IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-05-21

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jelknerhi zOnny!12:35
zOnnyjelkner: Hello World!12:35
jelknernow we just need german12:35
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:36
jelknerso i like the email12:36
jelknersince it has a concrete number in it12:36
jelknerbut i want to suggest 30 * 40 == 120012:36
zOnnyjelkner: well, that is the regular work hours12:36
jelkneri don't know what you mean12:37
zOnnyjelkner: that would be great if the customer pays it12:37
jelknerit is only reasonable12:37
zOnnyjelkner: It works for me12:38
jelkneri have a question about your estimate though.12:38
jelknerthe 40 hours is for one of you, yes?12:39
zOnnyjelkner: yes12:39
jelknerso if you end up spitting the work, you are saying you could all together do it in 40 person hours12:39
jelknerdo we include hosting in that?12:39
zOnnyjelkner: hosting isn't included yet12:40
jelknerand hosting is $120 for a year, yes?12:41
zOnnyjelkner: yes12:41
jelknerso the contract would be for $1320.00, yes?12:41
zOnnyjelkner: It works for me.12:42
jelknerwell if it works for *you*, it works for nova web development! ;-)12:42
jelknerokie dokie, i'll call him today12:43
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:43
jelknerbtw. Let's keep reminding each other to stay in this channel whenever we are at work.12:45
jelknerit will really help ease communication, zOnny 12:45
jelknerwe need to tell German the same thing12:46
zOnnyjelkner: I agree12:46
jelknerand natalia too, once she starts working12:46
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:46
jelknerzOnny, i need to run some errands.  i'll stay in the channel, but i'll be away from my computer for a bit12:50
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:53
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GFbotjelkner: im here13:32
jelknerGreat, GFbot.13:32
jelknerWe should really get in the habit of being in this channel whenever we are at work.13:32
jelknerWhich for you and zOnny should be 40 hours per week.13:33
jelkneri just got off the phone with brian from ATU.13:33
zOnnyjelkner: so ?13:34
jelknerhe was in a meeting and asked that i email hime13:38
jelkner(sorry, i got a phone call)13:39
jelkneri did email him13:39
jelknerand cc'd zOnny and GFbot 13:39
jelknerbtw. zOnny, i also email chedrick about thursday13:39
zOnnyjelkner: thx13:39
jelknerand don't forget we have the meeting at gallaudet on friday at 4:30 pm.13:39
jelkneri need to get a ride with you13:39
jelknercan you pick me up at 3:20 pm?13:40
zOnnyjelkner: NO13:40
jelknerwhat do you mean?13:40
jelkneri mean i know what "NO" means ;-)13:40
jelknerbut i thought you said friday was good13:40
zOnnyjelkner: :)13:40
jelknerzOnny, is starting to mess with jelkner's head13:41
jelknerthat's a good sign ;-)13:41
zOnnyjelkner: that works for me.13:41
jelknerok, class is coming13:41
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