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Big_BrotherPlan for 2019 given latest personnel changes (jelkner) 08:45
jelkner!remind "MD Latino Caucus and updating our website"08:46
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Big_BrotherPlan for 2019 given latest personnel changes (jelkner) 08:46
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jelknerGood morning, replaceafill!10:39
replaceafillgood morning jelkner 10:41
jelknerI'm working my way through the transition from Ubuntu to Debian10:42
jelknerI have a laptop setup that I'm going to try to use regularly, to see how well it works.10:43
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jelknerGood morning, ubuntourist!10:47
jelknerGood call on staying home today, btw.10:47
jelknerThe snow looks beautiful outside my window, ubuntourist, but I'm glad I'm not out in it ;-)10:48
ubuntouristACTION catches his breath and waits for his heart rate to drop (and yawns).10:48
ubuntourist"Getting healthy will kill me."10:48
Big_BrotherPlan for 2019 given latest personnel changes (jelkner) 10:49
ubuntouristjelkner, When I left Rochester and friends / family said I'd miss it, I replied (specifically regarding winter):10:50
ubuntourist"Send me a postcard. I'll send you a shovel."10:50
ubuntourist(i.e. it's "beautiful" as long as it's far from me.  I still find it not even that beautiful. Give me spring any day, followed by a Shenandoah autumn in the #2 slot.)10:52
jelknerbut i still find the view outside my window beautiful10:53
jelknerit's only "far from me" in a technical sense10:53
jelknersince i'm inside and its outside10:53
jelkneranyway, i imagine you haven't heard, German is no longer working with us, ubuntourist 10:54
ubuntourist"Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow." -- Frank Zappa 10:54
jelknerso we have a lot to talk about regarding our path forward10:54
jelknerzOnny is 100% committed to make the coop work, but we now have no redundancy10:54
ubuntouristjelkner, I had not.  But in an e-mail message this week, you(?) CC'd someone unfamiliar. Maybe in a message to Rick?10:55
jelknera precarious situation10:55
jelknerwe will be working to address that as best we can at ACC10:55
jelkneri'm planning to step down from a number of my activist responsibilities10:56
jelknerso i can focus on becoming back up for zOnny10:56
jelknernow is a good time to do that anyway10:57
jelknersince we have already established good working relationships with many folks in the DMV progressive latinx community10:57
jelknerJocelyn from the MD Latino caucus sent us a referral this morning10:58
ubuntouristI guess I need to get back to DuoLingo. ;-)10:58
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ubuntouristBTW the unfamiliar name: Joe Johnson <>10:58
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jelknerGood morning DG123 and zOnny!10:59
jelknermjsir911, are you here?10:59
mjsir911yep, present10:59
zOnnygood morning jelkner 10:59
jelknerGood morning to you, too!10:59
DG123morning all10:59
Big_BrotherPlan for 2019 given latest personnel changes (jelkner)11:00
ubuntourist"Hail and well met!" (an archaic greeting)11:00
mjsir911okay, so four minutes early. ping replaceafill11:00
replaceafillpong mjsir911 11:00
jelknerit's only 2 minutes early by my clock, mjsir911 11:01
mjsir911so jelkner: do you want to get #2 out of the way quickly, knowing that #1 will take up the majority of our meeting?11:01
jelknergood call11:01
ubuntourist"Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future" -- The Steve Miller Band11:02
jelknerzOnny, we are planning to go to central library today, yes?11:02
jelkneri want to work on updating our website11:02
zOnnyjelkner: Is it open ?11:02
jelkneri think so11:02
jelknerwe can check11:02
jelknerotherwise we can work by phone11:02
zOnnyjelkner: It is closed 11:02
jelknerzOnny, can you please paste a link to the MD Latino Caucus website here?11:03
replaceafillreally nice design zOnny 11:03
jelknerShe sent us the following quote: "El equipo de NOVA Web Development es más que simplemente desarrolladores web, son socios en la lucha por la igualdad y la justicia."11:03
jelknerWe should get that up tan pronto que sea posible11:04
ubuntouristWow! That's the first time I've seen it. Hot damn111:04
jelknerShe also sent us a referral11:04
jelknerzOnny, we need to follow up on that11:04
jelkneri don't want to get into the weeds11:04
jelknerso that's all i have11:04
jelknerjust wanted folks to know what we're up to11:04
jelknerCelina will want her website back as well11:05
zOnnyjelkner: It is already in our site11:05
jelknersince she is running for reelection11:05
jelkneroh, you are fast!11:05
jelknerACTION done11:05
ubuntouristQ: Who did the captioning of the video? Did it arrive captioned? (I'm guessing "Yes".)11:05
jelknerzOnny, that's a question for you11:06
zOnnyubuntourist: yes11:06
ubuntourist(I'll look at the site more later.)11:06
ubuntouristACTION is done with that topic.11:07
jelknerping mjsir911 11:08
mjsir911okay, so on to #111:08
mjsir911plan for 2019 w/ personell changes11:08
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jelknerGerman has decided not to continue working with NOVA Web Development for the present11:09
jelknerzOnny and i have been talking a lot about this11:09
jelknersince it means we have only him as a full time developer for now11:09
jelknerwe need to build in some redundancy, so that zOnny can take vacation, get sick, etc. when he needs to11:10
jelknersince i'm the only one we can get for free11:10
jelkneri'm going to bite the bullet (as the saying goes) and learn to be zOnny's backup11:10
jelknerwe will at the same time be looking for additional young interns who are interested in what we are doing11:11
jelknerso the focus between now and summer's end is to keep getting new CMS customers (which zOnny can handle on his own)11:11
jelknermaintain the current libre organize folks we have11:12
jelkner(aea, ora, novalaciro, nea4or)11:12
jelknerbut not take on any new ones until we are ready11:12
jelknerthat's the plan i'd like to propose11:12
mjsir911none from me11:13
ubuntouristjelkner, Any candidates for interns from outside of the ACC, given the love between NWD and the DMV Latinx community?11:13
jelknerzOnny is going to talk to amanuel, who is "outside ACC", since he graduated 2 years ago11:14
jelknerbut i don't know any potential interns outside ACC11:14
jelknerdo you, ubuntourist?11:14
jelknermy insular world revolves mostly around school11:15
jelknerand activism, but not many geeks there11:15
jelknerremember, we are bringing 16 young folks to pycon this year11:16
ubuntouristjelkner, Ah. That last answered my question, I think. I was thinking perhaps there were young under-employed folks in the activist communities you hang with.11:16
jelknerthe biggest group of "potentials" (jelkner thinks about Neo's first visit to the Oracle) we have had yet.11:16
jelknerthat's all i have11:17
jelknerzOnny, what do you think?11:17
zOnnyjelkner: I agree11:17
ubuntouristRight, I keep forgetting about the Cleveland Caravan.  Speaking of planning...11:17
ubuntouristjelkner, And -- dare I ask -- any changes in Isaac's Liberia situation / status?11:18
jelknergood question, ubuntourist 11:18
jelknerHe is still waiting11:18
jelknerSince they decided they couldn't get rid of the previous appointees from the outgoing administration11:18
jelknerthings are blocked for the time being11:18
jelknerso we need to put that on the back burner11:19
jelknerit may pop up when we least expect it11:19
jelknerbut we can't wait for it11:19
jelknerubuntourist, you didn't put Sound Advice on the agenda11:20
jelknerbut given the possibility of working with nrcerna on it11:20
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm more worried about it popping up at a point where we can't drop something less lucrative for something more lucrative, potentially. Do you know the cycle of administrations there?11:20
jelknerit fits with this agenda item11:20
ubuntouristjelkner, OK. Right. Sound Advice....11:20
jelknerubuntourist, i can explain in more detail later11:21
ubuntouristMy situation is still "unclear". Dragana is officially retired now and was talking of travel and moving to NYC. However, last week she showed up and gave me tasks, as usual.11:21
jelknerSo no Blender exploration yet?11:22
ubuntouristBut I have no official contact at Gallaudet... The chair of the department seems pretty uninterested in the project. However, David -- the we met one Sunday -- is off doing his dissertation defense yea verily even as we chat.11:23
jelknerso you and isaac are both in limbo11:23
jelknerbtw. 8 minutes left11:24
jelknerDG123, do you have anything to say about taxes?11:24
ubuntouristSo, I expect to see him in the coming week and nail down whether or not he's my new contact.11:24
jelknerthis is your chance to communicate with ubuntourist 11:24
jelknerand i know he cares about that11:24
jelknermjsir911, you too11:24
jelknerwe can talk about it next Sunday11:24
jelknerbut DG123, tell folks in advance if you need info from them11:25
DG123I have 90% of NWD's taxes filed and 100% paid11:25
DG123for 201811:25
ubuntouristDG123, including DC taxes?11:26
DG123For Q1 2019, I think I'll add z0nny as an employee so we can get him paid easier, and if z0nny has sent in an invoice for Maryland Latino Caucus work I'll take a look at that as soon as it's on Drive11:26
jelknerthat invoice is paid already11:27
jelknerlelkner-alfaro sent it11:27
jelknerzOnny, if you have it11:27
DG123ubuntourist, DC yearly taxes are done, but DC for some reason doesn't allow eFile (could by why there was trouble with it in the past) so I have to print out all the docs and mail them in11:27
jelknerplease send it to me so i can post it on the drive11:27
DG123jelkner, alright I will mark that as paid 11:28
DG123ubuntourist, but the payment is completed for DC taxes11:28
ubuntouristDG123, "for some reason" = "It's DC -- Dysfunctional City". ;-011:29
jelknermjsir911, we need a chair for next week11:29
ubuntouristBriefly: Blender: While I think it is worth pursuing, Dragana put other priorities higher. It's just that I'm not sure if she is in a position to set priorities any more.11:29
jelknerit was supposed to be German11:29
mjsir911we do, any volunteers? DG123?11:29
DG123ubuntourist, apparently so11:29
jelknerbut i don't expect he will be here11:29
ubuntouristACTION is done on that.11:29
ubuntouristACTION raises his hand11:30
mjsir911that works, ubuntourist for chair next week11:30
jelknerand nrcerna, could you chair the week after that?11:30
nrcernaYes :) 11:30
ubuntouristACTION does not step backward fast enough when volunteers are asked for11:30
jelknernrcerna, replaceafill, any chance we could hangout briefly afterward?11:31
mjsir911ACTION drops the bag of gravel11:31
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:31
jelknersee y'all next week11:31
replaceafillthank you everybody11:31
ubuntouristmjsir911, Does "remind" take reminders for next week immediately after 11:00 this week?11:31
DG123see you then11:31
zOnnymjsir911: are you busy ?11:32
ubuntouristWell, then, I think a new agenda item 0 is in order.11:32
replaceafillnrcerna, can you hang out with jelkner and me?11:32
ubuntourist!remind Chair for 2019.01.20: Ubuntourist11:32
Big_Brother"Chair for 2019.01.20: Ubuntourist" added to message queue11:32
zOnnyreplaceafill: after you meeting can we chat about event-sign ?11:33
zOnnyreplaceafill: cool11:33
ubuntouristjelkner, shall I stay or are nrcerna, replaceafill and you chatting about something unrelated?11:34
ubuntouristjelkner, Oops. I see you said "Hangout". Ne'er mind.11:35
ubuntouristACTION (and Elvis) have left the building. Ciao!11:36
jelknerreplaceafill, nrcerna, just sent a hangout invite11:36
jelknerdid you get it?11:36
replaceafilljelkner, nope11:37
jelknerhold on please, technical issues11:37
replaceafilljelkner, but i don't know if nrcerna is still around11:37
replaceafilljelkner, or if she has hangout capability11:38
nrcernaMe too, I'm from my phone and I don't have WiFi replaceafill 11:38
nrcernaCan I call you now on your direct line? @replaceafill 11:39
replaceafillnrcerna, we'll catch up with you later11:39
nrcernaOk 11:39
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zOnnymjsir911: are you here ?11:44
mjsir911I am11:44
mjsir911what's up?11:44
replaceafillnrcerna, calling your cell11:51
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev11:55
replaceafillzOnny, back12:29
replaceafillzOnny, you still around?12:29
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes12:36
zOnnyreplaceafill: I was finishing a call12:37
zOnnyreplaceafill: are u here ?12:37
replaceafillzOnny, yes12:37
replaceafillzOnny, what do you need?12:38
zOnnyreplaceafill: I would like to know how to activate the sign-in12:38
replaceafillzOnny, it's already active12:38
replaceafillzOnny, i don't think you need to do too much for tomorrow12:38
replaceafillzOnny, we haven't changed anything since the last monthly meeting12:39
zOnnyreplaceafill: uhmmmm ok12:39
replaceafillzOnny, i just changed the start of the event to 6:30 pm12:40
replaceafillzOnny, so you should see the button appear *before* the meeting actually starts12:40
replaceafillzOnny, and that'll give you some time to react if things don't work12:40
replaceafillzOnny, we did the same last month12:40
replaceafillzOnny, and remember to use the Roster Report of the event12:41
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:41
replaceafillzOnny, to see if anyone has clicked the button12:41
replaceafillsign-in button12:41
replaceafillzOnny, they should appear there12:42
replaceafillzOnny, so if you see a couple of people there means the button is working12:42
replaceafillzOnny, makes sense?12:42
zOnnyreplaceafill: If it doesn't appear where I should look at ?12:42
replaceafillzOnny, i usually look at the apache logs12:42
replaceafillzOnny, in the server12:42
replaceafillzOnny, but don't worry12:43
replaceafillzOnny, oh and you could double check the event pricing settings12:43
replaceafillzOnny, they all seem fine to me12:43
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:44
replaceafillpayment required: no12:44
replaceafillsane dates12:44
replaceafillpublic  can use pricing12:44
replaceafillno group12:44
replaceafilli just enabled registration12:45
replaceafillonce you're very confortable with django12:45
replaceafilli'd like to explain you how the button works12:45
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:45
replaceafilland more importantly how it should be improved12:45
replaceafillthat'd be a good pycon sprint ;)12:45
zOnnyreplaceafill: right12:46
replaceafillzOnny, i don't think i'll be around tomorrow during the meeting time12:46
zOnnyreplaceafill: so I will keep on track of the roster report 12:46
replaceafillzOnny, +112:46
replaceafillzOnny, again, as soon as you see a couple of people there12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will12:47
replaceafillzOnny, means everything is working12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok12:47
replaceafillzOnny, anything else you need to discuss?12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: I have another question12:47
replaceafillzOnny, yes?12:47
zOnnyreplaceafill: Where is celina Benite repo ?12:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: She wants it back 12:48
zOnnyreplaceafill: I guess she want to keep the same but with updated content12:48
replaceafillzOnny, hhmm12:48
replaceafillzOnny, iirc it's on bitbucket12:49
replaceafillzOnny, let me check12:49
replaceafillzOnny, and i remember i uploaded something from bitbucket for you some time ago12:49
replaceafillzOnny, to our drive12:49
replaceafillzOnny, because you couldn't see it12:49
zOnnyreplaceafill: right12:49
replaceafillsometimes it pays to write documentation ;)12:50
replaceafillalso not sure if that's the "latest" site12:51
replaceafillzOnny, can you see that?12:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes12:51
replaceafillzOnny, depending on the budget for this12:51
replaceafillzOnny, you should consider doing this in tendenci12:52
zOnnyreplaceafill: Is the server still active ?12:52
replaceafillzOnny, you're getting really good at it12:52
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will ask jelkner 12:52
replaceafillzOnny, and having "unicorn" projects like this doesn't make sense12:52
replaceafillzOnny, i think their server got shut down12:52
replaceafillzOnny, because was never paid12:52
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah another reason to start with tendenci12:52
replaceafillzOnny, i mean their webfaction account was disabled12:52
replaceafillzOnny, let me check12:53
replaceafillzOnny, see the server inventory sheet12:53
replaceafillNO PAYMENT SOURCE12:53
replaceafillzOnny, we do have
replaceafillzOnny, yeah ,those webfaction credentials don't work anymore12:54
replaceafillzOnny, regarding dns12:54
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah12:54
replaceafillzOnny, i'll update that doc12:55
replaceafillzOnny, hold on12:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: I see12:57
replaceafillzOnny, it seems at some point we did a tendenci server12:57
zOnnyreplaceafill: really ?12:58
replaceafilljelkner, you around?12:59
zOnnyreplaceafill: but we are going to start with tendenci1112:59
replaceafillzOnny, you should talk to them and ask them if they want their old design back13:00
replaceafillzOnny, if they do you'll need to make it work somehow13:00
replaceafillzOnny, to see it to be able to port it13:00
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah13:00
replaceafillzOnny, talk to jelkner if you should do that before talking to them13:00
replaceafillzOnny, so you can propose better alternatives13:00
replaceafillzOnny, or at least give them a more accurate estimate13:01
replaceafillzOnny, it'll be hard for you to estimate if you have no idea how their "old" site looked like13:01
zOnnyreplaceafill: jelkner, mentioned they would like their site back. with updated content.13:01
replaceafillzOnny, yeah, but that seems vague to me13:02
replaceafillzOnny, updated content could mean design for clients13:02
replaceafillzOnny, not just paragraphs and pictures13:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: I see13:05
zOnnyjelkner: are you around ?13:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: as you know as a candidates they are busy providing what we need13:06
replaceafillzOnny, yes13:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: would be difficult get back her site ?13:07
replaceafillzOnny, that's for you to answer my friend13:08
replaceafillzOnny, you're going to do it13:08
zOnnyreplaceafill: due the case they want the old site, I meant13:08
replaceafillzOnny, it seems that bitbucket has instructions how to do that13:09
replaceafillzOnny, not sure if they're up to date though13:09
replaceafillzOnny, we also seem to have this
replaceafillzOnny, but iirc that's a sandbox for Louie to try things for them13:10
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah 13:10
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will ask jelkner about it13:10
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will keep you udapted on this.13:11
replaceafillzOnny, cool13:11
replaceafillzOnny, last thing13:11
zOnnyreplaceafill: so tomorrow will you  be around ?13:11
replaceafilli don't think i said it before13:12
replaceafillyou should consider tranferring the dns out of jelkner's account13:12
replaceafilli don't think jelkner will have a problem you having those credentials13:12
zOnnyreplaceafill: how was that ?13:12
replaceafillbut i want to confirm with him first13:12
replaceafilljelkner has a lot of his domains under tierra.net13:12
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah13:13
replaceafillit's a provider like namecheap13:13
replaceafillcelina's domain is there13:13
zOnnyreplaceafill: I see13:13
replaceafillthe idea is that all client projects should be handled by a shared novawebdev's dns account13:13
replaceafilllike what you did for the latino caucus, abby's, etc13:13
zOnnyreplaceafill: right13:13
replaceafillso since you're the lead developer now13:14
zOnnyreplaceafill: we are start doing it13:14
replaceafillbe aware that having all of these scattered around is not a good idea13:14
replaceafillwe want it all under a single umbrella (account)13:14
replaceafillunder a single provider13:14
zOnnyreplaceafill: I cannot take that title confidently without you man13:14
replaceafillyou have to :P13:15
replaceafillit's not a priority13:15
replaceafillbut it'd be a "nice to have" when there's a chance13:15
replaceafilli'm sure jelkner will understand once you explain13:15
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will talk to him tomorrow13:15
replaceafillzOnny, kk13:15
replaceafillzOnny, do you have a bitbucket account?13:16
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes 13:16
replaceafillzOnny, what's your username13:17
replaceafillzOnny, i'm going to add you to the novawebdev team13:17
zOnnyreplaceafill: my user name is edzon quinteros13:18
replaceafillwith a space?13:18
replaceafill"edzon quinteros"?13:18
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes13:18
replaceafillUser not found, please use email address13:19
replaceafillzOnny, we're talking bitbucket, right?13:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: edzon.quinteros@gmail.com13:19 that is13:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: right13:19
replaceafillYour team needs space for 1 users to complete this action, but the team is currently on the 5 user plan.13:19
replaceafillwe're cheap!13:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: you mentined it before13:20
zOnnyreplaceafill: I remember you told that one member wasn't working anymore13:20
replaceafillhold on, trying to add you differently13:21
replaceafillbitbucket feels XX century :D13:22
zOnnyreplaceafill: :D13:22
replaceafillzOnny, it seemed to work13:23
replaceafillzOnny, did you get an email?13:23
zOnnyreplaceafill: right13:23
replaceafillzOnny, your bickbucket username is zOnny...13:26
replaceafillanyway i think i need to go13:26
zOnnyreplaceafill: where ?13:26
replaceafillzOnny, "home" :)13:26
replaceafillzOnny, i need to go offline13:26
replaceafillto buy groceries for the week ;)13:26
zOnnyreplaceafill: cool13:26
zOnnyreplaceafill: thanks13:26
replaceafillif you need me in IRC tomorrow email me13:26
replaceafilli don't come here much anymore, unless i need to13:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: sure13:27
replaceafillzOnny, ttyl13:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: see u13:27
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