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Big_BrotherTalk about plan for improving design skills 09:28
jelkner!remind Are we ready to ask folks to sign up on ourrevolutionarlington?09:29
Big_Brother"Are we ready to ask folks to sign up on ourrevolutionarlington?" added to message queue09:29
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louisea!remind Update on Barbara Chambers Children's Center Project09:55
Big_BrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.09:55
mjsir911ooh interesting09:55
louisea!remind Update on Barbara Chambers Childrens Center Project09:55
Big_Brother"Update on Barbara Chambers Childrens Center Project" added to message queue09:55
mjsir911seems the quote broke it09:55
louiseayup, looks like it09:56
louisea!remind Put Mt. Rainier, MDs website development Request for Proposal on our radar09:57
Big_Brother"Put Mt. Rainier, MDs website development Request for Proposal on our radar" added to message queue09:57
mjsir911well Big brother doesnt seem to have displayed the agenda10:01
Big_BrotherTalk about plan for improving design skills 10:01
mjsir911oh wait its at 10:30, my bad10:01
louisealol. I've come on to the meeting early confused by why others handn't come10:03
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jelknerGood morning replaceafill and louisea!10:20
replaceafillgood morning!10:23
jelknerACTION can't wait to hear from replaceafill if the Our Revolution Arlington site is ready for testing!10:23
replaceafilljelkner, it's exactly ready for that: *testing*10:24
jelkneri undestand10:24
replaceafilljelkner, i'd like the email functionality integrated from the beginning, but it's your call10:24
replaceafilljelkner, i think we're really close10:24
replaceafilljelkner, but i'd like your feedback and louisea's10:25
jelknerlet's do a hangout immediately after the meeting10:25
replaceafilljelkner, sure10:25
louiseayeah. works for me10:26
Big_BrotherTalk about plan for improving design skills10:30
jelknerlouisea, why don't you do your items?10:30
louiseagood morning everyone10:30
louiseawhatever works10:30
louiseaI just wanted to give people an update on BCCC's website development10:31
jelknerkeep in mind that "people" at this point is you, replaceafill, mjsir911, and me10:31
louiseawhich Rena is the lead on10:31
louiseajelkner, yes I'm aware10:31
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louiseaI'll say it here and then repeat elsewhere10:32
louiseaand now we have zOnny10:32
jelknerahh, and zOnny, good morning, zOnny!10:32
louiseahey zOnny, I'm just giving an update on progress on Barbara Chambers Children's Centers website10:32
louiseaWe've reached a point where we will be handing it over to their staff10:32
zOnnyhello, everyone.10:32
louiseathey've asked that we train them on making simple HTML edits10:33
louiseaso that they can add text content and menu items by themselves10:33
louiseaso we'll be setting them up with that10:33
louiseabut jelkner10:33
jelknerwill hem be doing that?10:33
louiseawell, not but10:33
louiseajelkner, yes10:33
louiseajelkner, expect a check in the mail within the next two weeks10:34
louiseaand after Rena completes this project she will be on our payroll10:34
louiseaso that's that for that item10:35
louiseasound good to move on?10:35
louiseathe next item is that Mt. Rainier MD is putting out a Request for Proposal for developing them a new website10:36
louiseaI watched the works session meeting in which they briefly discussed what they are looking for10:36
jelknerwe totally want to bid on that10:36
louiseaThey will be making the RFP public on Jan. 3, or 8th (I need to double check)10:37
louiseawhich I will put on my calendar10:37
louiseathat RFP will contain all the details on what they looking for10:38
louiseaFrom watching the meeting I can name a few things already10:38
louiseathey want to be able to add their own content10:39
louiseaso they will probably need a CMS10:39
jelknerthe dredded cms10:39
louiseathey are going to want to send out notifications10:39
jelkneri understand it will be a common use case10:39
louiseaso this is where replaceafill and tendenci come in10:39
louiseaso that is an upcoming potential project for us10:40
louiseaone thing that I want to flag as a concern of mine10:40
louiseaalthough it may be unfounded, in which case let me know10:40
louiseawould it not be a little strange that the same company that is family with Celina who is on the city council and for whom we did her campaign site10:41
louiseawould be developing the city's cite10:41
jelknerthat is called conflict of interest10:41
louiseaI think that some people may perceive some conflicts of interest10:41
louiseaus being all family tied and partisan10:41
louiseaand what not10:41
jelkneris celina is directly choosing the contract winner, it is a real concern10:42
jelknerbut if the city manager makes the final call10:42
jelkneri think we are fine10:42
jelknerthey saying "it's not who you are its who you know" exists for a reason10:43
louiseaI'm not sure who makes the final decision, but even if the city manager makes the final call, I could see the situation being a little sticky for her10:43
jelknerwe are social animals and tend to take care of people we know10:43
louiseayes, but sometimes who you know is a problem10:43
louiseawho you are and who you know brings you into conflict with other people10:44
jelkneri say we closely follow the rules10:44
louiseawell, I just wanted to bring that up so that everyone knows the situation10:44
jelknerfind out what they are and make sure we don't violate them10:44
jelknerthat's all you can do in any case10:44
louiseait's a potential project, and even if we can serve the technical services, their may be a political problem10:44
louiseaokay that's it for me!10:45
jelknerwe need louisea filling out RFPs!10:45
jelknerso it's good practice no matter what happens10:45
louiseaunderstood and agreed10:46
louiseawant to take the next item jelkner?10:46
jelknerwhich is that?10:46
louiseaWho knows? I'd have to scroll all the way up to find it10:46
louiseaif I must...10:47
louiseaoh, plan for improving skills10:47
jelkneri would rather introduce a different item10:47
jelknerwe need to struggle with folks about attending these meetings10:47
jelknerturn out is not great today10:48
jelknerand while i understand we are moving into the holiday season10:48
louiseayes, and that conversation is best had with more people here10:48
jelkneri'm not sure i agree10:48
louiseano, I mean, the agenda item10:48
louiseanot the attendance10:49
jelknersince it will be my job to individually contact folks who were not hear and talk to them10:49
jelknerso what i am asking is for us "responsible people" to talk about a proper protocol10:49
louisealol. 10:50
jelknerwe need to build this coop with our most commited folks10:50
jelknerand try to pull others along10:50
louiseawell I think that its fair that I take over contacting people to talk to them about attendance10:50
louiseayou already have a lot on your plate10:50
jelknerthat would be most appreciated10:50
louiseabut, yes, a conversation about communication is important10:50
jelknerbut we can help by talking briefly about expectations here10:51
jelknerthat's why i suggested it10:51
jelknerthen you can ask folks who didn't attend to read the log10:51
jelknera coop is about mutual dependence10:51
jelknerwe are a team10:51
jelknerwe need to be able to count on each other if we are to be successful10:52
jelknerzOnny will remember what happened with one of our interns last year10:52
jelkneri was a bit harsh, perhaps, but i felt i needed to be10:52
jelkneri don't know how we set it up10:53
jelknerbut there should be some kind of expectation that folks will participate in our weekly meetings10:53
louiseawell I think that an upfront frank conversation about attendance and communication expectations is needed10:53
jelknerwe also need some consequences10:53
louiseaat some point perhaps a more strict policy with consequences10:53
jelknerlike new work goes first to people who attend10:54
louiseayes, that's a good rule10:54
replaceafillgood idea10:54
jelknerok, that's all i have on that for now10:54
jelknerand we're almost out of time10:55
louiseaokay, well I'll reach out to the members not in attendance and talk to them about our expectations about communication and attendance10:55
louiseaand I'll tell them about how important it is for successful team work that people work together10:56
louiseaand that there is not i in team10:56
louiseaalthough there is one in equipo10:56
louiseaanybody got anything else?10:57
replaceafillnothing from me10:57
jelknernot me10:58
zOnnyme neither10:58
mjsir911doesnt look like it10:58
mjsir911just a small thing though, i'll make an issue on the irc bot to allow for !remind after meeting start10:58
louiseaokay well in that case10:59
louiseathanks for meeting10:59
louiseahappy holidays!10:59
louiseaIf you can't attend next week please let us know10:59
louiseaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:00
louiseaand I need to move over my laundry to the dryer11:00
louiseathen I can meet11:00
louiseagive me a few minutes11:00
replaceafilli'm ready when you are louisea and jelkner11:01
louiseaokay, im ready11:03
louiseagoogle hangout?11:03
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zOnny /quit11:06
ubuntouristI take it from mjsir911's recent issue posting that I missed a meeting.11:07
ubuntouristI'll check the logs.11:07
ubuntouristSo. Meeting virtually next Saturday and not meeting physically this weekend or next. Correct?11:07
mjsir911yea that sounds right11:10
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jelknerreplaceafill, ping!13:12
jelknerhello mr_german!13:12
replaceafilljelkner, pong13:13
jelkneri am confused by the new interface13:13
jelknerhow can i see the list of members?13:13
replaceafilljelkner, are you logged in as admin?13:14
jelkneri logged in as me13:14
jelknerbut in the past, i had admin privelages13:14
replaceafilljelkner, i think you have admin on nea4or.us13:14
replaceafilljelkner, not ourrevolutionarlington.us13:14
jelknerso i wanted to check the role before emailing the sc13:15
replaceafilljelkner, want me to give you admin privileges?13:15
jelkneryou tell me?13:15
jelkneris that the best way?13:15
replaceafilljelkner, you wanted to check the "role"?13:15
jelkneror should i use a separate account?13:15
replaceafilljelkner, let me give you admin rights13:16
jelknerokie dokie13:16
replaceafilljelkner, i don't understand what you mean by "role" though13:16
jelknersorry about my English, man ;-)13:16
jelkneri meant the people on our list13:16
jelknerand i can't spell :-(13:17
mr_germanjelkner, hello!, Im sorry I was getting my lunch13:17
jelknerlunch is important, np13:18
replaceafilljelkner, done, please log out and log in back13:18
jelknerwill od13:18
replaceafilljelkner, then you'll need the Community option (in the top menu) then Members13:19
jelknerah yes13:19
jelknerthere we go13:19
jelkneri can see how important groups are going to be13:19
replaceafilljelkner, :)13:19
jelknerwe will want stories like "Group members should be able to see information about other folks in their group"13:20
replaceafilljelkner, ah yes13:20
replaceafilljelkner, and we will want to remove options people don't have permissions for in our theme13:20
replaceafilljelkner, Tendenci has the same problem SchoolTool had13:20
replaceafilljelkner, where you give users electric shocks13:21
replaceafilljelkner, telling them they're not authorized to do some things13:21
jelknerreplaceafill, no electric shocks please!13:44
jelkneremail just sent13:44
jelknerlet me know if it looks ok13:45
replaceafilljelkner, looks great13:46
replaceafillhelios here we go!13:47
jelkneryes, indeed!13:47
jelknerwe should get marco to work with you on that13:47
jelkneri mean mjsir911 13:47
jelknerit is the kind of thing that i think would interest him13:48
replaceafillthe more we spread our knowledge of all of this the better13:48
jelknerand it offers a lot of possible integration with our math project at school13:49
jelknerthe mathematics of voting is fascinating13:49
replaceafill"do you want a quiz today? vote at http://..."13:49
jelknerwe had a guest speaker at our last our revolution arlington meeting talk about preference voting13:50
replaceafillthe math and the crytpo of helios is fascinating13:50
jelknerah yes, both13:50
jelknerso i know or arlington folks are going to be excited about that13:50
replaceafillgood timing for the talk :)13:50
jelkneryes indeed13:51
jelknerit is not pure coincidence13:51
jelkneryou know i have been saying voting is going to be important for a long time13:51
replaceafilli do13:51
jelknerbut the reason i suggested it *right now* is in part because of the talk13:52
jelknerokie dokie, email me if you need anything13:52
replaceafilljelkner, will do, will probably ping you when i have something on the new theme13:53
jelkneri need to go do some teacher stuff for the rest of the day and then out with an old friend this evening13:53
replaceafilljelkner, or the deployment of all of this13:53
replaceafilljelkner, cool, have a good weekend13:53
jelkneryou too, my dear friend!13:53
jelknerthis really is too cool!13:53
replaceafillbig +113:53
jelknerACTION signs off for the day13:54

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