IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2018-12-21

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zOnnygood morning replaceafill 11:09
replaceafillhey zOnny 11:46
replaceafillzOnny, sorry i missed your message11:46
replaceafillzOnny, i'm starting to hate this ubuntu 18.04 so much...11:46
zOnnyreplaceafill: Why ?11:47
replaceafillzOnny, i got used to Unity too much11:48
replaceafillzOnny, and 18.04 has gnome instead11:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah11:48
replaceafillzOnny, so i'm missing irc notifications now11:49
replaceafillzOnny, how's the server setup going?11:49
replaceafillzOnny, were you able to log in as admin?11:49
zOnnyreplaceafill: yep11:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: seems to work fine11:51
replaceafillzOnny, great11:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: So, How you did it11:52
replaceafillzOnny, i switched the configuration from mod_rewrite to mod_proxy11:52
replaceafillzOnny, there's something "new" going on either with the apache version in 18.04 or gunicorn 19.9.011:53
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah11:53
zOnnyreplaceafill: Did you fix it in the repo ?12:07
replaceafillzOnny, no, i want to find out what's happening exactly before12:17
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:17
replaceafillzOnny, i'll probably create a dummy site next week12:17
replaceafillzOnny, as i told you before i've tested the playbook *locally*12:17
replaceafillzOnny, but never tested it "online"12:18
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah 12:25
zOnnyreplaceafill: next week I will be online 12:26
zOnnyreplaceafill: so12:44
replaceafillzOnny, yes?12:44
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will test changing theme branches12:45
replaceafillzOnny, ah ok12:45
replaceafillzOnny, that's documented, right?12:45
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes12:45
replaceafillzOnny, cool12:45
replaceafillzOnny, don't forget to use the theme tag12:45
replaceafillzOnny, after you change vars.yml12:46
replaceafillzOnny, let me know if it works12:46
zOnnyreplaceafill: ?12:46
replaceafillzOnny, in vars.yml you set up the repo + branch12:46
replaceafillzOnny, then run the site.yml playbook passing tags="theme"12:46
replaceafillzOnny, iirc12:46
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah12:46
replaceafillzOnny, that should be the way it's documented12:47
replaceafillzOnny, otherwise it's a bug :)12:47
replaceafillzOnny, i'm looking at something else at the moment12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: cool12:47
replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch12:59
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