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jelknerGood morning Douglas!09:51
jelkner(or Doisaac ;-)09:51
DoisaacGood Morning Jeff09:52
jelknercan we start a few minutes early?09:52
jelkneri'm ready now09:52
Doisaacme too09:52
jelknerand like i mentioned, we want this to be quick "check-in" meeting09:52
jelkneri just logged in to our student server09:53
Doisaacok 09:53
jelkneri see a few things09:53
jelknerin your home directory i see gdw.html.txt09:54
jelknerand gdw.html.text.save09:54
jelknerand gdw.html.text.save109:54
jelknercan you tell me what you are doing that put those there?09:54
Doisaacgdw.htm.txt was which i edited 09:55
jelknerwhy .txt09:55
jelknerit is supposed to be just gdw.html09:55
Doisaacwas for create a text file i think09:55
jelkner*and*, is it supposed to be inside your public_html directory09:55
jelknerhtml files *are* text files09:56
Doisaacoh 09:56
jelknerbut we use the extension .html to identify them as containing html markup09:56
jelknerso time for some house keeping09:57
jelkner(cleaning up)09:57
jelknerwhich version do you want to keep?09:57
jelkneryes, rm09:57
jelknerbut first, let's decide which version you want to keep09:57
Doisaaci think i edited gdw.html.txt09:57
jelkneri think so too09:58
jelkneris has 550 bytes in it09:58
Doisaacoh yes09:58
jelknerdo you know how to remove the other two most easily?09:58
jelkner$ rm *save*09:58
jelknerthat will remove both files that have save in their name09:58
Doisaactying save or *save*09:59
jelknernow, we want to move the good one to the right place and the right name.10:01
jelknerdo you know how to do that?10:01
jelkner$ mv gdw.html.txt public_html/gdw.html10:02
jelknerand use TAB completion10:02
jelknerits a huge help10:02
jelkneryou can tab most of what i typed10:02
jelknerso really10:02
jelkner$ mv g[TAB] p[TAB]/g[TAB}10:02
jelknergreat, put "Getting Down with HTML Lessons" in your title10:03
jelkneralso, the validation link i have at the bottom of your home page10:04
Doisaacin gdw.html10:04
jelknerwe want that too10:04
Doisaacnano gdw.html10:04
jelkneri'm looking at
jelkneri'm also looking at your source code on the server10:05
jelknerdo you want me to do it for you?10:05
jelknermy goal for now (and I only have 10 minutes)10:06
jelkneris to show you one link, and how we want to glue all this together10:06
jelknerso if you are editing gdw.html10:06
jelknerand let me fix it10:06
Doisaaci exit10:06
jelkneroh, you already did most of it, nice!10:07
Doisaacbut it's not on the page10:07
Doisaacwhy? 10:07
jelknerbecause you didn't close the footer10:08
jelknerhold on10:08
jelknerok, i've made a few changes10:10
jelkneri ran:10:10
jelkner$ cp min.html block.html10:10
jelknerthat's the first exercise in lesson 310:11
jelkneri linked it10:11
jelkneri fixed a few typos10:11
jelknerand i indented and used white space to make it a bit more readable10:11
Doisaacoh ok10:11
jelkneri checked the validation10:11
jelknerwhich is now "green bar"10:12
Doisaaci saw it's linked10:12
jelknerso your page has no syntax errors10:12
Doisaacwhy it was red?10:12
jelkneryour assignment from now until we meet on sunday, april 2110:12
jelkneris to start working on lesson 310:12
jelknertake your time10:12
jelknerits not a race10:13
jelkneryou want to develop mastery10:13
jelknernot just get through it10:13
jelknerso take block.html10:13
jelknerand make the changes to it described in the exercises10:13
Doisaacmi task : doing lesson 3 on " Block.html" 10:13
jelknerand do *everything* using the cli *on the server*10:13
jelknerfor now, i want you do get practice with that workflow10:14
jelknerlater on we will change that10:14
DoisaacNo jeff My task is to do Lesson 3 on the server using nano editor10:15
jelknerplease *only* do lesson 310:15
jelkneryou can do all the exercises if you have time10:15
jelknerbut when we meet next, i want to go over what you did and give you feedback10:15
jelknerbefore you start lesson 410:15
DoisaacPerfect, Ok Jeff Only lesson 310:16
jelknersi mi amigo10:16
jelknersolo leccion 310:16
jelknernext summer we will have lots to time to work together10:16
jelknerbut for now, let's move at a steady pace, with time to reflect10:16
jelknersee you on sunday, april 21 at 10:30 am my time, yes?10:17
jelknerthat's 10 days from now10:17
Doisaacget it 10:17
jelknerhasta entonces, Doisaac 10:17
DoisaacThank You a lot , for your time.10:17
DoisaacSee you.10:18
jelknerthis is fun for me, so thank you for your interest in learning!10:18
jelknerACTION signs off to go back to his teacher duties10:18
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