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jelkner!remind Ask zOnny to report on business plan10:24
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Big_BrotherAsk zOnny to report on business plan (jelkner) 10:24
jelkner!remind Ask mr_german to report on Libre Organize status10:24
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Big_BrotherAsk zOnny to report on business plan (jelkner) 10:24
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Big_BrotherAsk zOnny to report on business plan (jelkner) 10:59
Big_BrotherAsk zOnny to report on business plan (jelkner)11:00
zOnnyHello World!11:00
jelknersince mr_german isn't here11:04
jelkneri'll chair11:04
jelknerzOnny, can you please update us on the business plan?11:05
zOnnyHey everyone, I have been updating our NOVA Web development Business plan 11:05
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jelknergood morning hrodriguez, so great to see you!11:05
jelknerwe are going to be talking about you11:06
jelknerso i'm glad you're here11:06
hrodriguezGood morning jelkner 11:06
hrodriguezcool I'll be here for a while 11:06
jelknerwe finish at 11:30, hrodriguez 11:07
zOnnyin order to participate in this scholarship competition
jelkner(assuming zOnny gets going soon ;-)11:07
zOnnyI will submmit our business plan to them 11:07
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jelknergood morning nrcerna 11:07
jelknerdo you know where you're cousin is?11:07
jelknerhe is supposed to be chairing11:08
zOnnyI hope we are going to be one of the finalist to present our Business 11:08
nrcernaGood Morning jelkner, sorry but i dont11:08
jelknernp, nrcerna, not your responsibility11:08
zOnnythis is a good chance to me for promoting our business as well11:08
jelknerjust asking11:08
nrcernaOk jelkner11:09
zOnnythat's all for me by now11:09
jelknerzOnny, that is excellent news!11:09
zOnnyI will be working with hrodriguez on it11:09
jelkneri'm glad to see you taking advantage of the resources available to us11:09
jelknerthat may be just what we need to find business11:10
jelknerok, mr_german isn't here11:10
jelknerso that is it for the listed items11:10
zOnnyjelkner: 1+11:10
jelkneranything else?11:10
nrcernaI think i have nothing to share jelkener11:11
ubuntouristSo. hrodriguez I understand you're doing some chatting at PyCon this spring.  So, Business cards for you.11:11
jelknerubuntourist, we should get titles on the cards too11:11
jelknerso hrodriguez's card should say "business manager"11:12
hrodriguezubuntourist, yes i'll be doing it 11:12
ubuntouristAre replaceafill and mr_german definites? If so, I'll include them in the order as well.11:12
jelknershe has a charla in the works11:12
jelknerwe should really finalize that this week11:12
jelknerubuntourist, btw, your the only one not on our poster session yet11:12
hrodriguezjelkner, yes we can work on it this week 11:12
jelknerubuntourist, please create an account on pycon wiki11:13
jelknerso i can add you as a speaker11:13
jelknerhrodriguez, with help from replaceafill11:13
ubuntouristjelkner, I may already have one...11:13
jelknertranslated the poster session "Saving the World with Python"11:13
hrodriguezyeah jelkner 11:13
jelknerinto "Salvando el Mundo con Python"11:14
jelkneras a charla11:14
jelknerwe haven't submitted either one yet11:14
jelknerbut we should this week11:14
jelkneri was waiting for ubuntourist to have a look at it11:14
jelknerwe can do that today11:14
jelknerand i can submit11:14
jelknerthen the spanish speakers should go over the charla11:15
jelknerand once they all agree11:15
jelknersubmit that11:15
jelknernrcerna, you are on it, yes?11:15
ubuntouristjelkner, Apparently I don't. There appears to be nothing called "pycon wiki"...11:15
nrcernaYes jelkner11:15
jelknerso, hrodriguez, zOnny, and nrcerna, can the 3 of you talk about that?11:16
jelknergo over the charla11:16
jelknerget it the way you like it11:16
jelknerask replaceafill to review11:16
jelknerthen submit11:16
zOnnyjelkner: sure11:17
nrcernaOk jelkner11:17
hrodriguezthe one we started right ?11:17
jelkner+1 hrodriguez 11:17
hrodriguezooh sure jelkner 11:18
jelknerthat's it for today then11:18
jelkneri won't be here next sunday11:18
jelknerwho can chair?11:18
jelknernrcerna, can you?11:18
hrodriguezI wont have time to work on it today jelkner I have two meetings today 11:20
jelknernot today, hrodriguez 11:20
jelknerby next week11:20
jelknernrcerna, r u here?11:20
nrcernaI'm not sure if i'm going to be the next sunday, is possible that i need to go out  :( jelkner, family stuff11:20
jelknerok, can someone else chair?11:20
zOnnyI will11:20
jelknerubuntourist, just volunteered to chair11:21
jelknerwe want everyone to take a turn11:21
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jelknerpart of being a cooperative11:21
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:21
jelknerso ubuntourist it is11:21
zOnnyubuntourist: great11:21
jelknerlast call, anything else?11:22
nrcernanice 11:22
ubuntouristGet your !reminds in early and often.11:22
jelknerwill do, ubuntourist 11:22
jelknersince i'm not going to be here11:22
jelkneri'll pay added attention to making sure i participate async11:22
jelknerok, here nothing else...11:23
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:23
zOnnyhrodriguez: jelkner was telling about delaying the test11:24
hrodriguezzOnny, our test on tuesday 11:25
zOnnyhrodriguez: yep11:25
hrodriguezwhy zOnny 11:25
zOnnyhrodriguez: because the other team did not sent their notes11:26
hrodriguezwhat did he said about your notes 11:26
jelkneri'm glad you got a jump on it, hrodriguez and zOnny 11:26
jelkneri can tell from my conversation with zOnny on the way in here11:26
jelknerthat he learned a lot from the chapter11:27
jelknerso'll you be ready11:27
jelknerbut i think another week will help more11:27
jelkneri'm away next friday11:27
hrodriguezjelkner, yeah he has been studying hard 11:27
zOnnyjelkner: It is hard to think in Computer science perspective :(11:27
jelknerbut you're learning, zOnny 11:28
zOnnyjelkner: so far 11:28
hrodriguezjelkner, yeah computer science is hard 11:28
zOnnyjelkner: I am still processing the information  11:28
zOnnyhrodriguez: Once you get a chance
hrodriguezzOnny, what it is 11:31
zOnnyhrodriguez: the exercises of precal11:32
hrodriguezzOnny, did u finish already 11:32
hrodriguezI'm practicing rn but i have to go because of a meeting :(11:34
zOnnyhrodriguez: ok11:34
hrodriguezand when are we taking the test then ?11:34
zOnnyhrodriguez: we should share our notes with jelkner anyway11:34
hrodriguezooh i though you did it already :)11:35
zOnnyjelkner: when will be the test ?11:35
zOnnyhrodriguez: I didn't because you were trying to update it 11:36
zOnnyhrodriguez: I also attached you the slides 11:37
hrodriguezif he wants to see the notes lets do it since he change the test date i can do it tomorrow 11:37
hrodriguezzOnny, i saw it too thanks a lot 11:37
zOnnyhrodriguez: You are the driver remember :D11:38
hrodriguezI have to go zOnny thanks we'll be talking and see ya tomorrow 11:40
zOnnyhrodriguez: see u11:42
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm looking at
ubuntouristjelkner, No guarantees of course...11:52
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist 11:52
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zOnnyhey mr_german 13:05
mr_germanzOnny, sup13:05
zOnnymr_german: is everything ok ?13:05
zOnnymr_german: we just wonder your absence in our regular meeting13:09
mr_germanzOnny, my apologies for the delay and my absence.13:11
zOnnymr_german: np13:12
zOnnymr_german: I would like touch base about our re-design 13:12
zOnnymr_german: I would like to have a repo where both of us can contribute 13:13
mr_germanzOnny, yeah13:13
mr_germanzOnny, do you have have an idea about it13:14
mr_germanzOnny, i was thinking about that13:14
zOnnymr_german: yeah13:14
zOnnymr_german: we may want to set up a repo separated from Nova-base-theme13:15
mr_germanzOnny, how should be called?13:16
zOnnylibre-organize-base-theme ?13:16
mr_germanzOnny, 1+13:17
zOnnymr_german: not sure if it should be similar to frank repo13:18
zOnnymr_german: because frank includes both, yes ?13:18
mr_germanzOnny, frank is a repository with scripts13:19
zOnnymr_german: the theme design should be mainly in the tendenci themes13:19
mr_germanzOnny, without helios and attendace?13:19
zOnnymr_german: what you think ?13:21
zOnnymr_german: you have already made the attendance button enable and disable 13:22
zOnnymr_german: we need to make similar to it. if  we don't want to override tendenci13:22
zOnnymr_german: which are your ideas about it ?13:24
zOnnymr_german: can we meet tomorrow afternoon to clarify it ?13:26
zOnnymr_german: I am about to receive our ORMD customer soon13:26
mr_germanzOnny, sure13:27
mr_germanzOnny, what time you'll be able13:27
zOnnymr_german: we need to make a plan for having it soon13:27
zOnnymr_german: well, we need to start testing it 13:28
zOnnymr_german: tomorrow at 4:00 pm ?13:28
mr_germanzOnny, sure13:28
zOnnymr_german: cool13:29
zOnnymr_german: we have been requested to get it first. 13:31
mr_germanzOnny, k13:31
zOnnymr_german:  another question13:33
mr_germanzOnny, tell me13:33
zOnnymr_german: have you tested already the reCAPCHAT ?13:33
zOnnymr_german: I was testing it today13:33
zOnnymr_german: my local reCAPTCHA doesn't show the scroll bar :(13:34
mr_germanzOnny, not yet13:34
zOnnymr_german: I will get into it later to fix the scroll 13:35
zOnnymr_german: although replaceafill found some links about customizing it is not ease 13:36
mr_germanzOnny, i think so..13:36
mr_germanzOnny, it is google captcha13:37
zOnnymr_german: I wonder how he did to get the prod working without hard coding it13:37
mr_germanzOnny, good question13:38
zOnnymr_german: I will ask him tomorrow13:38
mr_germanzOnny, cool13:40
mr_germanzOnny, i have some ideas about the redesing for tomorrow13:40
mr_germanzOnny, ;)13:40
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zOnnymr_german: my internet just dropped13:52
mr_germanzOnny, np13:52
zOnnymr_german: I have another question13:52
zOnnymr_german: Did the Blog app that you where testing works ?13:53
mr_germanzOnny, yep, it just needs more work13:53
zOnnymr_german: more work, like ?13:54
zOnnymr_german: I just wonder if the customer will ask about it 13:55
mr_germanzOnny, work with categories13:55
zOnnymr_german: ah13:56
mr_germanzOnny, I this point i think that i have skills to work on that14:00
mr_germanzOnny, but, step by step14:00
mr_germanwe need to get redesign first14:00
zOnnymr_german: cool14:00
mr_germanzOnny, i know a little about django14:00
mr_germanzOnny, but, working with helios its a mess14:00
zOnnymr_german: ah14:01
zOnnymr_german: we should meet at least twice a week to update things14:02
mr_germanzOnny, yeas, we need to keep moving14:03
zOnnymr_german: you are getting better on this 14:14
mr_germanzOnny, on what exactly?14:15
zOnnymr_german: On Django stuff14:15
mr_germanzOnny, kind of14:15
mr_germani really like it14:15
zOnnymr_german: I have seen your PR to tendenci14:16
mr_germani have 3 already14:17
mr_germanmerged 14:17
zOnnymr_german: right :)14:17
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ubuntouristOnce more?14:43
ubuntouristStill seeing nothing.14:44
zOnnymr_german: are you around ?15:15
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