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mjsir911hey ubuntourist whats with the ubuntourist[m]?18:57
jelknermjsir911, what is your schedule on Friday?18:58
jelknerlots to do!18:58
mjsir911jelkner did you recieve my email? I plan to come to the ACC18:58
jelkneryes, i know18:58
jelkneri'm asking about times18:58
ubuntouristmjsir911 I was experimenting with riot-client. I didn't know it made me persist when the client isn't running.18:59
mjsir911Oh I don't know, what time can i come?18:59
mjsir911I see ubuntourist18:59
jelkneri'll be there from 7 am to 3:30 pm18:59
mjsir911Then i'll be there then18:59
ubuntouristMonday at Gallaudet everyone?18:59
jelknerplease, ubuntourist18:59
jelknerwhat time?19:00
louiseaYeah Monday at Gallaudet19:00
jelknercool, i'll come a bit earlier to have breakfast19:00
jelknersince it's open again19:00
louiseaokay it's 7:00PM19:00
louiseashall we begin with our weekly updates?19:00
mjsir911is remindbot being used?19:01
mjsir911oh ok so everything is working smoothly :P19:01
jelkneri'll start using it again now that i'm back, mjsir91119:01
louiseais it important we use it?19:01
ubuntouristOnly us senile folks.19:02
mjsir911No i'm just not sure if it works if it doesnt say anything19:02
louiseamjsir911: I hear you.19:02
ubuntouristmjsir911 no way to check the queue?19:02
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mjsir911I can, just best way to make sure if it works is if it does whats intended19:03
jelknergood evening, z0nny, i was just calling you ;-)19:03
louiseaI skipped it this week19:03
ubuntouristjOnny, Gallaudet Monday 10:0019:03
louiseaso any takers on who would like to go first with their update?19:03
jelkneror 9:20 am if you want to eat breakfast there with me19:04
jelkner10 at the lab19:04
ubuntouristSo. FOSSCON led me in a different direction for Sound Advice, but I think it will be a dead end.19:04
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jelknergood evening, nrcerna19:04
nrcernagood evening jelkner 19:05
ubuntouristI'm hoping to work with mjsir911 on Monday a fair amount.19:05
jelknerlouisea, can i make a suggestion?19:06
louiseago for it19:06
ubuntouristOslo approacheth with ever-increasing speed (or so it seems). Maybe ever-increasing panic.19:06
jelknersince you will be the one herding us cats19:06
jelkneryou can call on folks you want to hear from19:06
jelknerand then we can use time to plan our get togethers19:06
jelknerhow did the meeting between you and replaceafill go?19:07
louiseaokay, that sounds good19:07
louiseawe just corresponded through email this week19:07
jelknerso next monday we will be at gallaudet19:08
replaceafilli just wanted to show louisea some user story samples19:08
louiseareplaceafill has set up a project in gitlab19:08
jelknerand can work with replaceafill directly19:08
louiseawhere I will be able to write the user stories that I get from Jon when I meet with him19:08
louiseaI've contacted Jon Liss and he said he will get back to me with a meeting time so that I can check out their software19:09
louiseaso I'm waiting on that.19:10
jelknercan you call rand as well19:10
jelknerto ask about the letter of intent19:11
jelknerwhich jon wants you to write19:11
louiseayes, is there a reason that I can't simply write one up?19:11
jelknerif you think you know what it needs to say19:11
jelkneri was thinking of it from my point of view19:12
louiseaI'm happy to double check with Rand to make sure it is in the correct format though. If you think it a good idea19:12
jelkneri would want to check only because i don't feel confident writing it19:12
jelknerup to you19:12
louiseagot it.19:12
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jelknergood evening, mr_german19:13
jelknerwe are almost all here19:13
louiseawell, I'll be working on the LOI, writing up bylaws and meeting with Jon. 19:13
jelknerthat's great19:13
mr_germanhello jelkner 19:13
jelknerlouisea, any word from rena?19:13
louiseajelkner: it's been a few days since we have communicated19:13
jelkneri emailed her twice about meeting with her thursday when i go to gmu19:14
jelknerbut i never heard back19:14
louiseayeah, I'm also waiting on a response19:14
jelknerone really important thing, louisea19:14
louiseawe're trying to finish up this BCCC project19:14
jelknernow that we have you, it is time we start getting financial reports19:15
jelkneri'm thinking we need to start charging AEA for mr_german's time19:15
jelknernow that it is you, not me, we could do that19:15
louiseaand you couldn't because you are a member?19:15
jelkneri didn't feel comfortable19:16
jelkneri thought it was a conflict of interest19:16
jelknernow it's not19:16
louiseaokay I understand. let me know how to get started on that19:16
jelknerlet's talk on monday19:16
louiseasounds good19:16
jelknerz0nny and i are calling patrick tomorrow19:17
jelknerand working on national hospital19:17
jelknernot tomorrow19:18
ubuntouristI thought you were doing that Thursday.19:18
jelknerz0nny, what time?19:18
ubuntouristjelkner, never mind. ;-)19:18
jelknerz0nny, what time are you coming in on thursday?19:19
jelknerok, 8 am?19:19
jelknerperfect, can i ride with you?19:19
zOnnyof course.19:20
jelknercool, i'll show up in front of your place at 7:45 am19:20
jelkneron thursday19:20
zOnnyok. jelkner19:21
jelknerbtw, nrcerna, jon liss asked me if we had a graphic designer19:21
jelkneri said we did19:21
jelknerwe need to find a way for you to do some work for them so they can see what you can do19:21
nrcernasounds good for me jelkner 19:22
replaceafilljelkner, did he see the last poster nrcerna designed?19:22
jelkneranyone else have anything to add?19:23
replaceafilljelkner, we need to talk19:23
replaceafilljelkner, when do you have time, around 1 hour maybe available19:23
jelkneri would say at this point you should all reach out to louisea to tell him what you are up to and what kind of work you are looking for19:24
jelknerreplaceafill, right after this?19:24
replaceafilljelkner, cool19:24
jelkneri'm in a workshop all day tomorrow and then have class19:24
ubuntouristmjsir911, you on for Monday?19:24
mjsir911yes I am19:25
louiseayes, I second jelkner's comment. please send me an email letting me know what you're looking for19:25
jelknerz0nny, can mjsir911 and i ride with you on Monday?19:25
mjsir911z0nny, jelkner, are you two riding together to gallaudet on monday?19:25
zOnnyno worries.19:26
ubuntouristmjsir911, Oh, good. Thanks.19:26
jelknermjsir911, will you be at dad's?19:27
ubuntouristjelkner, what? Not bicycling? ;-)19:27
mjsir911Yes jelkner19:27
jelknerz0nny, can we leave from your place at 8:45 am and pick up mjsir911 at dad's on the way?19:27
mjsir911I'll email you two if there is a chage in plans but I think I'll be at dads19:27
zOnnyok jelkner19:27
jelknercool, i'll see you there19:27
jelkner(first i'll see you on thursday, then i'll see you on monday ;-)19:28
jelkneralmost time for louisea to drop the bag of gravel19:28
jelknerany last minute thing?19:28
replaceafillACTION done19:29
louiseaalright. well I won't hold this thing any longer19:29
louiseaACTION drops the bag of gravel19:29
jelknerc u all next week19:29
replaceafillthanks everybody19:29
replaceafillhave a good rest of the week19:29
louiseayup and see you on Monday19:29
nrcernabye 19:29
replaceafilljelkner, ready when you are19:30
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jelknerACTION signs out for the night20:29

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