IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-11-10

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replaceafillGFbot, you around?12:46
GFbotreplaceafill, yep12:56
replaceafillGFbot, any news? i didn't see any commits on the theme yet12:58
GFbotI just pushed a new one12:58
GFbotI'm still stuck with the tendenci menu..12:59
replaceafillGFbot, could you stick to 4 space identation on the css files?13:00
replaceafillGFbot, i'm not sure why you're just using 1 space here13:00
GFbotit's my editor, I need to change the conf13:01
replaceafillplease do that now13:01
replaceafilland never again use 1 space for css13:02
replaceafillas a convention use 4 spaces for css/js/python13:02
replaceafillhtml is fine with 213:02
GFbotlet me push the changes13:02
GFbotreplaceafill, done13:04
replaceafilljust on global.css?13:04
GFbotups, fixed*13:06
replaceafillwhat's global_bk.css?13:07
replaceafillGFbot, ?13:08
GFbotthe old css from the php version13:08
GFbotit helps me as a reference13:08
replaceafillmake sure you remove it once you're done13:09
replaceafillyou could also checkout the php in a different directory and compare....13:09
replaceafillok, where are we at this point?13:10
replaceafillwhat's left?13:10
replaceafillwhy are you stuck on that?13:10
replaceafillwhat exactly is the issue?13:10
GFbotI'm trying to find the way to create this menu like the old one but, with new design13:11
GFbotusing js13:12
GFbotfor the dropdowns13:12
GFbotgood design for the boxes for the dropdowns13:12
replaceafillis there any way you skip the js part?13:13
replaceafilli want you to create something basic13:13
GFbotjust css13:13
replaceafilland do it now13:13
replaceafillthat have you wasting weeks on this13:13
replaceafilljs is not something you're as good as css13:13
replaceafillso just stick to css13:14
replaceafillfind a way to make it usable13:14
replaceafillmake sure it works with the rest of the views13:14
GFbotok, I'll use only CSS13:14
GFbotmobile, etc?13:14
replaceafilli mean, navigate through several options and pages and make sure it works13:14
GFbotoh ok13:15
GFbotwithout JS13:15
replaceafillbut please have something working soon13:15
GFbotit's more easier13:15
replaceafillit's been two weeks13:15
GFbotI know..13:15
replaceafillfor something you thought it'd take 2 days13:15
replaceafillfor the record, i'm not throwing your estimates at you13:16
replaceafillthis always happens13:16
replaceafillbut what i want us to do is to plan accordingly13:16
replaceafillso don't try to get fancy or cool13:16
replaceafillthat's a mistake we all do13:16
replaceafillperfect is the enemy of good13:17
replaceafilland for this we just need good enough13:17
replaceafilli don't care if there's not a dropdwon13:17
GFbotok... then I'll create something simple and usable13:17
replaceafilljelkner probably does, i don't13:17
replaceafillbut you can get there in steps13:17
replaceafillthat's something you need to learn13:18
replaceafillthis is an iterative process13:18
replaceafillyou come quickly with something good enough13:18
replaceafillshow it13:18
replaceafilltest it13:18
replaceafilland if it's enough, deploy13:18
replaceafillnext day you start with the dropdons13:18
replaceafilland you can take as many days as you want13:19
replaceafillbecause you have the basic good enough version in place already13:19
replaceafillyou're not delaying anything13:19
replaceafillplease try to understand that13:19
replaceafillit's really hard13:19
replaceafilland again, if you get "stuck" ask for help13:19
replaceafillask for opinions, whatever13:19
replaceafillshow something13:19
replaceafilldon't just disappear13:20
replaceafillit's the third time i've told you this already13:20
replaceafilland now the great question13:20
GFbotyes... you're right13:20
replaceafillnow that you know we don't care about js so much at this stage13:21
replaceafillhow long do you think it'll take you to have something good enough?13:21
GFbottomorrow in afternoon it will ready without js 13:21
GFbotin the afternoon*13:21
replaceafillok, and please prepare to give an update of what you've been doing in the meeting at 10 am (our time)13:22
replaceafilli'll let you go back to it then13:22
GFbotthx for your time replaceafill 13:22
replaceafilli'll check the new commits and let you know13:22
replaceafillso far you've fixed all the issues i reported?13:22
replaceafillcool, thanks13:23
replaceafilllater GFbot13:23
GFbotreplaceafill, later13:23
replaceafillGFbot, and since i'm reminding you basic things that you apparently forgot13:26
replaceafillGFbot, try to keep your timesheet up to date13:27
replaceafillGFbot, i've wanted to know how much you have *invested* on this13:27
replaceafillGFbot, and i couldn't13:27
replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb in ~4513:28
GFbotreplaceafill, sure, I haven't touched my timesheet yet13:28

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