IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-10-25

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GFbot__replaceafill, did you call me?12:37
GFbot__replaceafill, that was your number?12:38
replaceafillGFbot__, no12:39
replaceafillGFbot__, when?12:39
GFbot__replaceafill, oh ok12:39
GFbot__replaceafill, 10 mins ago12:39
replaceafillGFbot__, no, that wasn't me then12:39
GFbot__I thought that was your telephone number12:39
GFbot__replaceafill, oh, k12:39
replaceafillGFbot__, you know what to do today, right?12:39
GFbot__replaceafill, yes!12:40
replaceafillGFbot__, i'll be gone in the afternoon until 4-5 pm (our time)12:40
replaceafillGFbot__, cool12:40
GFbot__replaceafill, I'll work on that12:40
GFbot__replaceafill, k12:40
replaceafillhow is it going GFbot__?17:35
GFbot__it is a little bit hard but, it's going well.17:36
GFbot__I hope to have something to show tomorrow replaceafill 17:37
replaceafillGFbot__, cool, i'll let you go back to it then17:37
GFbot__replaceafill, k17:37

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