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replaceafillhello jelkner Doisaac 10:40
DoisaacGood Morning replaceafill, Jeff.10:41
jelknerGood morning!10:41
jelknerMy bad, Douglas, I thought you weren't here.10:42
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replaceafillACTION goes back to get breakfast :)10:42
jelknerHow are you doing?10:42
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jelknerDoisaac, how are you doing with your study?10:43
Doisaacwell, rigth now I 'm studing10:44
DoisaacGetting Down with CSS10:44
DoisaacLESSON 210:44
jelknerso, in lesson 2, you will make a new file named gdw.html10:44
jelknerdo you want to send a few minutes talking about the workflow?10:45
Doisaacyeah, sure10:45
jelknerDoisaac, you should do all your work for now on students.gctaa.net10:47
jelknerthat way i can see it10:47
jelknerso ssh into students.gctaa.net10:47
Doisaacwait please10:47
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jelkneryes, i see you10:49
jelknerso, when the lesson says "Copy minimal_page.html to gdw.html"10:49
jelkneryou should actually do:10:49
jelkner$ cp min.html gdw.html10:49
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jelknerfrom inside your public_html directory10:49
DoisaacI was doing that with GDW HTML10:50
jelknernot sure i understand10:50
jelkneri am in your public_html directory10:50
jelkneri only see 2 files: min.html and index.html10:50
jelkneronce you get to the exercises in lesson 210:50
jelkneri should see a third file: gdw.html10:51
Doisaaci 'm starting GDW CSS10:51
jelknerwhere are all your files from GDW HTML?10:51
jelknerThey aren't here10:51
Doisaacin  desk10:52
DoisaacEscritorio 10:52
jelknerSo, your assignment for next week10:52
jelkneris to change that10:52
jelknerput them all on students.gctaa.net10:52
jelknerso that I can see them10:52
jelknerdo that *before* starting gdw css10:52
Doisaacoh ok can you tell me how can i put it, in the server.?10:53
Doisaaco CSS is going to teach it?10:53
jelknerno, GDW Unix CLI was supposed to do that10:54
jelknerwe need to slow down10:54
jelknersince these basic "survival skills" need to come first10:54
Doisaacoh ,of course10:54
Doisaacso For next week i will have it more clear...10:55
jelknerTo be fair, that tutorial is not really complete10:55
jelkneris supposed to help you learn that10:55
jelknerbut i haven't tested it well10:56
jelknerwhen i teach my students in class i am always with them10:56
jelknerso i can walk them through things step-by-step10:56
jelknerwhich CLI editor did you decide to learn?10:56
jelknernano or vim?10:56
jelkneryou should definitely learn to use one of these10:57
Doisaacnano 10:57
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jelkneri'm going to learn nano better next week10:57
jelknerubuntourist is demanding i do that10:57
jelknerand now you are giving me a practical reason10:57
DoisaacOh Cool10:57
jelknerso by next sunday i'll be able to help you with nano10:57
Doisaacgreat, Thank you10:58
jelknerso, we are about to start our meeting10:58
jelknernext sunday i won't wait 10 minutes to start10:58
jelkneri didn't recognize you were here10:58
jelknersorry about that10:58
jelknerwe will start promptly at 10:30 am10:59
jelknerand we will work on students.gctaa.net10:59
Doisaacsure ,  I will study more this week , no problem :)10:59
jelknertry to redo the lessons10:59
jelkneron students.gctaa.net10:59
jelknerso you do *everything* through the cli10:59
jelknerso for now, go back to lesson 2 of gdw html10:59
jelkner$ cp min.html gdw.html10:59
Big_Brother2019.03.31 chair = GFBot (ubuntourist)11:00
jelknerand edit it with nano11:00
jelknernext week, Doisaac 11:00
Doisaacsee you , thanks 11:00
GFbotGood morning everyone o/11:00
replaceafillgood morning!11:00
jelknerGood morning GFbot!11:00
DG123Good morning11:00
hrodriguezGood Morning Everyone!11:00
zOnnyHello World! :D11:01
GFbotits good to be on chair again :D11:01
ubuntouristGFbot, in the "hot seat" ;-)11:01
GFbotwe can start with the first item ;)11:02
GFbot"Summer plans - Part I"11:02
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jelknerso that's me11:02
GFbotgo ahead jelkner 11:02
jelknerGFbot, replaceafill, nrcerna, can we talk briefly after meeting about some of the details of where i stay, etc?11:02
jelknerthat's not of general concern11:02
jelknerso we should discuss that after meeting11:03
GFbotjelkner: 1+ cool11:03
jelknerwhat is of general concern is planning for possible interns11:03
nrcernaOK :) 11:03
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:03
jelkneri have one definite and one possible senior experience intern for us11:03
jelknerto make use of their 3 weeks of volunteer time effectively, we need to plan11:04
jelknerhere is what i am thinking11:04
jelknerwe need a "LibreOrganize Book"11:04
jelknerala the "SchoolTool Book"11:04
jelkneri can't even find that anymore, sadly11:04
jelknersince is down11:05
jelknerbut i was thinking that would be the best use of interns11:05
ubuntouristjelkner, 5 most important words? ;-)11:05
jelkneruse sphinx to start creating a beautiful user manual for us11:05
jelknerwhat to folks think?11:05
ubuntourist(For the rest of you, Flint's "What are the five most important words in the English language?" Answer: "Did you back it up?")11:06
replaceafilljelkner, in case you need it in the future:
jelknerthanks, replaceafill 11:06
jelknerwe will need it11:06
jelknerisaac plans to use ST in liberia11:06
jelknerdon't sweet, replaceafill, he knows he can't have any new features!11:07
jelknerbut thanks to mjsir911, VDOE is still using it11:07
jelknerand it is dockerized11:07
jelknerso he can use it safely "as is"11:07
jelkneranyway, replaceafill, zOnny, GFbot, what say you about our readiness to begin working on docs?11:08
jelkneruser docs, i mean11:08
replaceafilli think it depends on how "stable" you consider the UI11:08
jelknerthat's why i'm bringing this up, my friend11:08
jelknersenior experience will be last week in may and first two weeks in june11:09
jelknercan we be ready to give the interns useful tasks by then?11:09
replaceafillthat's a question for zOnny 11:09
jelknerand would this be a good thing to ask them to do?11:09
zOnnyjelkner: let's talk after11:10
jelknerACTION done11:10
GFbotnext item11:10
GFbot"Report back on phone call with Vijay."11:10
jelknerthat's me again11:11
jelkneri and a delightful conversation with Vijay last night11:11
jelknerhe is a Maryland activist with DSA.11:11
jelknerHe heard about our coop from the Democracy at Work group in DC11:11
jelknerubuntourist and i attended their meetings and introduced ourselves11:12
jelknerso that appears to have paid off11:12
jelknerMontgomery County Maryland elected a very progressive County Executive last November11:12
jelknerMarc Erlich11:13
ubuntouristjelkner, Should thank them for the referral (or at least mention it to them).11:13
jelknerthey are in ongoing conversations with him about how to support cooperatives11:13
jelkneri will, ubuntourist, thanks!11:13
jelkneranyway, they are basically being asked by Marc to "bring him a proposal he can act on"11:14
jelknerso they are in the process of exploring what that looks like11:14
jelkneri mentioned to Vijay that if a municipality would hire NOVA Web Development to do their website, that would be a big help to us11:14
jelknerhe got that immediately11:14
jelknerhe is going to setup a meeting with me and the other folks with whom he is working for later this month11:15
jelknerso, to be continued....11:15
jelknerACTION done11:15
GFbotnext item11:16
GFbot"Report back on VEA convention as regards future web needs."11:16
jelknerme again11:16
jelknersince no one else posted any times this week :-(11:16
jelknerAs i mentioned in my email11:17
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jelknerThe idea and importance of using the web for organizing came up yet again this year11:17
jelknerand in even greater focus than last year11:17
jelknerthis is something that won't go away11:17
jelknerand imho presents us with our biggest hope for LibreOrganize to play a useful role11:18
jelknerto do this effectively11:18
jelkneri realize we will need to address the contradictory requirements of:11:19
jelkner1. allowing activists to find each other and work together11:19
jelkner2. protecting their privacy from folks who would use their info to do them harm11:19
jelknerthat is going to be the big challenge11:19
jelkneri think it is possible11:20
jelknerbut will require a solid design11:20
jelknerand increased skills on our part11:20
ubuntouristSpeaking of organizing... we're reasonably happy with IRC but I hear so many groups wanting Slack. (Mattermost is one of the FLOSS Slack challengers, but no one uses it.)11:20
jelknerunderstanding data modeling, security, etc.11:20
ubuntouristSo, building in some sort of Slack-like / IRC-like features at some future date may be something to keep on the radar.11:20
jelknergood point, ubuntourist 11:21
jelkneri assume you mean mattermost11:21
jelknersince slack is not people's software11:21
ubuntourist(interactive chatting with logging, within the app, for registered, logged in users.)11:21
jelknerA big +!11:22
jelknerthat would be the kind of thing LibreOrganize should support11:22
jelkneronly for members with accounts11:22
jelknerACTION done11:23
GFbotanything else?11:23
ubuntouristBefore people hang up. For you Hexchat users who haven't done so, do now:11:24
ubuntouristSet your real name by going to Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced (under Chatting) and type your "Real Name" in the "Real name" box halfway down the page.11:24
jelknerThanks, ubuntourist!11:24
GFbotwell i have something to share about our work with zOnny 11:25
ubuntourist!remind Chair 2019.04.07: hrodriguez 11:25
Big_Brother"Chair 2019.04.07: hrodriguez" added to message queue11:25
ubuntouristGFbot, go ahead11:25
GFbotsince we have included some "upgrades" to ORA and AEA, zOnny and I were having problems with making "elections" item colored when a elections is running11:26
GFbotso, maybe replaceafill would be help helpful at this point11:26
zOnnyGFbot: +1 :D11:27
replaceafillGFbot, sure i can stay a bit after all the meetings11:27
replaceafilland discuss that11:27
GFbotthats all from me11:27
jelknerso, GFbot, now would be a great time to drop the bag and get working!11:28
GFbotACTION drops the bag of gravel11:28
jelknerThanks, GFbot!11:28
replaceafillthank you German11:28
GFbotnp :D11:28
jelknernrcerna, can i ask you a question about your email?11:28
nrcernaYes 11:28
jelkneras you know, i have my plane ticket11:29
jelknerare you saying you have a place for me to stay?11:29
jelknermauricio told me i could stay at his place11:29
jelknerbut i don't know where that is yet11:30
nrcernaSi,  como mencioné en el correo la casa de mi abuela esta disponible, ella viaja la mitad del año y la casa estará sola 11:30
jelknery durante el verano esta disponible?11:31
jelknerjulio y la primer parte de agosto?11:31
nrcernaSi estará disponible 11:31
nrcernaElla viene hasta en diciembre 11:31
replaceafillnrcerna, que tan seguro es el IVU a esta altura?11:31
replaceafillnrcerna, es tan "seguro" como jardines del tecana...?11:32
nrcernaFijate que donde ella vive si es seguro, 11:32
jelknerreplaceafill, GFbot, nrcerna, can i ask you all to coordinate this?11:32
nrcernaNo hay problemas de robo o cosas por el estilo 11:32
nrcernaEstá bien11:32
jelknerhere is what we need:11:32
replaceafillpuede llegar German o Douglas Barrera a visitar sin que les pase nada?11:32
nrcernaSi, ambos pueden llegar 11:33
replaceafillhhmm ok11:33
jelkner1. A place for GFbot and I to work on a daily basis from 8 or 9 am until 5 or 6 pm11:33
jelkner2. Convenient for GFbot and me to get to, and with reliable internet11:33
jelkner3. Assuming nrcerna is not working at another job at that point, she could join us too11:34
jelknerin fact, we should discuss funding that during july and first two weeks of august11:34
jelknerso that all three of us could work full time11:34
jelkneri arrive july 811:35
replaceafilljelkner, since i won't be around most of the time, id' like the 3 of you take safety conditions into account11:35
replaceafilljelkner, santa ana is not as dangerous as san salvador11:35
jelkneri am relying on the local folks to make decisions about where11:35
jelknerthat's what i am asking11:35
replaceafilljelkner, but there are some areas where i wouldn't send German or Douglas11:35
replaceafillor Natalia for that matter11:35
jelkneri'm more in line with replaceafill's wife11:36
jelknersince i know replaceafill tends to be a "worry wart" as we say ;-)11:36
jelknerbut i leave that up to you all11:36
jelknermy resources are limited11:36
jelknerso cheap is very important11:36
jelkneranyway, i don't know where mauricio's house is11:37
replaceafilljelkner, why don't you find out?11:37
jelkneri could send an email introducing him to nrcerna and GFbot and let the 4 of you work this all out11:37
jelknerdo we want to get space at the shared office space nrcerna told us about?11:38
replaceafillnrcerna, la casa de tu abuela tiene conexion?11:38
jelknerwe could get one if it doesn't11:38
jelknerwe have time11:38
jelkneri can pay for that11:38
jelknerso we just need to consider the options11:38
nrcernaEse es el asunto, en este momento no hay Internet, pero porfía haber una probabilidad de solucionar eso11:38
nrcernaPodría *11:39
jelknerordenar servicio, verdad?11:39
replaceafillesta inactivo el servicio?11:39
nrcernaHablando yo con ella para poder contratarlo.11:39
replaceafilljelkner, it can be tricky to get service for a short amount of time11:40
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, esta la casa de sus abuela cerca?11:40
GFbotnrcerna: ahora los contratos o servicios estan más baratos.11:40
nrcernaDe hecho, nunca lo han puesto y es una necesidad que tengo al rededor de lo que va del año en querer apoyar 11:40
nrcernaEstá a 5 mins de tu casa GFbot 11:41
replaceafillnrcerna, perate, como?11:41
replaceafillnrcerna, de cual casa estas hablando?11:41
nrcernaDe la del IVU11:41
GFbotpero yo no vivo en el ivu11:41
replaceafillnrcerna, como esta a 5 mins de GFbot ?11:42
nrcernaEn carro est a 5 mins11:42
replaceafillen carro volador!11:42
nrcernaNooo, en el mio jaja11:42
replaceafillbueno, con solo que sea seguro el lugar11:42
replaceafillGerman puede llegar11:42
replaceafilla una hora determinada11:42
replaceafillnrcerna, cuantos cuartos tiene?11:43
replaceafillnrcerna, y son "usables"?11:43
replaceafilltalvez podriamos pensar en mudar a German mejor11:43
jelknerbueno, nrcerna, GFbot, pueden ustdes investigar la possibidades esta semana y podemos discutir mas la proxima domingo?11:43
nrcernaTien 4, tres usables11:43
replaceafilljelkner, we're discussing11:43
jelknerokie dokie11:44
replaceafillnrcerna, podes consultar con tu abuela?11:44
jelkneri need to stop interrupting then!11:44
replaceafilly preguntarle cuantos nos cobra?11:44
replaceafillpor que Jeff y German se queden un mes y medio11:44
replaceafilljelkner, do you have an estimated time of departure at this point?11:44
jelknergive me a minute11:45
nrcernaSi, más que todo con mi mamá, pues ella es quien se hace cargo de la casa cuando mi abuela no está, el perimiso de mi abuela lo tenemos (ella no tiene problema con que alguien se quede) 11:45
jelknerfew minutes11:45
nrcernaNo cobraría nada11:45
replaceafilljelkner, sure11:45
replaceafillnrcerna, ok, preguntale a tu mama entonces :)11:45
replaceafillno es que lo firmamos manhana pero es una buena posibilidad11:45
nrcernaEstá bien11:45
replaceafilly cuales serian las opciones de la conexion11:46
replaceafillnrcerna, lo retomamos el otro domingo, ok?11:47
replaceafillo por correo en la semana11:47
nrcernaEstá bien11:47
jelknerOK, it looks like it would be a month and a few days11:47
nrcerna:) 11:47
jelknermy wife is planning on coming down after summer school ends11:47
jelknersummer school ends on august 911:47
jelknershe and i are planning on driving to nicaragua for a vacation11:48
jelknerand then returning back to virginia11:48
jelknerso we are talking july 9 to august 911:48
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:48
replaceafillok, we're picking it up next sunday11:50
replaceafilli guess that's it on that?11:50
replaceafillfor now11:50
jelknerlet's talk again next week11:50
jelkneri'll send the email to loop mauricio into the conversation11:50
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:50
jelknerok, let me let you get to helping GFbot and zOnny, replaceafill 11:51
jelknerthat is soooo important!11:51
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny ok, what's up?11:51
GFbotzOnny: do you want to explain where we get stuck?11:52
replaceafillwanna hang out?11:52
replaceafillthat may be quicker11:52
jelknerGFbot, quick question11:58
jelknerare you good with a Sunday to Thursday work schedule?11:58
jelkneri'm asking because i have family in el salvador that i know are going to want to see me11:59
jelknerso i want to be able to tell them which days are my "weekend"11:59
jelknerif we work sunday to thursday11:59
jelkneri can make our weekly meetings11:59
jelknerand tell the family that i can visit with them on fridays and saturdays12:00
jelknerGFbot, does that work for you?12:00
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafilljelkner, we're in a meeting12:01
replaceafilljelkner, can you discuss that later?12:01
replaceafilljelkner, or should we pause?12:01
GFbotjelkner: give me a moment12:01
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny TENDENCI_TOP_BAR_URL = ''12:03
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
zOnnyGFbot: 12:24
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replaceafillGFbot, you're muted12:32
replaceafillGFbot, i didn't hear your question12:32
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
replaceafillGFbot, zOnny
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replaceafillok, done for today, see you next week everybody o/13:07
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