IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-02-17

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Big_Brothermjsir911 chair for 2/17 meeting (jelkner) 10:55
zOnnyGood morning nrcerna 10:56
Big_Brothermjsir911 chair for 2/17 meeting (jelkner)10:57
zOnnyHello World!10:57
zOnnyAssuming that everyone is off today.11:00
nrcernaGm zOnny 11:00
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zOnnyI just want to report that the ORA election ended successfully11:00
nrcernaThat's Great zOnny 11:02
zOnnyThere anyone who likes to share ? 11:02
zOnnyDG123: Good morning11:05
DG123we've decided that an LLC might be a better type of organization for NWD for several reasons, I'm currently working on getting a possible change to our legal status on that. That should make NWD more inclusive and easier for members to be paid.11:05
DG123that's what I have to share for this week11:05
DG123good morning zonny11:05
zOnnyDG123: cool11:06
zOnnyDG123: That are great news, I guess that will be in our agenda for the next meeting 11:08
DG123yeah it will, I've written up a doc on our google drive outlining a bunch of stuff as per jelkner's request, so it's going along well11:09
zOnnyDG123: thanks. 11:11
zOnnynrcerna: how are you doing with html and css ?11:13
zOnnynrcerna: let me know if you need help or tutorial to best learning. 11:16
zOnnywell, in reference that most of our members are absent, we may end up the meeting early.11:17
zOnnyAny voluteer for chairing the next meeting?11:18
zOnnyif nobody, I will take it.11:19
zOnnyDG123: thanks for you report.11:21
zOnnydrop the bag of gravel 11:22
zOnnyEnjoy your weekend. 11:23
zOnnysee u next week. 11:23
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