IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2017-09-25

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jelknerreplaceafill, r u here?19:39
replaceafilljelkner, yes19:45
jelkneri just got an email from the guzman campaign19:47
jelkneri called louie19:47
jelknerhe wants to handle it19:47
jelknerso i emailed back19:47
jelknerhe will work with german, but german may need your help on this19:48
replaceafilljelkner, sure19:48
jelknerthanks, man19:48
jelknerjust wanted to alert you19:48
replaceafilljelkner, i'll give mr_german a call right now19:48
jelkneryou can wait for louie to chime in19:48
jelknerno need to bother him until then19:49
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok, understood19:49
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jelknergood night, replaceafill20:58
jelknertime for me to sleep ;-)20:58
jelknerACTION signs off for the night20:58

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