IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2018-12-25

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zOnnyhello  GFbot 12:25
GFbotzOnny: hello12:26
zOnnyGFbot: are u busy ?12:27
GFbotzOnny: no12:29
GFbotwhat do you need12:29
zOnnyGFbot: I am trying to find a solution to restart the mdlatinocaucus server :(12:35
GFbotzOnny: give me a moment12:37
zOnnyGFbot: ok12:38
GFbotzOnny: you there?13:03
zOnnyGFbot: yes13:03
GFbotzOnny: can you add my ssh to the server?13:04
zOnnyGFbot: sure13:05
zOnnyGFbot: thereis a way that I can get you pub_key ?13:07
GFboti'll send it to you13:07
GFbotcheck gmail13:07
zOnnyGFbot: I haven't received yet13:09
GFbotyou know how to add ssh to the server right?13:10
zOnnyGFbot: yep 13:10
zOnnyGFbot: Hopefully :/13:10
GFbotzOnny: check ur email13:10
zOnnyGFbot: I have the key from your Gitlab13:11
GFbotadd the new one13:12
GFbotthat i send to you13:12
zOnnyGFbot: try13:12
zOnnyGFbot: so ?13:13
GFbotdid u add it?13:13
zOnnyGFbot: yep13:13
GFbotsend me the ip13:13
GFbotand the user13:13
GFbotto ssh13:13
zOnnyyou got it in the Hangouts13:14
GFbotzOnny: it works!13:18
zOnnyGFbot: Did u fixed ?13:18
GFbotwhat's the link of the weebsite13:20
GFbotyou know where's the venv installed?13:21
zOnnyGFbot: HOld on13:21
zOnnyGFbot: Good question13:25
zOnnyGFbot: there is not venv :/13:29
GFbotzOnny: im working on that13:31
zOnnyGFbot: are u creating a new one ?13:32
GFbotzOnny: no man, no idea13:40
GFbothow restart tendenci13:40
GFbotbut, the venv is located in /srv/tendenci/13:40
zOnnyGFbot: ah13:40
zOnnyGFbot: I will request repleafill help on this13:41
zOnnyGFbot: I need to deploy the site this week :/13:42
GFbotzOnny: ik13:42
zOnnyGFbot: It works! 15:47
GFbotzOnny: what did you do?15:49
zOnnyGFbot: We did not pay attention what replaceafill mentioned about it in our last meeting15:50
zOnnyGFbot: it was sudo service tendenci-mdlatinocaucus_org restart15:50
GFbotnow it works!15:51
zOnnyGFbot: yes15:51

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