IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2017-08-31

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zOnnyubuntouris[m] how can I get access to patrick website?08:50
zOnnyubuntourist[m] I just got it. thanks.09:31
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mr_germangood morning jelkner , zOnny 10:25
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zOnnygood morning mr_german10:29
mr_germanhow you doing zOnny ?10:29
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm about to run off to Gallaudet. Busy until Monday.  I've got a FEW minutes to chat NOW.10:29
zOnnykeep learning mr_german10:31
mr_germanthat's good zOnny, me too!10:31
ubuntouristzOhnny, if jelkner is there with you, let him know I'm available for a few minutes, but will be running away soon.10:33
zOnnyhow is your JScript skills mr_german ?10:33
zOnnyyes ubuntourist[m]10:33
mr_germanfrom 1 to 10, I think 6.5 :( zOnny 10:34
mr_germanwhat about you?10:34
zOnnyhe is loggin just right now10:34
zOnnythat's good mr_german10:35
jelknerubuntourist, i'm looking for a one-on-one conversation, so if you're rushed, now is not good10:35
jelknerplease leave some time monday for that10:36
jelkneri know you'll be busy with sound advice10:36
jelknerbut i'm hoping to check-in with you on general nova web issues10:36
jelknerperhaps over beer at the end of the day?10:36
mr_germanthx! zOnny :)10:37
jelkneri usually like to loosen you up with beer when we have these conversations ;-)10:37
ubuntouristjelkner, I MAY have time here and there before Monday, but end of Monday sounds good.10:37
jelknerend of Monday, then, at union station10:37
jelknerour normal place10:37
ubuntouristjelkner, BTW is the Brick Haus next to Lost Dog open yet? Just curious.10:37
jelknerdon't know10:38
jelkneri'll look at tell you on monday10:38
jelknerc u monday10:38
ubuntouristjelkner, Oh, I weighed in on the PRIME e-mail thread.10:38
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zOnnyjelkner I can't see the change in Ablog. did you pulled it?11:44
jelknerI did pull it to my local computer, but I haven't updated my online blog yet11:44
jelkneri'll do that on monday if not before11:44
zOnnyOk. 11:46
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev13:26
jelknermjsir911, we worked on your schedule this morning13:31
jelkneri think it is what you want, but we can confirm tomorrow13:32
mjsir911Yea? I got my schedule from my HS councellor and its a mess13:32
jelknerwhat is wrong with it?13:32
mjsir911Yep, most of the career center classes are in order but I also have classes at the high school at the same time13:32
mjsir911I think my HS councellor is waiting for confirmation of the ACC schedule13:32
jelknerthose will be dropped13:32
jelknerwe can fix everything here tomorrow13:33
mjsir911Yep, thats the plan13:33
jelkneru r coming in at 8 am, yes?13:33
jelknerwe have *much* to talk about (and do)13:33
jelknerACTION waits for mjisr911 to confirm 8 am tomorrow...13:34
jelknerACTION still waiting for mjsir911 to confirm...13:36
mjsir911yea im coming inat 813:36
jelknerthanks, man!13:36
jelkneri will be sure to be here by then in that case13:36
jelknerc u tomorrow13:37
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