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jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!10:23
DoisaacGood Morning, Jeff10:23
jelkneri'm updating the student server10:23
jelknerthen i need to restart it, since there is a kernel update10:23
jelknerdon't login until i do that10:24
Doisaachold on10:24
Doisaaci will exit10:24
Doisaacim out10:24
jelknerit is still updating10:25
jelkneri'll let you know when it is ready10:25
DoisaacOk :)10:25
jelknerit's ready10:29
Doisaacdo i log it?10:30
jelknerso, let me see what you have...10:31
jelknernice work!10:32
jelknerthe page is valid10:32
DoisaacThank you10:32
jelknerok, next lesson is important10:33
jelknersince it defines the basic grammer of CSS10:33
DoisaacOh well10:34
Doisaacso it will be great learn it10:34
jelknerdo you have any questions?10:36
jelknernext week i will want to "quiz" you on the vocabulary10:36
jelknerwhat is a style?10:36
DoisaacIT's for10:36
Doisaactype all of CSS10:37
jelknerdescribe the contents of a declaration block10:37
jelknerFill in the blank ....10:37
jelknerA declaration block is composed of a sequence of ______________.10:37
jelknerand so forth10:38
jelknerare you still busy with school?10:38
Doisaacabout CSS?10:38
jelkneri'm not sure what you mean10:38
jelknerabout CSS?10:38
jelknerlesson 2 describes the grammer of css10:39
DoisaacThe "Test i mean the questions10:39
jelknerand my questions will be about css10:39
jelknerlesson 210:39
jelknerso, how busy are you with school?10:39
jelknerdo you want to try to do two lessons this week?10:39
Doisaaci will arrange my time10:39
jelkner2 and 3?10:39
jelknerthey go together well10:40
jelknerbut don't do 4 until after we meet10:40
DoisaacOk sure so : lesson 2 and 310:40
jelknersame time next sunday?10:40
DoisaacYes 10:30 your time10:40
jelknerhasta domingo entonces10:41
DoisaacThank you a lot, see you10:41
DoisaacHasta domingo10:41
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zOnny : +jelkner : GFbot2 : DG123 : GFbot : @kjcole : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
Report on ARA progress (jelkner)11:00
Talk about customer request. (jelkner)11:00
jelknerGood morning everyone!11:00
GFbothello jelkner 11:00
DG123good morning11:00
jelknernrcerna emailed saying she was ill11:00
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jelknerso i'll step in to chair for her11:00
GFbotjelkner: natalia is sick so i think we need someone to chair11:01
jelknergiven she isn't here, i propose putting off first item to next week11:01
jelkneritem two: deigo?11:01
DG123So on to the LLC transition11:02
DG123Unfortunately, we are going to need some more printing11:02
jelknerdo you mean you need access to a printer, DG123?11:03
DG123But the main issue we have to tackle is how exactly we're going to have all of our members e-sign our operating agreement11:03
DG123yes, today I'll need to print two more papers 11:04
DG123Shouldn't be an issue, but the e-signing might be11:04
jelknercan DG123 and kjcole decide that today?11:06
jelknerand then we can just do what they tell us?11:06
DG123Yes, I'll look into how it's done in Oregon11:06
jelknerok, we should sign this darn thing11:07
jelknerwe need to get legal, for all of our sakes11:07
jelknerour taxes aren't really accurate until we do11:07
jelknerok, next item?11:07
jelkneror does anyone else have anything on signing?11:08
kjcoleNot I11:08
DG123I'm done on it11:08
jelknerzOnny, and you take the next one?11:08
jelknertell us what happened with chedrick last thursday11:08
zOnnyjelkner: Chris and I were trying to run the ara's Django11:09
zOnnychris did it work11:10
jelkneri was there11:10
jelknerthe two of them were having fun11:10
zOnnythat's all11:10
jelknerand they were pretty excited about getting it running11:11
jelknerwe still need to figure out what to do about ldap11:11
zOnnyjelkner: yes, I am not fully familiar with old version of Django11:11
jelknerbut we made great progress11:11
jelkneraelkner is coming down june 611:11
jelknerto our meetup then11:11
kjcoleCan you explain how to get the admin interface working? (I was able to get a local copy of everything working last Sunday night, except the admin.11:11
jelknerchedrick has a repo11:12
kjcoleEventually, I got admin to limp along without any CSS but it's not the right way.)11:12
jelknerzOnny can show it to you, kjcole 11:12
jelknerafter the meeting11:12
zOnnykjcole: yes11:12
jelknerwe need to talk about our meeting with gallaudet11:12
jelknerhere is what i am thinking11:12
jelknerthey have 3K between now and oct 111:13
jelkneris that right?11:13
kjcoleThat's what they tell me...11:13
jelknerwe ask them to commit to 10K after oct 111:13
jelknerwe write up a contract for 13k11:13
jelknerand ask chedrick if he wants to work on that with zOnny 11:14
zOnnyjelkner: I think this project will fit for Chris and Kevin only.11:14
kjcoleAnd for round 1, they were looking at "Start in June, finish by August" but my understanding is that's the first "hump" -- the critical work.11:14
jelknerlet's meet on the details afterward11:14
jelknerso that kjcole zOnny and me can talk about that11:15
zOnnyjelkner: right11:15
jelknerwe have another important (and related) item11:15
jelknerwhat to say to our customer request11:15
jelknerif we are going to make it, we can't go turning away work11:16
jelknerkjcole seemed to suggest that it was beyond us11:16
jelknerbut again, if chedrick is interested in working with zOnny, we could do it i think11:16
jelkneri didn't call yet11:17
jelkneri was planning to call today11:18
jelkneragain, after meeting with zOnny and kjcole 11:18
jelknerand mjsir911 11:18
jelknerto get a sense of the skill set we need11:18
kjcoleIt looked like the KIND of stuff Libre Organize is designed to eventually handle. But the scope seemed a bit of a jump.11:19
jelkneri agree11:19
jelknerbut we talk to them and see what they need right away11:19
jelkner(they mentioned their time line is long)11:19
jelknerand ask what kind of resources they have?11:20
jelknermake sense?11:20
jelknerit's my job to make the call11:20
jelknerbut i wanted to meet first11:20
jelkneranyone else on that?11:21
jelknerDG123, would you be willing to chair next sunday?11:22
kjcoleI didn't even look at what kind of union before. So. A teacher's union...11:22
DG123I think it's at least worth it to get back to them and show interest11:22
DG123Yes, I'll chair11:22
jelknerthat's awesome11:22
mjsir911I have a quick thing11:22
jelknermjsir911, go for it11:23
mjsir911next weekend is memorial weekend and I'll be up in boston. I'll be available during the meeting but will be less available than usual vacationing11:23
kjcole Washington DC Teacher's Union11:23
jelknerunderstood, mjsir911 11:23
jelknerthanks for letting us know11:23
jelknerwe are looking forward to hearing about your trip11:23
jelknerDG123, i would like to propose a new practice that i was hoping you could be the 1st to try11:24
jelknerin order to be a real coop11:24
jelknerwe need to consciously devote energy to training members to be leaders11:25
jelknerin a democratic organization11:25
jelknerto help get folks thinking about our coop from the "global perspective"11:25
jelkneri was thinking each chair could be responsible for posting at least two agenda items11:26
jelknerDG123, can you do that?11:27
DG123I can11:27
DG123I'll think about what to add11:27
jelkneri'll be glad to talk to you about it11:27
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:28
jelknerthanks everyone11:28
jelknersee you next week11:28
DG123thank you11:28
kjcoleOops. They want something like the DC Teacher's Union site or the Montgomoery County Education Association. But they are the Amalgamated Transit Union
DG123also, GFbot, if you could email me your address so I can add you to the operating agreement as a member of the LLC NWD will become, that would be much appreciated11:32
GFbotcool i jus read it DG123 12:15
zOnnyGFbot: /quit12:18
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