IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2018-03-27

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jelknermjsir911, what are you doing here?09:40
mjsir911automatically logs me on when I open my laptop09:40
jelkneraren't you supposed to be gazing out in awe of the Grand Canyon?09:40
mjsir911its 6:30 local time :P09:40
jelkneri took at a documentary video on the Grand Canyon in your honor09:41
jelkneri plan to watch it tonight09:41
jelknersee you in april09:41
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replaceafillgood morning lelkneralfaro10:53
jelknergood morning replaceafill!10:56
jelknerzOnny and i are here at ACC10:56
replaceafillgood morning jelkner10:57
jelknerplease let us know when you have some time today to chat with us10:57
jelknerwe are here until 5:30 pm10:57
replaceafilljelkner, i'm sending lelkneralfaro an email10:57
replaceafilljelkner, my internet is a potato today10:57
replaceafilljelkner, well, since last night actually10:57
jelknerat potato?10:57
replaceafilljelkner, i'm using my phone data plan right now10:57
replaceafilljelkner, it doesn't work10:57
jelknermore reason why irc is so useful!10:58
replaceafilljelkner, i think we can chat10:58
replaceafilljelkner, now10:58
jelknerfirst, a brief update10:58
jelknerlelkneralfaro and i were making a family visit to celina yesterday10:58
jelknerand we were chatting with her about the website the city is looking to contract for10:59
jelknerwe can't be part of that because it would be a conflict of interest10:59
jelkner(and we are not ready)10:59
jelknerbut when heard what they were asking for, and how much they were looking to spend11:00
jelkner(in the neighborhood of 30K)11:00
jelknerit made me believe there is hope for us!11:00
jelkneron the immediate front, great strides have been made with NOVALACIRO11:01
jelknernow i want to get nea4or going as soon as possible11:01
jelknerwe should switch that to a CMS11:01
jelknerour CMS11:02
replaceafilljelkner, ok11:02
jelknerand make sure it is ready in time for the VEA convention april 1911:02
jelkneri attended a meeting on sunday where Our Revolution president Nina Turner spoke11:02
jelkneri went up to the mike at the end of the session and mentioned that i was active with my union and that we had a convention coming up in april11:03
replaceafilljelkner, advertising :)11:03
jelkneri was asking for stuff for our table, but she went further, suggesting the national office might be able to send someone down be at the table!11:04
jelknerthis is a great opportunity for us to make a good impression on the national office11:04
jelkneri hope to get 50+ new members at the convention11:05
jelknerso we really need to get the website ready soon11:05
jelknerthis isn't a new request11:05
replaceafilljelkner, it isn't11:06
replaceafilljelkner, let me know when you're done :)11:07
jelknerACTION is finished11:07
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:07
replaceafilljelkner, ok11:07
replaceafilljelkner, i think much of this depends on zOnny's ability to switch context efficiently11:08
replaceafilljelkner, i noticed zOnny reacted a bit overwhelmed to my latest novalaciro issue11:08
replaceafilljelkner, which is several tasks in a single issue11:08
replaceafilljelkner, my plan was to move ORA a bit this week after getting novalaciro stable11:08
replaceafilljelkner, did you see my help-files email?11:09
jelkneri saw it, but i didn't look at in in detail11:09
replaceafilljelkner, please check them when you have a chance11:09
jelkneri've got my hands full with novalacior and nea4or11:09
replaceafilljelkner, i'd like your input on that approach11:09
replaceafilljelkner, which could be useful for the other sites11:09
jelkneri was hoping lelkneralfaro would pay attention to that one11:09
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok11:09
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:10
jelkneri'm stretched too thin11:10
replaceafilljelkner, any feedback is welcome really11:10
replaceafilljelkner, so what should be the process for nea4or11:11
replaceafilljelkner, we agreed you would be calling the theming shots there11:11
replaceafilljelkner, what do you need me to do?11:11
replaceafilljelkner, the cms is already there, we just need the theme to take advantage of it11:12
replaceafilljelkner, and zOnny already understands the concepts of pages, navigation bars and boxes11:12
replaceafilljelkner, he hasn't used them much, but i *think* he understands how to use them in his themes11:12
replaceafillzOnny, please confirm/deny this11:13
jelkneri'm not sure what to do about the theme11:13
jelknerit looks good as it is11:13
zOnnyI was joking replaceafill the issue is good enough for me 11:13
jelkneri'm not asking for changes to that11:13
jelkneronly convert from php to tencenci11:13
jelknerand make the login screen and user info look good11:14
jelkneri can work closely with zOnny on this11:14
replaceafilljelkner, +111:14
jelknersince i see him most every daty11:14
jelkneras soon as i feel the site is ready, i'm going to reach out to rand about an email blast11:14
jelknerto ask folks to sign up11:15
replaceafilljelkner, so what should be my role?11:15
jelkneri guess just be there to back up zOnny, yes?11:15
jelknerthe next two weeks is the goal for having that in place11:15
replaceafilljelkner, i'm always am :)11:15
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:16
replaceafilljelkner, i understand11:16
jelknerin fact, i'd like to say april 7th11:16
jelknersince april 8th daniela will be starting to sign up members for novalaciro11:16
zOnnydefinitelly this guy cannot do too much without his teacher replaceafill11:16
replaceafillzOnny, you can11:17
replaceafillzOnny, you really can work on your own now11:17
replaceafillzOnny, i'll be here to answer questions11:17
replaceafillzOnny, but you've got the skills now11:17
replaceafilljelkner, can we go back to novalaciro for a bit11:17
replaceafilljelkner, and enumerate what's left11:18
replaceafilljelkner, have you decided on the email addresses?11:18
zOnnynot yet replaceafill I need to clean up a bit my mistakes11:18
replaceafillzOnny, we all have to :)11:18
zOnnyI mean do everything without the Doc's replaceafill11:19
replaceafillzOnny, why? "use your brain for ideas, not for remembering things"11:19
replaceafilljelkner, still there?11:19
jelkneri am11:20
replaceafill<replaceafill> jelkner, have you decided on the email addresses?11:21
replaceafilljelkner, that is novalaciro email addresses11:21
jelknerwhat do you mean "decided"?11:21
replaceafilljelkner, which inboxes you will need to be forwarded to who?11:22
jelknerwe will want / need email addresses11:22
jelkneri don't understand the best way to do this11:22
jelknerwhat we did for our own organization is connect it to our gmail accounts11:22
jelknerin the long term, i want to get away from google11:22
jelknerbut i'm not sure what the options are11:22
replaceafilljelkner, i'm not sure what you mean by "connect"11:23
replaceafilljelkner, do you mean jus fordwarding?11:23
replaceafilljelkner, like what we do with novawebdevelopment.org11:23
jelknerso, i want folks to be able to email the board and daniela (especially daniela) @novalaciro.org11:24
jelknerand i want her (and the rest of us to be able to receive those emails and reply to them11:24
jelknerand initiate our own emails to other people from those addresses11:25
jelknerthe question is, how best to do that?11:25
replaceafilljelkner, i need to understand this clearly11:25
jelknerwhat isn't clear?11:25
replaceafilljelkner, do you want something like our address?11:25
replaceafilljelkner, one address that goes to multiple people at the same time?11:25
jelknerthat isn't my top priority11:26
jelknerbut it would be useful11:26
jelknerdepends on the cost11:26
replaceafilljelkner, or do you need to go to *her* personal account11:26
replaceafilljelkner, then that goes to yours and so on11:26
jelknerthe latter is the top priority11:26
jelkneryes, what you just said is more important11:27
replaceafilljelkner, so *individual* for board members and daniela11:27
jelknerthough we may want the other feature later, it is YAGNI at present11:27
replaceafilljelkner, is that correct?11:27
jelkneryes, that is correct11:27
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:27
replaceafilljelkner, so the question becomes11:27
replaceafilljelkner, do you want daniela@novalaciro.org11:28
replaceafilljelkner, and what others do you need?11:28
jelkneror perhaps, outreach@novalaciro.org11:28
replaceafilljelkner, just for her?11:29
jelkneri wish i could be more clear about what i want11:29
jelkneri just don't understand this well enough11:29
jelknerwe had an address11:29
jelknerit was used by our staff outreach coordinator11:30
jelknerand was done through google for nonprofits11:30
jelknershe used it for many accounts11:30
replaceafilljelkner, many accounts?11:30
jelknerbank account, business contracts, etc.11:30
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok11:30
jelknerwhen she left11:30
jelkneri was able to take it over11:31
replaceafilljelkner, got it11:31
jelknerso we didn't loose access to those accounts11:31
replaceafilljelkner, got it11:31
replaceafilljelkner, it's the case "person left, email doesnt"11:31
replaceafilljelkner, well there's two ways of doing that11:31
replaceafilljelkner, we do our own IMAP mailboxes, already set up11:32
replaceafilljelkner, or we create a new gmail account and redirect to it11:32
jelknerso, let me ask you about this11:32
replaceafilljelkner, like our going to novawebdevelopment@gmail.com11:32
replaceafilljelkner, several people can access to novawebdevelopment@gmail.com11:33
jelkneri get that11:33
jelknerbut is relies on the evil corporation11:33
jelknerand we want to break away from the evil corporations whenever we can11:33
replaceafilljelkner, in the IMAP mailbox situation, each person that needs access has to set up their client, that's all11:33
replaceafilljelkner, use protonmail as alternative?11:34
jelknerthat's the part i need your advice on11:34
replaceafilljelkner, proton?11:34
jelknerhow much of a pain in the arse is it to run your own email these days?11:34
replaceafilljelkner, well, we've been suffering because i have no idea how to do it11:35
replaceafilljelkner, and even people who do11:35
replaceafilljelkner, like the guys11:35
replaceafilljelkner, sometimes get blacklist trouble11:35
replaceafilljelkner, it's one of those services you wish you didn't have to maintain :)11:35
jelknercould we use mayfirst?11:36
replaceafilljelkner, maybe, i don't know much about their membership, etc11:36
replaceafilljelkner, i mean, what's the process to use their infrastructure11:36
jelkneri can find that out11:36
jelknerour goal should be to find a provider who:11:37
jelkner1. is part of the platform cooperative movement as much as possible11:37
jelkner2. provides a solid service11:37
jelkner3. doen't completely break the bank11:38
jelknerperhaps we should ask micky metts about that before we decide11:38
replaceafilljelkner, +111:38
jelkneri'll write to her11:38
replaceafilljelkner, i'm almost sure she'll recommend them :)11:38
jelknerin the current climate of facebook / cambridge analytics news11:39
jelknerthis story of corporations and our data will be important11:39
jelknerand it won't go away11:39
replaceafilljelkner, indeed11:39
jelknerthe commidification of data is what we are fighting11:39
jelknerso we should be on top of it as much as we can be11:40
replaceafilljelkner, let's ask Micky11:40
jelkneri will email her today11:40
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:40
jelknerlet me get back to work if i may11:40
jelkneri have emails to write, invoices, bank tranfers and other such things to do today11:41
replaceafilljelkner, ok, so back to ORA for me? and i'll let you and zOnny ping me when you need my help with NEA4OR11:41
replaceafilljelkner, makes sense?11:41
jelkneras well as looking into purchasing the hardware for printing id cards11:41
replaceafilljelkner, you need to duplicate man!11:41
replaceafilljelkner, ok, i'll let you go11:41
replaceafilljelkner, thanks a lot!11:41
jelknerlater gater11:41
jelknerbtw. one other thing before i go11:42
replaceafilli'll be able to read/answer emails through the day, i'm not sure how long i'll stay in IRC11:42
replaceafilljelkner, yes?11:42
jelkneri'm planning on writing to dr. richard wolf11:42
jelknerat democracy at work11:42
jelknerthey are using nationbuider for their website11:43
replaceafill"Created with NationBuilder" :)11:44
jelknerand it also looks like they are having issues as well, since the "submit a question" interface is "temporarily not working"11:44
jelkneronce it is working, here is the question i will submit to him:11:44
jelknerWhat role does the privatization of knowledge play in the capitalist system?11:44
jelknerwith the more extended field below containing:11:45
jelknerHow does the use of copyright and patents to commodify the ideas expressed in software or patents to privatize the evolutionary knowledge expressed in genetic sequences found in nature function within the system of capitalism?  In a related question, as we strive to create democracy at work, shouldn't we be using the people's software (free and open source software) to build our new society?11:45
replaceafilljelkner, i wish i'd write like you :)11:46
jelknerWe need to get that "The people's movement should be using the people's software" message on our website11:46
jelknerit resonates with folks11:46
replaceafilljelkner, we should convert our website!11:46
jelknerpeople keep telling me they like it11:46
jelknerand of april, yes?11:47
jelknerend of april11:47
replaceafilljelkner, the two mottos we have are awesome11:47
jelknerwe do11:47
replaceafilljelkner, i think end of april is a good target for that11:47
jelknerlet's get through april upgrading our customer sites11:47
replaceafilljelkner, +111:47
jelknerand make may the month of getting our own website ready for pushing out to the world actively11:47
jelknercool, i'll let you go11:48
replaceafilljelkner, ok, thanks again11:48
jelknerthank you!11:48
replaceafillzOnny, ping me here or email me if you need something, ok?11:48
replaceafilloh it seems like our connection is back11:48
replaceafillACTION switches, brb11:48
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zOnnywell , replaceafill 11:54
zOnnyI have read that we want  start  changing nea4org ? 12:03
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*** mr_german has joined #novawebdev12:07
replaceafillzOnny, yes, that should be the plan12:07
replaceafillzOnny, and nea4or doesn't need to be translatable12:07
replaceafillzOnny, so you can go ahead and start doing that12:07
zOnnybtw what  should be Done? replaceafill12:12
replaceafillzOnny, hm?12:12
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev12:13
replaceafillhey GFbot12:13
GFbothey replaceafill 12:13
replaceafillGFbot, any progress on the gear menu?12:13
GFbotreplaceafill, need to talk with you about that12:14
replaceafillGFbot, here or hang out?12:14
GFbotgive me 5 mins12:15
replaceafillGFbot, cool12:15
replaceafillGFbot, let me know when you're ready12:23
GFbotreplaceafill, 12:23
replaceafillGFbot, look at this beauty:
replaceafillGFbot, (puke)12:47
replaceafillGFbot, :)12:47
replaceafillGFbot, not even a f***ing cursor: pointer12:48
replaceafillgood times12:48
GFbotthe "save" button is next to the border12:48
replaceafillGFbot, here it is!!! this is the problem i was telling you about:
GFbotoh, I see12:51
GFbotwell, step by step12:51
replaceafillGFbot, sure12:51
GFboti'll try to get this first12:51
replaceafillGFbot, +112:51
zOnnyhey replaceafill13:49
replaceafillhey zOnny13:49
zOnny what I am missing ? replaceafill 13:52
replaceafillzOnny, missing?13:52
zOnnyto sync git in my server replaceafill13:54
replaceafillzOnny, how did you set that up?13:55
replaceafillzOnny, did you follow a doc?13:55
zOnnyseems that I didn't get the nea4or repo right ? replaceafill13:55
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replaceafillACTION 's connection drop dead again, back to phone14:02
replaceafillzOnny, did you rename /opt/zOnny/nea4or to /opt/zOnny/NEA4OR?14:02
replaceafill zOnny, why don't you just go to themes and rename the nea4or to old-nea4or14:03
replaceafillzOnny, and git clone the them repo again?14:03
*** louisea has joined #novawebdev14:03
zOnnyyep replaceafill14:04
replaceafillzOnny, it seems like you can't rename the path to a git repo14:05
replaceafillzOnny, today i learned :O14:05
*** lelkneralfaro has joined #novawebdev14:05
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, you there?14:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes14:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, on phone connection though14:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but stable :)14:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay good :)14:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I just spoke with German about the changes that Stephanie has requested14:06
lelkneralfaromy dad has suggested that we should set up the CMS for them, like I we spoke about during out meeting14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, so I was thinking that we should hold off on making content changes until we offer them the CMS14:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, we should, yes14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, because if we can set up the CMS they can make the changes themselves14:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you mean, until you meet with them?14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, what do you think?14:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, or do you mean porting the current site to the CMS?14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I mean that instead of making the content changes that they requested, we set up the CMS14:08
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and they do it themselves14:08
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, if that makes sense14:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you mean set up the CMS and port the current content to it, yes i agree14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, and it makes sense14:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, what do you mean port?14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i can set up tendenci today14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i won't look like their site14:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, sorry I should have asked for clarification the first time14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it won't have any of the pages they have, etc14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, that's porting14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, maybe there's a better term for it :S14:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, is porting making the new site look like their original?14:10
replaceafillreplaceafill, correct14:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes, correct14:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, alright. And is that a fairly long project?14:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, they want to explore a new design though, right?14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes that is true14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, but a custom theme takes a while14:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it does14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, last week we talked about setting up the stock tendenci theme14:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, for new customers, and to provide them with tendenci features14:12
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, this one:
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ?14:13
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, i think so14:13
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, actually can we hangout again?14:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i don't have a problem14:13
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, in 5 minutes?14:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i can call you if you want14:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i don't think this connection will support voice14:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ping me when you want me to call you14:14
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay. give me just a few minutes then14:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, oh connection is back14:14
replaceafillACTION switches14:14
*** replaceafill has joined #novawebdev14:15
lelkneralfarookay ready14:17
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i'll call your cell, the lag doesn't look promising14:17
lelkneralfarookay sounds good14:17
GFbotreplaceafill, are you there14:27
jelknerping replaceafill 14:34
GFbotI think he's talking with lelkneralfaro 14:35
GFbothello good afternoon jelkner btw!14:35
jelknergood afternoon, GFbot!14:35
jelkneractually, i'm trying to reach nrcerna14:36
jelknerthat's what i was pinging replaceafill about14:36
jelkneri want to ask her to design an id card for novalaciro14:36
jelknerdo you have her number?14:37
GFbotand her fb14:37
GFbotif you want I can tell her14:38
jelknerthat would be great14:38
GFbotgive me a moment14:38
GFbotjelkner, I just talked with her, she told me if you can send her an email about what you need for the ID card14:43
jelkneri was going to do that, but since i have some questions about what she would need, i was hoping to chat with her14:44
jelkneri'll email her to setup an irc appointment14:44
jelknerthanks, GFbot 14:44
GFbotyou're welcome14:45
GFbot 14:46
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev14:47
replaceafillACTION is back14:48
GFbotwelcome back replaceafill 14:48
GFbotI was waiting for you14:48
replaceafillty ty14:48
replaceafillGFbot, yes?14:49
nrcernamr_german  just told me you want to talk with me jelkner 14:49
GFbottest it14:49
nrcernaHello replaceafill  ;-)14:49
replaceafillhey nrcerna14:49
replaceafillGFbot, testing...14:49
replaceafillGFbot, you should make it look like a button14:50
replaceafillGFbot, like it was14:50
replaceafillGFbot, see gmail's14:50
GFbotreplaceafill, oh, ok14:50
GFbotACTION was thinking about NEA14:51
replaceafillGFbot, hm? NEA?14:51
replaceafillGFbot, oh you mean the old theme14:51
replaceafillGFbot, right14:51
replaceafillGFbot, i think even tendenci2018 does it like that i can't remember14:51
replaceafillGFbot, lines look good14:52
replaceafillGFbot, i assume the drop effect is a css animation?14:52
replaceafillGFbot, i'd make it shorter14:52
GFbotreplaceafill, is Jquery14:53
jelknernrcerna, hi!14:53
jelkneri just emailed you14:53
replaceafillGFbot, :S14:53
GFbotSlideDown, SlideUp14:53
replaceafillGFbot, expensive ;)14:53
replaceafillGFbot, ok, i think you can customize those times14:53
replaceafillGFbot, why didn't you use css?14:53
GFbotreplaceafill, idk14:53
replaceafillGFbot, faster development time?14:53
replaceafillGFbot, it's ok14:53
GFbotreplaceafill, but, i can use CSS14:54
replaceafillGFbot, just find out how to adjust the animate14:54
replaceafillGFbot, don't worry about it14:54
replaceafillGFbot, it's not that important14:54
replaceafillGFbot, priorities ;)14:54
GFbotcould you refresh14:54
GFbotthe page14:54
replaceafillGFbot, oh yes, that's better14:54
nrcernaGot it! I'm available at 10:00 am 14:55
replaceafillGFbot, could you test it here:
replaceafillnrcerna, put jelkner in your comments so he can see you talking14:55
replaceafillnrcerna, like "jelkner, I'm available..."14:56
nrcernaOh...sure.! Thanks replaceafill 14:56
jelknerhi nrcerna 14:56
replaceafillnrcerna, jelkner even listens to music in his pc every time you do that ;?)14:56
jelknerdid you see my email?14:56
nrcernajelkner,  I'm available at 10:am14:56
jelknernot now, right?14:57
replaceafillGFbot, see how you can improve those options in that .event-info > .options block please14:57
nrcernaI'm about to going out for work jelkner , sorry.14:57
jelkner10 am thursday14:57
jelkneri'll add it to my calendar14:57
jelknerreplaceafill, can you be there then?14:57
GFbotreplaceafill, where is it?14:57
jelknerit's a bit early for you14:57
replaceafillGFbot, hold on14:58
jelkneri think we need nrcerna, replaceafill, and zOnny 14:58
nrcernaOk! I'll met you here jelkner  and replaceafill14:58
replaceafillnrcerna, we're currently 2 hours behind Arlington14:58
jelknerwould 10 am Eastern Time work for all of us?14:58
nrcernaOh , and zOnny 14:58
jelknerso it would be 8 am14:58
replaceafillnrcerna, so 10 for jelkner it's 8 am for us14:58
jelknernrcerna, is that ok?14:58
replaceafilljelkner, nrcerna i can do 8 am14:58
nrcernaYup, It works for me!14:59
replaceafilljelkner, nrcerna zOnny cool thursday 10 am EST then14:59
jelknerperfect, we'll see you then14:59
replaceafillGFbot, in the day view14:59
GFbotoh ok15:00
replaceafillGFbot, the three links on the right of each event15:00
GFbotreplaceafill, I'll test it15:00
nrcernaSee you then replaceafill , jelkner  and zOnny ! ;-) 15:00
zOnnyok it  works for me15:00
nrcernaBye! :D15:00
replaceafillsee you nrcerna o/15:00
replaceafillGFbot, Print Edit More15:00
replaceafillGFbot, theme those please15:00
replaceafillGFbot, and use the gear functionality15:00
replaceafillGFbot, good work15:01
replaceafillGFbot, work on your own branch! ;)15:01
zOnnyone question replaceafill 15:04
replaceafillzOnny, yes?15:04
zOnnyto get rid of the .php files I most create a new pages right ? replaceafill15:05
replaceafillzOnny, which .php files15:05
replaceafillzOnny, ?15:06
zOnnyjelkner  wants everything running in the CMS replaceafill15:06
replaceafillzOnny, NEA4OR or NOVALACIRO?15:06
zOnnythe nea4or replaceafill15:06
replaceafillzOnny, you don't need to get rid of anything15:07
replaceafillzOnny, you just need to add replacements15:07
replaceafillzOnny, do you have a public NEA4OR instance?15:07
replaceafillzOnny, that you can point me to?15:07
zOnnyhttp:// public ?15:08
replaceafillzOnny, great15:09
replaceafillzOnny, so that page is the homepage.html template, right?15:09
zOnnycorrect , replaceafill15:09
replaceafillzOnny, but i assume this is hardcoded html in the homepage.html, right?15:10
replaceafillzOnny, for instance this piece of text "Our nation is at a crossroads. As union" is in that template15:10
replaceafillzOnny, right?15:10
zOnnythat is only the homepage.html replaceafill15:11
replaceafillzOnny, but you get my point15:12
replaceafillzOnny, all the text i'm seeing comes FROM A HTML TEMPLATE15:12
replaceafillzOnny, right?15:12
zOnnycorrect , replaceafill15:12
replaceafillzOnny, cool, makes sense so far15:12
replaceafillzOnny, the goal is not just to theme this15:12
replaceafillzOnny, is to start using boxes15:13
replaceafillzOnny, for example, that homepage15:13
zOnnygot it , replaceafill15:13
replaceafillzOnny, could use a box for the WELCOME ..... part until..... Pleas join us15:13
replaceafillzOnny, then the homepage.html template would replace all that html with {% box 1 %}15:13
replaceafillzOnny, a django template tag that tendenci provides15:14
zOnnycorrect , replaceafill15:14
replaceafillzOnny, that's taking advantage of the cms15:14
replaceafillzOnny, because you can point jelkner or whoever to the boxes administration15:14
replaceafillzOnny, and they can change the text15:14
replaceafillzOnny, or add images, etc15:14
replaceafillzOnny, makes sense?15:14
zOnnycorrect, replaceafill15:14
replaceafillzOnny, users should be dealing with boxes, navs and pages15:14
replaceafillzOnny, so for the top part, in the header15:15
replaceafillzOnny, you could use a navbar15:15
replaceafillzOnny, like your experiment with NOVALACIRO15:15
replaceafillzOnny, then you create a Page for Issues15:15
zOnnybut once jelkner ask for rid of the .php I was assuimng make new templates replaceafill15:15
replaceafillzOnny, no!15:15
replaceafillzOnny, we need to port things to the CMS15:15
replaceafillzOnny, port things to the CMS means: convert into Tendenci pages, forms, boxes and navs15:16
replaceafillzOnny, we need to move away from using html templates for content15:16
zOnnycorrect, replaceafill15:16
replaceafillzOnny, that's why we invested time in exploiring translation for novalaciro15:16
replaceafillzOnny, because we need *content* to be translatable15:16
replaceafillzOnny, content = Tendenci pages, forms, boxes and navs15:17
replaceafillzOnny, :)15:17
replaceafillzOnny, from now on, the template should give you just the "layout" not the "content"15:17
zOnnyso , I am going to include the boxes replaceafill15:17
replaceafillzOnny, +115:19
replaceafillzOnny, you should start by deleting the current boxes in your instance15:19
replaceafillzOnny, you really don't need any "stock" box or page or nav15:19
replaceafillzOnny, we also have some forums, memberships, groups and other things that the installation process makes you do15:20
zOnnybut the issues, activities, contact us, how can I introduce boxes replaceafill15:20
replaceafillzOnny, but we really don't neeed15:20
replaceafillzOnny, those become Pages15:20
replaceafillzOnny, you use boxes to a minimum in a few pages only15:20
replaceafillzOnny, you use a template + boxes when a Page is not enough15:20
replaceafillzOnny, i can help you cleaning your instance if you want15:22
replaceafillzOnny, oh i forgot to clean nea4or15:22
zOnnywell , I think I am not clear at all in that part replaceafill15:25
replaceafillzOnny, want to hang out?15:25
replaceafillzOnny, i think voice is faster in these cases15:25
zOnnyif you do not mind  replaceafill15:25
replaceafillzOnny, let me get my headset15:25
replaceafillzOnny, i lost you15:39
replaceafillzOnny, can you hear me?15:39
replaceafillzOnny, i can't hear you15:40
zOnnyno replaceafill15:40
replaceafillzOnny, leave the call15:40
replaceafillzOnny, and let's start back15:40
GFbotreplaceafill, well... I don't any idea how to do it there :(15:43
GFbotI'm trying to understand15:43
replaceafillGFbot, how to do what where? :)15:45
replaceafillGFbot, oh you mean in the day view15:46
GFbotadd my button to "more"15:46
replaceafillGFbot, don't worry much about it15:47
replaceafillGFbot, what you have is good enough for now15:47
GFbotreplaceafill, well.. i'll try to figure that out tonight15:51
replaceafillGFbot, no need15:51
replaceafillGFbot, can you put what you have in a branch?15:51
replaceafillGFbot, and make sure it's clean :)15:52
GFbotreplaceafill, sure15:52
GFbotshould I remove the extra buttons from "When, Where"?15:52
replaceafillGFbot, thanks, i'll take a look after having lunch16:38
replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h16:40
GFbotreplaceafill, ok16:42
jelknerACTION signs off for the day16:58
replaceafillACTION is back17:47
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