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Big_BrotherChair 2019.04.07: hrodriguez (ubuntourist) 10:08
jelkner!remind Getting ready for Gallaudet contract10:08
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jelkner!remind Schedule / Attendance for meetings through Pycon10:09
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jelknerGood morning Doisaac!10:26
DoisaacGood Morning Jeff10:27
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jelknerI don't know if you've been formally introduced to hrodriguez 10:27
jelknerbut she is here with us10:27
jelkneri was talking with her this morning10:27
jelknersince she and you are both interested learning to be web developers10:28
DoisaacOh,Good Morning, Nice to meet you.10:28
jelkneri told her she should join us10:28
jelknery ella habla espanol mucho mas que yo ;-)10:28
hrodriguezDoisaac, Hello! nice to meet you10:28
DoisaacNice To meet you too.10:29
jelknerbueno, donde estamos?10:29
jelknersi, claro10:29
Doisaacsolo me faltan los ejercicios de "image"10:30
Doisaacnow , that i did it slowly was more awesome,10:31
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Doisaacand HTML is so great10:31
jelknerwait until you combine it with CSS!10:31
jelknerpero Doisaac, estoy en tu cuenta en students.gctaa.net10:32
jelknery hay solo index.html y min.html10:32
Doisaaces una carpeta10:32
Doisaacnamed " GDWH"10:32
Doisaacthere is the exercises i done.10:32
jelknerpero no es en el student server10:33
Doisaacya entre.10:34
jelknerpero no hay GDWH10:35
Doisaacit's in my desk10:35
jelknerso that's what we need to change10:35
jelkneri can't see it on your desk10:35
jelknerthat's why you need to put it on the student server10:36
jelknerthat's what it is for10:36
jelknerso for today, we need to talk about that10:36
Doisaacoh 10:36
jelknerwhat os are you running?10:36
Doisaaccp ?10:36
jelknerWhat OS are you running?10:36
Doisaacscp and the name of the carpet?10:36
jelknerfirst, please answer my question10:37
jelknerwhat operating system (OS) do you have on your desktop?10:37
Doisaaci dont know 10:37
Doisaacno 10:37
Doisaacyes linux10:37
jelknerdo you have the machine i sent last summmer?10:38
Doisaacyes, Douglas Gave to me10:38
Doisaacthank 's10:38
jelkneri'm bringing another one in july10:39
Doisaacoh, thank you a lot.10:39
jelknerfor now, let's try this10:39
jelknerinstead of using scp today10:39
jelkneri want to give you practice working on the remote machine by logging into it10:39
jelknerso i'm going to ask you to do the exercises again10:40
jelkneras least for the first few lessons10:40
jelknerit will be good practice10:40
Doisaacof HTML?10:40
jelknerhrodriguez should be able to help with questions too10:40
DoisaacI Have done it 10:40
Doisaacmenos los de imagen10:40
jelkneri understand10:41
jelknerbut you need practice10:41
jelknerand doing a few exercises again is good practice10:41
jelknerso let's start right now with lesson 210:41
jelkneryou need to create gdw.html10:42
jelkneryou can do that by:10:42
jelkner1. cp min.html gdw.html10:42
jelkneron the server10:42
jelknerif you want to use what you learned and use lists instead of just h3 elements10:43
jelknerthat would be fine10:43
Doisaaci was puttting the links10:43
Doisaacwith <a>10:43
jelknerdo that10:43
Doisaacit miss like 3 or 4 10:43
jelknerbut *on* the server10:43
jelknerjust do that lesson again10:43
jelkneryour assignment is:10:43
Doisaacand when i finish it , i going to copy there rigth?10:44
jelknerCreate a document named gdw.html as described in lesson 610:44
jelkneryou are going to *make* it there10:44
jelknerthat's the assignment10:44
Doisaacreally ? wow10:44
jelknerssh into the student server10:45
jelkneri want you to practice with using CLI tools10:45
jelknerso having only a shell account is perfect10:45
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jelknerboth nano and vim are on the server10:45
jelknerthat's all you need10:45
jelknerso, Doisaac, please repeat your assignment back to me10:46
Doisaacinto to the server10:46
Doisaacenter to a text editor with vim or nano10:46
Doisaacand do it there10:46
Doisaaclesson 6 10:46
jelkneryes, exactly10:46
jelkneryou should start with the unix cp command10:47
Doisaacwith links already done10:47
jelknersince min.html can be copied10:47
jelknerthat's it10:47
jelknerif you want to work on that now10:47
jelknerwe could meet briefly again before i leave here today to talk about what is next10:47
jelknerbut i want to see that on the server first10:47
Doisaacok Jeff10:48
DoisaacQuestion 10:48
Doisaacfirst i have to type it 1. cp min.html gdw.html 10:48
Doisaacand then i have to open a text editor?10:49
Doisaacand do it there?10:49
jelknersi senior10:50
Big_BrotherChair 2019.04.07: hrodriguez (ubuntourist) 10:50
jelknersi tiena preguntas, Doisaac, pregunta a hrodriguez 10:52
jelknersi tiene10:52
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Doisaacok, Jeff gracias, no hay problema jeje10:52
hrodriguezSi mi email es 10:52
hrodriguezY soy de Honduras!10:53
Doisaacok 10:53
Doisaacte escribiré,  cualquier cosa !10:54
jelknerGood morning, GFbot!10:56
jelkner!remind LibreOrganize plans for the week ahead10:57
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GFbotgood day jelkner 10:58
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Big_BrotherChair 2019.04.07: hrodriguez (ubuntourist)11:00
hrodriguezGood Morning!11:00
jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez!11:00
ubuntouristACTION yawns11:00
replaceafillgood morning everyone11:01
hrodriguezFirst item, Getting ready for Gallaudet contract 11:01
hrodriguezjelkner, 11:01
jelknerok, ubuntourist, zOnny and i spoke this morning11:01
jelknerso we were clear on the goals11:01
jelknerget started as early as possible11:02
jelknerso we there is less of a crunch11:02
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jelknerubuntourist wants dev server setup11:02
jelknerwith zOnny asking replaceafill for help getting that going11:02
jelkneri spoke with my brother11:02
nrcernaGood Morning!11:02
jelknerwho, like replaceafill, has a full time job11:02
jelknerbut he said he is available to help plan and help the team with database design11:03
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jelknersomething he has a lot of experience with11:03
DG123good morning11:03
jelknerubuntourist says we should setup a redhat server to test this on11:04
jelknerubuntourist, i assume you mean centos?11:04
ubuntouristAnticipating that Gallaudet will cooperate somewhat quickly (famous last words), I've set up a group on Bitbucket called "Reviewers", made zOnny a member, and then added Reviewers to all of the RSIA repositories. Will probably need to repeat for Alan.11:04
jelknerACTION done11:05
ubuntouristjelkner, We shouldn't need it for testing, but Gallaudet will go with pure RHEL.11:05
jelknerthey are functionally equivalent11:05
jelknerand we don't want to pay big bucks (which we don't have)11:05
jelknerso Centos will have to do11:06
ubuntouristSo, we need to get Gallaudet Technology Services to make sure they're paid up, and get their repos in order so that "rpm -Uvh" works right again.11:06
jelkneryou said you will work on that11:06
ubuntouristjelkner, right.11:06
jelknerreplaceafill, can you help zOnny get a centos box setup to use for learning / testing?11:07
replaceafilli don't have much experience with centos11:07
jelkneri understand11:07
jelkneri can help him setup the vm11:07
jelkneri'm talking about the application11:07
ubuntouristreplaceafill, you'll need to let zOnny know which of the many silly little repos are relevant. I'm guessing "*_risa", "*_themes" and "*_drupal" but there may be more.11:08
ubuntouristreplaceafill, (There appeared to be several almost empty repos with a single "contributors.txt" file in them, and one that is completely empty. I'm guessing he won't need the vagrant stuff.)11:09
ubuntouristACTION done11:09
hrodriguezSecond item, Schedule / Attendance for meetings through Pycon11:09
jelknerlet's make this one quick11:10
jelkneri mentioned to everyone i won't be here next Sunday11:10
jelkneri can confirm that i will be here the sunday after that, but not from Gallaudet11:10
jelknerso, Doisaac, we won't meet next Sunday11:10
jelknerbut we can meet again in two weeks11:10
jelknerif you are available11:11
jelknerwe have pycon on may 411:11
Doisaacyes sure, 11:11
jelknerso a bunch of us won't be able to meet then.11:11
Doisaacsure, 11:11
jelkneranyone else with scheduling announcements?11:12
ubuntouristI'll be missing on April 28.11:12
jelknerso we can't meet at Gallaudet that day11:12
jelkneri propose arlington central library11:12
DG123I'll be out of town until the 22nd11:12
jelkneri'll reserve a room if i can11:12
jelknerwill you be available remotely?11:13
zOnnyjelkner: Sundays the library opens at 1:00 pm11:13
GFbotjelkner: so we dont have meeting next sunday?11:14
jelknerok, perhaps we need to meet from home 4/2811:14
jelknerdetails to follow11:14
jelknerACTION done11:14
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:14
hrodriguezLast item in the list, LibreOrganize plans for the week ahead11:14
jelknerthis is mainly for GFbot and zOnny 11:15
jelknerbut just to let everyone know what's happening11:15
GFbotzOnny: go ahead :D11:15
jelknerboth AEA and ORA are really stepping up their use of LibreOrganize11:15
jelknerso we have new elections this week on both sites11:15
zOnnyyes, I just listed the following tasks that we are working on11:16
jelknerbtw. I'm really looking forward to meeting with Vijay later this month11:16
jelkneri've been in regular communication with him11:16
jelknerthe democracy at work folks are interested in supporting us11:17
GFbotjelkner: as zOnny says we have been doing ORA requests this last week11:17
GFbothe's working on helios iframe for tendenci and Im working on a new app11:17
jelknerACTION done11:17
GFbotfor a new members reports11:17
GFbotTendenci already has one, zOnny told me that11:18
zOnnyjelkner: I will slow-down because we have a new project going on 11:18
GFbotbut he told me that you want a fancy pdf zOnny 11:18
GFbotjelkner: *11:18
hrodriguezanything else?11:19
GFbotim done11:19
zOnnyI have being in touch with aracely as well, she is really expecting her site with us11:19
ubuntouristI'll take the helm11:20
GFbotzOnny: you'll be busy this week?11:20
GFbotworking on that?11:20
hrodriguezubuntourist, is chair for next week!11:20
zOnnynot that much. we can split the work11:20
GFbotzOnny: cool11:21
GFbotACTION done11:21
hrodriguezanyone has anything else?11:21
replaceafilli'd like to make a quick announcement before we leave11:21
ubuntourist!remind 2019.04.14 Chair: ubuntourist 11:21
Big_Brother"2019.04.14 Chair: ubuntourist" added to message queue11:21
hrodriguezGo ahead replaceafill 11:21
replaceafilli've been giving a lot of thought to my involvement in the coop11:21
replaceafilland i've decided that april will probably be the last month i'll be attending the IRC meetings11:22
replaceafilli can help with questions through email during the week ofc11:22
replaceafillbut i want to start taking sundays off wok11:23
ubuntouristreplaceafill, I thought for a minute you'd taken up Chinese cuisine. ;-)11:23
jelknerunderstood replaceafill 11:24
jelknerubuntourist humor11:24
replaceafillmy r key doesn't work :D11:24
replaceafillyou should see my external keyboard next to me11:24
hrodriguezanything else?11:24
replaceafillACTION done11:24
jelknerreplaceafill, would it make sense not to include you in the llc DG123 is setting up?11:25
replaceafilljelkner, probably not11:25
jelknerok, so it is 5 of us11:25
jelknerDG123, did you get that?11:25
DG123I did11:26
DG123I'll edit the operating agreement11:26
replaceafillthank you DG123 11:26
hrodriguezLast call, anyone else have something to add11:26
hrodriguezACTION drops the bag of gravel11:27
jelknerthanks, hrodriguez!11:27
jelknergreat job11:27
replaceafillthank you hrodriguez 11:27
jelknernrcerna, GFbot can we talk about Summer logistics?11:27
hrodriguez:) thank you!11:28
nrcernaOk jelkner11:28
replaceafillubuntourist, have time for a couple of Gallaudet questions?11:28
jelknerso, you saw mauricio's email, yes?11:28
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Ja?11:28
zOnnyreplaceafill: can I take a bit of your time after the meeting11:28
replaceafillubuntourist, i'll take it to private to not interrup11:28
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna?11:29
GFbotjelkner: yes i did11:29
jelknermauricio sent his address11:29
jelkneri don't know santa ana11:29
nrcernaHe mentioned that he lives in El Trebol11:29
jelknerwhat are you're thoughts?11:29
jelkneris that near?11:29
jelkneri can stay at his place if it makes sense11:29
jelknerthat's what we need to figure out11:30
GFbotjelkner: thats a question for nrcerna 11:30
jelkneris that near the 3 of you?11:30
GFbotshe lived in El trebol before11:30
jelknerGFbot, Doisaac nrcerna 11:30
nrcernaEstamos a 10 0 15 mins en carro11:30
jelknerpero no tenemos carro11:30
jelknerquierro buscar una solution de bicicleta o pie11:31
jelknerno voy a comprar un carro11:31
jelknerpero puedo prestar una bicicleta11:31
jelknerlo que necesitamos es:11:32
jelkner1. un lugar para trabajar11:32
jelkner2. un lugar donde yo puedo dormir11:32
jelknernumero 1 tiene eso requisitos:11:32
jelkner1. internet bueno11:33
jelkner2. espacios para 4 personas a trabajar11:33
jelknernrcerna, puede ustd ser la "punta de contacto" sobre eso?11:33
jelknerel punto de contacto11:34
nrcernaEstá bien.11:34
jelknermuy bien11:34
jelknertenemos tiempo11:34
nrcernaEn el caso de la casa de mi abuela, no  he podido obtener información.11:35
jelknerpero no se si puedes responder al correor electronico de mauricio11:35
nrcernaLe responderé, necesito saber algo de German11:36
jelknermuy bien11:36
jelknery nrcerna tengo esos preguntas:11:36
nrcernaGFbot que tan probable es que podas ir en el carro de tu mamá?11:36
jelkner1. cuanto cuesta el "shared space"11:36
nrcernaen caso Jeff se quede en El Trebol11:36
jelknerthat you showed me on facebook11:36
jelknerand what hours is it open?11:37
GFbotdepende nrcerna 11:37
jelknercan we all get to the shared space (me by bicicleat o de pie)11:37
nrcernajelkner: tienen diferentes planes creo, puedo preguntar y enviarle la información11:37
jelknermuy bien, nrcerna, gracias!11:38
jelknerpodemos hablar otra vez en dos semenas?11:39
nrcernaPreguntaba lo del carro GFbot, por que en el caso de que eso suceda tenemos que ver si podemos movilizarnos los tres juntos (Douglas, vos y yo)11:39
nrcernaOk jelkner  :)11:39
GFbotdebo preguntar nrcerna 11:40
nrcernaOk, avisame , si no tendría que ver si podemos con el mio11:40
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GFbotnrcerna: ok11:42
replaceafillubuntourist, jelkner is it ok if i set up the testing server for ARA in a NWD linode with Ubuntu?11:43
replaceafilli mean, in a dirty/quick way11:43
replaceafilli could even set up a NWD subdomain for it11:44
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Sorry, I stepped away for a few minutes.11:50
replaceafilli'm just wondering if you really need the testing server as close as production as possible?11:50
ubuntouristreplaceafill, I don't see a good reason NOT to set something up in Ubuntu.11:51
replaceafillubuntourist, cool, thanks11:51
replaceafillubuntourist, btw you're old credentials don't seem to work for me anymore11:51
replaceafillubuntourist, or i'm doing something wrong11:51
ubuntouristreplaceafill, It doesn't even need "real" data -- but since there's all that old data there, might as well use it.11:51
replaceafillubuntourist, this is the way i used to connect to the vpn:11:53
replaceafillsudo openconnect --juniper --user kevin.cole https://remote.gallaudet.edu11:53
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Ah. I was about to ask "which credentials?" I'm on campus at the moment, and thus am not going through openconnect / juniper.11:54
replaceafillubuntourist, ah11:54
ubuntouristreplaceafill, "remote"? Should that not be "research"? I forget. So long since I used Juniper stuff.11:54
replaceafillubuntourist, i just remember it's difficult to set up the helper models (departments, etc)11:55
replaceafillubuntourist, ah, i'll try that11:55
ubuntouristOr did we have to first connect to remote in order to connect to research?11:55
replaceafilli hate myself for losing my notes :(11:55
replaceafillubuntourist, i think so11:55
ubuntouristI probably have notes on that. I'll search.11:55
ubuntouristACTION is running "grep -ril openconnect /home/*" while the theme music to Final Jeopardy plays...11:57
ubuntouristAnd a surprising number of files apparently have that string in them,,, including Qt shared object libraries...11:59
ubuntouristACTION probably should have searched for juniper instead.12:00
replaceafillubuntourist, i think i can confirm i have your old credentials and they have changed12:01
replaceafilli went to the RSIA authentication12:01
replaceafillwhich i think uses ldap (or whatever the auth backend is)12:01
replaceafilland i think your combination used to work there12:02
replaceafillubuntourist, can you try
ubuntouristreplaceafill, fail.12:03
ubuntouristSo. Since I can still ssh in while physically on campus, you can tell me what to bundle up and how to bundle it.12:04
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ubuntouristHaving gotten into hot water once before when I allowed access to equipment, I don't want to try to do any fancy tunneling thing if I can avoid it.12:05
replaceafillubuntourist, that's the hard part i can barely remember what to look for12:06
replaceafillubuntourist, give me a minut12:06
replaceafillhello Doisaac como vas?12:10
Doisaaci think i already did it 12:10
Doisaacmay  you check it?12:10
Doisaacname = 12:10
replaceafillubuntourist, duh12:11
replaceafillubuntourist, i just found the credentials i have of your user are the *****ARA***** ones12:12
replaceafillthe ones used in /internal_use12:12
replaceafillsorry about the noise/confusion12:12
replaceafillDoisaac, necesitas hablarle a jelkner directamente12:13
replaceafillDoisaac, pone el nick de el seguido del mensaje que le queres enviar12:13
ubuntouristreplaceafill, meanwhile both "grep openconnect" and "grep juniper" are still going with billions of files. ;-)12:13
replaceafillubuntourist, :D12:13
Doisaacreplaceafill , oh gracias 12:14
replaceafillDoisaac, np12:14
replaceafillnp = no problem12:14
jelknerDoisaac, do you still need help?12:15
Doisaaces después del mensaje?12:15
jelknerhrodriguez just showed me your email12:15
jelkneri can walk you through the process if you have a few minutes now12:15
Doisaacyes, please12:15
Doisaacya subí "gdw.html.txt " into the server12:16
jelkneryes, let's not do that today12:16
jelkneri am going to delete them12:16
jelknerand make you do this the hard way ;-)12:16
jelknerbtw the links you have in the current version won't work12:17
jelknerone step at a time12:17
jelknerso, i see two files now that i'm going to remove12:17
jelknergdw.html, which is empty12:18
jelknerand gdw.html.txt12:18
jelknerwhich has the links that won't work12:18
jelknerso step-by-step12:18
Doisaacoh but in my pc yes :(12:18
jelkneryes, but that is an issue of relative vs. absolute links12:18
jelkneryou have absolute links12:19
jelknerwhich are *not* portable12:19
jelknerwe want relative links12:19
Doisaacoh it mean i only can see it12:19
Doisaacohhh relative ...12:19
jelknermeaning that you make a link that is relativo to the current location of the file12:20
jelkneranyway, typle ls and tell me what you see12:20
jelknernow type pwd and tell me what you see12:21
jelknerso, pwd gave you your current working directory12:21
jelknerpwd means "print working directory"12:22
jelknerwhen you type ls, which is the list command12:22
jelkneryou see the files inside your current working directory12:22
jelknerthis is some important vocabulary:12:22
jelkner1. working directory12:23
jelkner2. ls and pwd12:23
Doisaacget it12:23
jelknerthose are unix vocabulary terms12:23
jelknernow a web server vocabulary term12:24
jelknerdocument root12:24
replaceafillzOnny, you around?12:24
jelkneryour document root is the directory where the web server looks for your website12:24
jelkneryours is:12:24
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes12:24
replaceafillzOnny, you wanted to talk?12:25
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes12:25
replaceafillzOnny, i'll switch to private messages to not keep interrupting jelkner 12:25
Doisaacim here rigth?12:25
jelknerso, Doisaac, let's change your working directory to your document root12:25
jelknercd public_html12:25
jelknerdo that and tell me what you see12:25
Doisaaci enter to the public_html12:26
jelkner$ cd public_html12:26
jelknerrun that command at the unix prompt12:26
Doisaacyes , done12:26
jelknerls is the list command12:26
jelkneryou run it whenever you want to "see" what is in your working directly12:27
Doisaacand min.html12:27
jelknerthat's right12:27
jelknernow, you want to copy the min.html to gdw.html12:27
jelkner$ cp min.html gdw.html12:27
jelknerthen type ls again to see that it is there12:27
Doisaacgdw.html is new12:28
jelkneranother useful thing now would be to get a long listing12:28
jelknerls -l12:28
jelkneryou can see that min.html and gdw.html have the same size12:29
Doisaac-rw-r--r-- 1 dbarrera dbarrera 264 Apr  7 12:28 gdw.html12:29
Doisaac-rw-r--r-- 1 dbarrera dbarrera 375 Mar 24 10:44 index.html12:29
Doisaac-rw-r--r-- 1 dbarrera dbarrera 264 Mar 24 10:43 min.html12:29
jelkneri'm only going to bring your attention to the 264 here12:29
jelknerthat is the size of the file12:30
jelknerit's the same because you made a copy12:30
jelknerok, step-by-step12:30
jelknerhere is your next task, and i'm going to ask you to repeat it to me:12:30
replaceafillGFbot, i'm pinging you in google chat12:31
Doisaacfirst ls 12:31
jelknerusing your favorite editor, edit gdw.html so that it has the h2 and list items you had in the version i deleted12:31
jelkner*but no links*!12:31
jelknernot yet12:31
jelknergot that?12:31
jelkneri don't know how busy you are with school12:31
jelknerbut we should meet briefly during the week12:32
jelknerwe don't want to wait 2 weeks12:32
jelknerunless you're really busy12:32
jelknerlet me know12:32
jelknerwhat time do you get home from school?12:32
Doisaaci go to school every day12:32
Doisaacfrom 7 am to 6 pm.12:33
Doisaacsalvadorian time12:33
jelknerthat's a long day!12:33
jelknerso there is no rush12:33
jelknerbut i really want to check-in with you at each step12:33
Doisaacfriday i get home at 5 pm12:33
jelknerit is harder to unlearn things then to learn them right the first time12:34
Doisaacsaturday im free all the evening, cause i go to UNIVERSITY at morning12:34
jelknerwhat about thursday?12:34
jelknerhow old are you, Doisaac?12:34
Doisaacno but Learning English12:35
DoisaacI'm 15 years old12:35
jelknerwow, University at 1512:35
jelkneryour English is fabulous, btw12:35
jelkneri only wish my Spanish was half as good12:35
DoisaacNo no , i am in High School12:35
jelkneri need to improve it this Summer ;-)12:35
Doisaacahha your Spanish is good too12:36
jelknerwould you be able to meet this Thursday evening?12:36
DoisaacI had listened it, 12:36
jelkneri am going away for Spring break starting Friday12:36
jelknerthat's why i can't make the Sunday meeting12:36
DoisaacThursday I get to School at 6 12:36
jelknerwhat time do you get home?12:37
jelknerwhat time is it there now?12:37
Doisaaci am at home like at 7 pm12:37
Doisaacit 's 10 37 am12:37
jelknerso 7 pm your time is 9 pm my time12:38
jelknerthat's too late12:38
DoisaacYes,... 12:38
jelknerwe may have to wait 2 weeks12:38
jelknerlet's do that12:38
Doisaacat morning i have free time12:38
jelkneri start work at 8 am12:38
jelknerbut i get there at 6 am12:38
jelknerwhich is 4 am your time12:39
jelknermy students arrive at 6 am your time12:39
Doisaacohh yes you are teacher .. 12:39
jelkneri have a break from (your time) 7:30 am until 9 am12:39
jelknerand from 10:30 am to 11:30 am12:40
jelkner(that's my lunch)12:40
Doisaacat 11 i get out of my home12:40
jelknerwhat are you doing at 8 am your time?12:40
Doisaaci free at this time, at Thursday12:41
Doisaacim free from 7 to 9 pm too12:41
Doisaacam sorry12:41
jelkneri will now add to my calendar, meet with Douglas at 10 am12:41
jelkner(my time)12:41
Doisaac8:00 for me rigth?12:41
jelkneron this irc channel12:42
jelknera 15 minute meeting is all we need12:42
jelkneri want to look over your gdw.html12:42
jelknerand give you your next task12:42
Doisaacso what's my homework?12:42
jelknerso, what did i ask you to do with gdw.html?12:42
Doisaaci'm no clear about that12:43
jelknerok, tell me if you understand this:12:43
jelkner1. edit gdw.html to have the h2 heading described in lesson 2 of gdw html12:44
jelkner2. instead of h3 elements, make them li elements (list items) inside ul (unordered lists)12:44
jelkner*do not make links yet*!12:44
jelknerjust list items12:44
jelknerdoes that make sense?12:45
Doisaacmm the first one 12:45
Doisaach2 ? its <h2>12:46
Doisaacit mean i have to change it12:46
jelknerwhat do you mean?12:46
Doisaacand h3 convertirlos a listas 12:46
Doisaaccan i say it in spanish?12:47
jelknerpor favor12:47
DoisaacQuiere que :  lo primero edite gdw.html12:48
Doisaacpero no compreno que tengo que editar12:48
jelknercomo en los ejercisios de leccion 212:48
Doisaacquiere que le quite los links verdad?12:48
jelknerno links!12:49
jelkneryou aren't going to quite them12:49
jelknersince you are making the page over again *on the server*12:49
jelknerusing nano12:49
jelknerso all you have not is a copy of min.html12:49
jelkneryou need to edit gdw.html with nano12:49
jelknerand do what it says to do in lesson 212:50
jelknerhold on12:50
jelknerthis may be easier to follow12:50
Doisaacoh, like repeat lesson 212:50
Doisaaci got it12:50
jelknerrepeat lesson 212:51
jelknerbut on the server12:51
jelknerusing only the cli tools available there12:51
Doisaacediting it .. ok , 12:51
jelkneri am leaving here in 25 minutes12:51
jelknerso we may need to continue on thursday12:51
Doisaacok Jeff12:52
jelknerbut we can also have a few exchanges by email12:52
jelknerthe next thing i want to hear from you is when you are done lesson w12:52
jelkneri'll look at it and describe what to do after that12:52
jelknersound good?12:52
jelknermuy bien12:53
jelkneresta jueves entonces12:53
Doisaaceditar gdw como lessión 2 , muy bien12:53
Doisaacsee you Jeff 12:54
jelknersee you Douglas12:54
DoisaacThank you12:54
jelkneryour very welcome12:54
replaceafillDoisaac, jelkner 12:54
replaceafilldon't want to be "intrusive?"12:54
replaceafillwhat salvadorean time are you meeting on thursday?12:54
Doisaacat 8 :00 a:m12:55
replaceafill8 am SV time 10 am VA?12:55
replaceafilljelkner, can you confirm ^?12:55
Doisaac10 for him, i think12:55
replaceafillDoisaac, thank you, i just wasn't clear12:56
Doisaacok i hope he confirm you .12:57
jelkner10 am my time12:58
replaceafillawesome, thank you both12:58
jelkner8 am ES time12:58
replaceafillSV time!12:59
jelknerthank you for checking up on us, replaceafill 12:59
jelknerSV time, yes!12:59
Doisaacbye replaceafill 12:59
replaceafillsee you Doisaac o/12:59
Doisaacbye jelkner12:59
replaceafillo/ <= that's a guy waving btw13:00
replaceafillbtw = by the way13:00
Doisaacoh jeje13:00
replaceafillubuntourist, zOnny is next weekend a good target for the ARA testing server?13:01
replaceafillor do you need it sooner?13:01
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes13:01
replaceafilli'll try to have it up ASAP13:02
replaceafillzOnny, did you get the linode emails today?13:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: about Celina ?13:05
replaceafillyou may want to double check eveything went back up13:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok13:06
replaceafillalways do that after email like that13:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok13:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will keep that in mind.13:07
replaceafilli've been using slack too much lately :P13:07
replaceafill:+1: <= is a thumbs up hand13:07
zOnnyreplaceafill: ah good tip.13:09
ubuntouristreplaceafill, again, way late in responding, but yes: We have considerable time at this point, So, no rush.13:11
replaceafillubuntourist, cool thanks for confirming13:12
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