IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2017-10-10

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mjsir911_mobile!remind arlington youth philanthropy initiative18:49
Big_Brother"arlington youth philanthropy initiative" added to message queue18:49
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louiseahello everyone!19:00
replaceafillgood evening/afternoon19:00
mjsir911_mobileok so i think the number procedure is from last week19:01
mjsir911_mobileso about the youth philanthropy initiative...19:02
mjsir911_mobilethis is more to do with the arlington career center than novaweb, but I just got out of a meeting with them and they are trying to get students to contribute to the communoty through volunteer work, and I think we might be able to help them with an online presence19:03
louiseaalright so let's jump in and clear up this invoice procedure19:03
louiseawho wrote the agenda by the way?19:03
louiseaokay, well in any case I discussed the matter with ubuntourist, who is busy with Oslo, and he had some suggestions on improvement19:03
louiseaWe'll all have to get in the habit of using the same procedure so we'll have to make sure that everyone is trained on the matter19:04
mjsir911_mobileeg website & search engine optomization19:04
mjsir911_mobileoh my gosh that was some lag19:04
mjsir911_mobiledid you guys get my messages and sorry for interrupting19:04
replaceafilli got the lag too mjsir911_mobile19:04
louiseano problem, they just came in now19:04
mjsir911_mobileoh might not have been me then19:05
louiseaI'll just finish up my point on the invoices:19:05
louiseahere is a link19:05
mjsir911_mobilesorry, continue lousieae19:05
louiseato the new instructions19:05
louiseathis should help us avoid duplicates and make sure that our accounting practices are clean19:06
mjsir911_mobilethese are the procedure we agreed upon last week?19:06
replaceafilllouisea, do you plan to keep the invoice files titled the same way?19:07
louiseamjsir911_mobile, nope19:07
mjsir911_mobileok thanks19:07
louiseamjsir911_mobile, ubuntourist suggested we use this procedure and I agreed it was better19:07
mjsir911_mobileI see19:08
louiseareplaceafill, the titles seem fine19:09
replaceafilllouisea, i mean, to avoid having to look for the last number used19:09
louiseareplacefill, sorry I19:10
louiseaam not following19:10
replaceafilllouisea, never mind, let's see it in action :)19:10
louiseaokay. well that's it on that point19:12
mjsir911_mobileok, so you guys got what i said earlier?19:12
replaceafillmjsir911_mobile, yes19:12
mjsir911_mobileok well that pretty much sums it up, they have not taken much attention to their website and are not impressed by it19:13
mjsir911_mobileits in the preliminary, but they may be a potential customer19:13
mjsir911_mobilei'll look into it and get back to you next week19:14
louiseamjsir911_mobile, great. do we have people looking for work?19:14
louiseamr_german would be the person I imagine. 19:14
mjsir911_mobileOh im not actually sure about that19:14
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louiseawant me to send him an email and see if he would be interested in another job?19:15
mjsir911_mobile2yes please, and cc me so i can get back to him on that19:16
louiseagreat. will do19:16
louiseaokay. anything else for this week?19:17
louiseaanybody want to bring anything up?19:17
replaceafillnothing from me19:17
louiseaalright well in that case I will19:17
louiseaACTION drops the bag of gravel19:18
replaceafillthanks everybody, have a good rest of the week19:18
louiseaand I'll talk to you tomorrow replacefill. 19:18
louiseaenjoy the rest of the week!19:18
replaceafillsee you tomorrow louisea19:18
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mjsir911link for website I mentioned earlier:
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