IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2017-08-01

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jelknerACTION logs off for the day16:01
jelknertomorrow is travel back home day, so i'll be back on thursday16:02
mr_germanreplaceafill, we're going to have meeting today?16:49
replaceafillmr_german, yes16:49
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mr_germanhello everybody o/19:00
replaceafillgood evening/afternoon19:00
lelkneralfaro_hello everyone! 19:00
lelkneralfaro_the remind bot isn't sending out the message.19:00
lelkneralfaro_but I'll say it manually, so that we can begin19:01
lelkneralfaro_so, tonight we'll go around and get updates from everyone, I know we've got a few projects going on19:01
lelkneralfaro_anyone want to begin?19:01
replaceafilli can start19:01
lelkneralfaro_take it away19:01
replaceafillso, i've started working on setting up a new CiviCRM instance for NEA4OR19:02
replaceafilli'm still doing some research on some things i'm not sure about19:02
replaceafilllike using mysql vs mariadb19:03
replaceafillbut i won't bother you with details :)19:03
lelkneralfaro_good. I'm glad to hear things are moving forward with the project.19:03
replaceafilland i plan to write a "Friday update" on thaat19:03
lelkneralfaro_This is an exciting month for that work.19:03
replaceafilli guess that's it from me19:03
lelkneralfaro_Looking forward to the Friday update19:03
lelkneralfaro_Anyone want to go next?19:04
lelkneralfaro_I'll go19:04
lelkneralfaro_we've finished the application for the loan from LEAF, which we are looking forward to hearing back on19:05
lelkneralfaro_we're in the process of having Rena fill out a W-419:06
lelkneralfaro_so that she can get paid for her work on Barbara Chambers Children's Center website19:06
lelkneralfaro_which I'll provide the link for now so that you can take a look19:06
replaceafillreally cool design19:07
lelkneralfaro_and Marco is going to be working on a project to webscrape donor data for Elizabeth Guzman's campaign19:07
lelkneralfaro_yeah, I think Rena did a good job19:07
mr_germanat the moment, I'm just waiting for you lelkneralfaro_ to help me with Elizabeth's site content19:08
mr_germanafter that I'll start with civi19:08
lelkneralfaro_Marco's work will really help speed up the work of the campaign which spends a great amount of time doing data entry19:08
lelkneralfaro_German: I'll be working on that tomorrow evening. So I'll be done by the end of the day19:08
mr_germanlelkneralfaro_, cool19:08
lelkneralfaro_no problem19:09
lelkneralfaro_That's it for me19:09
mr_germanthat's all from me19:09
zOnnyI am still working on NationalHospital project.19:09
lelkneralfaro_how's that coming along?19:10
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lelkneralfaro_hi ubuntourist19:10
ubuntouristOops. Sorry I'm late.19:11
lelkneralfaro_we're just going around giving updates on our work. 19:11
lelkneralfaro_no problem, glad to have you.19:11
ubuntouristACTION is reading the IRC log to catch up.19:12
mr_germanzOnny, nice job19:12
zOnnythat's is how the costumer wants19:13
lelkneralfaro_alright. anything you want to share ubuntourist?19:14
ubuntouristI've just come off a month of mentoring the ACC PRIME students. While it was unpaid, they did a bang-up job19:15
ubuntouristcreating a 3D virtual reality Oculus Rift maze for a vestibular study.  Everybody's happy, including Jeff's boss who wants a demo19:15
ubuntouristof the work done for Gallaudet.19:16
ubuntouristMeanwhile, Sound Advice, my paid work moves slowly forward. Equipment purchases and planning for a presentation in Oslo.19:16
ubuntouristmjsir911 has continued to make progress on the configuration program that allows experimenters to set up various scenarios and rating questions19:17
ubuntouristfor the Sound Advice modules I'm writing.  However, I think I may be overtaxing what Python and Qt can do together and may need to resort to a real game engine19:18
ubuntouristto continue the work.19:18
ubuntouristThat's it from this front.19:18
lelkneralfaro_good hear work with the students went well and that progress is being made with Sound Advice!19:19
lelkneralfaro_Anything else we want to share or any questions people have for one another?19:19
mr_germanACTION done19:20
replaceafillnothing from me19:20
ubuntouristI guess not.19:20
lelkneralfaro_alright, in that case we can wrap it up for the night19:20
replaceafillthanks everybody19:21
lelkneralfaro_thanks for coming everybody. great to hear what everyone is up to19:21
lelkneralfaro_now I'll go ahead and19:21
lelkneralfaro_ACTION drops the bag of gravel19:21
nrcernabye guys19:21
lelkneralfaro_talk to you all soon19:22
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aantoniohello, what is going on so far. I believe they are proud having me there. By the way, today I have set up new Linux Server for the company, and it was so easy sir.19:28
aantoniosorry for my absence. I am doing three jobs this summer. I hope to participate and follow where the coop is going. Miss You Guys. Thanks19:30
replaceafillaantonio, that's ok19:31
replaceafillaantonio, thanks for your report19:31
replaceafillaantonio, it's in the irclogs now and i'm sure jelkner will read it :)19:31
replaceafillaantonio, and good luck with the multiple jobs!19:31
aantonioare u marco19:31
replaceafillaantonio, no, Douglas :)19:32
aantoniohey Douglas nice to meet you 19:32
replaceafillaantonio, you too ;)19:33
aantoniowe are meeting every thursday at 719:33
replaceafillaantonio, yes19:33
replaceafillaantonio, i've heard about it, are you going to those meetings too?19:34
aantonioThen see you all together next Thursday 19:35
replaceafillaantonio, great, see you19:35
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