IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-04-22

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jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!09:56
jelknerCan we start a few minutes early?09:56
DoisaacGood morning, Jeff09:56
jelknerHow is it going?09:57
jelknerACTION is logging in to student server now to see what's there09:57
Doisaaci already did it Jeff09:57
jelknerGreat, nice work09:59
DoisaacOh Thanks09:59
jelknerWe need to talk about at least one thing09:59
jelknerI'm looking at
jelknerit won't be valid10:00
jelkneri don't think you understand "special characters" yet10:00
Doisaacit's wrong?10:01
jelknerno, &lt; and &gt;10:01
jelknerthat's the idea10:01
jelknersince <, >, and & are reserved by the html language10:01
jelknerwhen you want to use them literally in a web page, you need to use "entitities"10:02
jelkner&lt;, &gt; and &amp;10:02
jelknergive me a minute10:02
jelknerso i just fixed your footer on special.html, and added a paragraph element10:04
jelknertry validating it10:04
jelknerit will be invalid10:04
jelkneryou will see: Error: Bad character , after <. Probable cause: Unescaped <. Try escaping it as &lt;.10:04
jelknerThat is the whole point of that exercise10:05
jelknerto learn about that10:05
jelknerbtw. you can view the source code to any page you view in your browser10:05
jelknerright click on the page and select "view page source"10:05
jelknerso, for example, you can view the source to the GDW HTML tutorial itself.10:06
jelknerPoint your browser at:
jelknerright click, and view the source10:06
Doisaacok wait a second10:07
jelkneryou will see how I use &lt;, &gt;, and &amp; in all the examples.10:07
Doisaacyes :10:08
Doisaaci see10:08
jelknerOK, next lesson is probably the most challenging of all: lists10:08
jelknerespecially the nested lists10:08
jelknerdon't do anything more than that lesson10:09
jelknerand let's schedule a time to go over it when you are ready10:09
jelknershould we plan on next sunday?10:09
jelknerNext Sunday at our usual time (10:30 am my time)10:10
Doisaacso 8:30  my time10:10
jelknerDo you have any other questions for me?10:10
Doisaacmy task = do lesson 4?10:10
jelknerand as always, *please* email me questions if you have any10:11
DoisaacOk sure. thanks10:11
jelknerok then, my friend, see you next Sunday.10:11
Doisaacok see you Jeff , Thank you10:12
jelknerThis is fun, thank you!10:12
jelknerACTION signs off10:13
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