IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2017-07-13

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jelknerGood mornin, my Big_Brother, how are you today?08:03
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jelknermjsir911_mobile, you have yet to answer my question about saturday08:41
jelkneri sent it again this morning08:41
jelkner*please* let me know.  i'm trying to plan08:42
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jelknermjsir911, did you see my email or irc message?09:28
jelknercan we get together saturday?09:29
mjsir911Sure, ubuntourist doesnt seem up to meeting at gallaudet tho so we should probably just meet at the central library09:54
dsmalljelkner, could you take a look at the layout I plan to use for the va votes database10:21
dsmallmjsir911, would it be possible to change the script so that it has the option to download the precinct data?10:27
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jelknermjsir911, i'll have a car and can pick you up.10:39
mjsir911It's fine, your not coming around my direction and I'm happy to bike if we're just going to the central library10:40
jelkner10 am?10:41
jelknerThat's when the library opens10:41
jelknerlet's be flexible10:41
mjsir911yea ok10:41
jelknerif ubuntourist appears and wants to, we could go there10:42
jelknerbut 10 am it is10:42
jelkner9:30 if we are going to Gallaudet at 1010:42
jelknerand then I'll pick you up10:42
jelknersound good?10:42
jelkneri'm about to leave for red hat in north carolina10:42
jelknerso i wanted to get this settled before i leave10:43
jelknerACTION waits for mjsir911 to complete the three way handshake ;-)10:44
jelknerby saying "yes, that's the plan"10:44
jelknerlooks like ubuntourist is up for Saturday after all10:47
jelknermjsir911, i'll pick you up 9:30 am10:47
jelknerplease email me an address10:47
jelknerwhere you will be10:47
mjsir911hold on10:48
mjsir911yea ok going to gallaudet10:48
jelknerok, off to red hat10:55
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dsmallWhat would the best way to boot Ubuntu in a VM for my windows 10 machine?12:09
replaceafilldsmall, what VM software do you have? virtualbox?12:10
dsmallreplaceafill, Yes12:10
replaceafilldsmall, have you set up Ubuntu before?12:10
dsmallI have also downloaded an iso file for Ubuntu12:11
replaceafilldsmall, this looks "promising":
dsmallreplaceafill, thank you!12:13
replaceafilldsmall, except for the "run wizard" part, that's what i usually do12:14
dsmallreplaceafill, I think the issue was I didnt have the iso downloaded when I made the VM, but after I had already set it up12:15
replaceafilldsmall, ah12:15
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mjsir911if ur gonna put ubuntu on windows, look into linux subsystems for windows12:54
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replaceafillmjsir911, linux subsystems?14:11
mjsir911builtin ubuntu on windows14:12
mjsir911funded by microsoft and developed by canonical14:12
replaceafillmjsir911, ah14:12
replaceafillmjsir911, i wouldn't advise that for the kind of testing dsmall needs to do14:12
replaceafillmjsir911, maybe for a longer term kind of development14:13
mjsir911Yea i guess14:13
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mr_germanhey replaceafill, I'm trying to add the voters' email, but, I still have the same issue17:09
mr_germanor a new one17:09
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