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DG123!remind Finishing and cleaning up the LLC Operating Agreement10:05
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lbolz /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER lbolz tkoirkqkuovp10:19
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mjsir911lbolz: ya gotta change that password now, we all saw it10:25
mjsir911I believe you put a space before the /msg ?10:25
mjsir911 /msg test10:25
jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!10:26
jelknerr u ready?10:26
DoisaacGood morning, Jeff10:26
jelknerQuestion, Doisaac, do you regularly see nrcerna?10:27
Doisaacno, only when mi grandma is invited 10:28
Doisaacto her grandma hause10:28
Doisaacof "nrcerna"10:28
jelknerwe may need to change that10:28
jelkneri hope to talk with both of you today10:28
DoisaacFor me is ok10:29
jelknerabout what novawebdev needs you both to learn10:29
jelknerand working together might be more fun10:29
Doisaacbut How? are you going to talk with her?10:30
jelknerwe can meet here on irc10:30
jelkneri'm hoping she'll be at the meeting today10:30
DoisaacOh Great!10:30
jelknerwe can meet right afterwards10:30
jelknerlet's see10:30
jelknerokie dokie10:30
jelknerlet's jump in10:31
jelknerthe next lesson has the most important "theory" in the course10:31
jelkneryou'll be introduced to the DOM10:32
jelknerwhich stands for Document Object Model10:32
jelknerDoisaac, are you familiar with the idea of a tree in mathematics?10:32
jelknerkind of like a "family tree"10:33
jelknerthe DOM is a mathematical tree10:33
jelkneroh, btw, i almost forgot, i'm supposed to quiz you ;-)10:34
jelknerwhat are the four basic selectors?10:34
Doisaacclass selector10:35
Doisaacstyle which is INTO the element10:35
Doisaacand the basic selector10:35
Doisaacwhich is inside of the tag "Style"10:35
jelknerso let me help a bit10:35
jelknerand i'll ask this same question again next week10:36
jelknerthe four basic selectors are:10:36
Doisaaci forget group selectors10:36
jelkner1. element selector (selects a single element)10:36
jelkner2. group selectors (selects a group of elements10:36
jelknerand you got the other two: class and id selectors10:37
jelknerwhich use metadata (class and id attributes) to select elements10:37
Doisaacfor class is a dot (.)10:37
Doisaacand for id is (#)10:38
jelknerthis terminology isn't standard10:38
jelknerbut i find it really helpful10:38
jelkneri call "basic selectors" any selectors that don't require understanding the DOM10:38
jelknerthe other selectors you will learn about select elements based on their relationship to other elements in the DOM10:39
jelknerso first, we need to look at the DOM10:39
jelknerthat's what the next lesson is all about10:39
jelknersince we are remote, i can't do this the way i would in class10:39
jelknerso i'll ask you on your honor to try to follow the process10:40
jelkneri find it helps you get a feel for the dom10:40
jelknerso first read the lesson10:40
jelknerthen when you do the exercises10:40
jelknerdo them step by step10:40
Doisaacfor see what it do it10:41
jelknerDoisaac, you have a smart phone, yes?10:41
jelknerwe can do this the way i would like, then10:41
jelknerso, here is your task10:41
jelknerread the lesson text10:42
jelknerand complete exercises 1 to 510:42
jelkner*do not* do exercise 610:42
Doisaaci already do to 310:42
jelkneruntil you take a picture of exercise 510:42
jelknerand email it to me10:42
jelkneryou have my email, yes?10:42
DoisaacOk Yes10:43
jelknerdo that whenever you can10:43
jelknertomorrow is a holiday here10:43
jelknerso if you send it to me tomorrow10:43
jelkneri can email you back the same day10:43
DoisaacOh ok tomorrow , Jeff  i have a question10:43
Doisaaca:link, a:visited {10:44
Doisaac          font-weight: bold;10:44
Doisaac          color: #000;10:44
Doisaac          text-decoration: none;10:44
Doisaacexample 10:44
Doisaacin this case is Necessary type two times a ?10:44
jelkneri believe you can just type :visited10:45
jelknerthat's a good question10:45
Doisaacfooter a, footer a:visited {10:45
Doisaac        color: #A50;10:45
Doisaac        text-decoration: none;10:45
Doisaac        padding: 10px;10:45
Doisaac        border: 1px dashed #000;10:45
Doisaac    }10:45
Doisaacin this case too10:45
DoisaacOh ok Thanks10:45
jelknerso here we have a decedent selector10:46
jelknerlet's talk about that in lesson 510:46
jelkneralso, you can experiment with real examples and see how they work10:46
jelknerthe beautiful thing about learning tech like this is that it doesn't matter what i say10:46
jelknerit only matters what the browser does!10:47
jelknerso try stuff out10:47
Doisaaci see what you mean10:47
jelknerthat's how you will become an expert over time10:47
jelknerok, same time next week?10:47
DoisaacSure (10:30 ) ur time10:48
jelknerif you can, hang around until after our meeting10:48
jelknerto see if you, nrcerna and i can chat10:48
Doisaacgreat i will be around here10:48
Doisaacalso, Thank you a lot .10:50
jelknerThank you, Doisaac.  This is fun!10:53
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!10:57
nrcernaGood Morning jelkner! 10:58
jelknercan you, Doisaac and i have a short chat after our meeting?10:58
nrcerna:) 10:58
DG123!remind Welcome lbolz 10:59
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nrcerna : Doisaac : @mjsir911 : lbolz : +jelkner : zOnny : @ubuntourist : DG123 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
Finishing and cleaning up the LLC Operating Agreement (DG123)11:00
Welcome lbolz (DG123)11:00
DG123Good morning everyone11:00
jelknerGood morning, DG123 11:00
nrcernaGood Morning! 11:00
DG123I'll be chairing this week11:01
zOnnyHello World!11:01
DG123Let's start with the first agenda item and get an Update on ARA project (jelkner)11:01
jelknerGreat, that's me11:01
jelknerin brief11:02
jelknerwe had a very productive meeting on Friday with Gallaudet11:02
jelknerbut the real big news around this project is that NOVA Web Development's original developer, Chris Hedrick, is back!11:02
jelknerhe will be working with zOnny on this project11:02
jelknerzOnny and i met with him on thursday11:03
jelknerhe is very interested in working with us again11:03
jelknerhe has lots of django experience and will be huge help11:03
jelknerso, we are going to update the existing application for this year11:04
jelknerubuntourist has dubbed it "RAGU"11:04
jelknerand they want us to rewrite it next year11:04
jelknerwhen we will have more time and they more budget11:04
jelknerACTION done11:04
ubuntouristI gave "history lesson" on the project, via e-mail, to those currently involved. RAGU = Research At Gallaudet University, BTW.11:04
ubuntouristACTION done11:05
DG123Alright sounds good11:05
DG123Next agenda item,  What NOVA Web Dev needs from our design specialists (Summer study plans) (jelkner)11:05
jelknerme again11:05
jelkneri'm going to meet with nrcerna and Doisaac after this meeting11:05
jelknerwhat i need to let everyone know here is that we have another PRIME intern for the month of july11:06
jelknerwho will be working for a month11:06
jelknersamantha is a graphic artist11:06
jelknerlike our own nrcerna 11:06
jelknerbut zOnny and i met with her11:07
jelknerand discussed how she will probably want to learn html and css11:07
jelknershe agreed11:07
jelkneras we move forward11:07
jelknerwe will need a few of our coop members to become "masters" of CSS design11:07
jelknerso they can work with our backend developers to make our web applications beautiful11:08
jelknerand user friendly11:08
jelknernrcerna, that's going to be your task, yes?11:08
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:08
jelknerso, the good news is we have some other people for you to work with this summer11:08
jelknerok, that's all i wanted to say on that11:09
jelknerACTION done11:09
nrcernaThat's really Great 11:09
DG123Ok, so on to our third item11:09
DG123Gather the PRIMES on June 9? (jelkner)11:09
jelknerthis is a question for ubuntourist and zOnny mainly11:09
jelknershould we try to get the 2 primes to come to our sunday meeting on june 9?11:10
jelknercan we fit them all in zOnny's car11:10
jelknerwill gallaudet have a fit if they see so many novawebsters here at once?11:10
ubuntouristI don't know either of them but the space we're in now could accommodate two more than what we have now...11:11
DG123In a pinch, I can drive11:11
ubuntourist...possibly three.11:11
jelkneri'll reach out to them to see if they can make it11:12
jelknerACTION done11:12
zOnnyjelkner: my car can carry seven passengers only11:12
DG123Next item is mine11:13
DG123It has to do with our transition to an LLC and how our operating agreement will be completed11:14
DG123Over the week, jelkner cleaned up our draft and ubuntourist sent out instructions for the document signing process11:15
jelknerso, DG123, am i right in thinking we can't do our new accounting properly until we get our status right?11:15
jelkneri'm trying to understand the sequence that things have to happen in11:15
DG123Correct, we should become an LLC before we do any major accounting changes like pilot11:15
jelknerthat's what i thought11:15
jelknerso, we need to finish our agreement11:16
jelkneran digitally sign it, yes?11:16
jelknerDG123, you and i can work on that today11:16
jelknerand then we can:11:16
jelkner1. translate it into spanish11:16
jelkner2. ask everyone to read it and sign it11:16
DG123Yes, we'll work on the last few sections today11:17
DG123ACTION done11:17
DG123And last but not least11:17
DG123We're welcoming lbolz11:17
jelknerwelcome, lbolz!11:17
jelknerand thank you, DG123 for remembering to put this on the agenda11:18
zOnnylbolz: Welcome11:18
lbolzHello everyone!11:18
nrcernaWelcome, lbolz 11:18
jelknerlbolz will be working with us all next year11:18
ubuntouristHey. ;-)11:18
ubuntouristlbolz, my condolences.11:18
jelkneras part of what is called her "Senior Capstone experience"11:18
jelkner10 hours per week11:19
jelkneri told her that if she can put up with ubuntourist's snide remarks11:19
jelknerany revenue that comes our way due to her work she can get paid for11:19
jelknerotherwise, she will be learning11:19
jelknerso, lbolz, welcome again!11:20
ubuntouristlbolz, your focus is the Liberia stuff, right?11:20
lbolzi think so?11:21
jelknerfor today11:21
jelkneri should let everyone know11:21
jelknerlbolz has made it through 9 chapters of Test-Driven Development with Python11:21
jelknershe will be learning Django with us11:21
zOnnylbolz: great! 11:22
jelknerACTION done11:22
ubuntouristAh. To quote jelkner and Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons, "Excellent!"11:22
zOnnylbolz: we need backend devps :) 11:23
DG123Thank you everyone for the meeting11:23
DG123Any chairs for next week?11:23
zOnnyDG123: I will11:23
ubuntourist!remind 2019.05.02 Chair: zOnny 11:24
"2019.05.02 Chair: zOnny" added to message queue11:24
jelknerremember, zOnny, you should think about our agenda during the week and post some items11:24
jelknergreat, everyone11:24
jelkneruntil next week then...11:24
zOnnyjelkner: uhmmm ok11:24
DG123ACTION drops the bag of gravel11:24
jelknernrcerna, Doisaac, give me 10 minutes11:26
jelknerand can we chat briefly?11:26
jelknerDoisaac, still here?11:26
jelknerACTION will brb11:26
Doisaacyes i here11:26
Doisaaci'm here11:26
nrcernaHow are you Doisaac? 11:27
DoisaacHi! i 'm  fine and You?11:28
nrcernaI didn't talk you since the last time in my Grandma's house 11:28
nrcernaNice, I'm fine too 11:29
DoisaacJaja Yes!11:29
nrcernaDid you try another flower as we did? 11:29
Doisaacajaj No i didn't11:29
nrcernaI mean create something like that 11:29
Doisaacand you?11:29
nrcernaMe either 11:30
Doisaacwas difficult 11:30
nrcernaYes,it was. 11:30
jelknerDoisaac, nrcerna, i am really lookikng forward to getting to Santa Ana!11:30
Doisaacbut finally thanks to Douglas was very good11:30
jelknerby then, Doisaac will be finished with the basics of CSS11:31
nrcernaYeii!! 11:31
jelknerand i am hoping that by the time we finish our summer sprint11:31
jelkneryou two will have a lot more skills and a good working relationship11:31
jelknerthat's all i wanted to say11:31
jelkneryou can do so much with CSS these days, nrcerna 11:32
jelknerit is a wonderful tool11:32
jelknerfor design11:32
jelknerand we need it badly11:32
jelknerCSS supports layout, styling, and animation11:33
nrcernaI know, I really tried to involve with CSS, but I think its kind of difficult to me with all the stuffs around. I think this summer I can lead a lot from you11:33
jelknerwell i can point you in the right direction11:33
jelknerbut you will need to become a much better designer than i am11:33
nrcernaIt will be easier we are together and I can ask somethings11:33
jelkneryes, working together will be a big help to all of us11:34
jelknernrcerna, you graduated, yes?11:34
nrcernaNot yet11:34
nrcernaIm going to be free I mean 'Egresada' (I don't know how to say it) 11:35
jelknernrcerna, still there?11:36
nrcerna10 of June 11:36
jelknerok, so by summer you will be egresada11:36
DoisaacCongratulations !11:36
nrcernaAnd the all the other stuff to get the university papers until the next year 11:37
jelknerso i have a proposal for the two of you11:37
nrcernaOn june11:37
jelkneri can get you both access to this curriculum11:37
jelknerand you could work through it together over the summer sprint11:38
jelknerwhat do you think?11:38
nrcernaOK, I'm going to check 11:38
jelknerwhat are you going to check, nrcerna?11:39
nrcernaThe link 11:39
nrcernaI just did11:40
nrcerna:) 11:40
jelknerokie dokie11:40
nrcernaI think, it a great opportunity 11:40
jelknerDoisaac, will you have time during the summer?11:40
jelknerthis is what i use with my web design 2 students11:40
jelknerit's good, and maps well with what we need for our coop11:41
Doisaacwhat dates if for you summer?11:41
jelknergreat question, Doisaac 11:41
jelknerhold on...11:41
jelknerjuly 10 to august 811:42
jelknerthose are the days i will be staying at GFbot's place11:43
jelknerand working all day to learn Django11:43
Doisaacevery sundays,  and from 26 to 28 of july11:43
Doisaacand 1 from 6 of augost11:43
jelkneri will be there sunday through thursday11:43
jelknermaybe even friday and saturday too11:43
jelknerbut if my family wants me to visit11:44
jelknerit will have to be friday or saturday11:44
jelknersince sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday it will be work, work, work11:44
jelknerthat's the plan11:44
jelkneranyway, DG123 is waiting for me to work with him on our membership agreement11:45
Doisaacafter 3 saturdays 11:45
jelknernrcerna, you and GFbot will need to sign that11:45
jelknerso we need to finish it today11:45
Doisaaci will have saturday evining free11:45
jelknerDoisaac, you can join us when you can11:45
nrcernaOK, jelkner 11:45
jelknernow you know our schedule11:46
jelknerhasta la proximo domingo entonces11:46
nrcernaYes I, thanks for that11:46
DoisaacOh ok thank you11:46
nrcernaSee you next week 11:46
jelknerDoisaac, send me the screenshot by tomorrow if you can11:47
jelknerand i'll email you back11:47
Doisaaci have to say something11:47
jelknerbut quick, DG123 is waiting11:47
Doisaaccould i send you today at night 11:47
Doisaacbecause tomorrow11:47
jelknerof course11:47
Doisaacis a school day "all" for me11:47
jelknertoday is great11:47
jelknerbut i won't reply until tomorrow11:48
DoisaacGreat Thank you, Jeff11:48
jelkneremail is asynchronous11:48
jelknerthat's what i like about it11:48
jelknerlater, my friends11:48
DoisaacNice 11:48
jelknerACTION signs off for the day11:48
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