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ubuntouristjelkner, still miserable? Dragana says she's out with "the flu" but growing up everyone called everything "the flu" without any diagnosis other than "I feel like crap".09:51
jelkneri am feeling a wee bit less miserable than yesterday, ubuntourist.  thanks for asking10:00
jelknerbut i'll be spending all day today in bed10:01
jelkneri'm really hoping to be well enough to go to richmond tomorrow10:01
jelkneryeah, people say "the flu" when it ain't10:02
ubuntouristSadly, I missed Marco's and Edzon's exchange about AM breakfast. Hoping they're coordinated and well-fed.10:02
jelknerthe flu is serious - two weeks with high fever etc10:02
jelknerthey are pretty self-reliant10:02
jelkner's see10:02
jelknerDid you take a peek down to see if they are waiting by the door?10:03
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jelknernever mind ;-)10:03
ubuntouristJust heard from: They JUST arrived at IHOP and are planning to "eat and meet" from there.10:04
ubuntouristThat leaves Master Louis.10:05
jelkner!remind Louie and Edzon need to call Rick10:05
Big_Brother"Louie and Edzon need to call Rick" added to message queue10:05
ubuntouristSadly, one of the more disruptive influences has just wandered in. Something of an idiot who asks the same inane questions of everyone every time he meets them and cannot shut up.10:07
jelknerlealkneralfaro is on the bus and will be there in about 5 minutes10:09
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ubuntouristHail, hail, the gang's all here.10:25
lelkneralfaro!remind Update on Hispanic Access Foundation outreach10:26
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lelkneralfaro!remind Latest news from Elizabeth Guzman's campaign10:26
Big_BrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.10:26
lelkneralfaro!remind Latest news from Elizabeth Guzmans campaign10:26
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lelkneralfaro!remind response from national Our Revolution on their organizing software10:28
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Big_BrotherLouie and Edzon need to call Rick10:30
lelkneralfaroGood morning everyone10:30
replaceafillgood morning everybody10:30
lelkneralfarowe'll start from the top, as always10:30
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lelkneralfaroyup i'm aware that we need to call Rick and we'll be doing that10:31
zOnnyof course.10:31
lelkneralfaroI'll touch base with zOnny when he gets here to HacDC so that we are prepared for the call10:31
nrcernaGood morning all!10:31
zOnnyWe need to show him the progress about his new lelkneralfaro10:32
lelkneralfarocool, once you come over to HacDC we can go over it, we'll have some time to chat10:32
lelkneralfaronext item...10:32
lelkneralfaroit will be quick10:32
zOnnyyep, lelkneralfaro10:33
lelkneralfarolast week i sent an email to HAF saying that we can handle their development needs10:33
lelkneralfaroand I'm still waiting for a response10:33
lelkneralfaroI live with someone who works there and I'll push her some more on Monday10:33
ubuntouristDoes HAF have a site now?10:34
lelkneralfaroyes, they do10:34
lelkneralfaroHispanic Access Foundation10:34
lelkneralfaroit lacks a lot of the content they want, it hasn't been updated to show their current work10:34
lelkneralfaroand they can't update it conveniently because of their CMS10:34
lelkneralfaroso they want to get off of a CMS and have a custom site10:34
ubuntouristI was just thinking of a preview of the current state of affairs. (I don't know if others here have been privy to that already.)10:35
ubuntouristNo big deal. Can look later.10:35
lelkneralfaroyeah I've discussed with replaceafill, zOnny, nrcerna, Rena_10:36
lelkneralfarobut i can show it to you after this meeting10:36
lelkneralfaroif you are interested10:36
ubuntouristBilingual? If not yet, should it be? That's one of our "features" and this seems like a good place to showcase it if they bite.10:37
lelkneralfaroI think it should be bilingual, definitely something that we can offer. I think it would be wise on their end to have it in Spanish as well. I'll check after this meeting if they currently have bilingual site10:38
lelkneralfaronext item.10:38
lelkneralfaroA staff person from Elizabeth Guzman's office reached out to me last week about making changes to their site10:39
mjsir911 < bilingual10:39
lelkneralfarocool. thanks mjsir911 10:39
lelkneralfarothe staff person has in mind a pretty significant redevelopment10:40
lelkneralfaroand he shared his ideas with me10:40
lelkneralfaroso nrcerna made a great mock-up of a design10:40
lelkneralfarowhich I sent along to them10:40
lelkneralfarohaven't heard back yet but I'll be following up this week10:40
lelkneralfaroi mentioned to them that we wouldn't be doing donated work anymore10:41
lelkneralfaroso they are deciding if they want a larger, costly redevelopment, which will ultimately produce a better site10:42
lelkneralfaroor if they want to spend less money, stick mostly with what they have, but make some content edits10:42
lelkneralfarothat's it for me on that point10:42
lelkneralfaronext point.10:42
lelkneralfaroI contacted Our Revolution about sending me along their presentation on the organizing software they will be using10:43
lelkneralfaroOrganizing Hub10:43
lelkneralfaroi missed the presentation when it happened just over a week ago10:43
lelkneralfaroso having them send me along a copy was helpful and needed10:44
lelkneralfaroi'll be looking over Organizing Hub this week to see what's going on with it10:44
lelkneralfarothat's it for me10:44
lelkneralfaroanyone else?10:44
ubuntouristLooks like Gallaudet has sent a contract...10:44
jelkneryou meet with keri at aea this tuesday, yes?10:44
lelkneralfarojelkner, yes I do10:45
lelkneralfarome and replaceafill 10:45
lelkneralfarowill be ready to show them helios10:45
jelknerpat and i have all 52 emails10:45
jelkneri'll mark that task as completed10:45
lelkneralfaroback to ubuntourist and the Gallaudet contract10:46
lelkneralfaroI read it over yesterday and it looks good to me10:46
lelkneralfarowe can talk after this meeting, to double-check the details10:46
lelkneralfarobut I'm ready to sign10:46
ubuntouristBeing a "one trick pony" the Gallaudet story is the only one I have. ;-)10:46
ubuntouristOh. That and I've got to get busy with business cards for PyCon but that's a ways off still.10:47
lelkneralfarocool, I thing we can characterize that as a trick and a quarter10:48
lelkneralfaroalright, well that's the weekly update!10:48
jelknera $100 bucks per hour is a *big* trick!10:48
lelkneralfaroanything else?10:49
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lelkneralfarowell in that case we'll call it for today10:50
lelkneralfaroACTION drops the bag of gravel10:50
lelkneralfarotalk to you all soon10:50
replaceafillthanks everyone10:50
replaceafillhope you feel better soon jelkner10:50
mjsir911Hacdc folks, we'll aim to be there in ~20 mins, 11:10AM10:50
jelknerthanks, man!10:50
lelkneralfarocool see you soon mjsir911 zOnny 10:51
nrcernahope you feel better soon too jelkner 10:51
replaceafillmr_german, i was expecting to hear from you on friday....10:52
jelknerACTION is going to go back to sleep10:54
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, do you want to discuss your helios comments docs now?10:55
replaceafillmr_german, ...?10:58
mr_germanreplaceafill, yeah, I know.. sorry about that.10:58
replaceafillmr_german, don't worry, but i'd like to take care of that if you don't mind10:59
replaceafillmr_german, i need it to be ready as soon as possible10:59
replaceafillmr_german, so i'm thinking of doing it myself10:59
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok10:59
replaceafillmr_german, is that ok with you?10:59
mr_germanreplaceafill, and what about "admin" interface?10:59
replaceafillmr_german, same deal11:00
replaceafillmr_german, i'll work on that11:00
replaceafillmr_german, thanks!11:00
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nrcernazOnny, are you here?11:34
replaceafillACTION signs off for a few hours11:47
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