie didn't miss the deadline16:40
jelknertoo much to do anyway16:41
jelkneri'm just going to go to meet charlie16:41
jelknerand not worry about having to present this year16:41
ubuntouristmjsir911 FOSSCON is Saturday, August, 26.16:41
mjsir911ooh thats awfully close to the solar eclipse thats happening in the opposite direction if philidelphia16:42
jelknermjsir911, are you going to see the solar eclipse?16:43
mjsir911Thats whats being planned16:43
jelknerwhere are you going?16:44
mjsir911West, tennessee probably, I'm working out the schedule with my dad but I should be back in virginia by the 24th16:44
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jelknersince we aren't presenting, you don't need to worry about fosscon unless you want to16:45
jelknerthere will be plenty of other conferences16:45
jelknerand we *will* be presenting at some of them! ;-)16:45
ubuntouristOops. Bash keystrokes don't work in Hexchat. ;-)16:46
jelknerbut first we need to get helios and civicrm mastered16:46
jelknerand used to win a few elections this fall16:46
jelknerand to conduct elections within my nea local and the new our revolution caucus16:47
jelkneronce we get all that working, we will have an exciting story to tell16:47
jelknerand will want to take our show on the road, as they say16:47
mjsir911I can start coming over to the ACC to get things done tuesday/wednesday16:47
jelknerdefinitely tuesday16:48
ubuntouristmjsir911, BTW, I have not pulled any of your code today. Let me know when you've tested it, since I need stable JSON files to develop my code against.16:48
jelknerwednesday i'm going to gallaudet to hang out with ubuntourist16:48
mjsir911IT *SHOULD* WORK16:48
jelknerok, back to work for me16:49
mjsir911cd agghhh16:49
jelknertalk to ya all later16:49
ubuntouristYes, it should. ;-)16:49
ubuntouristjelkner, ta-ta.16:49
mjsir911I'll test that later tonight but I won't have much way of getting in contact with you due to my internet situation16:50
mjsir911I'v gtg too, I'll try to message you on my mobile-irc16:50
ubuntouristmjsir911, No worries. I'm going to continue working off the JSON I have.  The only change SHOULD be your new code will flip the order of recode and text.16:51
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