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jelknerGood morning Doisaac!10:27
DoisaacGood morning, Jeff!10:27
jelknerdo you want to start a few minutes early?10:27
DoisaacYes No problem10:28
jelknerso, how are things going with you unix cli study?10:28
jelknerdo you think you are ready to manage a shell account?10:28
Doisaacoh i already finished it 10:28
jelknergreat, so you are ready for the shell account, right?10:29
Doisaacyeah i will try it,10:29
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jelknerso what is your full name, Doisaac?10:30
jelknerDouglas what?10:30
DoisaacDouglas Isaac Barrera Magaña10:30
jelknerso following unix conventionsw10:30
jelkneri'm going to make your username: dbarrera10:31
Doisaacok 10:31
Doisaaclater the meeting may i ask you something about the course?10:32
jelknerlets start with getting you logged in10:33
jelknerand changing your password10:33
jelknerso run:10:33
jelknerssh dbarrera@students.gctaa.net10:33
jelknerthe password for now is the city where you live, all lower case with no spaces10:33
jelkneryou need to change it right away10:33
jelknertry to log in10:34
Doisaacin the termimal ?10:34
Doisaacthe password you said is salvador ?10:36
Doisaacor santa ana10:36
jelknerthe 2nd one10:36
jelknerno space between the two words10:36
jelknerdo you know how to change your password?10:37
Doisaacno i don't10:37
jelknerat the $ prompt10:37
jelknerrun passwd10:37
jelknerit will ask you for your current password10:37
jelknerand then for you to enter the new password twice10:38
Big_Brother2019.03.24 Chair = mjsir911 (ubuntourist) 10:38
jelknerso it is changed?10:39
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Doisaaci think i'm doit incorrectly10:39
jelkneryou type passwd at the $10:40
jelknerit will ask you for your current password10:40
jelknerand then for the new one twice10:40
Doisaacyea and then10:40
jelknerthen nothing10:40
Doisaaci put the new?10:40
jelknerif it doesn't complain10:40
jelknerit worked10:40
jelknerunix is not a "chatty" operating system10:41
jelknerno news is good news ;-)10:41
jelknerit you don't get an error10:41
jelknerit worked10:41
Doisaacit said password changed10:41
jelknerthe great10:41
jelknerlog out10:41
jelknerand ssh back in10:41
jelknerwith the new password10:41
jelknerjust to make sure all is good10:41
jelkneri'm going to setup your web directory10:42
Doisaactell me how i log out please10:42
jelkneryou can either type "exit"10:42
jelkneror hold the Control key and press d10:42
Doisaaci will enter now10:43
jelknerlet me know when you are in10:44
Doisaacpermission denied10:45
jelknerso something when wrong with the password reset10:46
Doisaaci think i typed bad10:46
jelkneri can reset it10:46
Doisaacyeah wait sorry10:46
Doisaacok please 10:46
jelknerso i put it back to what is was10:47
jelknerplease login and change it10:47
jelknerhow is it going?10:49
jelknerour meeting starts in 10 minutes10:49
Doisaacconcection refused10:49
jelknerlet me try10:49
jelknerit works for me10:50
jelknerdo you live near DG123?10:51
jelknerwe can do this again when he can help you10:51
jelkneri was able to ssh in10:51
jelknerwith your account10:51
jelkneri need to change the password if you can't10:51
jelknersince we can't leave it the way it is10:52
jelkneranyone looking at our irc log could just login with your account10:52
Doisaacit said the same10:52
jelknerit said the same?10:52
jelknerit don't understand10:52
Doisaacconnect to host port 22: Connection refused10:52
Doisaacit say10:52
jelknerdid you put ?10:53
jelkner$ ssh dbarrara@students.gctaa.net10:53
Doisaacyeah but before ssh10:53
jelknerthat works for me10:53
jelkneryou don't write the $10:53
jelknerthat's the bash prompt10:53
Doisaacthe terminal have it10:53
jelknerDG123, are you here?10:54
jelknernever mind10:54
jelknerDoisaac, i had a brain fart10:54
jelkneri thought DG123 was German10:54
jelknerit is Diego10:54
jelknerwho is here with me ;-)10:54
jelknerso he can't help you10:54
DG123hello there10:54
jelknerthere are only a few minutes left until our meeting10:55
jelknerlet's do this10:55
jelkner1. I'm going to change you password now10:55
jelknerso you won't be able to login10:55
jelkner2. Email me the questions we didn't have time to discuss10:55
jelknerDo you live near German?10:55
Doisaacno very near but 10:56
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Doisaacit's  no far10:56
jelkneri hope he will will be at our meeting10:57
jelknerif not, we need to setup a time when you and he can be in the same place10:57
jelknerso he can help you10:57
Big_Brother2019.03.24 Chair = mjsir911 (ubuntourist) 10:58
DoisaacOh ok10:58
jelknerDoisaac, same time next week?10:58
mjsir911whoops, that was me10:58
mjsir911that is not meeting start10:58
Big_Brother2019-03-24 10:58:26.24969110:58
jelknerDoisaac, same time next week?10:58
DoisaacSure Jeff10:58
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Doisaacthank you10:59
jelknerGood morning nrcerna!10:59
nrcernaGood Morning jelkner 10:59
Big_Brother2019.03.24 Chair = mjsir911 (ubuntourist)11:00
mjsir911Good morning, everybody11:00
nrcernaGood Morning! 11:00
mjsir911ubuntourist will be on in a second, he's having a bit of connection problems11:00
jelknernrcerna, do you know if you cousin will be here this morning?11:01
jelknernrcerna, could you call him by phone?11:02
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nrcernaI don't know jelkner  I'm going to call him11:03
jelknerGood morning GFbot 11:03
nrcernaHe is here11:03
mjsir911lets postpone the meeting for ten minutes, if that's alright with everyone?11:03
jelknernever mind, nrcerna ;-)11:03
GFbotgood morning jelkner 11:03
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GFbotam i late? :D11:03
jelknerGFbot, how close do you live to Doissac?11:03
mjsir911whoops, never mind11:03
jelknerYou're not late11:04
mjsir911meeting time, everyone11:04
GFbotnot too close jelkner 11:04
jelkneroh, ok11:04
GFbot20 minutes in car11:04
ubuntouristSo... 11:04
jelknerlet's talk after the meeting11:04
ubuntouristI'm here but who knows for how long?11:04
mjsir9111st agenda item: Reminder: Contact Evergreen(?) Co-Op / Cleveland Model folks to nail down a time to meet11:05
jelknerubuntourist, i looked at the schedule11:05
ubuntouristSo. PyCon: We're hoping to get a visit to Evergreen Co-op while there. I just want to keep it on people's radar and make sure Evergreen knows we're coming to visit.11:05
jelknersunday morning is the best time for us to try to visit them11:05
jelknerdo you want to reach out to her?11:06
jelkneror do you want me to?11:06
ubuntouristLast year the had a thing come up.  This year we can give them sufficient lead time.11:06
ubuntouristjelkner, you've already established connection and have the political philosophy to speak the lingo.11:07
jelknerubuntourist, we gave them sufficient lead time last year11:08
jelknerwe had it all setup11:08
jelknerthey aquired a new industrial laundry with 100 new members11:08
ubuntouristjelkner, (You contact ... because ^ see above.)11:08
jelknerthe week before our meeting11:08
jelknerso, she had to cancel11:08
jelknerok, i'll contact her11:08
jelknerACTION done11:08
ubuntouristACTION is done with that.11:08
mjsir911ok, agenda item #211:09
mjsir911radar: eastern conference for workplace democracy in baltimore this fall ( for ubuntourist11:09
jelknerthis is a good opportunity for us11:09
jelknerthe dc area folks should go11:09
jelknerespecially since LibreOrganize will be ready to show by then! (jelkner crosses his fingers and toes ;-)11:10
ubuntouristjelkner et al asked me about getting control of "dark fiber" in Arlington, and I reached out to my contacts for info. One of them is in Baltimore and now involved in co-ops.11:10
ubuntouristHe recommended the ECWD and said he'd be attending.11:11
jelknerwow, ubuntourist, that's good to kow11:11
ubuntouristACTION is done with that too.11:12
jelknerACTION done11:12
mjsir911anythin else?11:12
mjsir911so, chair for next week?11:12
GFbotI want to talk about our progress this week jelkner 11:13
mjsir911ok, GFbot can chair for next week, hrodriguez for the week after that11:13
mjsir911ACTION drops the bag of gravel11:13
ubuntourist!remind 2019.03.31 chair = GFBot11:13
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jelknergreat, another 10 minute meeting11:13
jelknerwe rock11:13
jelknerthanks, mjsir911!11:13
GFbotcan i start :D?11:14
jelknerGFbot, i want to figure out how to help Doisaac get into students.gctaa.net11:14
jelknerhe his having troubles11:14
jelknerand since i'm not there, i can't see what's going on11:14
GFbotwhat kind of problems11:14
jelkneri don't fully understand11:15
jelkneri created a shell account for him11:15
jelknerhe logged in11:15
jelknerhe reset his password11:15
jelknerthen he couldn't login again11:15
jelkneri resent his password back11:15
jelkneri could login as him11:15
jelknerbut he still couldn't login11:15
GFbotmmm weird11:15
jelknerso i don't know what he is doing11:15
jelknersomeone needs to be there to watch11:16
GFbotjelkner: as i told I live 20 minutes from him11:16
jelknerso, i can email the two of you a password11:16
jelknerand then you could arrange to go meet with him at your convenience11:17
jelknerwould that work?11:17
GFbotjelkner: for sure11:17
jelknerGFbot, it would be great if he could login easily before our meeting next Sunday11:17
jelknerDoisaac, i put up a hello world page for you:11:17
GFbotjelkner: i can take care of that11:18
GFbotthis week11:18
Doisaacoh thank you11:18
Doisaacand what it is?11:19
Doisaacoh a web page11:19
jelknerthat's what we want to do with this site ;-)11:21
jelkneri just emailed you the credentials11:21
Doisaaci tried to enter again and now it said : Connection closed by port 2211:21
Doisaacoh okay i will be pending11:22
GFbotjelkner: did zOnny show you our work with ora11:22
zOnnyGFbot: I haven't11:23
zOnnyGFbot: yet11:23
GFbotzOnny: you should show him our work11:23
GFbotif he likes we can do it with aea11:23
jelknerno, GFbot 11:24
jelknernot yet11:24
jelknerbut he told me about it11:24
jelknerGFbot, can you show me?11:25
jelknerzOnny is helping hrodriguez 11:25
GFbotjelkner: yep, basiclly11:26
GFbotwe did something great with the megamenu this week11:27
jelkneri heard11:27
jelknercan you point me to a server i can see?11:27
GFbotits not on server 11:27
GFbotits online in Ora11:27
GFbotjelkner: https://ourrevolutionarlington.us11:27
jelkneri'm confused11:27
jelknerthat is a server11:27
jelknerlet me look11:28
GFbotjelkner: right but, I thought a dev-server11:29
jelknerGFbot, this is *GREAT*!!!!11:32
GFbotas a user11:32
jelknerLibreOrganize is moving forward11:32
GFbotyou don't have megamenu anymore11:32
GFbotjust as superadmin11:33
GFbotit displays the same in helios11:33
jelknerthis is great11:34
GFbotjelkner: it was a headache but, we did it11:34
GFbotjelkner: now, im asking you to move this progress to AEA11:35
GFbotif everything its ok for you 11:35
jelknerso, zOnny and i were just talking about whether to put the link on the left or the right11:35
GFbotfor me its looks ok in both11:38
GFbotit doesnt matter for me11:38
jelknerhe said you two talked about it for 1/2 an hour ;-)11:39
jelkneri think we want the customers (not me) to decide11:39
jelknerbut, i do have a suggestion11:40
jelkneri want the buttons to be used as notifiers11:40
jelknerso, with elections, for example, when there is a new election, the button should change color11:40
jelknerwhen there is an event signin, the button should change (like it does)11:40
jelknerwe need to think through this11:41
jelknerbut the purpose of LibreOrganize is to make participation by busy people in the work of the organization *much* easier11:41
jelknerthink Facebook workflow11:41
jelkneryou take two minutes in the morning and check your LibreOrganize link11:41
jelknerthere are elections, events, and forums11:42
jelknerwhen there is something new, it lets you see immediately11:42
jelknerso you don't waste time looking when there is nothing new11:42
jelknermake sense?11:42
jelkneri'm not sure exactly how to do this11:42
jelknerbut that is our challenge11:43
jelknerwhat you just did is a big step11:43
jelknermy next story would be:11:43
jelknerI want to see the elections link in a different color when there is an election i haven't voted in yet11:43
jelknerdoes that make sense, GFbot?11:44
jelknerDoisaac, did you get my email?11:44
Doisaacdid you get mine?11:45
jelknerACTION goes to read his email11:45
GFbotjelkner: got it11:45
GFboti think we are going to need a bit of help11:46
GFbotof repleceafill11:46
GFbotbut, I understand what you need :)11:46
Doisaacyou reset the password rigth?11:47
Doisaacbecause now i have to type it but i don't know which it is.11:48
jelknerit is in the email, Doisaac 11:50
jelknerask GFbot 11:51
jelknerhe got the same email11:51
jelknerhe can explain better than me maybe11:51
Doisaacok I will ask him, Thank you11:51
jelknerhe is on here now11:51
jelknergive him a call11:52
jelknerso we can maybe get this done by the time we leave here today11:52
GFbotjelkner: login in ssh?11:54
Doisaacmigth you give the phone number?11:54
GFbotthats what you mean?11:54
Doisaacyes i can't enter for the password11:55
GFbotoh ok11:55
jelknerGFbot, Doisaac habla en español hermanos, por favor!11:57
jelknerGFbot, can you call Doisaac on the phone and see if you can guide him through logging in11:58
jelknerusing the info in the email i sent11:58
DoisaacEstá Bien11:58
GFbotDoisaac: dame un momento12:00
GFbottermino de desayunar.12:00
GFboty me llamas12:00
DoisaacEstá Bien, Me escribes tu número por favor12:01
GFbotcelular o fijo?12:02
Doisaaccelular está bien12:02
GFbotDoisaac: 12:08
jelknerestamos aqui por dos horas mas12:08
jelknermas o menos12:08
GFbotjelkner: yes12:08
jelknerseria bueno si pudieras terminar esto antes de nosotros salir de aqui12:09
Doisaacde acuerdo12:18
GFbotDoisaac: llamame al celular12:26
Doisaacno por video?12:27
GFbotjelkner: are you around12:33
GFbotI can login to the account but i think his ip got ban when he tryed too many times12:35
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jelknerI'm back, GFbot 12:53
jelknerI was at a phone meeting12:53
jelknerfor novalaciro12:53
jelknerwhat's up?12:53
jelkneryes, that's the problem12:55
jelkneri can unban it, apparently12:56
jelknerbut i would need Doisaac'12:56
GFbotjelkner: yep thats the problem12:56
jelknerDoisaac's ip address12:56
GFbotoh cool12:56
GFbotlet me get that for you12:56
jelknermjsir911 is here explaining this to me12:56
Doisaaci'm here12:56
jelkneri need to unban it12:56
GFbotjelkner: check your emails12:58
jelknerok, it looks like it was banned13:01
jelknerbut it's not any more13:01
jelknerit only gets banned for a short time13:01
jelkneri think an hour13:01
jelknerbut anyway, you should be able to login now, Doisaac 13:01
GFbotjelkner: now it says "permission denied (publickey, password)"13:04
jelknerGFbot, i think he is typing his user name wrong13:14
GFbotoh wait13:14
jelknerhe needs to type: ssh nbarrera@students.gctaa.net13:14
jelknerin the log, it says you typed three r's ;-)13:15
jelkneryou typed dbarrrera13:15
jelknernot dbarrera13:16
GFbotits nbarrera13:16
GFbotjelkner: 13:16
jelknerhe typed dbarrrera@students.gctaa.net13:17
jelknerthere is an extra r in there13:17
jelknerI'm looking at the log on the machine13:18
jelknerwhich show him being rejected13:18
GFbotim on it13:18
GFbothold on13:18
jelknerthere is no user dbarrrera ;-)13:18
GFbotit works13:18
GFbotjelkner: 13:18
Doisaacdone Jeff13:19
jelknerthanks, GFbot!13:20
GFbotjelkner: np13:20
jelknerDoisaac, what were those questions you wanted to ask me?13:20
jelknernow that you have access to a web server13:20
Doisaacabou 13:21
jelknerand you have started learning basic bash commands13:21
jelkneryou are ready for the next step13:21
jelknerGetting Down with HTML13:21
Doisaacabout"HTML VALID"13:21
jelknerwe also want to talk about translating it13:21
jelknerManos a la Obra con HTML13:21
jelknerbut all in good time13:21
jelknercool, about HTML Valid13:21
jelknerwhat about it?13:22
Doisaaci was reading Getting Down with HTML13:22
jelkneryes, Doisaac?13:23
DoisaacIt's because i do these practice which the book said13:23
jelknernice, that's what i am asking you to do13:23
Doisaacand the "HTML Valid "13:23
jelknerdoesn't work on your local machine13:23
Doisaacis not green when i opend it13:23
Doisaacit color show red and not green13:24
GFbotjelkner: oh i forgot13:24
GFbotcan we continue with AEA13:25
GFbotas we did with ora13:25
jelknerDoisaac, if you click the validation link there, it's green13:27
jelknerGFbot is talking to me, Doisaac13:27
Doisaacyeah but i said with the page i was creating13:27
jelkneryou bet, GFbot 13:27
jelkneryou and zOnny *are* novawebdevelopment13:28
jelknercarry on!13:28
GFbotjelkner: right13:28
GFbotwell, im going to talk with zOnny about that13:28
GFbotthanks jelkner 13:28
zOnnyGFbot: I'm back13:29
zOnnyGFbot: I have been getting feedback about elections button13:32
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