IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2018-08-22

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jelknergood morning zOnny and mjsir911 10:42
mjsir911good morning10:42
jelkneri'm heading back to DMV today10:44
zOnnygood morning jelkner 10:44
jelknerbtw.,  i've taken to calling us "Team DMV"10:44
jelknersince we have "Team Guanaco"10:45
jelkneri felt we needed a name for our dc area team ;-)10:45
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jelknermorning lelkneralfaro 11:01
lelkneralfarojelkner, hey11:01
jelknerjust setup stripe account, lelkneralfaro 11:03
lelkneralfarojelkner, cool thanks!11:04
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jelknerlelkneralfaro, can you help with this?11:29
jelkneri made a mistake naming my username jelkner11:29
jelkneron liberapay11:29
jelkneryou were much more astute choosing "freetoolsforfreedom"11:30
jelknerit looks like our group can not receive donations11:30
jelkneronly individuals with bank accounts associated can11:30
jelkneri did setup a stripe account for myself11:30
jelknerbut it would be better if we use yours11:31
lelkneralfarobecause it doesn't look good to have money going to "jelkner"?11:31
jelknerand have 100 % of donations to Libre Organize going to freetoolsforfreedom11:31
jelkneryou can edit your account name from Louis to NOVA Web Development too, i think11:32
jelkneryou can't change the user name11:32
jelkneryou can the label11:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, okay so I have to set up a stripe account with freetoolsforfreedom?11:32
jelkneri want to setup a $25 per week donation11:32
jelkneryou setup a stripe account linked to the novawebdevelopment bank account11:33
lelkneralfarojelkner, okay I'll get to it within the next 2 hours11:33
lelkneralfaroill let you know when complete11:33
jelkneri leave at around 1 pm to the airport11:35
jelknerso if you can't do before then, i'll try when i get back to DMV11:35
lelkneralfarosounds good11:36
jelknerzOnny, I'm watching:
jelkneryou have probably seen it already, yes?12:05
zOnnyjelkner: yes 12:05
jelknerwe are in the right place at the right time, zOnny 12:06
jelknerthis PWA thing is really important12:07
jelknerwe need to become masters12:07
zOnnyjelkner: for sure12:07
jelknerso we can market this ability as a key part of our service12:08
zOnnyjelkner: correct12:14
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zOnnyjelkner: look this
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