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jelknerGood morning, mr_german!10:58
jelknerreplaceafill, is mr_german around?10:59
replaceafilljelkner, yes10:59
mr_germanjelkner, hey10:59
jelknerdo you have 5 minutes now?10:59
jelkneri just emailed you to confirm 3:15 pm10:59
mr_germanjelkner, yes10:59
jelknerbut we can start now10:59
jelknerlet me know if this helps, and you'll need to discuss it with your uncle to find out more about it11:00
mr_germanjelkner, ok11:00
jelknerwe will be developing libre organize using what is called "agile" or "extreme programming" practices11:00
jelkneryou should take some time to become familiar with these11:01
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jelknerof particular importance in this regard is "the planning game"11:03
jelkneri will be the customer11:04
jelknerwe will developing a tool specifically for 4 customers, all of whom i can represent to some degree:11:04
jelkner1. Arlington Education Association11:04
jelkner2. Our Revolution Arlington11:04
jelkner3. NEA Members for Our Revolution11:05
jelkner4. NOVALACIRO11:05
jelknerwe need to get into a development rhythm in planning11:05
jelknerwhere we create "user stories"11:05
jelknerthat drive your activity11:05
jelknerthe document replaceafill wrote up is a great start11:06
jelknerwhat we need is a new versions of the 4 websites above that simplify the user interface and provide custom, reliable, simple menus to do what libre organize is supposed to do.11:07
mr_germanjelkner, yes, i know but, I still thinking about a desktop site with csm. I can't design an idea for an app right now.11:07
jelknerwhat do you mean by "an app"?11:07
mr_germanjelkner, ik that11:07
mr_germanjelkner, libre organize 11:07
jelknerwhat do you mean by "you can't design an idea for an app"?11:08
jelkneri don't understand the issue11:08
jelknerclass starts for me in 2 minutes11:09
mr_germanjelkner, i don't want to create our product like tendenci that's what i meant11:09
jelknerso we will have to continue this conversation then11:09
mr_germanjelkner, sure.11:09
mr_germanjelkner, we need edzon here11:09
jelknerokie dokie11:09
jelknerttya 3:15 pm11:09
mr_germansee you then11:10
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replaceafillmr_german, ping15:12
jelknerACTION is waiting for zOnny to plugin15:14
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jelknerokie dokie15:16
jelknermr_german, you drive, since you called for this meeting15:16
jelknerzOnny, you should look back in the irclogs for this morning15:16
jelknersince mr_german and i already started talking about it15:16
zOnnyjelkner: ok15:16
jelknerACTION actively twiddles his thumbs15:17
jelknermr_german, i'm under time pressure, my friend15:18
jelknerlet's roll15:18
zOnnyjelkner: I see15:18
mr_germanjelkner, cool15:19
zOnnymr_german: have you draw your ideas already ?15:19
mr_germanzOnny, well at this point i have a few progress that id like to share to you jelkner and zOnny 15:19
mr_germangive me a moment15:19
zOnnymr_german: cool15:19
mr_germanjelkner, zOnny this is a simple look of "profile"15:22
mr_germanjelkner, im trying to take away the cms or website concept of my mind15:24
zOnnymr_german: Does it has a Login somewhere ?15:25
zOnnymr_german: Oh, I see, you mean the user profile15:26
mr_germanzOnny, yes15:27
zOnnymr_german: this is great15:27
mr_germanzOnny, after you login, you'll see the profile15:27
mr_germanso.. i trying to make it the main part or something like that15:28
mr_germanzOnny, do you get my point?15:28
zOnnymr_german: yes15:29
mr_germanzOnny, jelkner i think that im going you help to get this "our product"15:31
zOnnymr_german: can you clear out what you mean with "The main part"15:32
mr_germanzOnny, i mean that "profile page" should be a main part about what users are involved, like "meetings, forums and elections"15:35
mr_germanas soon as they log in they should see all of that15:35
mr_germanzOnny, did you get it?15:35
zOnnymr_german: yes15:36
mr_germanzOnny, we should meet on sunday if you have time15:36
mr_germanmaybe you have some ideas about this15:36
zOnnymr_german: sure15:37
mr_germanzOnny, cool15:38
mr_germanjelkner, you still here?15:38
jelkneri am, mr_german 15:39
mr_germanjelkner, did you get my point15:41
jelknermr_german, i honestly don't know enough to have a good opinon on this15:42
jelknerzOnny is explaining that replaceafill is teaching you to do mobile first15:42
jelknerif that makes sense, go ahead15:42
jelkneri agree that mobile will be super important15:43
jelknerwe will need a functional desktop too15:43
jelknerbut if it is easier / more logical to develop the mobile view first, then that's what you should do15:43
jelknermy stories are going to be more like "I wan to be able to create a meeting in less than 5 minutes and have it appear on the site"15:44
jelkner"I want to be able to view member attendance histories"15:44
jelkneri'm not a designer15:44
mr_germanjelkner, yes15:45
jelknerso i have neither strong opinions nor good suggestions on that part of it15:45
jelknerfor me, it will be about data in / data out15:45
jelknerquickly and efficiently15:45
jelknertools for the revolution ;-)15:45
jelknerbut if it look nice, so much the better15:46
jelknerand i know mr_german and zOnny have good eyes for beauty15:46
mr_germanjelkner, i understand15:46
zOnnymr_german: your initial ideas are good for what users will see when they are going to login15:49
zOnnymr_german: I am thinking about how tendenci will fit on this new project15:54
mr_germanzOnny, you don't have to think about tendenci on this new project btw15:54
mr_germanzOnny, it is a new product15:55
zOnnymr_german: right15:55
zOnnymr_german: cool15:56
zOnnymr_german: I like how the user profile looks like, I don;t think I can get something better than that15:57
mr_germanzOnny, i had 4 days to get that idea lol15:57
zOnnymr_german: but it is progress my friend15:59
mr_germanzOnny, thanks!15:59
mr_germanzOnny, so.. lets' meet on sunday16:00
zOnnymr_german: sure16:00
mr_germanzOnny, thnx!16:01
zOnnymr_german: you are doing good man16:03
zOnnymr_german: do not feel stressed16:04
zOnnymr_german: good things always take time16:04
zOnnymr_german: this is a good step16:05
mr_germanzOnny, thnks you man16:07
zOnnymr_german: Glad to know that you are putting full time on this 16:09
mr_germanzOnny, thank16:09
zOnnymr_german: I am taking too much classes right now, it is really hard for me focus 16:09
mr_germanzOnny, im trying to focus16:11
mr_germannow that i am here with replaceafill  x)16:11
zOnnymr_german: cool16:14
zOnnymr_german: you will learn a lot close to him16:16
mr_germanzOnny, yes. well time to go for me!16:16
mr_germansee you then my friend!16:16
mr_germanzOnny, 16:16
zOnnymr_german: see u16:20
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