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replaceafillgood morning jelkner11:02
jelknergood morning, replaceafill!11:02
jelkner12:40 pm today?11:02
replaceafilljelkner, i don't feel 100% yet but i'd like to talk with you11:02
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:02
replaceafilljelkner, thanks, see you then11:02
jelknerc u then11:02
jelknerand sorry about friday11:03
replaceafilljelkner, np11:03
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mjsir911_mobilejelkner theres a bit of a ljne11:56
mjsir911_mobileand theyre taking their time11:57
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jelknertried calling, replaceafill.  no answer ;-)12:38
replaceafilljelkner, oh sorry12:38
replaceafilljelkner, had my speakers muted :S12:38
replaceafilljelkner, ready12:38
jelkneroh shoot12:39
jelkneri don't have a mic12:39
replaceafilljelkner, can you hear me?12:39
replaceafilljelkner, oops12:39
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lelkneralfaro!remind general weekly updates as well as the opportunity to share comments/concerns. 18:52
Big_Brother"general weekly updates as well as the opportunity to share comments/concerns." added to message queue18:52
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Big_Brothergeneral weekly updates as well as the opportunity to share comments/concerns.19:00
lelkneralfarogood evening everyone!19:01
mjsir911Gooed evening19:01
replaceafillgood afternoon/evening19:01
nrcernagood evening19:02
mjsir911I can start off19:02
lelkneralfaroso no pressing updates directed towards to whole team this week. but if people want to share our current projects with everyone19:02
lelkneralfarogo for it mjsir91119:02
mjsir911The week has been fairly straightfowards, I finished up some work for bill to teach, which was a small project doing some automation in a google spreadsheet19:03
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mjsir911I've got no real comments or concerns, but I'de like input eventually as to how you guys would expect a calendar integration to work with big brother19:03
mjsir911user stories, example commands, etc19:04
mjsir911If you have any ideas, just shoot my a quick email. Or I could make a google doc?19:04
replaceafillmjsir911, is there a gitlab/github project for it?19:04
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mjsir911Not yet, that would be a good thing to do that I could set up by the end of the week19:05
mr_german_mobileHello everybody o/19:05
mjsir911Good evening19:05
lelkneralfarohi mr_german_mobile19:05
replaceafillmjsir911, that could be a way to send you feature requests19:05
mjsir911Yes I agree, that would be the best19:05
lelkneralfarocool. I'm familiar with gitlab/github now so I like that19:06
lelkneralfarokeep us posted19:06
mjsir911Will do19:06
mjsir911!remind big brother on github19:07
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lelkneralfaroalright, anyone want to go next?19:08
lelkneralfarohow are things going with your project zOnny?19:08
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zOnnyeverything is going well lelkneralfaro19:09
lelkneralfarowant to share a bit about what you're doing now?19:11
zOnnyonce I have finished the nationalhospital and newmexicohospital 19:12
zOnnyI have more dedicate to learn Php as a way to provide a database on these websites.19:13
mr_german_mobileI think we should add those site to our website19:13
lelkneralfaromr_german_mobile: good suggestion. we should do that with Rena_'s work with Barbara Chambers Children's Center as well19:14
lelkneralfaroI'll let her know19:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, mr_german_mobile and maybe?19:14
lelkneralfarozOnny, thanks for letting us know what's going on with that, it's good for everyone one the team to have a an idea of what's going on with others19:15
lelkneralfaroreplacefill: yes, those too. It's good to keep the site updated with our new work. 19:15
mr_german_mobileLabor4our  19:15
replaceafillmr_german_mobile, ah that too19:16
lelkneralfaroyup yup19:16
lelkneralfaromr_german_mobile anything new?19:17
mr_german_mobileI started to learn a bit of php19:17
lelkneralfarovery cool! great to be learning new skills. 19:19
lelkneralfaroso I'll give a brief update on the project replaceafill and I have been working on19:19
lelkneralfarohe can assist with technical details19:19
lelkneralfaroa contact that we have that has another contact at the Ford Foundation has reached out to us and asked what it would take (time/cost) to provide a replacement for some of the software tools that organizations use for political organizing19:21
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lelkneralfaroso we're doing some investigation and working towards estimating the cost to provide the same functions of the software currently used by political groups19:23
lelkneralfarowhich is all proprietary19:23
lelkneralfarovotebuilder being an example19:23
lelkneralfaroif you are interested in checking it out...19:23
lelkneralfaroand other software provided by ngp-van19:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill: want to add/correct anything?19:24
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, just the url to the stories you've filed so far19:24
replaceafillnow that the project is public19:24
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mr_germanok, I'm back19:25
mr_germansorry about that!19:25
lelkneralfarono problem! 19:25
lelkneralfarookay, well that's it from me. if anyone else wants to add anything please do!19:26
replaceafillon my part i just want to share that there's a convention this weekend19:26
replaceafilland we may have more users registered in our Tendenci instance19:26
mr_germanACTION done19:26
replaceafillwhich will help to test it a bit more19:26
replaceafillthat's it from me19:26
lelkneralfarocool. glad to hear things are moving forward with the nea project. 19:27
lelkneralfaroalright. anyone else? if not I'll give it a minute and then I will formally wrap things up19:27
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, when you get or create the *descriptions* for the websites, just let me know.19:28
lelkneralfaromr_german, will do, I'll take care of it soon, thanks for the comment19:28
mr_germanlelkneralfaro, k19:28
mr_germanACTION done19:29
lelkneralfaroalrght then19:29
lelkneralfaroACTION drops the bag of gravel19:29
replaceafillthanks everyone19:29
lelkneralfarothanks everybody! talk to you all soon.19:30
replaceafillnrcerna, you around?19:31
nrcernareplaceafill, im here19:31
replaceafillnrcerna, how is it going with learning web design?19:31
replaceafillnrcerna, have you started?19:31
nrcernayes, i just have one question,19:33
nrcernais ok if i  focus in html5 only19:33
replaceafillwhat do you mean "only"?19:33
nrcernai mean is there something that i should learn boefore19:33
replaceafillnot really19:34
replaceafilllearning the markup should be your first step19:34
replaceafillhtml5 markup that is19:34
replaceafillweb pages can be considered just plain text files with the right mark up (tags)19:34
nrcernathanks, i'll continue learning about it19:35
replaceafillthat the browser understands and renders accordingly19:35
replaceafill<html>, <body>, <p>, <a> and so on19:35
replaceafillthose are the basics19:35
replaceafillplay with them19:35
nrcernayes i was seeing that, that html5 changes a lot of things19:35
nrcernamake the things more "easy" to understand  19:36
replaceafillnrcerna, you can use sites like:
replaceafillthat way you don't even need to save things in your pc/laptop19:36
replaceafillyou can try things "live"19:36
replaceafillif you type: <p>Hello</p> in the HTML part19:36
nrcernathat's help me a lot19:37
replaceafillyou'll see it rendered below19:37
replaceafillonce you're confortable with the markup tags19:37
replaceafillyou can start learning css19:37
replaceafillchange colors, font sizes19:37
replaceafillonce you're confortable with html and css you can start adding javascript to modify behavior of the page19:38
replaceafillmaster each box from left to right in codepen19:38
nrcernaok, if i have any question i'll let you or mr_german know19:39
replaceafilland let me know if you have questions along the way, although google may answer faster and better ;)19:39
replaceafillgood luck19:39
replaceafillsee you next week19:39
nrcernathanks a lot19:39

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