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replaceafillgood afternoon jelkner12:47
jelknergooood afternoon, replaceafill 12:57
jelknerr u ready to rumble?12:57
jelkneri mean hangout ;-)12:57
replaceafilljelkner, ready when you are12:57
replaceafilljelkner, yes i can hear you12:59
jelkneri can't hear you12:59
replaceafillhi mjsir91113:36
replaceafillhow can i help?13:36
mjsir911So I was trying to configure the server hosting to handle both & newmexicohospital.com13:36
mjsir911Simple apache rewrite rules that I was able to accomplish on with jelkners permissions13:37
mjsir911The problem is with our current access, we cannot simply edit apache.conf on's server, and we have to edit it through cpanel13:37
mjsir911& cpanel does not seem to be able to do what we want13:37
mjsir911So I can't really help much on that and I suggested that for me to better be able to help that we switch to a hosting provider where we have access to apache configuration13:38
replaceafillmjsir911, are you thinking of using a linode vps?13:39
mjsir911That seems reasonable, linode seems pretty cheap to start off with, but jelkner wants managed hosting, and linode managed hosting is +100$/month13:40
replaceafillah yes13:41
replaceafillwhat does he want from the managed hosting service?13:42
replaceafillfile transfer?13:42
mjsir911Managed hosting seems expensive in general, and webfaction seems to be the alternative jelkner is pushing for13:42
mjsir911He doesnt want us to be 'selling hosting', we don't want to be responsible for getting up at 3 in the morning and fixing a problem13:42
replaceafilland that never happens with webfaction ;)13:43
replaceafillwell, webfaction allows you to modify the apache configuration13:43
mjsir911Yea that seems to be the cheapest, best managed hosting option13:44
replaceafilland you (we) have experience with it13:44
replaceafilli don't share jelkner's point of view13:44
replaceafilli prefer our own vps13:44
replaceafillbut yes, that's a burden13:45
mjsir911I haven't experienced any real problems with our own vps, but I haven't really worked on a system where going down overnight is horrible13:45
replaceafillmjsir911, and i think that national hospital being just html should be easy to maintain13:46
replaceafillyou just need good shared documentation on how to update it13:46
mjsir911I think hosting on our own will be fine until the site potentially gains enough revenue to pay for managed hosting13:46
mjsir911I think jelkner is more concerned about the late night crashes13:47
mjsir911Updates are easy on a debian system :)13:47
replaceafillcrashes of what? the database? server running out of memory? too much load?13:47
replaceafillthat's the part i don't share13:47
replaceafilla cheap linode vps should be able to handle serving html without a problem13:48
replaceafillif you care about performance you could even go ngnix instead of apache13:48
replaceafillwhich is better for static serving13:48
mjsir911I don't know what the specifics of his worries are right now, but I think at the state of how things are right at this moment, hosting on our own should be no worry13:49
mjsir911zonny is considering going into php if he is asked to update 49 more states to the same look13:49
mjsir911But there is not enough traffic to worry about any potential problems at its current state13:49
replaceafillah that makes sense, but even in that case, processing shouldn't be considerable13:49
mjsir911So personally I would go with linode vps unmanaged for now and upgrade to managed when the time comes, but jelkner still has his concerns13:50
replaceafilli'd go with a $5 linode for now13:51
replaceafillwe're even saying the same things mjsir911!13:51
mjsir911Yep, but could you ask him about what he's concerned about since he can articulate that better than I can13:51
replaceafillbut this is what i keep saying to jelkner, you and me are going to be here for some more time13:52
replaceafilli pressume13:52
replaceafilland even if we leave13:52
replaceafillbut we have good docs13:52
replaceafillyou can train somebody else to do it13:52
replaceafilli'm fine with webfaction i jelkner wants to go that road13:53
replaceafillif jelkner*13:53
replaceafillwe know how to use it, etc13:53
mjsir911What are the downsides to shared hosting though?13:53
replaceafillfor static content, i don't see many13:54
replaceafillit's not like you're doing database querying, django caching, etc13:54
mjsir911At 10$/month with full managing of the server, I think jelkner is going to pay 5$ more for a webfaction server13:55
replaceafillagain, that's fine with me13:56
mjsir911Okay so here's what I propose: linode until we have any problems, and then if we start having problems look into switching to webfaction or buying managed13:58
replaceafillmjsir911, thats' what we did for nea4or.us13:58
replaceafillwhen we moved it out of bluehost13:58
mjsir911Okay well I'll tell him what decision we've made when he is available14:00
replaceafillmjsir911, cool thanks14:00
jelknermission complidea, replaceafill 14:10
replaceafilljelkner, what was the issue?14:11
replaceafilljelkner, too many transfers for a period?14:12
jelknerthey needed me to verify my account14:12
replaceafilljelkner, ah14:12
jelkneri think louie trying to do things too raised suspicion14:12
jelknerthey asked me if i knew anyone else who would be trying to send money to the same recipient14:12
jelknerwith all the dirty money that goes between here and el salvador14:13
replaceafillthanks for taking care of it14:13
jelkneranyway, it looks like it went this time14:13
jelknerplease let me know if there are any problems14:14
jelkneryou meet with louie on monday, yes?14:14
replaceafilljelkner, yes14:14
jelknercan you meet with me at 5 pm on tuesday?14:14
jelkneri can't make our 7 pm, since i have the nea4or meeting at that time14:14
jelknerbut i want to talk with you before then14:14
replaceafilljelkner, sure14:15
jelknerso i can update folks14:15
replaceafilljelkner, hopefully i'll have what i wrote today done by then14:15
jelknerthat would be great14:15
replaceafilljelkner, transfer confirmed14:15
replaceafillthanks a lot14:15
jelknernp, sorry for the delay14:15
jelknerit would be super if we could move the 10 people who signed up from Google group to mailman3 list be tuesday14:16
jelknerand remove them from Google group14:16
jelknerthen i can send to Google group saying it is going away14:16
jelknerand asking people who haven't yet to please sign up14:17
replaceafilli'll look into that first (moving existing users)14:17
jelkneri'll be home monday evening14:17
jelknerand tuesday evening14:17
jelknerso ping me with any updates14:18
replaceafillwill do14:18
jelknerokie dokie14:18
jelknerback to work with me...14:18
replaceafillme too14:18
jelknerlater gater, and thanks again!14:19
replaceafillthank *you*14:19
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