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nrcernajelkner are u here?17:21
jelkneri am17:21
jelknerwe probably don't need hangouts17:22
jelknerbut it may be easier17:22
jelknerwhat do you think?17:22
jelknerncerna, r u here?17:23
nrcernawhat i have to do about the flyer and Rand e-mail? 17:23
jelknerdo you have a microphone?17:23
jelkneri am suggesting we talk by google hangouts17:24
jelknerso we can talk instead of type17:24
nrcernaNo right now :-( sorry17:24
jelknerok, i'll be brief17:24
jelknereach version of the flier you have sent me looks better than the previous one17:25
jelknerso this process seems effective thus far17:25
jelkneri don't plan on sticking my opinion in, since we have enough people doing that already ;-)17:25
jelknerYvonne is the one organizing the event17:26
jelknerso basically, i think her opinion matters more than anyone else17:26
nrcernaI see...17:27
jelknerdo you think you can include yvonne's suggestions without making your last design too busy?17:27
jelknerfor one thing, you should definitely change "meeting" to "meet and greet"17:27
nrcernaI'll try to do it 17:28
nrcernaOk, got it. anything else? :)17:28
jelknerI think she included too many words17:28
jelknertry this for now:17:29
nrcernaKind of17:29
jelkner1. Change "Presents a Meeting with" to "Presents a Meet and Greet with"17:29
jelkner2. Under "Ben Jealous" add "Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate"17:30
nrcernaOk :)17:32
nrcernasomething about the Bottom of the flyer?17:33
jelkner3. Make the orange bar at the bottom a bit larger and in a small font add "Former head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous is fighting to support Education, Healthcare, Jobs, Criminal Justice, Environment, Immigration, Civil Rights"17:33
jelknerhold on17:33
jelknerlet me work that last thing a bit more17:33
nrcernaOk i wait 17:34
jelknerBen Jealous has a progressive agenda in support of education, health care, jobs, criminal justice reform, a healthy environment, immigration reform, and civil rights.17:35
jelknerlet's just put that for now17:36
jelknerbut be prepared for it to be tweaked later ;-)17:36
nrcernaOk, i'm working on it :-)17:36
jelknerat least you can try to get the font size right17:36
jelknerwe will wait to hear from Amity and then I'll call Yvonne if need be17:37
jelknerbut as soon as you have those changes made, send it to everyone17:37
jelknerthe flier has been getting better each iteration so far17:37
jelknerso as long as that remains true, let's keep going17:37
jelkneri don't mind being billed for the time17:38
jelknersince we need an experienced designer, and this is how you get experience17:38
jelknersound ok, ncerna?17:39
jelknerany questions?17:39
nrcernai couldn't agree more :-)  thak you so much for that.17:40
jelknerok, back to school work for me then.17:40
jelkneri'll be looking for your next version sent to all of us17:40
jelknerhave fun117:40
nrcernaYou too :-) cya17:41
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