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Big_BrotherAvailable commands: !help, !ping, !remind10:19
Big_BrotherTalk about website optimization (the image on Lee Carter's site loads sloooowly, for example) 10:19
ubuntourist!remind Roadmap to Mailman 3 migration?10:20
Big_Brother"Roadmap to Mailman 3 migration?" added to message queue10:20
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Big_BrotherTalk about website optimization (the image on Lee Carter's site loads sloooowly, for example)10:30
lelkneralfaro_Morning everyone!10:30
jelknerTop of the sunday morning to y'all10:30
replaceafillgood morning everybody10:30
jelknerlelkneralfaro_, r u here?10:30
lelkneralfaro_lelkneralfaro_, I am10:31
lelkneralfaro_oops. meant jelkner there10:31
jelknerso you're driving, yes?10:31
jelknerwhere do we begin?10:31
lelkneralfaro_let's begin at the top10:31
jelknerokie dokie10:32
lelkneralfaro_when did this website optimization issue come up?10:32
jelkneri've noticed it for a long time10:32
jelknerjust thought now is a good time to learn about it10:32
replaceafillour website has similar issues10:32
jelknerthe banner image on is BIG10:32
ubuntouristACTION snarls and growls10:32
jelknerit loads very slowly10:32
jelknerso unless you have it in your browser cache, you wait 10 seconds before you see it10:33
jelkneri know from my reading that there are ways to handle this10:33
jelknerspecifically, we could do two things:10:33
jelkner1. make the image smaller (using jpeg compression perhaps?)10:34
lelkneralfaro_I've never had too much of a problem with it. Definitely not 10 seconds10:34
jelkner2. you can use javascript to preload the image instead of waiting for the DOM.10:34
jelknerlelkneralfaro_, the problem with these issues is that they are difficult to reproduce10:34
jelknerbut i promise i have seen it take a long time to load10:35
mjsir911I propose a third solution: load a small image and then upscale after the page has loaded10:35
lelkneralfaro_okay. I trust you10:35
jelknerin any case, it isn't a serious problem now, but we need to become more professional10:35
ubuntouristHow much quality loss / speed gain (cost/benefit) to switching to PNGs?10:35
jelknerso we need to learn now how to do these things10:35
jelknerits what the pros do10:35
jelknerwe need to act more like them ;-)10:35
ubuntouristScaling up a small image leads to pixelization... Or am I too asleep and missing the point?10:36
jelknerreplaceafill, i don't know how easy to would be to simulate this problem easily so we could learn to address it10:36
replaceafilljelkner, there are tools to get you there10:36
replaceafilli can't find them atm10:37
jelknernp, let's just put it on our radar10:37
replaceafillit's like html/css validation10:37
jelknerok, that's all i have on that issue10:37
lelkneralfaro_before we move on, is this an issue particularly important to mr_german?10:38
lelkneralfaro_and perhaps zOnny?10:38
jelknermr_german, z0nny, and rena10:38
jelknerall our front end folks10:38
lelkneralfaro_should I send out an email asking them to come up with a solution to the problem?10:39
replaceafilljust for reference:
zOnnyI have found this problem before.10:40
jelknerok, next?10:40
lelkneralfaro_okay, yes, next10:40
lelkneralfaro_git repo location10:40
jelknerthat was mine, too10:40
jelknersomeone could just send it to me10:40
lelkneralfaro_alright, take it away10:40
jelkneri looked in both github and gitlab and didn't see it10:40
jelknerso i was just checking10:40
lelkneralfaro_would that be mr_german?10:41
jelknerand he isn't here10:41
lelkneralfaro_okay, I'll include that in an email as well10:41
jelknerso let's move on10:41
replaceafilli think it's this one:
lelkneralfaro_alright, did you add the next jelkner? !projects?10:41
jelkneryes, i forgot about bitbucket10:41
jelknermy senility is catching up with me :-(10:42
jelknerproblem solved10:42
lelkneralfaro_so, the !projects to BigBrother?10:43
lelkneralfaro_what's the purpose of this?10:43
replaceafillmy idea was getting a way to avoid jelkner senility problem10:43
replaceafillwhich i have also tbh :)10:43
mjsir911I'm not sure what thats supposed to be, but I just created a a repo on github for requests10:43
replaceafillwhat's the repo url? :)10:44
mjsir911but you could give me the quick rundown here and expand on that over there10:44
mjsir911it's empty right now10:44
ubuntourist(Lee and Elizabeth are at
replaceafillthat's the question the bot should answer10:44
mjsir911oh :P10:44
replaceafillmjsir911, cool, i'll write the story there10:44
replaceafillmjsir911, and we can discuss it10:44
mjsir911Thanks, I'll get to putting the current code there10:44
replaceafillone thing i'd like to say10:44
replaceafillis that i'd like to push gitlab use instead of github10:44
mjsir911that's a change I could make right now, does gitlab have public options?10:45
replaceafillmjsir911, yes10:45
jelknerreplaceafill, can you tell us why?10:45
jelkneri'm fine with it, but it would help me to know10:46
replaceafilljelkner, because you can run your own gitlab server if necessary10:46
jelknerit brings us closer to freedom10:46
jelknernough said10:46
replaceafilland it gives us private repos :)10:46
jelknercool, next item?10:47
lelkneralfaro_not yet, I'm still not understanding the !projects10:47
mjsir911really quickly, new url is here ->
replaceafillthanks mjsir91110:47
replaceafilllelkneralfaro_, it's just a shortcut to print urls of our main repositories10:48
replaceafilllelkneralfaro_, you ask the bot "give me all the repos we manage"10:48
lelkneralfaro_replaceafill, cool, understood10:48
replaceafilllelkneralfaro_, and the bot print gitlab, github urls10:48
jelknerand bitbucket ;-)10:48
lelkneralfaro_alright, next item. Roadmap to Mailman3 integration10:48
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro_, If you type "!remind" right now, it lists the accumulated reminders. If you type "!projects" it should list the projects being worked on.10:49
lelkneralfaro_I apologize, migration10:49
lelkneralfaro_ubuntourist, want to take the floor on this item?10:50
ubuntouristIt was a question for replaceafill, mostly.10:50
jelknerdogfooding and all10:50
replaceafilli think it's fine to do it10:50
replaceafillmy only concern is our webfaction mail use10:51
replaceafilli mean, we're handling our nwd org emails through webfaction10:51
replaceafilland for mailman, we may need some smtp configuration that i'm not sure webfaction allows10:52
replaceafillbut i'll investigate10:52
mjsir911I can investigate too10:52
replaceafillin any case i think it'll be good to do it because it'll help us refine the process10:52
jelknerreplaceafill, you have a lot on your plate10:52
jelknermjsir911 is willing to look into this10:53
mjsir911Who can I talk to for more information though? replaceafill?10:53
ubuntouristMy gut says webfaction does allow for such. I think I've seen it, but I cannot recall.10:53
replaceafillmjsir911, i can help you, we use mailman3 for members.nea4or.us10:53
replaceafillhold on10:54
replaceafilljust a sec10:54
replaceafillthat document has a Mailman section10:55
replaceafillwith some of the packages needed and know issues and how to bypass them10:55
replaceafillthose notes are for those particular revisions10:55
replaceafillbut most of them are still not fixied in the master branches yet10:56
replaceafillACTION done10:56
ubuntouristEmail Servers10:56
ubuntourist - Web Mail10:56
ubuntourist - IMAP and POP10:56
ubuntourist - SMTP10:56
lelkneralfaro_alright well that concludes it for this morning... unless someone would like to add something more10:57
ubuntourist(That last bit copied and pasted from the WebFaction dashboard.)10:57
ubuntouristGallaudet: I've still got a wee bit o' money10:58
ubuntouristleft in last year's contract, which will run out with the November invoice.  So, probably time to start seriously pestering Christian for a meeting.10:58
ubuntouristThat's it for me.10:58
lelkneralfaro_ubuntourist, definitely time for a meeting10:59
lelkneralfaro_with Christian, shall we come up with a date post-Thanksgiving?10:59
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro_, Sounds like a plan. Yes.10:59
lelkneralfaro_Monday the 27th earlier on in the day works for me. or Friday the 1st. 10:59
lelkneralfaro_Those are your preferred meeting days, correct?11:00
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro_, correct.11:00
lelkneralfaro_alright, would you like to set it up in person, or would you like me to send an email to him?11:01
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro_, I think it would sound better coming from a "business manager" since Christian and I have already had a private tete-a-tete.  Include Dragana as well.11:02
ubuntourist(  in case you don't have that somewhere already.)11:02
lelkneralfaro_sounds like the best plan to me as well. could you please include Christian's email as well?11:03
lelkneralfaro_okay, nooooow that concludes our meeting!11:04
lelkneralfaro_ACTION drops the bag of gravel11:04
jelknernext week same time?11:04
replaceafillthanks everybody11:04
lelkneralfaro_next week same time11:04
jelknerlater gaters11:04
ubuntouristACTION falls back asleep.11:05
replaceafillmjsir911, issue filed:
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