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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!11:02
nrcernaGood Morning jelkner! 11:02
jelknerDo you know if German is planning to attend?11:03
jelknerzOnny and i are here ready to go.11:03
nrcernaI don't know anything about it, sorry :(11:03
jelknernp, but you could call him on your phone, yes?11:03
nrcernaOK, I'm going to try to reach him11:04
nrcernaHe is going to attend the meeting 11:06
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nrcernaHe answered 11:06
GFbotjelkner: good morning :D11:06
jelknerGood morning GFbot!11:06
jelknerlet's start11:06
GFbotI was having break fast11:06
jelkneri called this meeting, so i'll chair11:06
jelknerhere is what i wanted to discuss today:11:07
nrcernaNice 11:07
jelkner1. the possibility of having nrcerna work full time for us at least for through the summer11:07
jelkner2. plans for making the most of our summer sprint11:07
jelkner3. a bit about upcoming opportunities for nova web11:08
jelknersound good?11:08
jelkneranything i'm missing?11:08
GFbotjelkner: yes, one missing11:09
jelknershoot, GFbot 11:09
GFbotGFbot: how to transfer the money now that Douglas is quit no?11:09
jelknerexcellent, yes11:09
jelknerwe need to figure that out11:09
jelknerso, i was thinking that could be part of what nrcerna does, if she is available to work full time11:10
jelknerbut either way, we need to figure that out today11:10
nrcernajelkner: sent an email, about xoom payment, did you check that GFbot 11:10
jelknerso, podemos empezar?11:11
jelknero hay otra cosas?11:11
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:11
jelknerok, item 111:11
jelknernrcerna, are you available to work for nova web development for the next few months?11:11
jelknerif we can come up with the funds to pay you11:12
jelknerand, if so, what would you need to make that work?11:12
nrcernaI need to solve some things but I'm going to be available for it 11:12
nrcernaThis my last semester at the university 11:13
jelknerwhen do you finish?11:13
nrcernaSo I'll be free at first week of July 11:13
jelknerare you available part time during may and june?11:14
jelkneror too busy finishing school11:14
nrcernaYes I can :) 11:14
jelknerhere is what i was thinking we needed:11:14
jelkner1. setup our xoom account and establish ability to transfer funds11:15
jelkner2. make logistical arrangements for our summer sprint in santa ana (where will we work, where will jelkner sleep? ;-)11:15
nrcernaGFbot and I should try to set up xoom account 11:17
jelkner3. follow up with Cooperative by Design follow up11:17
jelkneri don't know that both of you need to11:17
jelknerbut one of you does11:17
nrcernaAbout that jelkner I received an email from Carlos, he sent over the form11:18
GFboti think that i dont need that11:18
jelknerwhich of you has a bank account?11:18
GFbotif i have a bank account11:18
GFbotjelkner: 11:18
nrcernaSo we need to discuss the project we are going to submit 11:18
jelkneryes, nrcerna, but let's get to that at item 311:18
jelknerfirst item 1 still ;-)11:18
jelknernrcerna, do you have a bank account?11:18
nrcernaAbout that I don't have cause I need to get a document I missed, but I can try to fix that11:19
nrcernaOr I can use xoom, if so, I don't need any back account 11:19
nrcernaI mean, to get te money 11:19
jelknerno, you can't do xoom without a bank account11:19
jelknerthat's how it works11:20
jelkneryou link it to your bank account11:20
jelknerwe transfer the funds through xoom11:20
jelknerbut it ends up in your local bank11:20
jelkneryou can ask your uncle to help11:20
GFboti didnt know that11:20
nrcernaMmmm, I received xoom Money, without bank account before11:20
jelknerperhaps you know something i don't11:20
jelknerwe can try11:21
nrcernaThe case of Paul, did you remember? 11:21
jelknerif you send me information with your xoom account11:21
jelkneri can try a transfer11:21
jelknerif it works, problem solved11:21
jelknerif not, we need to solve it11:21
nrcernaOK, I'm going to send it. 11:21
jelknerlet's do that today11:21
GFbotjelkner: in any case i need an account ?11:21
GFbotfor xoom?11:21
jelknerWell, if you can get one, it wouldn't hurt11:22
jelknerbut it isn't necessary11:22
GFbotjelkner: just need to give you my account number i think right?11:22
jelknersince we could transfer funds to nrcerna and she could distribute them to you11:22
jelknerdo you have a xoom account, GFbot?11:23
jelknerwe probably want to lump transfers together anyway11:23
jelknersince the fees will eat into our funds if we make lots of small transfers11:23
jelkneri used to send Douglas $2000 at a time11:23
jelknerthen he would release it to you when it was due11:24
jelknerwe probably want to do that again now.11:24
GFbotjelkner: but did you transfer directly to his bank account?11:24
jelknerI used Xoom11:24
jelkneri think it went to his bank account11:24
jelkneryou should ask him11:25
jelknersince he had to set that up11:25
GFbotjelkner: well, in any case i should create an account on xoom11:25
GFbotand link it to my bank account11:25
jelknerif you can11:25
jelkneri think you need a bank account11:25
jelknerjust try11:25
GFbotgreat. i'll ask him about that11:25
GFbotjelkner: i have one11:25
jelknerand let's meet again when you have more information11:25
jelkneryou have a xoom account?11:25
GFbotjelkner: great11:25
GFbotnono, jus tbank account11:26
jelknergot it11:26
jelknerok, GFbot, try to setup a xoom account11:26
jelknernrcerna, send me your info and i'll try to send you something today11:26
nrcernaOK jelkner 11:26
jelkneranything else on item 1?11:26
nrcernaNothing else  from me 11:27
jelknerGFbot, we will still have the same workflow11:27
GFbotcool jelkner 11:27
jelkneryou need to clear that you finished your assigned tasks with zOnny, who will approve sending you your payment11:27
GFbotjelkner: yep, i know that11:28
jelknernext item11:28
jelknernrcerna, have you been thinking about where we work and where i stay?11:28
jelknermauricio sent you his address11:28
jelkneri don't know santa ana11:29
jelknerso i am putting myself in your hands ;-)11:29
nrcernaYes, I think we need to discuss if we can find the way to go together there 11:29
jelknerdo you mean to mauricio's house?11:29
nrcernaI mean, the last time I was asking GFbot  information of his moms car, or trying to solve if we can use mine 11:30
nrcernaYes jelkner, Mauricio house 11:30
jelknerwhat about the shared workspace you told me about before?11:30
jelkneranyway, we have a bit of time, but we don't want to waste *any* time11:31
jelknerwhen i arrive on july 911:31
nrcernaI was trying to get info if we can use just the time you are going to come 11:31
jelkneri want to start working day 111:31
jelkneryes, please investigate that11:31
jelknerso we need internet working 11:31
nrcernaBut apparently, they sign a contract, I'm going to try to investigate more11:31
jelknerplease do11:32
nrcernaWe are in the middle of vacations here11:32
jelknerwhat about your grandmother's house11:32
nrcernaSo is kind of hard11:32
jelknerspeaking of that, next Sunday is Easter11:32
jelknerthat will be a holiday there, yes?11:33
nrcernaI talkef my min about it, she told me that is better if I talk my grandma 11:33
nrcernaBut I didn't had a chance 11:33
jelknerok, so please move on that too, when you can11:33
nrcernaI'm going to talk her this week11:33
jelknernrcerna, i am proposing that all of this is paid work for you11:33
jelknerso you and i need to work the same way that GFbot and zOnny work11:34
nrcernaAbout the holidays, we are in 'semana santa' 11:34
jelknerkeep track of your time11:34
nrcernaVacations all this week 11:34
jelknerand keep a spreadsheet of what you do11:34
jelkneri won't be able to make the meeting this Sunday11:34
nrcernaOK, jelkner as old times :) 11:34
nrcernaI think I won't be able too :(11:35
jelkneri am going to propose we cancel it11:35
jelkneranyway, back to out plan11:35
jelknerour plan11:35
jelknerso you will be responsible for figuring out where we work and where i sleep (i'm flexible, but i would like a roof over my head ;-)11:36
nrcernaJaja... OK jelkner 11:36
jelknerso, item 311:36
jelknerGFbot, has zOnny been updating you on our possible Gallaudet contract?11:37
GFbotjelkner: nope.11:37
jelknerask him about it11:37
jelknerit is a big one, bigger than last year11:37
GFbotjelkner: oh well, he's kind of busy11:38
jelknerthat's ok, he isn't too busy to tell you about that11:38
jelknerso, it would be a big help if you did most of the work on Isaac Zawolo's website11:38
GFbotjelkner: you know the design is my main :D11:39
jelkneryes, GFbot, and we want you mostly doing what you know and like11:39
GFbotand if i can help, i'll do it11:39
jelknerwe are gradually getting more work11:39
jelknerthe checks are coming in slowly but surely11:40
GFbotjelkner: great, so i'll talk to him 11:40
zOnnyGFbot: I will get you in touch with him(Isaac Zawolo)11:40
jelknerso our ability to coordinate effectively is going to be really important for us11:40
GFbotjelkner: to start to plan11:40
GFbotzOnny: greaat!11:40
nrcerna+1 11:40
jelknerthat's all i have for today11:40
jelkneranyone have anything else?11:41
nrcernaI think we are missing Carlos thing 11:41
jelknerbut you and i need to deal with that11:41
jelknerso what i'm thinking is11:41
jelknerlet's get the funds transfer working immediately11:41
jelkner(tan pronto que sea posible)11:42
jelknerand then let's reach out to carlos together11:42
jelkneri can send a follow up email11:42
jelknerwe need to figure out what they are looking for11:43
nrcernaI just sent you an email he replied 11:43
jelkneri'll look it over11:43
nrcernaThey are looking to get any project we did or we are doing, to put it on a book o magazine, that's what I understood 11:44
nrcernaSo we need to submit some project 11:44
jelknerThe project we want to promote is easy11:44
nrcernaNice, so we need to get ready our project 11:44
jelknerThat is the one that has vision, excitement, interest11:44
nrcerna:) 11:44
jelknerwe need to update the website11:45
jelknerwe can use help from both of you on that11:45
nrcernaYes :) 11:45
jelknerok, anything else?11:46
jelknerwe meet again on 4/2811:46
jelknerat our usual meeting11:46
jelknerlet's follow up with these items then11:46
jelknerand see how far we can get between now and then11:46
nrcernazOnny: I find heard anything from you :O11:46
jelknerwe need to get the fund transfer working right away11:46
GFbotACTION done11:47
jelknerACTION done11:47
nrcernaCool jelkner 11:47
GFbotlets keep moving :D11:47
zOnnyHello World! 11:47
nrcernaJajaja I missed that zOnny 11:47
jelknerzOnny, doesn't talk much, but he is working 110%11:47
jelknerhe is sitting here next to me11:48
nrcernaI know, he always is 11:48
jelknerso i know he is seeing everything ;-)11:48
nrcernaWave hi to zOnny then 11:48
nrcerna:) 11:48
jelkneri just did, nrcerna 11:48
nrcernaNice :) 11:48
jelknernrcerna, i see the forward email from carlos11:49
jelknerbut not the xoom email11:49
nrcernaGive me a sec11:50
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:50
jelkneri'm going to get to work learning Django11:50
jelkneri'll send you a transfer as soon as i get your account info11:50
jelknerlater, everyone11:50
zOnnyjelkner: thx for the updates11:51
GFbotzOnny: do me the favor11:51
GFbotwith Isac11:51
zOnnyGFbot: ?11:52
zOnnyGFbot: What favor ?11:53
zOnnyGFbot: I will send you the repo that I have done11:53
GFbotintroduce me to11:54
GFbotthe men11:54
zOnnyGFbot: sure11:55
GFbotzOnny: show me the repo11:56
zOnnyGFbot: I am pushing my last changes11:58
zOnnyGFbot: hold on11:58
zOnnyGFbot: I have the development isntance running right now12:13
zOnnyGFbot: I sent an Email yesterday to Isaac Showing the progress of it12:13
zOnnyGFbot: Feel Free to update according the request Isaac will ask you.12:15
GFbotzOnny: thanks :D12:15
GFbotzOnny: you did a great job12:16
zOnnyGFbot: I have forwarded you the samples 12:17
zOnnyGFbot: you do not need to work in the development instance at all12:19
zOnnyGFbot: I do work on that way because I like to show and train them with CMS12:20
zOnnyGFbot: Jeff will introduce you to Isaac12:22
zOnnyGFbot: I was about to write an Email to Isaac but Jeff mentioned that He will do it personally12:35
zOnnyGFbot: I hope this makes sense to you12:35
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replaceafillhello nrcerna jelkner 12:35
replaceafilljust read the logs of your meeting and noticed some questions about xoom12:36
jelknerbuenos dias, replaceafill 12:36
replaceafilland wanted to share my $0.0212:36
replaceafillhey jelkner 12:36
replaceafillnrcerna, i think it'd be best if you had a bank account to receive the funds12:36
replaceafillregarding your Paul experience comment12:37
replaceafillwhere you withdrawn the money completely12:37
jelknerhow hard will it be for her to get this setup?12:37
jelknerwe want to have it in place soon12:37
replaceafillnrcerna, i don't think that'll work in this case because jelkner usually sends 1-2k12:37
replaceafillnrcerna, and you don't want to be withdrawing it all at once12:38
replaceafilljelkner, iirc nrcerna wasn't able to open a bank account last time because she didn't have docs to demonstrate her income sources12:39
replaceafilla job reference basically12:39
jelknerso how can we provide that?12:39
jelknershe is owner of a company12:39
replaceafillbanks are crazy here right now with drug/money laundry, and all that crap12:39
jelkneri understand12:39
jelknerbut whatever hoops we need to jump, we need to jump12:39
replaceafilli know12:40
jelknerso let's plan what we need to do and do it12:40
replaceafilli just wanted to make nrcerna realize a one time transfer + withdraw won't work12:40
jelknerdiego is away until 4/2312:40
replaceafilli'll stay away :)12:40
jelknerone time is no good12:40
jelknernot at all, replaceafill 12:40
jelknerwe need your help12:40
jelknernrcerna doesn't seem to be here now12:41
jelknerbut i don't know how things work in el salvador12:41
replaceafillGFbot's account would work fine12:41
replaceafillhe has a bank account in the same bank i do12:42
replaceafillso you could set it up from your end jelkner12:42
replaceafilljust like you did with mine12:42
replaceafillsame bank12:42
replaceafilljust different account details12:42
jelknerlet's do that12:43
replaceafillGFbot, you around?12:43
GFbotreplaceafill: yep12:43
jelknerGFbot, zOnny could take me to the credit union now12:43
jelknerand we could set that up today12:44
replaceafilljelkner, for the record GFbot is used to distribute money to nrcerna 12:44
replaceafillthat's how i've paid her12:44
replaceafillGFbot, send your bank account details to jelkner 12:44
replaceafilli have them but i'd rather you to do it :)12:44
GFbotreplaceafill: what do i have to send?12:44
GFbotmy number id or what12:44
replaceafillfull name, account number12:45
jelkneri'm confused, replaceafill 12:45
jelkneri thought xoom was cheaper?12:45
replaceafilljelkner, you'd still be using xoom12:45
replaceafilljelkner, do you have hangout capability?12:45
jelknerthen do i even need to go to the credit union?12:45
jelkneror can i just do it through xoom?12:45
jelkneri forget12:46
replaceafilljelkner, you sent me the money through xoom12:46
replaceafilland it lands in my bank account, right?12:46
jelknerlet's do that, then12:46
jelkneris our account presently exhausted?12:46
jelkneri mean, replaceafill, have you transferred all available funds to GFbot?12:47
replaceafillmy POES spreadsheet never flew...12:47
replaceafilljelkner, no12:47
replaceafilljelkner, we have around $50012:47
jelknercool, so we should transfer that to GFbot and i'll send another $500 to test the process12:47
GFbotjelkner: now that i have work to do for Isac i can register my hours12:48
jelknerreplaceafill, are you going to close this out, or just transfer it to GFbot and nrcerna?12:48
jelknerthe latter would be easier, right?12:49
jelknermake it so they can edit it12:49
replaceafillit's always been that way...12:49
jelknercool, nothing to do! ;-)12:49
jelkneri don't pay attention to financial stuff12:50
jelknerit gives me a headache12:50
jelknerbut i know i need to get better at that12:50
replaceafilli know12:50
replaceafilli think keeping track of that is the only thing i've done flawless for you12:51
replaceafillanyway i'm going to transfer the remaining funds to german now12:51
jelkneryou certainly have done a great job, my friend12:51
jelknergerman, get me the info and i'll try setting up xoom12:51
replaceafillok, final transfer done12:53
replaceafilli'll talk to my sister about this12:54
replaceafillgerman is worse than you in this regard jelkner  :)12:54
GFbotjelkner: cool12:54
GFbotreplaceafill: :(12:54
replaceafilljelkner, so i'd advice you keep her on the loop money-wise12:54
jelknerthat could be a problem, replaceafill 12:54
jelknerlike me and my wife trying to remember names12:55
jelknerwe both suck at it12:55
replaceafilljelkner,  call her "German's mom"12:55
replaceafilljelkner, her name is Karina12:55
replaceafillor Yandy12:55
replaceafilli'll warn her anyway12:55
jelknerplease do12:55
jelknerkeep yandy in the loop12:55
jelknerdoes she prefer karina or yandy?12:55
replaceafillmost people call her Yandy (her first name)12:56
replaceafillfamily call her Karina12:56
replaceafill(middle name)12:56
jelknerso, which would she prefer?12:56
replaceafilli marked the spreadsheet in row 119 visually12:56
replaceafilljelkner, you pick ;)12:56
jelknergerman is family12:56
GFbotjelkner: you can call her "Yandy"12:57
jelkneryandy rhymes with candy12:57
jelknerthat's sweet ;-)12:57
replaceafillok, let me know if you need help with xoom12:58
replaceafillif nothing else, going back to work12:58
jelknerGFbot, i need to sign off an study for a bit before we leave12:58
replaceafillzOnny, awesome theme!12:58
jelknerso i'll be looking for your email12:58
replaceafillzOnny, did you buy the template?12:58
jelknerlet's try a transfer today if possible12:58
jelknerif i don't get an email before i leave, i'll ask again tomorrow12:58
replaceafilljelkner, do you know if Kevin is still sick?12:59
jelknerACTION signs off to get some focused studying done12:59
jelknerreplaceafill, he wasn't sick when we went out last night12:59
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok12:59
jelknerbut after all the drinking he did, i can't say today12:59
replaceafilljelkner, zOnny  did you get an email from me to Kevin?12:59
replaceafillabout "the last piece of the puzzle"12:59
replaceafillor something like that?13:00
replaceafillanyway, i'll wait for his response, ttyl everybody o/13:00
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes13:00
replaceafillzOnny, kk13:00
zOnnyreplaceafill: How is that going ?13:00
replaceafillzOnny, i just need the same drupal that is running onn the server13:01
replaceafillzOnny, there's a drupal in bitbucket but it's old13:01
replaceafillzOnny, the one in the server has probably been updated13:01
zOnnyreplaceafill: Ah, aren't they sync ?13:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: so why have a repo that is not even updated ?13:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: backup maybe13:02
replaceafillyou can ask Gallaudet when you start working with them :)13:03
replaceafillor you can see our own stuff ;)13:03
replaceafillok, that's it from me13:04
replaceafillnrcerna, call me if you need anything13:04
replaceafilllater folks!13:04
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