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-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- zOnny : @mjsir911 : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : DG123 : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- 2019.06.16 Chair = jelkner (ubuntourist)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- 2019.06,23 - Gallaudet not available (ubuntourist out of town) (ubuntourist)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- 2019.08.17 = FOSSCON, Philadelphia. See (Registration not yet open as of 2019.06.09.) (ubuntourist)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- Status of LOC application and Summer finances (jelkner)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- Our financial reality (jelkner)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- What we need to do this Summer (jelkner)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- Diego, are we collecting hosting fees? (jelkner)11:00
-Big_Brother:#novawebdev- Edzon, do we have an invoice for Isaac tomorrow? (jelkner)11:00
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+jelknerGood morning, everyone!11:00
nrcernaGood morning! 11:00
+jelknerLet's jump right in.11:00
+jelknerubuntourist, is away, so i'll move down the agenda11:01
+jelknerDG123, can you report on our LOC application11:01
+jelknerwhat happened?11:01
DG123I called their agent and we talked about NWD's finances for a bit11:02
DG123Upcoming contracts, how much money we made in the last year, etc.11:02
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+jelknerGood morning, GFbot 11:03
GFbotgood morning jelkner 11:03
DG123And unfortunately, we needed to have made at least 100k in the last year to qualify, but of course he advised me to keep them in mind in the future11:03
+jelknerof course11:03
* DG123 done11:04
+jelknerok, so we don't qualify for a loan11:04
DG123not from them11:04
+jelknerthat may be for the best, and given that situation, i want to combine the 3 items i put on the agenda into one conversation11:04
+jelknerbasically, we have a nice contract with Gallaudet University11:05
+jelknerthat we bill at $100 per hour11:05
+jelknerif we want our coop to "make it", we need more contracts like that11:05
+jelknerand we would certainly want to bring in well over $100K to keep 3 people working full time, and several others part time11:05
+jelknerso, nrcerna, i'll come up with $500 for you for july11:06
+jelknerand $500 for august11:06
+jelkneras i told zOnny this morning11:06
+jelknerafter the end of august i won't be able to keep up the subsidies11:06
+jelkneryou can't get blood from a stone11:06
+jelknerand i'm all bled out ;-)11:07
+jelknerso we have a mission this summer if we want to keep doing this11:07
+jelknerwe need to:11:07
+jelkner1. develop enough Django skills to be marketable as Django developers11:07
+jelkner2. explore opportunities in design work (nrcerna, this means you) to see if there is work to be had there11:08
+jelkner3. begin to more actively look for work and do outreach marketing our skills11:08
+jelknerthat seems like what we need to do11:09
+jelknerwhat do y'all think?11:09
DG123that sounds like a well thought out list11:09
DG123It's definitely a good way forward11:10
zOnnyjelkner: +111:10
nrcernaI think we can succeed (with every item) , we just need a step by step work plan 11:10
+jelknerand we will have the entire time i am with you in santa ana, nrcerna, to work on that together11:11
nrcernaOf course 11:11
+jelknerin terms of 1, we are already on track11:11
+jelknerzOnny has been working with chris hedrick, the original NOVA Web Development developer11:11
+jelkneron the Gallaudet project11:12
+jelknerThat is a Django app that ubuntourist wrote11:12
+jelknerwhich Gallaudet wants serious work done on11:12
+jelknerzOnny will be able to learn Django through that experience11:12
+jelknerso as he knows, that's our top priority at the moment11:13
+jelknerfor 2, nrcerna, you will have an intern to help you investigate11:13
+jelkneryou start july 111:13
+jelknerso does she11:13
+jelkneri won't arrive until july 911:13
+jelknerso for that first week and a few days, you will have to handle the intern on your own11:14
nrcernaOK 11:14
+jelknershe will be sitting with zOnny at the library11:14
+jelknerso he can help with technical issues11:15
nrcernaNice :) 11:15
+jelknerbut in terms of guiding what she does, that's nrcerna11:15
+jelknerthe last item was about our other paying customer11:16
nrcernaGot it, jelkner. 11:16
+jelknerand DG123, zOnny, and i have been discussing that11:16
+jelknerwe all know we need to do a better job here billing customers11:16
+jelknerzOnny and i joke about this11:17
+jelknerneither one of us has a head for money11:17
GFbotjelkner: I kind of stuck because I haven't done anything these. so I wonder if you or sonny has something for me11:17
+jelknerbut we need to pay attention to it so we don't starve11:17
+jelknerGFbot, we should talk with zOnny 11:17
+jelknerafter the meeting today11:18
+jelknerlet's plan11:18
+jelknerif there isn't customer work neeed11:18
+jelknerthen working on our own website is what i think we would want you to do11:18
+jelknerbut zOnny is our lead developer11:18
+jelknerso it is his decision11:18
GFbotjelkner: right11:18
zOnnyjelkner: Let's talk about this11:19
+jelknerok, anything else?11:19
zOnnyjelkner: GFbot already knows what he needs to learn11:19
+jelknerhearing nothing else, let's talk about the next few weeks11:20
+jelkneri won't be at the meeting for the next 3 weeks11:20
+jelkneri will be reachable by email11:20
+jelknerwho can chair next week?11:20
GFbotjelkner: me11:21
+jelknerGFbot is chair for next week11:21
+jelknerzOnny, nrcerna, GFbot, as the coop members who want to work full time, now is a great opportunity for you 3 to step up and take charge11:22
+jelknerokie dokie11:22
+jelknersee you all at my next meeting live from Santa Ana!11:22
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel11:22
nrcerna:) 11:23
+jelknerzOnny, GFbot can we talk now?11:23
GFbotjelkner: yep11:23
zOnnyjelkner: I need to make clear that I cannot assign work that we cannot deliver yet11:24
+jelknerGFbot, I think for the next period11:26
+jelknerI'll be your customer11:26
+jelknerand you can work on the NOVA Web Development website11:26
+jelknerWe need someone to do that11:26
GFbotjelkner: cool11:26
+jelknerAnd since I'll be there for 5 weeks11:27
+jelknerwe will have plenty of time to talk about it11:27
GFbotjelkner: true11:27
GFbotwould be good to have my customer at home11:27
+jelknerfor the first task, can you set up a development website for us with our latest platform11:28
+jelknerlatest Tendency and LibreOrganize11:28
+jelknerwe will want to use our own tools11:28
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+jelknerforums, voting, and events11:29
+jelknerwe can use our testing site to learn how to use these tools together11:29
+jelknerso, you're first task is to setup novawebdevelopment-dev.org11:30
+jelknercan you do that, GFbot?11:30
GFbotjelkner: no, but i can ask to zOnny or Douglas in any case11:31
+jelknersee if you can get your uncle to help you, GFbot 11:31
+jelknerzOnny is very busy now trying to generate revenue for us11:32
+jelknerand we need you to develop the skills that can help with that11:32
GFbotjelkner: in that case I can call him11:32
GFboti mean, call douglas11:33
+jelknernrcerna, perhaps you can help negotiate that?11:33
+jelknerso that's the task11:33
GFbotonce we get dev-site online11:33
GFbotnrcerna: can help me with design11:33
GFbotlike she did on helios11:33
+jelknerthat's part of her learning goal11:34
+jelknerto be able to help style our websites11:34
+jelknerso this is how we can practice11:34
+jelkneronce we have the site up11:34
+jelknerall our members and interns will get accounts11:34
+jelknerand we'll start using it11:34
+jelknerlast question to nrcerna and GFbot before i go11:35
+jelknercan i count on you to figure out how to pick me up at the airport and get me to santa ana?11:35
GFbotjelkner: sure11:36
+jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, i'll be in touch by email11:37
GFbotwhen is your arrival date? jelkner 11:37
+jelknerjuly 911:37
GFbotoh ok, I going to talk with my mom to see if we can go to pick you up11:38
+jelknerthat would be great11:38
GFbotjelkner: i'll email you once i got answer11:38
+jelknergreat, GFbot!  I arrive at 7:21 pm11:43
+jelkneri can email you the flight number11:44
GFbotjelkner: cool!11:46
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