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Big_BrotherAvailable commands: !help, !ping, !remind10:15
jelkner!remind "Big picture" planning for developing our product10:15
Big_Brother"Big picture planning for developing our product" added to message queue10:15
jelkner!remind Creating an agile, responsive team to support this10:16
Big_Brother"Creating an agile, responsive team to support this" added to message queue10:16
jelkner!remind Next concrete steps for OR Arlington10:17
Big_Brother"Next concrete steps for OR Arlington" added to message queue10:17
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Big_BrotherBig picture planning for developing our product10:30
louiseaGood morning everyone!10:30
replaceafillgood morning guys10:30
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louiseajelkner, these look like your agenda points10:30
louiseaso want to take it away?10:31
jelknerwell, even though i added them to the agenda10:34
jelkneri would say louisea and replaceafill are mostly responsible for the 1st one10:34
jelkneri was figuring i would get on my soap box for number 210:35
louiseaokay, well I'll give a recap of what replaceafill and I have been discussing10:35
louiseaand I think that is one part of the big picture10:35
louiseaI think where were at with replaceafill's level of knowledge with tendenci, and the practical experience coming from the Arlington OR project10:36
louiseaputs us in a good position to be able to search for new clients. 10:37
louiseaI mentioned that I noticed that Democratic Socialists of America's site says that are looking for an alternative to Nation Builder10:39
louiseaand there are perhaps other potential customers10:39
jelknerreplaceafill, would you agree that our "business fantasy" as ubuntourist would put it is to become a local Tendenci support business?10:39
jelknerThere are several CiviCRM businesses, for example, including one here in DC.10:40
jelknerOur focus is on supporting Tendenci10:40
louiseaso I think what's needed is to organize the plan for who we will be soliciting and concrete proposals on what we can provide them10:40
jelknerand yes, reaching out to DSA makes sense.10:40
jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?10:41
replaceafilljelkner, well, yes, i think we have enough knowledge to help orgs like OR Arlington and NEA4OR10:41
replaceafillwhere tendenci fits well10:41
replaceafilli'm still hesitant to see Tendenci as a CRM solution10:42
jelknerwhat do you mean by that?10:42
jelknerthis is the conversation we need to have10:42
ubuntouristIs there anywhere we can eat our own dog food?10:43
jelknerwe all (but especially louisea, who will be mainly marketing), needs a clear idea of what our product is10:43
replaceafilli mean, i consider one of tendenci's strengths, the one we should focus on, is its membership handling10:43
replaceafillor management10:43
replaceafilljelkner, yeah, we've talked about this with louisea recently10:43
jelknerunderstood, but now is the chance to bring everyone else into the conversation10:44
replaceafillsure, i understand10:44
replaceafillso, in an app like nation builder10:44
replaceafillor the ones like that, you focus on managing data ABOUT people and do something with it10:45
replaceafillsystems like Tendenci expect members (not contacts) to be using the system10:46
louiseaI think in the case of nationbuilder and Democratic Socialists of America, they will be more interested in a tendenci like system, not a data management clerical program10:46
jelknerthey are interested in "power to the people"10:47
louiseawell, that's not exactly my point10:47
jelknerso yes, a Tendenci like system is what they would want10:47
louiseaalthough it may be true10:47
ubuntourist(Since all my energy has and continues to be focused on Gallaudet, I've largely ignored the whole OR and Tendenci push, but if there's a smaller scale use case to poke a stick at, it might come in handy.)10:47
louiseaI mean to say that I think they are looking for a membership management software10:48
jelknerubuntourist, OR Arlington is a nice size use case, methinks10:48
jelkneran "everyone fits in one large" room size10:48
louiseaeven an organization that is not a "power to the people" organization can be interested in such a software10:48
jelknerso people know each other and work fairly closely together10:48
replaceafilljelkner, ubuntourist and with specific need we can address10:49
replaceafilljelkner, ubuntourist like the meeting management10:49
replaceafillwhere tendenci's events have fit really really well10:49
replaceafilli think that's the kind of needs we can support with tendenci10:50
jelknerand as replaceafill and i discussed, the place where we can add to Tendenci will be in things like online voting10:50
louiseaso, to wrap this part up, I'd like to continue working with replaceafill to clarify what we can offer and then put together some outreach materials10:50
jelknerwhich should closely integrate with the "membership focus" of the platform10:50
louiseathen reach out10:50
replaceafillquick question just to finish this10:50
ubuntourist(FYI 10:50. Not that it concerns me much, but I know our elected House of Delegation person likes to keep the meeting schedule on a tight leash.)10:51
replaceafilllazy question actually10:51
louiseamy favorite kind10:51
replaceafilldo anyone remember if we found an alternative to helios in the past (a voting system)?10:51
jelkneri don't think so10:51
jelknerhelios was our alternative10:51
replaceafilli kind of remember we did, i can look in my mails/logs10:51
replaceafilljelkner, ok cool10:51
replaceafillACTION done on this10:52
jelknerok, for number 210:52
jelknerwe need to get our "Tendenci team" working efficiently together10:52
jelknerthat will mainly be replaceafill, zOnny, Rena_, mr_german10:53
jelknerwith help from mjsir911 10:53
jelkneras we grow, we will need to grow the team10:53
jelknerbut if we are going to have a minimal viable product10:53
jelknerwe need to be able to deliver on this to customer's satisfaction10:54
jelknerOR Arlington is our test case10:54
jelknerso we should really push on that10:54
jelknerthat's all i have10:54
jelknerRena_, do you have a time line for styling work?10:54
Rena_I do not yet. But I have a lot of time now.10:55
jelknerPlease work closely with replaceafill and move as quickly as you can10:55
Rena_I just moved back yesterday and am all set up now10:55
replaceafillRena_, we should meet early next week if possible10:56
replaceafillRena_, i'd like to show you a few new things we have discovered about theming10:56
replaceafillRena_, and discuss with you a plan for that10:57
Rena_Ok. The only plans I have for the near future is Star wars tonight10:57
Rena_Any other time I can plan around10:57
ubuntouristRena_ :-)10:57
replaceafillRena_, i'll contact you through email, ok?10:58
replaceafillwe should figure out how to involve zOnny on this jelkner10:58
jelknerwe were just having a live side chat on that10:59
replaceafillmr_german is already familiar with this part10:59
jelkneri propose you and Rena_ go it solo on round 110:59
replaceafilljelkner, sure10:59
jelknerand then once you have something working, mjsir911 will work with zOnny to duplicate it10:59
louiseaalright, does that do it?11:00
jelknerfor now, zOnny will work with louisea on our "paying customers"11:00
jelknerNational Hospital and Barbara Chambers11:01
jelknerour 30 minutes are up11:01
louiseacool. I'll make sure to keep in touch with zOnny in regards to that11:01
louiseaalright then that's it11:01
louiseaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:02
louiseatalk to you all soon!11:02
replaceafillthanks everybody11:02
jelknernext week from NJ11:02
jelknerreplaceafill, i'm waiting for a ping from you11:04
jelknerto send an email to the OR Arl SC11:05
jelknerasking them to sign up11:05
jelknerI'll ask for louisea to be put at the beginning of the 1/8 meeting agenda at the same time11:05
replaceafilljelkner, can we wait at least this week?11:06
jelknerat least this week, yes, but not much more11:06
replaceafilljelkner, i'd like to try theming their instance first11:06
jelkner1/8 is fast approaching11:06
replaceafilljelkner, at least change to a 21st century looking theme11:06
jelknerlet's stay in close communication this week11:08
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:08
jelknersince we are putting all our eggs in the OR Arl basket for now, we need to make sure they hatch! ;-)11:09
replaceafilljelkner, indeed :D11:10
jelknerokie dokie, talk to you later11:10
jelknerACTION signs off11:10
replaceafilllater jelkner11:10
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