IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2017-09-17

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replaceafillgood afternoon jelkner12:48
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jelkner_replaceafill, so good to see you sir!13:15
replaceafillhey jelkner_13:15
jelkner_please let me know if you have time to chat via hangout today13:15
replaceafilli do13:16
jelkner_is now good?13:16
replaceafilllet me get my gear13:16
replaceafilljelkner_, ready13:18
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jelkner_replaceafill, i've been thinking about the decision making process we were just discussing14:23
jelkner_it is not a deterministic algorithm, which is what makes it feel a bit unsettling to us geeks14:23
replaceafilljelkner_, right14:24
jelkner_but basically it works like this, choose a reasonable (not too long) time to allocate to investigation14:24
jelkner_then when the time expires, make the best decision you can based on what you learned *at that time*14:25
jelkner_without hesitation14:25
jelkner_that's basically what we need to do14:25
replaceafilli agree14:25
jelkner_it's both art and science14:25
replaceafilli just need to focus on the "without hesitation" part14:25
jelkner_which is scary, but fun and creative!14:25
jelkner_speaking of fun, i'm falling in love with list comprehensions!14:26
replaceafilllittle venting: you have no idea how good my health (mental and physical) is today14:27
replaceafillcompared to what it was a couple of months ago14:27
jelkner_that is wonderful news, my friend!14:27
replaceafilli think it's the "fun" side of things :)14:27
jelkner_live should be joyous14:27
replaceafilljelkner_, is that for your course you mentioned in your email?14:28
jelkner_with list comprehensions, even standard deviations can be fun ;-)14:28
jelkner_mjsir911 has done a wonderful thing14:28
jelkner_the jupyter server he set up works like a charm14:28
jelkner_i can even use it while i am at class14:29
replaceafilljupyter is based on the python notebook, right?14:29
jelkner_i don't want to distract you, but it is at https://jupyter.gctaa.net14:30
jelkner_jupyter is short for julia, python and r14:30
replaceafillwho needs interpreters installed anymore!14:30
replaceafillso R is in the mix too!14:30
replaceafilli loved R14:30
jelkner_well, now you can have it14:31
jelkner_mjsir911 only installed the python kernel in ours14:31
jelkner_since i don't plan to use anything else at this point14:31
jelkner_but if you have some spare time and want to play, we could easily install the r kernel14:31
jelkner_pandas rocks!14:31
replaceafillah yes14:32
jelkner_my professor gave us an excel spreadsheet14:32
jelkner_we were supposed to do the assignment in excel14:32
jelkner_but he said we could use whatever we want14:32
jelkner_i was able to import the spreadsheet and extract the data in no time14:32
replaceafilli have to confess that i took a coursera computational investing course just to learn pandas :)14:33
jelkner_it reads and writes to xls files like nobody's business14:33
replaceafilland i do my gnucash expenses analysis with it too14:33
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replaceafill"how much milk do we buy monthly" :D14:33
jelkner_wow, lelkneralfaro needs to talk to you!14:34
jelkner_okie dokie, back to work with me14:34
jelkner_glad to hear you are having fun, replaceafill!14:34
replaceafillok, back to reading for me14:34
replaceafilli am!14:34
jelkner_ACTION logs off for today...14:35
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