IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-05-12

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jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!10:28
DoisaacGood Morning , Jeff!10:28
DoisaacYes :)10:29
jelknergive me a few minutes to look at your website10:30
DoisaacOk :)10:30
jelkneryou didn't link the forms lesson?10:32
jelkneri don't see it10:32
DoisaacNo 10:32
DoisaacI Didn't see it10:32
Doisaacread it!10:33
jelknerso, we should schedule our next meeting for when you have finished that10:33
jelknerdo you want to finish by next sunday?10:33
jelkneror do you want to try to meet before then?10:34
jelkneri also would like you to link your links lessons ;-)10:34
jelknerand your table10:34
jelknerso you have everything finished before we move on to css10:34
jelkneri'm looking for this:10:35
jelknerto be complete10:35
jelknerdo you need help with anything to get that done?10:35
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Doisaacsorry my pc turned off10:36
jelknerdid you see my questions?10:36
DoisaacI can finish it Today10:36
jelknerso, next sunday at the same time?10:36
Doisaaconly i have to link it10:36
Doisaaci finish all the "forms"10:37
jelkneryou have tables and forms done?10:37
Doisaacfrom form1 to form410:37
jelknerso link them in to the gdw index page10:38
Doisaacright now?10:38
jelknerbefore we meet next10:38
jelknernext sunday at 10:30?10:39
jelknerthat's what i'm asking10:39
Doisaaci have done it in few minutes10:39
jelkneri understand10:39
jelknerbut we have a meeting then10:39
Doisaacsunday at 8 3010:39
Doisaacmy time10:40
jelknerso, why not do lesson 1 of gdw css too10:40
jelknerhave that linked too10:40
jelknermake a new section under images10:40
jelknertitled "CSS"10:40
jelknerlink the exercises from gdw css lesson 110:40
Doisaacok Perfet and then the exercies linked right10:41
jelkneri want to talk to you before you start lesson 210:41
jelknerso that will be good timing10:41
jelknerhasta el proximo domingo entonces10:41
Doisaacok so my task link it and do lesson 1 of GDWCCS10:41
DoisaacSee you!10:42
jelknerthank you10:42
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jelknerwho is chairing today?11:00
GFbotjelkner: you11:00
jelkneri'm the only one with agenda items11:01
jelknertoo much me talking to myself11:01
jelkneri do that enough as is11:01
jelknerok, i'll run with it11:01
jelknerfirst item11:01
jelknerthat's you, jelkner11:01
jelknerok, thanks11:01
ubuntourist(Like an IRC bot talking to an IRC bot.)11:01
jelknerwe really need to talk about the meetings of subgroups that need to happen today11:02
jelknerand then get going with those11:02
jelknerDG123 and jelkner will meet to talk about bookkeeping11:02
jelknerzOnny, ubuntourist, and jelkner will meet to talk about Gallaudet11:02
jelknerzOnny and GFbot should talk about the allocation of funds in El Salvador11:03
jelknerand review the process for releasing them and accounting for them11:03
jelknerwe will need to include this in the general bookkeeping process afterward11:03
jelknerbut let's start handling each one separately11:04
DG123should I work with them on that then?11:04
jelknerDG123, that sounds like a good idea11:04
DG123and ubuntourist and I need to talk about getting that document e-signed11:04
jelknerbut there is no disjoint sets of participants11:04
jelknerso this complicates things11:04
jelknerzOnny needs to be in both the Gallaudet and the bookkeeping discussion11:05
jelknerso what to we do first?11:05
jelknerwe have until around 2 pm11:05
jelknerand need to get as much done as possible11:05
jelknerwhy don't we start with zOnny, ubuntourist, and GFbot talking about how to deploy the Gallaudet software11:06
ubuntouristRe: Gallaudet, although I know he's stepping back a bit, 't'would be nice to schedule time with replaceafill (and for that matter, aelkner) w/i next two weeks.11:06
jelknerzOnny can help me do that on my laptop later11:06
jelknerproblem is, ubuntourist, with only $3K, we don't have much of a budget11:06
jelkneranything else?11:08
jelknerso, let's do that, then11:08
jelknerubuntourist, zOnny, and GFbot work on getting access to the softwrae11:09
jelknerjelkner and DG123 work on the bookkeeping to start11:09
jelknerjelkner has a stack of papers sent thought the mail he needs to talk to DG123 about too11:10
jelkneranyone have anything else?11:10
mjsir911I'll be harder to contact than usual this next week, my laptop is getting shipped out to repair. Just a warning11:10
jelknerbut you'll be at the thursday meetup?11:11
jelknerif so, we can plan around that11:11
mjsir911yep, bare though11:11
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jelknerokie dokie11:12
jelkneranyone else?11:12
nrcernajelkner: I need to talk with you, this week, tell me when is a good time for you 11:12
jelknernrcerna, are you available at 1 pm today=11:12
jelknerstill learning my latin american keyboard11:12
jelknerbtw. nrcerna, i'm typing on the laptop i'm bringing with me to santa ana11:13
nrcernajelkner: I'm kind of busy today, can we talk next week? 11:13
jelknerwe sure can11:13
jelknernrcerna, send me an email11:13
nrcernaOK, thank you11:13
jelknernext sunday would be great11:13
jelkneranyone else?11:13
jelknerok, who can chair next sunday?11:14
jelknernrcerna, can you?11:14
nrcernaOK, I will do it11:14
jelknernrcerna, will chair next week11:15
jelkner!remind 2019-05-19 nrcerna is chair11:15
"2019-05-19 nrcerna is chair" added to message queue11:15
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:15
jelknerlet's get to work!11:15
GFbotjelkner: do you anything from lee's manager11:16
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GFbotjelkner: ok.11:17
jelknerso we just wait for him, GFbot 11:18
jelkneri called him11:18
jelknerhe said he would email me11:18
jelknerand then he didn't11:18
jelknerball is in his court, as the saying goes11:18
jelknerbut we have been responsible11:18
jelknerso we won't be faulted11:19
GFbotjelkner: got it11:20
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zOnnyGFbot: are you working at ?11:29
GFbotzOnny: yep11:31
zOnnyGFbot: great11:31
zOnnyGFbot: Issac was asking me when it will be ready?11:31
GFbotim going to show u this week all the work11:34
GFbotzOnny: 11:34
zOnnyGFbot: great11:35
GFbotzOnny: im going to logout11:40
GFbotsend me an email if you need me11:40
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