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mr_germangood morning replaceafill, jelkner 13:14
replaceafillgood morning mr_german13:14
jelknerit's not morning here, mr_german 13:15
jelknergood afternoon ;-)13:15
mr_germanoh, good afternoon jelkner 13:15
jelknermr_german, replaceafill will you be available at 4 pm EST today?13:16
mr_germanjelkner, yes!13:16
replaceafilljelkner, yes13:16
jelknerhrodriguez is coming in then, and it would be a good time to meet with her13:16
replaceafilljelkner, mr_german will do that13:16
replaceafilljelkner, i'll be around too13:16
jelknerbtw, replaceafill, i added the "s" to "http"13:17
replaceafilljelkner, sure, np13:17
jelknerwe are really moving, replaceafill 13:18
replaceafilljelkner, yep13:18
jelkneraea, ora, nea4or13:18
jelknerwe are on track13:18
replaceafilljelkner, i really like the way we implemented the "sign up to talk" story for ORA13:18
jelknerit is a huge help having mike13:19
replaceafilljelkner, it is!13:19
jelknerthe rest of the ora sc (including, saddly, yours truly) doesn't have the bandwidth to give enough attention to it13:19
jelknerbut he does13:19
jelknerhe has the skills and the focus13:20
jelknerand it is better that someone outside our coop is doing it anyway13:20
jelknersince we need to "reach out"13:20
replaceafilljelkner, indeed13:20
replaceafilljelkner, it's good to have feedback from outside too13:21
jelknerbtw, replaceafill, it really looks like i'll be back teaching python13:21
jelknermore and more13:21
jelkneri haven't done it since 200813:21
replaceafilljelkner, ah nice13:22
replaceafilljelkner, no more php then? :D13:22
jelknerno more!13:22
replaceafilljelkner, we got rid of our last php site today!13:22
jelknerbtw. check this out:
jelkneri'm remixing13:23
jelknerand with mjsir911 to help, it is a blast!13:23
jelknerokie dokie, back to work13:24
jelknerlet's talk at 4 pm13:24
replaceafilljelkner, cool, ttyt13:24
replaceafillmr_german, you around?13:24
mr_germanreplaceafill, yes13:24
replaceafillmr_german, can we hang out?13:25
replaceafillmr_german, i just want to get in sync with the ORA work13:25
replaceafillmr_german, briefly, i promise :)13:25
mr_germanreplaceafill, sure13:25
mr_germanreplaceafill, can you share me the doc14:20
mr_germanwith the pass for novalaciro14:20
mr_germanusername & password14:21
replaceafillmr_german, go to the "Server Inventory" spreadsheet14:21
replaceafillmr_german, and look for the "Services Credentials"14:21
mr_germanreplaceafill, lol14:21
mr_germanI was there14:21
replaceafillmr_german, if you can't find any server or service credentials from there, please complain!14:22
mr_germanreplaceafill, it should be the time move our website to tendenci15:11
replaceafillmr_german, yes15:12
replaceafillmr_german, but zOnny and nrcerna will do that beginning on may15:12
replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb at 4 PM EST15:14
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replaceafillACTION is back15:59
mr_germanreplaceafill, can you ping me please, I want to test something15:59
replaceafillmr_german, sure15:59
replaceafillmr_german, ping15:59
mr_germanreplaceafill, oh, it works!16:00
replaceafillmr_german, ping16:00
mr_germanreplaceafill, thanks!16:00
replaceafillmr_german, notifications?16:00
mr_germanreplaceafill, yep16:00
replaceafillmr_german, :)16:00
mr_germanbrb in 10 mins16:06
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jelknerping replaceafill 16:15
replaceafillpong jelkner16:15
jelknerhrodriguez is here16:15
hrodriguezHello replaceafill16:15
replaceafillhello hrodriguez16:15
replaceafillmr_german, are you back?16:15
jelkneri told her she will be getting training on the novalaciro tool for this weekend16:15
jelknershe is here until 6 pm16:15
replaceafilljelkner, yes, mr_german will be doing that16:16
jelknerokie dokie16:16
replaceafilllet me call him16:16
jelknerbtw, replaceafill, aea hasn't been deployed yet, right?16:17
replaceafilljelkner, hrodriguez he says he'll be back shortly16:17
replaceafilljelkner, hm?16:17
replaceafilljelkner, what do you mean?16:17
replaceafilljelkner, oh man!16:17
hrodriguezI'll be waiting!16:17
replaceafilljelkner, oops!16:18
replaceafilljelkner, my bad16:18
replaceafilljelkner, i'll work on that next16:18
replaceafillhrodriguez, that's our instance for testing functionality for novalaciro16:19
replaceafillhrodriguez, feel free to mess around with it16:19
replaceafillhrodriguez, and break it16:19
replaceafillhrodriguez, the administrative username and password are "admin" and "admin16:20
hrodriguezah ah really16:20
mr_germanACTION is back16:20
mr_germanhello hrodriguez :)16:20
hrodriguezHi mr_german16:20
mr_germanhrodriguez, I'm ready to start!16:20
hrodriguezI'm ready too 16:21
mr_germando you want to hang out?16:21
hrodriguezhow i should start?16:24
hrodriguezmr_german, 16:24
mr_germanI can call you via hang out16:24
mr_germanhrodriguez, just give me you email16:25
replaceafilljelkner, it seems we can't make the aea switch yet16:33
replaceafilljelkner, it seems like zOnny has only updated the content in the testing site
jelknerreplaceafill, that's interesting16:56
replaceafilljelkner, yeah, it's a problem we have16:56
jelknerso cms changes in "testing" can't be moved to production16:56
replaceafilljelkner, moving data from one version to the other16:57
jelknerthat sucks16:57
replaceafilljelkner, well, it can16:57
replaceafilljelkner, we just don't know how yet16:57
jelknerwe need to learn that16:57
replaceafilljelkner, but usually you do  the opposite16:57
replaceafilljelkner, you move data from production to testing16:57
replaceafilljelkner, not backwards16:57
jelknerbut if you want to test before you deploy16:57
jelknerlike we did here16:58
jelknerwhat are you supposed to do16:58
replaceafilljelkner, you put it under a "hidden" domain16:58
jelknerzope2 handled this workflow really beautifully16:58
replaceafilljelkner, what we did was really give zOnny something to break16:58
jelknerit had a nice draft mode16:58
jelknerthat you would work on until you liked it16:58
replaceafilljelkner, cough... django cms... cough...16:58
jelkneri understand this stuff is a nightmare to write16:59
replaceafilljelkner, again, our intention with testing is always "try and break"16:59
replaceafilljelkner, not "prepare and demo"16:59
replaceafilljelkner, i probably wasn't clear enough on that16:59
jelknerzOnny did a bunch of work he didn't need to do17:00
jelknerand he will need to do again17:00
replaceafilljelkner, even if i save him work, we need him around17:01
replaceafilljelkner, i can copy the database directly17:01
replaceafilljelkner, but that won't copy files, images, etc17:01
replaceafilljelkner, and even if i manage to do that (copying files), things might not look right according to his design17:01
jelknerso i'm really confused17:02
jelknerwe can't fix the site until its deployed17:02
jelknerand we can't deploy it until its fixed17:02
replaceafilljelkner, hhmm how can i explain this...17:02
replaceafilljelkner, no17:02
replaceafilljelkner, zOnny's changes have been deployed to the future production server17:03
replaceafilljelkner, it's the data that is not there yet17:03
replaceafilljelkner, content17:03
jelknerwhere is "there"?17:03
jelkneron the future production server?17:03
replaceafilljelkner, yes17:03
jelkneroh, then this is an opportunity for hrodriguez to get practice17:04
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replaceafillthere he is!17:04
zOnnyHello World!17:04
replaceafillhey zOnny17:05
jelknerunder zOnny's tutelage, hrodriguez can add the content that is missing17:05
jelknerwe will need to do that next week17:05
jelkneri hate to get a week behind17:05
jelknerbut zOnny is going to SkillsUSA17:05
jelknerand hrodriguez will be knowing on door and using novalaciro's tendenci17:05
replaceafilljelkner, why don't we team up mr_german and hrodriguez on it?17:05
replaceafilljelkner, mr_german is free at the moment17:06
jelkneri don't want to overwhelm hrodriguez 17:06
jelknershe has only 20 hours17:06
jelknerand she has a lot to do already17:06
jelknerlet's focus on getting her ready for daniela and novalaciro17:06
jelknerand wait a week on aea17:06
replaceafilljelkner, sure17:06
jelknerwe are all heading to the VEA convention anyway17:07
jelknerso not much would happen this week17:07
replaceafilljelkner, cool17:07
replaceafillzOnny, i don't want to distract you, but i'm curious17:07
replaceafillzOnny, what was your plan with AEA content migration?17:07
replaceafillzOnny, if you can't talk right now, that's fine17:07
zOnnyhey replaceafill 17:08
replaceafillzOnny, i notice testing looks really great17:08
replaceafillzOnny, but production doesn't17:08
replaceafillzOnny, production is missing the content17:08
jelknerwait a second, replaceafill 17:08
zOnnyI can do it easily once I have everything in the dev replaceafill 17:08
jelknerwhat is the difference between production and testing?17:09
zOnnydo you want me to do that right know ? replaceafill 17:09
replaceafilljelkner, they are different servers17:09
replaceafilljelkner, again, testing if for *development*17:09
jelkneryes, but we are going to point a domain at one of them17:09
replaceafilljelkner, correc, to production17:09
jelknerwhy not just point at the one that works?17:09
replaceafilljelkner, because it has weak passwords17:10
replaceafilljelkner, and history17:10
replaceafilljelkner, and dummy data17:10
jelknerACTION will shut up now, and let replaceafill do his thing17:10
replaceafilljelkner, :)17:10
replaceafilljelkner, if we can wait, we should17:10
jelkneranyway, i emailed keri and suggested we would come next wednesday or thursday17:10
jelknerif we can't make that, i need to tell her17:10
replaceafilljelkner, i think we can17:11
jelknerokie dokie17:11
replaceafilljelkner, once i finish the helios integration i can take care of this if needed17:11
replaceafillzOnny, if you're busy that's ok, we can wait17:12
jelknerzOnny just said "its easy for him"17:12
replaceafillzOnny, i just wanted to know if i wasn't clear on the roles of the two servers17:12
jelknerhe can do it monday17:12
zOnnyI can set it up replaceafill 17:12
jelknerso no problem17:12
replaceafilljelkner, zOnny cool17:12
replaceafilljelkner, zOnny sounds like a plan17:12
zOnnyI was wondering if they want it already in the prod 17:12
jelkneri told replaceafill they said yes17:12
jelknerthe are ready17:13
jelknerwaiting for us17:13
replaceafillzOnny, they gave the green light17:13
zOnnyLet's do that now so replaceafill 17:13
replaceafillzOnny, cool17:13
replaceafillzOnny, i have everything set in my side17:13
replaceafillzOnny, once looks good17:13
replaceafillzOnny, i just need to change the dns ip address17:14
zOnnyok replaceafill 17:14
replaceafillzOnny, i'll be around, ping me if you get it done, ok?17:14
replaceafillzOnny, and thanks a lot for taking care of it17:14
zOnnyreplaceafill: I need to push first the aeava_dev first right ?17:15
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replaceafillzOnny, do you have pending changes?17:15
zOnnyno replaceafill 17:15
replaceafillzOnny, then you can switch to _prod and pull _dev from there17:15
replaceafillzOnny, that will merge them17:15
replaceafillzOnny, then you push _prod17:16
zOnnyok replaceafill 17:16
mr_germanreplaceafill, are you there?17:17
replaceafillmr_german, yes17:17
mr_germanthey have to show the site this weekend right?17:18
replaceafillmr_german, they? what site?17:18
replaceafillmr_german, switch to spanish if you need17:18
replaceafillmr_german, why do you ask?17:19
replaceafillmr_german, i don't understand the question17:19
mr_germanreplaceafill, I'm asking if hrodriguez has to do the form again in the prod site17:20
replaceafillmr_german, no, you are doing that for her17:20
mr_germanreplaceafill, yeah but, in the dev intance17:20
replaceafillmr_german, we just need her to understand how things work and be ready to use it17:20
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok17:20
replaceafillmr_german, for now, while she gets used to it17:20
replaceafillmr_german, once she's well trained you'll give her the URL in production17:21
replaceafillmr_german, so she and Daniela can use it on the weekend17:21
mr_germanreplaceafill, sure I understood17:21
replaceafillmr_german, but you're setting everything up17:21
replaceafillmr_german, please provide hrodriguez the admin credentials from production, ok?17:23
replaceafillmr_german, hrodriguez we don't paste production credentials here btw ;)17:23
replaceafillmr_german, hrodriguez we have shared docs for that17:23
mr_germanreplaceafill, done*17:25
replaceafillmr_german, cool17:26
replaceafillmr_german, thanks17:26
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok, meeting is over with hrodriguez 17:28
replaceafillmr_german, great17:28
replaceafillhrodriguez, what do you think?17:28
replaceafillhrodriguez, is that form helpful at all?17:28
replaceafillhrodriguez, do you think those fields are enough?17:28
zOnnyhey replaceafill 17:29
hrodriguezFor now i think it's fine replaceafill17:29
replaceafillhey zOnny17:29
replaceafillhrodriguez, cool17:29
hrodriguezyeah! thanks I think i got everything.. 17:30
mr_germanreplaceafill, hrodriguez I'll be able to help if you need it, just send me an email17:30
replaceafillmr_german, when are you setting up the "real" form?17:31
replaceafillmr_german, the production one17:31
mr_germanreplaceafill, can I call you17:31
replaceafillmr_german, give me a few minutes, i'm finishing something17:31
replaceafillmr_german, or not...17:32
hrodriguezthanks mr_german 17:32
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mr_germanyou're welcome hrodriguez 17:32
zOnnyHey replaceafill can you check this
replaceafillzOnny, ouch, that's my fault17:35
replaceafillzOnny, let me fix it17:35
zOnnythanks replaceafill 17:35
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening17:35
replaceafillzOnny, retrying17:36
zOnnythanks replaceafill 17:37
replaceafillzOnny, done17:38
zOnnythanks replaceafill 17:40
replaceafillmr_german, hrodriguez is still around if you have questions17:40
zOnnydo we have the aea's admin psswd 17:42
zOnnyreplaceafill: 17:42
replaceafillzOnny, have you seen the Server Inventory spreadsheet?17:44
mr_germanreplaceafill, yeah, I just talked with her17:44
replaceafillmr_german, great, thanks a lot17:44
replaceafillzOnny, use the Services Credentials column17:44
replaceafillzOnny, if you don't find a shared password there, that's a bug and please report it :)17:45
mr_germanACTION signs off17:45
replaceafilllater mr_german o/17:45
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zOnnyI am In replaceafill 17:48
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replaceafillzOnny, cool17:49
zOnnyreplaceafill: does really matter if a override the pages that tendenci provide ?18:00
replaceafillzOnny, hm?18:01
replaceafillzOnny, you mean "if you override"?18:01
replaceafillzOnny, not really, as long as your theme doesn't rely on them18:01
replaceafillzOnny, and you don't run fixtures ever again18:02
replaceafillzOnny, tendenci fixtures*18:02
replaceafillzOnny, that's the real danger18:02
replaceafillzOnny, of reusing IDs18:02
zOnnyexactly replaceafill 18:02
zOnnyI don't even know which has more validation id's or titles ?18:03
replaceafillzOnny, validation?18:03
replaceafillzOnny, database validation?18:03
zOnnyI don't think that is the word for that18:04
replaceafillzOnny, spanish? :)18:04
zOnnyI mean if I resuse the id's but with a different titles 18:05
replaceafillzOnny, that'll work18:05
replaceafillzOnny, why don't you add new objects?18:05
replaceafillzOnny, and delete the old ones?18:06
zOnnywell that is a good question replaceafill 18:06
replaceafillzOnny, if you need specific id's that's a problem with the theme18:06
replaceafillzOnny, like the footer in the base theme inserting those embed_form's18:06
zOnnyoh right , replaceafill 18:06
zOnnyuhmmmm  I don't exactly know the consequences of reusing those replaceafill 18:07
replaceafillzOnny, ok, suppose some day we suddenly forget18:08
replaceafillzOnny, and run some "python loaddata fixture.json"18:08
replaceafillzOnny, like those in here:
zOnnyauch it will definitely is going to break replaceafill 18:08
replaceafillzOnny, that will *OVERWRITE* anything you did to those IDs18:08
replaceafillzOnny, so if you reused an ID and made beautiful changes to that box18:09
replaceafillzOnny, that loaddata will get rid of that completely18:09
replaceafillzOnny, setting the box to its old state18:09
zOnnywe don't want that replaceafill 18:09
replaceafillzOnny, nope18:09
replaceafillzOnny, so far i've been careful18:09
replaceafillzOnny, when deploying things18:10
replaceafillzOnny, but you never know what mistakes we're going to make tomorrow18:10
replaceafillzOnny, better safe than sorry18:10
zOnnycorrect replaceafill 18:10
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