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Big_BrotherAsk replacefill to tell us about his new job. (jelkner) 10:24
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ubuntourist!remind We need a true sales representative. Developers do not necessarily make good sales reps.10:41
Big_Brother"We need a true sales representative. Developers do not necessarily make good sales reps." added to message queue10:41
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Big_BrotherAsk replacefill to tell us about his new job. (jelkner)11:00
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Big_BrotherWe need a true sales representative. Developers do not necessarily make good sales reps. (ubuntourist)11:00
replaceafillnrcerna, are you around?11:00
jelknerGood morning everyone!11:01
replaceafillgood morning!11:01
nrcernareplaceafill: Good morning11:01
replaceafillglad you could make it nrcerna 11:01
nrcernareplaceafill: happy to be here11:01
nrcernaGood morning everyone11:03
DG123good morning11:03
zOnnyHello World!11:03
ubuntourist(Re-hi) ;-)11:04
jelknernrcerna, you know you're chairing, right?11:04
jelknerwe are waiting for you to start the show11:05
nrcernaok, first item on agenda, we want to ask replaceafill about his new job11:05
replaceafillanything in particular you want to know jelkner?11:06
jelkneri just wanted to give everyone a chance to hear what you are doing, who you are working for, and how you like it11:06
jelknerso far11:06
replaceafillah sure11:06
replaceafilli'm working on archivematica, software for digital preservation11:07
replaceafillit's developed mostly in django11:07
replaceafillit's kind of old, around 10 years now11:07
replaceafillit'd developed by a canadian company called arterfactual systems11:07
replaceafilland it's going very well so far11:08
replaceafilllots of learning11:08
replaceafillbut the most important part so far for me is the people11:08
replaceafillvery welcoming folks11:08
replaceafillmade me feel part of "the family" since day one11:08
replaceafillACTION done11:08
nrcernareplaceafill: nice!+111:08
jelknerand you produce free software, yes?11:09
jelknerthanks, replaceafill 11:09
replaceafilleverything we do is free software11:09
replaceafillthanks for asking :)11:09
nrcernanice to read that replaceafill 11:10
replaceafillnrcerna, move on to next item?11:11
nrcernasecond item on the agenda, ask replaceafill about Unify letsencrypt email notifications11:11
replaceafillah sure11:11
replaceafillwe're missing some renewal notifications about our ssl certificates11:12
replaceafill*i* missed one last week in AEA11:12
replaceafillso i was thinking of creating a new mailbox in webfaction11:12
replaceafillwhich developers or anybody could "subscribe"11:12
replaceafilllike our info@ or support@ addresses11:13
mjsir911admin@ would work well, no?11:13
replaceafillmjsir911, i'd like something specific for letsencrypt11:13
replaceafillletsencrypt@ ?11:13
ubuntouristmjsir911, +111:14
replaceafilland then we need to update all the certs to use the new address11:14
replaceafilli'll try to work on that today11:14
replaceafilli think that's it on this item?11:15
nrcernathank you for the info replaceafill, next item ask about Share recent VEA PAC story and how it relates to Libre Organize to jelkner 11:15
jelknerok, i'll make it quick11:15
jelkneri got a phone call from the VEA-PAC chair in Richmond11:16
jelknerthey wanted our local pac (political action committee) to make a decision on a candidate endorsement11:16
jelknerand gave only a few days to do it.11:16
jelknersince we are so small, we were able to do it the old fashioned way11:17
jelknerbut it wouldn't scale unless we had something like libreorganize11:17
jelknerso yet another example of the utility of that once we get it working11:17
jelknerACTION done11:17
nrcernathank you jelkner, last item Ask Diego about 1099s11:18
replaceafillnrcerna, second to last item ;)11:18
nrcernaups my bad11:18
DG123Alright, I this item has to do a little more with w-9's for us11:19
jelknerit's w-4's vs. w-9's, right?11:19
jelkneri never understood this11:19
jelknerwhich is better, etc.11:19
DG123After an email conversation with one of our clients, I think it's best for NWD's credibility and customer satisfaction if we send w-9's to customers11:20
DG123This is something a little different from w-411:20
ubuntourist(For the unenlightened: Income tax forms, BTW.)11:20
DG123w-9 is used to give tax info to a client so that they can file with the IRS that they paid us for services11:21
DG123Using a 109911:21
jelknerDG123, can we have a work session on this next sunday?11:21
jelkneryou'll have to do one for joe youcha, right?11:21
DG123So to wrap it up, I'm just letting everyone know that every time we finish working for a client, we should send a w-911:21
jelknerand that is due at the end of january11:21
jelknerso go ahead11:22
DG123jelkner, yes I did the JoeYoucha one on Friday11:22
jelknerbut can we spend real time on this next sunday, DG123?11:22
jelknerwe need more than just you to understand what is happening11:22
DG123jelkner, yes11:22
jelknerand the other person needs to be me, i guess11:22
DG123Ok, that sounds good11:23
jelknerDG123, i'll put a reminder on our agenda in a few hours11:23
nrcernathanks for the info DG123, next item, We need a true sales representative11:24
jelkneri'd like to thank ubuntourist for bringing this up, but we unfortunately are not in a position to do anything about it11:24
jelknertrue though it certainly is11:24
ubuntouristSo. I was speaking with zOnny about the business cards and he said now jelkner said to add a phone number.11:25
jelknerubuntourist, zOnny is doing his own marketing11:25
jelknermuch as chris hedrick did the 2 years he was nova web development11:25
jelknerhe needs his personal phone number on his cards11:25
jelknerso folks can contact him11:26
jelknerthat, for now, is the only way this can work11:26
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:26
jelknerwe have a friend in maryland asking for cards11:26
jelknerwe can't send them to joseline with no phone number on them11:27
jelknerat this point, i would say only zOnny needs that11:27
jelknerlater, of course, ubuntourist, we need to imagine ourselves in an office of our own, with a proper sales manager and a proper phone number11:28
jelknerACTION imagines my dreaming causing ubuntourist to have sleepless nights ;-)11:28
jelknerbut right now we need to help keep zOnny afloat11:29
jelknerACTION done11:29
ubuntouristOK. I will redesign the card...11:30
ubuntouristACTION done11:30
ubuntouristBefore we forget: Chair for next week?11:30
jelknerDG123, you want have a go at it?11:30
DG123Sure, I'll give it a try11:31
jelknernrcerna, your final act is to...11:31
ubuntourist!remind Chair for 2019.02.03 = DG123 11:31
Big_Brother"Chair for 2019.02.03 = DG123" added to message queue11:31
nrcernaok, before we finish, does anyone have something to add or comment?11:33
ubuntouristACTION has nothing to add11:34
replaceafillACTION done11:34
jelknerACTION done11:34
mjsir911ACTION done11:34
nrcernaok, then we finished here, thank´s to everyone have nice week11:35
nrcerna ;-)11:36
jelknernrcerna, we have a tradition, going back to tom hoffman11:36
jelknerwhen you want to bring the meeting to a close11:36
replaceafillthank you nrcerna, remember we always drop the bag of gravel at the end of meetings11:36
jelkneryes, thanks nrcerna!11:36
nrcernayour welcome jelkner, nrcerna drop the bag of gravel 11:37
replaceafillthat works for me :D11:38
jelknerzOnny, mjsir911 DG123 ubuntourist, i'm looking forward to being back on campus with you next sunday11:38
jelkneri need to get back to prep for the new semester11:38
DG123see you then, jelkner11:38
jelknerhave a great week, everyone11:38
nrcernareplaceafill: I don´t know how to do it in the fashion way hehe11:39
jelkneryou did well, nrcerna 11:39
replaceafillnrcerna, that's fine11:39
replaceafillnrcerna, you can just start the sentence with "/me"11:39
replaceafillACTION done11:39
jelknerhasta la proxima domingo11:39
replaceafillACTION something something11:39
jelknerACTION signs off11:40
replaceafillnrcerna, and that's what adds your nickname to the beginning11:40
nrcernareplaceafill: thank you I will use it next time 11:40
replaceafilllater jelkner 11:40
replaceafillnrcerna, +111:40
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