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zOnny!remind Gallaudet contract for next meeting on Friday10:17
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zOnny!remind report of ARA project10:18
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zOnny!remind report of realacademy website10:18
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jelknerDG123, i'm just looking now10:25
jelknerbut first glance looks promising10:26
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jelknerthere is a directory named "Contracts"10:26
jelknerwith a subdirectory named "Gallaudet"10:26
DG123yes, looks like we have pretty good templates to work on10:26
jelknerDG123, did you get a chance to look in there?10:26
jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!10:27
DG123jelkner, I did, and it looks like there's really not too much to change10:27
jelknerready to start?10:27
DoisaacGood Morning, Jeff, Sure10:27
jelknerlet's talk about that after i finish with Doisaac 10:27
jelknerSo, Doisaac, did you see my last response?10:28
DoisaacYes Jeff10:28
jelknerand the webskills3.html i put in your home directory10:28
Doisaacyou add <li>10:28
jelkneryes, and i removed metadata10:28
jelknerthat's even more important10:28
jelknersince the goal of this exercise is to understand what the DOM, data, and metadata are10:29
Doisaaccould  you give an example of metadata?10:29
jelknerthat is metadata10:29
jelknersome elements have required metadata10:29
jelknera without href="..." is rather useless10:30
jelknerso that is an element with required metadata10:30
jelknerthe img element is another10:30
jelknerwithout src="..." you don't see an image10:30
jelknerdoes that make sense?10:30
DoisaacYes it does , Great!10:31
jelknerso here is your homework10:31
jelknerdo a bit of reading (and please use Spanish sources too) on those three vocabulary words: DOM (Document Object Model), data, and metadata10:31
jelkneryou can also move on to the next lesson10:32
jelknerLesson 5: Advanced Selectors10:32
DoisaacSo  " find information of what data and metadata is,"10:32
DoisaacLesson 5 is done i think10:33
jelknerand read about the DOM10:33
Doisaacoh and DOM ok10:33
jelknerso, what are the 4 basic selectors?10:33
Doisaacelement selector10:34
Doisaacgroup selector10:34
jelknertwo more...10:34
Doisaacid selector10:34
Doisaacand 10:34
Doisaaci think10:34
Doisaacclass selector10:34
jelknerwhich two of those require metadata to use?10:35
Doisaacclass selector and id selector?10:35
jelknermuy bien10:35
Doisaacthe metadata of these are10:35
jelknerdo you know the difference in usage between id and class selectors?10:35
Doisaacin id 10:36
Doisaacyou have to put # in "style"10:36
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jelkneryes, and class uses .10:36
jelknerbut i mean something else10:36
Doisaacclass uses . and the name10:36
Doisaacyou typed10:37
jelkneran id selector is supposed to be "unico"10:37
Doisaacwhat it mean=10:37
jelkneronly a single element should have a given id10:37
jelknerid "identifies" that element uniquely10:37
jelknerwhereas class is a type10:37
jelknerso lots of elements can have the same class10:37
Doisaacand with class i can put it in more element10:38
DoisaacThis is so Great10:38
jelknerso same time next week?10:38
Doisaaclearn more anytime more10:38
DoisaacYes 10:38
jelkneri'm going to ask you to describe some of the "advanced selectors"10:38
jelknerand how they relate to the DOM10:38
jelknermuy bien, amigo10:39
Doisaacis when you type >10:39
jelknerhasta el proximo domingo10:39
Doisaacsee you10:39
jelknerthat is a child selector10:39
jelknerone of them10:39
jelknermore about that next week10:40
DoisaacCool , Thank you a lot10:40
jelknerread over the lesson again and try to memorize those10:40
Doisaachave a nice day10:40
jelknerthank you!10:40
jelknerthis is fun!10:40
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nrcerna : GFbot : DG123 : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : zOnny : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
report of realacademy website (zOnny)11:00
zOnnyHello Everyone!11:00
DG123Good morning11:00
mjsir911good morning11:00
nrcernaGood Morning 11:00
jelknerGood morning!11:00
zOnnylet's start with the agenda's items11:00
zOnnyfirst item: Gallaudet contract for next meeting on Friday11:01
zOnnyI think this is a work in progress for DG123 and jelkner 11:01
jelknerand we will work on it today11:01
zOnnyI just want to check that we are going to be ready for the next meeting11:01
DG123It's coming along well so far11:02
jelknersunday meetings are super important11:02
jelknersince as ubuntourist, zOnny, and i were just discussing11:02
jelknerwe need a clear plan on what to do for our customer11:02
jelknerwithin their limited budget11:02
zOnnyjelkner: correct11:03
jelknerGFbot, we may need your help reaching out to your uncle11:03
zOnnyjelkner: be in the same page is really important11:03
jelknersince we basically need to get what he did last year working again11:03
jelknerand we want to do it with as little pain as possible11:03
ubuntourist(For those of you who want to look at the current system, warts and all, see That doesn't get you to the editing interface, but you can browse.)11:03
jelknergood move putting that in the meeting notes, ubuntourist 11:04
zOnnyI think that's it for this item11:04
zOnnynext item11:04
zOnnyreport of ARA project11:04
zOnnyChris nad I have been working on it11:05
jelknerbtw, it is now RAGU11:05
jelknernot ARA11:05
zOnnyhaving the old django version is our first task11:05
zOnnythere is progress after all11:06
zOnnywe are going to need help from ubuntourist as a consultant 11:06
jelknerand from replacefill to answer *clearly* stated questions11:07
jelknerhe is willing to do that11:07
zOnnyjelkner: correct11:07
jelknerbut you need to frame clear questions11:07
jelknerby email11:07
jelknerhe doesn't want to get dragged into this as a participant11:07
jelknerbut he will answer questions11:07
jelknerthat's my understanding11:07
zOnnyjelkner: I will in reference to what needs to be done or what he did last year11:07
ubuntouristThe simple user story (from my perspective) is that the Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA) department needs to collect project descriptions11:08
ubuntouristfrom researchers across campus, and generate a chapter of a book (e.g. hopefully by October 1.11:08
ubuntouristThey have to collect the information after faculty return from summer vacation.11:09
jelknerso it must be ready by mid august!11:09
jelknerthat is crucial11:09
ubuntouristSo, a working system by mid August, and roughly a month to collect data, edit it, and format it for the book.11:10
zOnnyubuntourist: that really helps11:10
ubuntouristACTION is done11:10
jelknerACTION is done11:10
zOnnynext item11:10
zOnnyreport of realacademy website11:11
zOnnythis is a working project from GFbot and I11:11
zOnnyso far our customer doesn't have any complains11:12
jelknerwhich is very important11:12
jelknersince this is a potential long term relationship if we do well11:13
zOnnythis customer is asking for other features like G suite11:13
jelknerlena is working on that11:13
zOnnywhich Lena is working onm11:13
jelknernot our core business11:13
ubuntouristG Suite = Google Suite?11:13
jelknerso we need to avoid getting pulled too far from our plan11:13
jelknerbut things like this are a great opportunity for interns11:14
jelknersince it is basically just following complicated instructions11:14
zOnnythis project will include school tool, G suite, and Tendenci11:14
jelknerSchool Tool lives! ;-)11:15
zOnnyanother thing that we need to clear is the team work11:15
jelknerSchoolTool, i mean11:16
zOnnyGFbot: I know u wanted to work on Lee's website11:16
jelknerlee's website won't take 40 hours a week11:16
zOnnyjelkner: right11:17
zOnnyI think that's it from our agenda11:17
GFbotI need to work with z0nny on the real academy since i wasnt able last week11:17
zOnnythere is someone else would like to share something else11:18
mjsir911I have a request..11:18
zOnnymjsir911: go for it11:18
mjsir911Could we try to keep the irc channel to novawebdev related things? Recently we've started bringing over non-novawebdev stuff and it's been distracting and adds a lot of noise to the irc logs11:18
jelkneryou must be addressing this to me, mjsir911 11:19
zOnnymjsir911: I am confused :S11:19
mjsir911Well, yes. But it goes for everyone11:19
jelknerare you referring to the pre meeting tutoring sessions11:19
jelknerif so, i will of course respect the will of the majority11:20
zOnnymjsir911: I got it :)11:20
jelknerbut i will make the case that those are nova web development related11:20
jelkneri am responsible for training our future members11:20
jelknerwe will be doing even more of that over the summer11:20
jelknerthe PRIMES, who are here next week11:21
jelknerwill be learning 11:21
jelknerand we will be meeting here to manage that process11:21
jelknernrcerna will be working with Samanatha learning the very thing that Doisac is learning11:21
jelknerhaving logs helps that process11:22
jelknerwhat is the downside?11:22
jelkneri'm not sure i understand that11:22
ubuntouristmjsir911, (FYI, I made the same suggestion last week.)11:22
jelknerand i made the same response11:23
ubuntouristmjsir911, (And jelkner made the same argument)11:23
mjsir911I see, this all makes sense11:23
jelkneris there a downside, mjsir911?11:23
mjsir911It justs a matter of signal v noise, I don't want it to become not worth going through the large irc logs11:23
jelkneri don't understand11:23
jelknerthe logs have times11:23
jelknerthey are pretty easy to go through11:23
nrcernaMaybe they asked to keep all this learn stuff in other channel?11:23
jelknershould we have two channels?11:24
jelkneri'd be game for that11:24
jelknerif mjsir911 wants to setup big brother for that one too11:24
mjsir911That works for me, I'll set it up11:24
zOnnynrcerna: 1+11:24
mjsir911I can set up #novawebdev.learn or something like that11:25
zOnnymjsir911: +111:25
jelknermjsir911, can you have that by next week?11:25
mjsir911yeah, will do11:25
jelknersince that's when are PRIMES are coming for orientation11:25
jelknerit would be nice to start them off with the workflow we want to use all july11:26
zOnnythat is progress :)11:26
zOnnythere is someone else ?11:26
jelknernrcerna, GFbot can you stay around for a few minutes after?11:27
zOnnywho is willing to chair for the next meeting ?11:27
ubuntouristReluctantly, me. ;-)11:28
zOnnyubuntourist: great!11:28
ubuntourist!remind 2019.06.09 Chair = ubuntourist11:28
"2019.06.09 Chair = ubuntourist" added to message queue11:28
zOnnyshould I be the one who put it to the agenda?11:28
zOnnyjelkner: Thx! 11:28
zOnnyACTION drops the bag of gravel11:29
jelknertalk to you all next week11:29
jelknerwe will have the summer interns here11:29
jelknerthat will be the focus of the meeting11:29
zOnnyright on time :)11:29
jelknerorienting them11:29
nrcerna:) 11:30
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, i just wanted to chat a minute about our summer goals11:30
nrcernaGo for it11:30
jelknernot the technical ones, the social / organizational goals11:30
jelkneri have watched zOnny grow into a full "owner" of this coop11:30
jelknerwhich has been great to see11:30
jelkneri feel that team guanaco, in part because you are physically remote11:31
jelknerhave still not become fully functioning members of a cooperative11:31
jelknerso we need to talk a lot about that while i'm there11:31
nrcernaI agreed 11:32
jelknernrcerna, when is your last day at school?11:32
nrcernaI agree *11:32
jelkneri'm asking because i wanted to know when you can start full time with us11:32
jelkneryou said it is this month sometime, yes?11:32
nrcernaJune 10th,but I just need to go to San Salvador the 27th, it's about the final work I'm going to show 11:33
nrcernaMy portfolio 11:33
jelknerso we say you start full time july 1?11:33
jelknerwe will want to budget and plan for this, that's why i'm asking11:33
nrcernaI can start July 111:34
jelknerbetween now and then you need to focus on graduating11:34
jelknerand we should just do enough planning to be ready for july 111:34
jelknerpart of that planning will be done next sunday11:34
nrcernaOkay, sounds good to me 11:35
jelknerwe have samantha, a PRIME intern with a background in graphic design11:35
jelknerso i am hoping she will work closely with you11:35
nrcernaNice I would love to see her work :) 11:35
jelknerwe were talking on the way over here11:35
jelknerabout what a good goal for the two interns should be11:35
jelknerwe had talked about having them work on "The LibreOrganize Book"11:36
GFbotThat's good11:36
jelknerthe problem is that LibreOrganize isn't ready to document11:36
nrcernaGreat! 11:36
jelknerbut then we thought, what if we write the documentation first?11:36
nrcernaOh, 11:36
jelknerin other words, we write documentation for the application we want11:37
jelknernot the one we have11:37
jelknerso you as designers would be in the lead11:37
nrcernaThat sound like the last time we worked with GFbot together 11:37
jelknerthe rest of us would strive to develop the application you descibe11:37
jelknerthat's what gave me the idea11:37
jelknerwe want to do what you and GFbot did for 2 days11:37
jelknerbut do it much deep and for a month11:38
jelknerso we leave with a pretty solid vision of where we want to go11:38
jelknerdoes that make sense?11:38
nrcernaI love the idea, I know German does too11:38
jelknerlet's do it!11:38
jelknerok, that's all i had11:38
nrcernaYou're in GFbot? 11:38
nrcerna:) I hope so11:39
GFbotYes i am11:39
jelknerokie dokie11:39
nrcernaThanks to you jelkner 11:39
jelknerhasta next domingo11:39
jelknerthank you11:39
GFbotSee you then11:39
nrcernaSee you! 11:39
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