IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2018-07-30

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jelknermorning lelkneralfaro 10:39
jelknerwaiting for replaceafill to come online10:39
jelknerso we can discuss the plan for the month10:40
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zOnnyjelkner: Good morning10:44
lelkneralfarojelkner, +110:44
lelkneralfarozOnny, good morning10:44
zOnnylelkneralfaro: good morning10:44
zOnnylelkneralfaro: Is still pending my vote on the election that jelkner was requesting yeasterday10:46
lelkneralfarozOnny, +1 10:48
lelkneralfarozOnny, are you talking about the study group? I see that you voted, thanks!10:48
zOnnylelkneralfaro: correct10:49
lelkneralfarozOnny, now we're just waiting on a few more people10:49
zOnnyfew more ? is the election not only for the members ?10:50
lelkneralfarozOnny, it is but not all of us have voted yet10:50
zOnnylelkneralfaro: I like this demo, I would like to have one for us.10:56
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jelknergood, zOnny replaceafill 10:58
replaceafillgood morning jelkner10:58
replaceafillgood morning lelkneralfaro10:59
lelkneralfarozOnny, good idea, some sort of video introduction to the product would be great10:59
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, good morning10:59
replaceafilljelkner, lelkneralfaro are we meeting now?10:59
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner I am available if it is a good time for you two11:00
zOnnylelkneralfaro: I am available 11:03
lelkneralfarozOnny, +111:03
lelkneralfarojust waiting on jelkner now11:03
jelkneremail sent11:06
jelknerso i'm all ears11:09
jelknerplease look at the email and use that to help frame the discussion11:09
lelkneralfarome too11:10
replaceafilldo we know any novalaciro need?11:11
lelkneralfarojelkner, what are you thinking in terms of a fundraising plan?11:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, what were you thinking about your plan for this month? that is if the novalaciro project weren't in the mix11:13
jelkneri don't know what a fundraising plan is, lelkneralfaro 11:13
jelknerso i can't say i know what you mean11:13
jelknermy "plan", if you can call it that, is to look into crowd sourcing websites, find the one that looks best11:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, pending tasks with nea4or, fix reported bugs11:14
jelknerand set up an ask to fund our organizing tool11:14
lelkneralfarojelkner, timeline, who to ask? how much we want to raise? the last part of the email is a good start11:14
lelkneralfarojelkner, yeah I think that it needs some more thought... but that's a start11:14
jelknerwe would describe what we want to accomplish, what we've done so far, and ask folks to contribute to keeping us going11:14
jelkneri don't know how it will go, but we have nothing to loose11:15
lelkneralfarojelkner, +111:15
jelkneri'm actually feeling pretty good about that now11:15
jelknerwe've come a long way11:15
jelkner2 months ago i didn't feel i could write that up11:16
jelknernow i do11:16
jelknerbut it would be a huge help if we could add some "sizzle" to our product11:16
jelknerand by that i mean the PWA11:16
lelkneralfarojelkner, well before doing anything please make sure to have all the accounting requirements and whatever else will be needed in mind11:17
jelknerwe really need to get folks using our stuff heavily11:17
lelkneralfarojelkner, just so we can move forward in a planned way an avoid mess11:17
jelknerit is the users that will be our best promoters11:17
jelknerand justifiably so11:17
jelknersince if we can't get folks actively using our tool11:17
jelknerwe have objectively failed to make something useful11:17
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +1. so you have some available time to fill up with tasks?11:18
jelknerlelkneralfaro, "account requirements"?11:18
jelknerwhat do you mean?11:18
lelkneralfarojelkner, accounting if we are going to be receiving money11:18
jelknerthat is going to have to be you, lelkneralfaro 11:18
lelkneralfarojelkner, I understand that, I'm just saying before moving on that I would like to have a clear understanding and make sure we have a system in place11:19
jelkneri'll do the investigation, clear it with you, and then write up the pitch11:19
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'm happy to help with exploring the crowdfunding11:19
lelkneralfarojelkner, +111:19
jelknerreplaceafill, zOnny, you need to focus like a laser on getting us the "story" we can tell11:20
jelknerwe've got the customers in place11:20
lelkneralfarojelkner, how do we get things started with novalaciro?11:21
jelknernovalaciro, aea, ora, nea4or, laborforourrev11:21
jelkneroh, and let's not forget novawebdev!11:22
jelknersince we really need to be working together to test all this ourselves11:22
lelkneralfarojelkner, and what's the difference between the PWA and the the novalaciro project? is that a PWA? 11:22
jelknerlelkneralfaro, Dany works regularly with replaceafill 11:22
jelknershe is waiting for me to call her after i finish talking with y'all11:22
jelknerzOnny, r u here?11:23
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:23
replaceafillwe have an ams project for novalaciro:
replaceafilli *think* we have most of those issues covered11:23
replaceafilli'll do some triaging today11:23
jelkneryour job is to stay in touch with mjsir911 to work on PWA11:23
jelknerwe need that ASAP11:24
jelknerso email him, call him, arrange to meet with him11:24
jelknercan you do that?11:24
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:24
jelknercool, anything else before we all get to work?11:25
zOnnyjelkner: He knows already that I am all day in the library11:25
zOnnyjelkner: He can find me here once he is available11:25
jelknerlelkneralfaro, in terms of managing expectations11:25
jelkneri plan to do the research into crowd funding thursday and friday from aelkner's place11:26
jelknerso expect a report from me by friday11:26
lelkneralfarojelkner, cool I'll be away from the computer on friday and saturday. working again on sunday11:26
lelkneralfarojelkner, can you answer the PWA question?11:27
jelknerwhat PWA question?11:27
lelkneralfarojelkner, is the novalaciro work just ams related? or is the webapp related?11:27
lelkneralfarojelkner, yestereday when we spoke we talked about whether replaceafill will be working on that project11:27
jelknerlet's develop PWA for nova web development and novalaciro first11:28
lelkneralfarojelkner, or is that going to be just zOnny and Marco? and that will cover their funds for this month?11:28
jelknerthe way we have been working (and in the future we need to work more and more this way)11:29
jelkneris that folks have a monthly draw11:29
jelknerand we put everything we bill into the account11:29
lelkneralfarojelkner, +111:30
jelknerzOnny, will have already been paid11:30
jelknerby me11:30
lelkneralfarojelkner, okay, so you are covering him for August?11:30
jelknerso whatever we can bill novalaciro goes into that fund11:30
jelknerAugust is the last month i can do that11:30
lelkneralfarojelkner, cool so that covers zOnny and replaceafill 11:31
zOnnyjelkner: thanks11:31
jelknerand with $1200 in the account already11:31
jelknerwe are mostly covered for you11:31
jelknerwe just need $800 more11:31
lelkneralfarojelkner, well not that, I mean to say replaceafill and zonny are covered and yes if we agree that the $1200 in the account goes to me then I'll take it11:31
lelkneralfarojelkner, we don't *need* $800 more. I can live off of $1500 without losing money. 11:32
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i can take -800 or whatever for lelkneralfaro11:32
jelknerduring august, zOnny and replaceafill will do more than $800 worth of billable novalaciro work11:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, with a tight belt, $2000 is what I like to make11:32
jelknerso you'll be covered for august11:32
jelknerit is september i'm worried about11:33
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks! but I don't think that's necessary11:33
lelkneralfarojelkner, +111:33
jelknersince without the gallaudet gig, we are f**ked :-(11:33
jelkneri'm still holding out hope that will come through in some form11:33
jelknerok, let's get to work11:34
jelkneri have a lot to do11:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, hold up11:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, so are you anticipating replaceafill working on the PWA11:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, ?11:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, sorry if I am not getting something obvious here11:35
jelkneri don't make those decisions11:35
jelknerreplaceafill does11:35
jelknerbut i assume that this will involve front end and back end11:35
lelkneralfarojelkner, fair enough11:35
jelknerand that zOnny will work on the former and replaceafill on that later11:35
jelknerbut that's his part to manage11:35
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, at this point i'm assuming i'll be at least a little involved in that11:36
lelkneralfarojelkner, it is *latter* by the way, not to be know it all, but I noticed you do that in an earlier email too11:36
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +111:36
replaceafillACTION writes that down :)11:36
jelknerfine, hijo, i ain't got no grammer ;-)11:36
zOnnyjelkner: can you send me Danielas phone number ?11:36
lelkneralfarojelkner, lol11:37
replaceafilljelkner, i know you want to get back to work, but i need to ask you 3 things11:37
jelknergo ahead, replaceafill 11:37
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:37
zOnnyjelkner: thanks11:37
replaceafilljelkner, 1. aea election11:37
jelknerwhat about it?11:37
replaceafilljelkner, iirc you said we'll need that for this week11:37
replaceafilljelkner, and i assume i am the one setting it up?11:38
jelkneryes, the deadline for nominations is thursday11:38
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok11:38
replaceafilljelkner, so we have the "candidates" on thursday11:38
jelknerso i want the election to be setup that day11:38
jelkneryes, replaceafill 11:38
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:38
replaceafilljelkner, 2. current nea4or memberships11:38
replaceafilljelkner, i'm ready to switch to paypal payments11:38
replaceafilljelkner, but that means a few changes11:39
jelknerthat is great news11:39
replaceafilljelkner, memberships will have to be approved now11:39
jelknerafter calling Dany, the next thing i'm working on today is getting ready for our nea4or conference call of next sunday11:39
replaceafilljelkner, new memberships will expire 1 year after created11:39
replaceafilljelkner, but my question is mostly about *current* memberships11:40
replaceafilljelkner, they don't have any expiration date11:40
replaceafilljelkner, what do you think we should do about *current* memberships?11:40
zOnnyreplaceafill: That is a good point11:40
jelknerso i need to start emailing and calling folks for this year who are not paid up11:40
jelknerto see if i can get them to pay their membership in the caucus for the current year11:41
replaceafilljelkner, i think we could handle this as a separate new membership11:41
jelknerthose that don't pay need to be moved to a "former members" area11:41
jelknerand i will want to be able to continue to solicit them to join up again11:42
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok11:42
jelknerbut they should be removed from the mailing list until they do11:42
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok11:43
replaceafilljelkner, can we set a date for removing them?11:43
jelknerthis first time around, i need to give them a few chances to do that11:43
jelkneri think end of september11:43
replaceafilljelkner, got it11:43
jelknersince that gives us a month back at school11:43
replaceafilljelkner, right11:44
jelknerfirst we need to know the system works11:44
jelkneri'll make another donation just to test it11:44
replaceafilljelkner, +111:44
jelknerso let me know when that is ready11:44
jelkneri'd like to be able to announce it next sunday11:44
replaceafilljelkner, well, we'll need to have you pay too :)11:44
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:44
jelknerbut i'll check with you at week's end11:44
jelkneri already paid11:45
replaceafilljelkner, we can try then, right?11:45
jelknerwe need to credit everyone who paid at the convention11:45
replaceafilljelkner, cool, last question11:45
replaceafilljelkner, oh11:45
replaceafilljelkner, you have a list, correct?11:45
jelkneryes i do11:45
replaceafilljelkner, could you make that a shared one11:45
replaceafilljelkner, so i could track them11:45
replaceafilljelkner, thanks11:45
replaceafilljelkner, i think we're good then11:46
replaceafilljelkner, last question11:46
replaceafilljelkner, in the pwa thread Marco started11:46
replaceafilljelkner, i asked you to file the issues in gitlab11:46
replaceafilljelkner, with use cases11:46
jelknerok, i'll do that11:46
jelknerthanks for the reminder11:46
replaceafilljelkner, i think you're clear on what you want11:46
replaceafilljelkner, but i'm not entirely sure11:46
replaceafilljelkner, so that'd help11:46
replaceafilljelkner, thanks!11:47
replaceafillACTION done11:47
lelkneralfarojelkner, ahh now I have one more thing too :/11:47
jelknermake it quick, lelkneralfaro, i can't do what y'all are asking me to do unless i can get to work! ;-)11:47
lelkneralfarojelkner, you mentioned yesterday that having nea locals get setup with tendenci would most likely be something they would do in September correct?11:48
lelkneralfarojelkner, so if we don't make that deadline we would wait a year to get locals be paying customers?11:48
jelknerno, lelkneralfaro, i'm not saying that11:48
jelkneri am saying for aea to start using delegate assembly meeting attendance login and online voting this year11:49
jelknerwe need to have them use it starting in september11:49
jelknerwe can start to market to other locals11:50
jelknerbut we really need aea saying how much they love using our platform11:50
jelknerif we are going to be successful11:50
lelkneralfarojelkner, +111:50
jelknerso same story, we need to prove that we've built something that works and is useful11:50
jelkneringrid will be a huge help to us in marketing if we can do that11:51
jelknershe is now a vea state board member11:51
lelkneralfarojelkner, yeah for sure11:51
lelkneralfarojelkner, okay well I'll let you go and I'll just email you my other thoughts about marketing / fundraising so you can get to them at your convencience11:52
jelkneranything else, lelkneralfaro?11:52
jelknercool, let's talk later11:52
jelknerACTION goes to work11:53
replaceafillthanks everybody11:53
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, one quick thing for you11:53
replaceafillhave a good week11:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes?11:53
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, unrelated to this other conversation. when you have a moment could you vote in the study group election?11:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, oh sorry, sure11:53
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, no problem might take about 10 minutes11:54
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, to look it over and make your mind up. 11:54
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mjsir911hi jelkner, I don't think theres much follow up but u asked to meet so here we are11:57
mjsir911I've coordinated with zOnny to meet up tomorrow which should be all the time we need to have a working webapp on novawebdevelopment.org11:58
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, unrelated idea, it'd be nice to include links in helios questions :)12:00
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lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +1 good idea12:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, question on the book reading12:01
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, shoot12:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, your email says12:02
replaceafillPages 1 - top of 6; First Chapter12:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but we're talking from page 20 in the pdf, correct?12:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, let me check? is page 20 the beginning of the introduction?12:03
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, oh you meant the introduction12:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i didn't consider it a chapter :D12:04
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes pages 1-6 in the intro then chapter 112:04
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes I see my wording was awkward12:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, oh ok12:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, got it12:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, thanks12:04
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, should have put pages 1-6 in intro12:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, that's fine, i already voted12:05
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i'm going to start reading it today12:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks! now to prod Kevin and Natalia12:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +112:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, if you speak with Natalia regularly can you poke her? if not I can do it12:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, let's both do it :)12:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, lol cool! no wonder they tease you12:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, she has a full time job now, we don't speak as regularly as we used to12:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay, I'll send her a friendly email12:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, is it ok if we skip today's 1:00 pm meeting?12:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i think we're in syc already12:08
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, oh yes, definitely12:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, cool thanks12:08
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, well one thing to run by you12:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes?12:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, it doesn't look like Luisa is getting back to us12:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and in any case that would be limited testing of the reports12:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, but in order to go through them more I'm thinking to create a bunch of test monkey users12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, so that I can explore the reporting tools better12:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, sound good?12:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, in our instance?12:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you'll need to set up memberships12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, we don't have any atm12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but other than that, go ahead12:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, make sure to check the unreachable /model-report12:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes I said users, I meant members. cool12:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes that's on the top of my list of things to do12:12
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i don't send you to the /explorer because it needs sql knowledge12:12
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but most importantly to know tendenci's database structure12:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, but we should screenshare it some time12:13
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool let me know when is good for you and we can set up a screenshare session12:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, will do12:15
zOnnyreplaceafill: 12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: busy ?12:47
replaceafillzOnny, a bit12:47
replaceafillzOnny, need anything?12:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: is this familiar for you
replaceafillzOnny, i remember seeing it, but not why12:49
replaceafillzOnny, import problem?12:49
replaceafillzOnny, are you setting up a new instance?12:49
zOnnyreplaceafill: Including Comments page 12:51
zOnnythe DOC that Duncan provide is missing the version of Django and python=venv  12:52
zOnnypython venv vers.12:52
replaceafillzOnny, tendenci 712:52
replaceafillzOnny, fixing the doc is part of your task12:53
zOnnyreplaceafill: on it12:53
replaceafillzOnny, i told you so last week12:53
replaceafillzOnny, cool12:53
zOnnyI am going through the link tha he provided12:53
zOnnybut that link is working with django vers.2.012:54
replaceafillzOnny, oh ok12:54
replaceafillzOnny, hold on12:54
zOnnybecause of the path instead of urls in the url module12:54
replaceafillzOnny, i remember he had the same issue12:55
replaceafillzOnny, looking in irc logs12:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: that would be helpfull12:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: that for you time on it12:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: this helps thanks12:57
zOnnyreplaceafill: on it12:57
replaceafillzOnny, go through that chat12:57
replaceafillzOnny, i don't quite remember if he needed to change some version somewhere12:57
replaceafillzOnny, "pip install djangorestframework==3.6.4"13:01
replaceafillzOnny, once you set up django 1.813:01
replaceafillzOnny, it'd be great if you could document all this ****13:02
replaceafillzOnny, :)13:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will13:02
replaceafillzOnny, and please make sure to put the doc in our shared Projects -> Tendenci folder13:02
replaceafillzOnny, thanks!13:02
zOnnybut fisrtly I have to test13:03
replaceafillzOnny, what about doing that secondly? ;)13:03
replaceafillACTION goes back to work13:03
jelknerping, zOnny 13:42
jelknerping replaceafill 13:46
replaceafilljelkner, pong13:46
jelknerwhere is the git repo that i'm supposed to use to file the pwa issues?13:47
zOnnyjelkner: pong13:47
jelknerzOnny, i just emailed you about the novalaciro website13:48
jelkneryou haven't fixed the slideshow yet13:48
jelkneri was wondering when that will be ready?13:48
replaceafilljelkner, why not use the novawebdev-ams one?13:48
jelkneri thought you mentioned a separate one that mjsir911 had created13:48
jelknerno problem, i'll use that one13:48
replaceafilljelkner, cool13:48
zOnnyjelkner: I sent this link to Daniela to check 13:49
zOnnyjelkner: if this what she is requesting13:49
jelknerthe images are still cropped wrong13:49
zOnnyjelkner: I cannot push if it isnot aproved 13:49
jelknerthe guy's head is chopped off13:49
jelknerit needs to match the aspect ratio of the common images13:50
jelknerotherwise it is too hard to use13:50
jelknerso it isn't ready yet13:50
jelknerunderstand what i'm saying, zOnny?13:50
zOnnyjelkner: that means less wider13:50
jelknermore square13:51
jelknernot square, but more square13:51
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:51
jelknerplease fix that and let me know when it's ready13:51
zOnnyjelkner: I should cc you in that email13:51
zOnnyjelkner: because she is not responding it13:51
jelknershe is traveling13:51
jelknershe will be at my place at 5 pm13:51
jelknerwe have a meeting13:52
jelknerbut i can respond to your email faster13:52
zOnnyjelkner: it was sent on friday :(13:52
zOnnyjelkner: I will foward you13:52
jelknerok, let's get on it13:52
jelknerno, just send me the new email when the fix is ready13:52
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:53
jelknerreplaceafill, two issues filed14:01
replaceafilljelkner, checking14:01
replaceafilljelkner, i'm not sure how we'll be able to measure "super easy" :)14:04
jelkneri understand14:05
jelknerreplaceafill, 14:05
jelkneri expect it to be an iterative process14:06
replaceafilljelkner, sure14:06
jelknergive me something to work with, and i can ask for improvements14:06
jelknerwe'll know "super easy" when our customers smile when they use it ;-)14:07
jelknerand we'll know we haven't hit the mark when they fumble around14:07
replaceafilljelkner, we had an usability specialist contact, didn't we?14:09
replaceafilljelkner, paul flint's family of some sort?14:09
jelkneryes, we did14:17
jelknerreplaceafill, let's get the first story done first14:17
replaceafilljelkner, sure14:17
jelknerwe can probably work out the "super easy navigation" on our own14:17
zOnnyjelkner:  is this a good size ?
jelknersince we don't have funds to hire anyone14:17
jelkner+1 zOnny 14:18
jelknerwhere is the flier about Sunday's cookout?14:18
jelknerthat needs to show up first14:18
jelknerotherwise, please deploy this now14:18
zOnnyI will load the image14:19
jelkner(as soon as you add in the Dany's flier)14:19
zOnnyjelkner: I just uploaded the cookout image14:21
jelknerso, next question14:28
jelknerzOnny, what can we do about those turquoise text squares?14:28
jelknerin the one that says "Get Your ID" that's great14:28
jelkneron the cookout it doesn't say anything, and we don't need it14:29
jelknercan you hide it?14:29
zOnny jelkner: those are the story titles14:29
jelkneri understand14:29
jelknerbut on the flier is it possible to make it invisible?14:29
jelknerwe have to ask Dany what to put as the caption for the demonstration picture14:30
zOnnyjelkner: sure14:30
zOnnyI can work on that14:30
jelknercan you get this deployed to the live site by our meeting at 5 pm?14:30
zOnnyjelkner: sure14:31
jelknerthnx, zOnny!14:31
zOnnyI also would like to check about our main navigation sticky bar 14:31
zOnnythis is still  pending in our _dev instance14:32
zOnnymost people are not admin or members in our website14:33
zOnnyI thinkt the sticky navigation should be the main navigation instead of the admin navigation14:33
jelknerzOnny, it would be better if you could show me14:34
jelknerperhaps next sunday?14:34
jelknersince i don't know what a navigation sticky bar is14:34
jelknerbesides, zOnny, at this point my main concern is getting this all to work on mobile devices14:35
jelknerso let's start with that user story14:35
zOnnyonce you are user or admin14:35
jelknerwork with mjsir911 to get the icon working14:35
zOnnythe admin navigation is scrollable14:36
zOnnybut the main navigation is static14:36
zOnnyjelkner: sure14:36
lelkneralfaroACTION is out to lunch bb in 40 min14:41
jelknerzOnny, i'm going to need to get Dany to fix the flier15:07
jelknerit has the wrong address15:07
jelknerand we need to make it fit fully in the slide show15:08
jelknerso don't deploy live yet, zOnny 15:09
jelknerwe need Dany to make the fixes first15:09
jelknerzOnny, what is your schedule today?15:09
jelknerDany gets here at 5 pm.15:09
jelknerWill you still be around?15:09
jelkneroh zOnny, where are you?15:12
jelknerreplaceafill, r u here?15:13
zOnnyjelkner: 15:17
zOnnyjelkner: I was working on the title display15:17
zOnnyjelkner: if there is an empty title display: none :)15:18
zOnnyjelkner: I mean carousel-caption 15:19
jelknerso, zOnny what time do you stop work today?15:33
jelkneri'm trying to figure out if i can get you and Dany coordinated to get this website ready15:34
jelknerthe cookout is less than a week away15:34
jelknerand we don't have it on ready yet15:34
zOnnyjelkner: I was planning to leave at 9:00 pm15:36
replaceafilljelkner, back from lunch15:37
zOnnyjelkner: if there are priorities let me know what I can do15:37
zOnnyreplaceafill: one quetion15:37
jelknergreat, zOnny, so i'll talk to Dany when she gets here.15:40
zOnnyjelkner: we can do this through irssi  15:42
replaceafillzOnny, need anything?15:48
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev15:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: not yet15:49
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev16:17
lelkneralfaroACTION calling it quits for the day17:25
replaceafillACTION signs off for the day18:11
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev19:02
jelknerzOnny, still here?19:29
jelknerDany should be home sooon19:30
jelknershe will fix the flier and get you versions in English and Spanish.19:30
jelknerI'm going to sign off for the day.19:30
jelknerACTION signs off.19:30
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev20:14
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev22:02

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